The Islamic Emirates — Cv. Indéterminé


BANKSY is a fag!, pero Michael McManus lo dijo mejor*.

*)… https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0114814 /quotes /qt0480692 

… but FO’ist
Öüï takes a look back at great quotes from

Le beau, le brut et les truands
¹ They will greet us as liberators…
² The Afghans will host U.S. like New Yorkers on vacation…
³ Wanted: Dead or Alive

In Search of the “secret” ingredient… this is probably how « a bucket of chicken » at KFC™️ turned into a “canasta de Chicken Tenders” at Chez Le Colonel… 🎶 know your chicken—Ewe got to know your Chicken [bullion-powder]. _*!*_ And, Reverend Al, Eye knows that Ewe know, that them little beef-flavored powdered packages inside of them instant noodles bags are not really beef, or shrip, or chicken, or veal… or whatever might float your Wuhan Wet Market Bo-bun (punto y coma)  ••• [burp!] Anyhow, Rev, that thing that the French call “TEQUIZA™” is kind of like that, and Eye just found the source of the Plants that make that disgusting syrup possible. With no HELP! (Eye might add) from SEMOLINA PILCHARD who was busy starring as an EXTRA in the making of the Eiffel Tower, at the Moo-vies in France.

Why do you think They tagged that nave con el nombre de BASILIC[a]?

In Washington, Saint David Ignatius takes on the role of Carlos Fuentes’ “Old Gringo”, while The Taliban plays the role of General Emiliano Zapata sitting on the Mexican presidential chair A.K.A., « La Silla mariana »… TROU story, the screengrab below was snaped by Casasola moments before the start of the First Great War. The still below captures LA URBANIDAD of general Zapata as he cedes the presidential chair to Antonio Banderas, in the role of Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, as Pancho Villa ⇓

Ladies in Gemini:

Que Viva Eisenstein!”

Objects in mirror are closer to China and Russia, —than they appear.

As HO’id on The Medhi Hassan Show:

Oh, sweet REAGANesque IRONY

Dear, Joshua Johnson… it started in Irak, not in Afghanistan. “Orange-Eye Butterfly Bush”, reports from an imaginary “mushroom cloud”..

Note to Medhi Hassan handlers/producers on The Rachel Maddow Show. 
Don't forget to post the August 15th, 2021 transcript.
Öüï's going to be needing that retired general's quote about how Morning in America
believed their ownJust Say KNOW » 🐬 advertisement bytes of the 1980's 🍳🧠

From: La Prensa . ni 🇳🇮

https ://www .france24 .com /en/live-news /20210814- nicaragua-editor-detained-in-latest-move-seen-to-target-president-s-critics

Note to Medhi Hassan… didn’t candidate Biden run on a platform of ACTUALLY READING the fucking INTELLIGENCE REPORTS!!!???

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