¡🇻🇦 Francisco 🇻🇦! Eye found that “elegant” chamuco that YOUSE talkin’ about

It Don’t Mean A Thing if Ewes don’t (at least) get a bloody nose.

And, Avi Velshi… Phuck, Medhi Hassan! Youse the real deal, a Real Working Pun Hero. Any how, Avi Velshi, Eye hopes that Baby Blue doesn’t MissIntERprets what follows, pero sí… it’s a Blue Cunt-Auch:


What da’Phuk does The Atlantic knows about “Phast and Spid?”, NADA, that’s what. The Atlantic on speed is like a used car reference re-sale bible, which is AlWays open to re-intepretations especially when them wheels are “carros chocolate”, con el front hood de CaCaHuaTe.

The BANNED BOOK CLUB, just like MONTAIGNE à la préfecture would have wanted IT!… that motherfucker.


Here’s how the proceso works, first Ewe select the ROAD to test-drive the Blue Cunt-Auch, and then you get a porn version of the EASTER Bunny and remove all references to the ∴ 33º ∴ in Mexico, which off—course resets “La Panamericana”, but then A-Gain… there’s no guarantee that MANU 🇨🇵/🇪🇸 CHAO has been CLEARED to “cross ❌ connect” over to, —San Diego.

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2022/12/23 /sheinbaum-calderon-catalogo-persona-non-grata-manu-chao-pero-nosotros-le-daremos-la-bienvenida-299154 .html

On the same note, 🇨🇱 El Topo² 🇨🇵  may now return to El Puente de Ojuela, on location 🎬 (off-course) to re-shoot “Le Montaigne 🩸  Sangrona », which as Évry body knows is HOUSED at La SORBONA³.

Eye is tellin’ Youse, el mundo de Le Monde is having a field-they with all them notorious-es-ese F.R.O.G’s., from Katmandou to Catemaco Évry body gets a mulligan.

And by French decree, although, serial murderer and memoire millionaire Charles Sobhraj, does not need a French retirement from the C.A.F., the royalties-rich Charles Sobhraj, will also be docking in that juicy Solidaire payment for the end of the year, ES, haga usted de cuenta, señor Présidente (🇲🇽 FOX 🇲🇽) algo así como esa pensión que su colega, don López le quitó, pero la diferencia, cómo usted comprenderá –señor presidente– … sin tener que hacer más que una chingada.

³~. 56 rue des Écoles, 75005

²~. https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Alejandro_Jodorowsky

OLYMPICS Select Sport

Not to Sparta’s standards… Your FORKS are Phucked, carbon fiber, mis huevos, period!

Boxing could be dropped from 2024 Paris Olympics, IOC says


Any how, Avi Velshi, getting back to Francisco’s “elegant devil, let’s just say that them Blue Suede’s and that funky “Powder Blue Tux” with the ruffled shirt listened to Tucker Carlson on FOX NEWS and the cheap bastard rented, as opposed to owning the look, just like that BENDITA “emision americas” en RFPP, who went ahead and took the X~Más PUENTE off while PERU BURNS. Now THAT, that is commitment to the Peruvian Embassy in France, and of course, ALAIN ROUQUIÉ at the IHEAL and SciencePo.

Issy, Avi Velsho, the motherfucker is wearing Azul Cielo just for Kicks, which off-course was what gave that shifty devil a güey, a closer look reveals that in PHACT, that kickstand es pezuña de chivo.

I wanna Wake up in a City that doesn’t Sleep.


TENga, pues Su Cuadro, 🇻🇦 su’Santida’ 🇦🇷, Eye has it on good authority to relay to PaTmos,  that Yes Indeed, that horse’s clutch sucks, which will make bringing Hell behind that Corcel 🐎 a bit of a Joke.

Any how, 🇵🇪 Osler Amaro 🇵🇪, por ‘ay dicen, en El show de 🇲🇽 Juanito GUANABACOA 🇲🇽, que tu présidente con garrote, ELLA, igual que cualesquiera 🇲🇽 Georgina Moreno 🇨🇵 de morena–🦁SCIENCESPO🦊, ELLA si lee… y por eso su represión la d’ELLA si es “buena, justa, y…”, necesito otra cerveza para poder PATsMAR lo que sigue, mi cholito.

But FO’ist! Öüï catches up with the Medhi Hassan (re-run) show:

But Was SHE, “Raised on promises? »… like them Eweish GOÏ’s are?


and just like Pedro Picapiedra’s meshed’UP wit, with the CHARACTERS of The JETSONS, Medhi’s absence for the Dead Crucified Jew session (Nativity’s Eve) of his show makes no sense to either 🇮🇱 Hanna or Barbera 🇮🇱, which is probably why Medhi doesn’t read teleprompters from Aljazeera anyMore in Casablanca, but rather, from the rose gaRTen en la Casa Blanca…

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s PRIMETIME. In CET it’s ah—Matinée

El General Arroyo, agrees… you have got to be, rich {or}, French {or}, an ‘aristocrat’ to be able to {KNOT} d.a.t. FONDA en ese fondo.

STUDIO 666 and a Romance in Durango presents…
Hot chili peppers in the blistering Sun
a tu abuelita en bicicleta.

With Musical Guest: LOS BITCHOS de DENIS SOULA

At the corrida we’ll sit in the shade¹
And watch the young torero stand alone
We’ll drink tequila where our grandfathers stayed²
When they rode with Villa into Torreon

¹.~ Barrera de sombra, sort’ah like “Ringside to The Revolution”, [aristocrata, pues… q’es q’es de JarBar on the IVY LEAGUE].

².~ En San José de Las Panochas, off-Course.

Meanwhile in Little Havana. Helmut got a tank and Maduro got all Mushy (salivando de la forma más babosa por el suministro de “extra heavy crude“).

Sponsored by San Patricio, the aristocrat at AA… BadumTISH!

At the CFR chapter in an undisclosed basement at YALE University, Richard Haass puts a bounty on the HEAD of FRANCISCO VILLA (General one-each). Tasked with the mission Dave Grohl and his stupid little band ride into Palomas, Chihuahua. Hilarity ensues when Dave asks Manu Chao for directions to Parral.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /sin-fronteras /2022/03/16 /refugiados-de-ucrania-asilados-de-excepcion-que-entran-desde-mexico-a-eu- 899 .html

Eye folds.

Intermission with Denisa Kerschova, in the role of Fred.

Scooby_dubby_Doo, where are, Ewe?

Jump on “the bandwagon” but buyer-beware… You have to be FRENCH, « to get away with it »… Ewe say Calvados, Eye says clavados; pianOLAtócoLA, Hey! Zeus, or Chuy. It’s all Greek to Mi.

Eye tells Ewe one thing, Denis Soula
that Siren on the microphone needs to go back to Le Jardin des Plantes and review what the difference between los “BICHos” and los « “BITCHos » is… Por EJEMPLO, let’s ask WAR.

War, what is the difference between the Bich and the Bitch?

WAR responds:
Take a Little Trip, take a little trip with Mí…
it’s all in the “Operating System”, hence the « os ».

A Closer Look… Hallelujah. The fucking public toledo has butt-wipe paper, y’all… GLORIA a Dios it’s even the FANCY RED, ah bah ouaisdon Ramón ! This particular LOO is called, El Toledo del Beaubourg.

And now, “A Closer Look” with Seth, the long lost illegitimate bastard spawn of Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers.

Let’s take a Luc, then a crap.

Previously on Six-card poker, Senator McCain pulled a “flush”.