G.L.O.R.I.A. — Gee°El°Oh°ARE°Eye°Ey

Tú steppin’ Stone, and Susana Pubeda stars as The Girl With Far Away Eyes, with A Message To Turner.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr 🇬🇧 /fip /podcasts /certains-l-aiment-fip

Puta madre. I know that name, “Arroyo”, I reckon his great-great grand daddy was a General “arriando” and sweeping las faldas de la Sierra Madre entre Chihuahua y Delicias. En fin, after the break Öüï is going to need a fucking madrina for mister Romero Deschamps, performance machines.

Good thing that n Hilo, Hawaii, it’s Primetime and in Paris, 🎶 Ya están pisando nuestros pies… but first, let’s cut some rug, and Eye will bring to the dance the throw pillows, don’t be late.

Ah-yes… the French.


Oklahoma Serpent, or rather just another Maine reptile starring Fenster the copy editor as Benicio del Toro.

Magic Carpet Madrina Ride, context on the other side of the hourglass⏳between Hilo, Hawaii, and La Église de Saint-Merri at Paris Centre.


In local news, the unusual suspect Roger Pérez paid a visit to the place where Évry body knows your name, it was not a surprise because the artist, as Roger Pérez is affectionately known on this most non-consequential blog had threatened to pay a visit last week, but some-whatever-reason got in his way and could not make the great, but today he did, briefly, anyhow. I even shared a calavera with him at the Church of Saint-Merri and we both took pictures³ of The SYM°bolic presence of Carlos Romero Deschamps corrupt soul, which Is transactionally having his wake next the giftshop there.

³~. Of course, Roger had the bigger lens. Heck his lens is so huge… wait, this needs all CAPS to give justice to such a H.U.G.E. lense… here we go now, Roger Pérez mechanical lens is so huge, that he probably thinks that his lens is the FATHER JAMES Webb Telescope 🔭.

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