11 – 11 – 11 {42nd Street via the Armistice cul de sac}

2011 – Francisco Blake Mora, Mexican lawyer and politician, Mexican Secretary of the Interior (b. 1966).


“Hoy recordamos a Juan Camilo Mouriño a tres años de su partida, un ser humano que trabajo en la construcción de un México mejor”

Francisco Blake Mora, 4 de noviembre, 2011.

Las flautas ain’t nutting but rolled-up crispy tacos, here’s the recipe-esse-€$€!

From El Monte, CA, to Athens, GA… La Nuit de LA Philosophie ain’t nuttin’ but a French Taco 🌯.

Garçon! — FLAUTAS!?!? Flautas nada mas las de El Canario, en la Carretera Panamericana en Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua… also known as “tacos d’El Dorado”.


In Mexico, just in time to celebrate the End of The War, the Hitler Youth from Vigo, Spain, will be performing “Les Frères de La Marseillaise” with a flute sticking out of their CULOS.

Los hijos de Santiago Abascal en Acción Nacional, un evento patrocinado por Andy García y El Yunque (cristeros de Los Altos de Jalisco).


The event was sponsored by The Melle. Pitch Award and, « los amigos de México en El Circo HOUCKE », at Le Grand Palais during a rendition of the “celebrated” L’ÂME DES CAMPS.

1918 – World War I: Germany signs an armistice agreement with the Allies in a 🚂 railroad car in the forest of Compiègne.

1889The State of Washington is admitted as the 42nd state of the United States of AmericaThe Times They (aren’t) changing, just ask the INDUSTRIAL WORKERS of the WORLD in the year of Ken Burns, Lord in 1919, in Centralia, Washington.

1885George S. Patton, American general, and General Pershing’s headhunter resets his days on this planet and he lands a role in the Antonio Banderas Hollywood classic, “Old Gringo”, based on the story of Kurt Vonnegut who hated jazz and especially, jazz mixed with Pancho Villa.

1922 – Kurt Vonnegut, American novelist, short story writer, and essayist is born on Armistice They (d. 2007)

Oyé XIya’ commie bastard! You feeling Japanese? Or are you just happy to see Admiral Stradivarius ordering SUSHI 🍣.


1928Carlos Fuentes, Mexican novelist  and essayist cried his first Grito in, wait for, IT!, wait… PANAMA! (d. 2012)

Suicide Blonde… no se vaya, —deteniendo. It’s called INertia. After the break, it’s AUSTRALIAN RHULES FOOTBALL… for Phags.

But first, it was 1974 in Saint–Germaine-in–Laye, Louis Dieudonné de Bourbon resets his life form as a Hollywood pornographic actor named Leonardo DiCaprio ⚜️.

Oyé Leo… stop eating Las Vaquitas en La Paz, Cabo Wabo ∵ Baja California Sur is not Versailles, —motherfucker!

Rugby 🏉… and that is all Eye is going to say, ∵ son Bien MONTONEROS.


KILGORE WAS A FAG, Blondie. Oddball told Mí, so.


… Down Under, you ain’t in Kansas anymore.


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