¡Qué madres paralelas ni que ocho cuartos! — Öüï’s talking about the Teletón

And, Katty Kaywhat are you wearing? Did you get David Brooks (NYT knot La Joranda) memo? It’s like Saint Patrick’s They but Green is for losers today.

George Baker ALBUM : BOF / Reservoir dogs (1970) LABEL : MCA’s Little green bag

Only on Instagram… Knot to be outdone by Plank #18*, De Gaulle calls, IT!, quits and his N°2 becomes the Last Coca~Cola at Les Champs Élyséés, Ewe Walk SIX Planks back from Plank N° 1 (Nayel Zeaiter):

*.~ From the main southern-facing aileron access gate.

https ://monoaureo .com /2021/12/06 /de-plano-2/

Courtesy of televisa monitos y El Heraldo de Alarcon.

… and Eye quotes, from the JC Decaux carpaccio spread around the perimeter of Le Grand Palais, and the COPY CAT version in Montreuil-sous-Bois, but in a different format:

CATASTRO and PFeyeZing with False Friends… One, Two, Three.

Note to Mika from La Place Saint-Opportune… IT!, checks out, Mika, “catastrophizing” as used this morning by that sorry excuse for a Beatle fan is FAIR PLAY. And here is why:

1. m. Census and statistical census of rustic and urban estates.
2. “I think that Comirnaty is in some ways similar to other words,” she said. Notably, Comirnaty is quite close to community, and it bears a resemblance to immunity, maternity, paternity and even modernity.

— https ://dle .rae .es /catastro
— The PFeyezer vaccine’s new name is Comirnaty. Experts break down why it sounds so strange

Still to come, Rita Moreno as seen by E.T.

Ay, pi-pi-ri-pi, pi-pi-ri-pi
And, Cousin Joe, do you really want to know what that lounge coat’s color is?
C’mon, Man!!! Évry body knows that Éugene is sporting a Lady GuGu’sinterior labia FUCHSia“, aka #fd3f92 from The House of Gucci.

Legend… sponsored by Carbon…
and Coal…
JC DeCaux and of Course
That Bitch, ~Channel… sorry I mispelled your name, Socorro³.
Sin Celery: Sale gosse, hijo de Frank Sinatra, aka, The Chairman of the motherfucking Board… KNOT to be confused with “J’ah Dirty Basterd” because that Sum-bich is
Dean-oh’s mistake. At fip dot fr “iels” call him Thomas Corbillon… Issy, Thomas is an Opportune fag, but most of all, Thomas is a renegade… cocksucker denies the TERM “crooner”. A Jazz swinger, Thomas (that motherfucker) prefers to go by the moniker: Folk Star, after Bob Dylan because Thomas thinks that he tells a tale with a song, which is the very definition of a CORRIDO, or Ballad… if you are familiar with Los Chones de La Chona allá en morenaFrancia… casi esquina con Balard Metro Line 8. Check the Plan or just ask Susana Puveda, she knows all the Licks… guitar licks, that is.

1.~ Dans la idée, en entrant par LÀ (1)
2.~ On pourra, dicen los franceses, aller de LÀ (2)
3.~ A LÀ (3)…
4.~ Et de LÀ (4) à LÀ (5)

³.~ Coco for short.

I saw Georgina Moreno kissing SANTA!!!

Georges Pompidou gets élu Président del UdR… or some Art Gallery like that.

But FO’ist!!! In Washington, The White House is all decorated for the SEASON… con una corona on the pediment y la bandera a media asta on the screen… It’s a MORNING MIKA version of « Santa Got Ran Over by a raindeer… who was running away form a 12-year old who got a fucking ASSAULT RIFLE for Sweet Baby Jesus’es Birthday », in ADVANCE! Cousin Joe, in ADVANCE of Santa’s They, which is why those fuckers (SANTA en plural-es) moved to FRANCE.

https ://www .businessinsider .in /international /news /the-us-is-facing-an-unlikely-shortage-santas– /articleshow /87970822 .cms

Entonces… “La Chingada” is on the line en la corte suprema de los EEUU

Hola, Beba, feliz navidad, aprovecho el perno flojo de don Carlos Slim para dar un repaso a aquél tu comentrio del penúltimo día del año 2016, lo recuerdas? Trataba de como en tu colonia Roma los impuestos que tu pagas no se ven reflejados en Obras, asi como en El Grand Palais.

Paul Stanley’s dad. Uso justo de François Mitterrand.

https ://www .discogs .com /fr /release /14018526-V%C3%ADctor-Trujillo-La-Beba-Galv%C3%A1nAl-Desnudo

Anyhow, Gorda, here’s some Ketch~up for your pinche twin brother, whom Eye ran into just the other day {Öüï forgets the exact They} in August of 1944. Pinche payaso, tu hermano Brozo está de dizque ‘maistro de ceremonias’ en El Palacio de La Des~cubierta.

https ://gallica .bnf .fr /ark: /12148/btv1b105160493.image

Choices, Öüï has choices…
this section of the BLOG is sponsored by Whitemen Hangers
See what happens when a dirty bum meets the filthy rich.³

³.~ https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0090966/ Le Clochard de Beverly Hills

And as Eye was telling that part of the abortion that the LYSOL® infusion did not kill for your dear mamá, it kind of sucked that el hijo del amigo artista de Pablo Picasso would abort my “Year of Mexico in France” project… Heck, piche botijona, you, better than anybody at “PRIMERO NOTICIAS” knows that if La “bendita” Fundación Televisa (see “La Mano de Bernardo Gómez” saga for more Ketch~up) and Raphaêl~illo Morán would not have gotten in the way, I, armando serrano-prieto would have told you (BACK IN January of 2017that in 2021, the Guardia Nacional del Presidente de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, AndrésBenitoManuelMussolini LópezIl DuceObrador, would be acting like a CHINESE DEMOCRACY incident on My Spaghetti Baker.

https ://www .smithsonianmag .com /smart-news /lysols-vintage-ads-subtly-pushed-women-to-use-its-disinfectant-as-birth-control -218734/

and I quote from The Smithsonian Mag.: Vintage ads can be both hilarious and shocking, yada, yada, yada, “hooks and hangers”…
These ads aren’t frightening women into thinking their genitals smell badly. According to historian Andrea Tone, “feminine hygiene” was a euphemism. Birth control was illegal in the U.S. until 1965 (for married couples) and 1972 (for single people). These Lysol ads are actually for contraception. The campaign made Lysol the best-selling method of contraception during the Great Depression.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wik /Xavier_Valls

En fin, funda del Tigre Ázcarraga, you better than any PUTA knows that it pays to be “un soldado de TELEVISA”, Y MÁS if you pull a SASHA MONTENEGRO with the Media Mogul, like Sasha did with JoLoPo, —your mansion at the 16e arrondissement is in tip-top shape, the City just installed like free heated water to all of that block.

La Nave del Avión… and Eye quotes:
Il Faut La Nuancer avec La Noblesse de Spectacles Équestres, between the Camps.

Over at the HÉLICE of our representation of The Perimeter of Le Grand Palais the sequence goes a little something like this:

https ://asegovia3 .com /2016/12/30 /intermedio-para-morena-francia/

In this section the student will re-collect that the spectrum of 9-11 is situated directly to the right of The Berlin Embassy at: https ://www .google .com /maps /place/H%C3%B4tel+Le+Marois/@48.8658… in front of Le Palais de La Décoverte. TROU location, y’all.

https ://www .nbcnews .com /news /world /russian-troops-mass-ukraines-border-west-worries-isnt-last-time -rcna7203

1980 : Manet battra Monet (Plank n° 20 from Southern Main Gate)
1983 : Renoir battra Manet
2004 : Gauguin battra “tout le monde*”
2011 : Monet écrasera tous with the cool spectrum of 911
(Plank n° 25 from Southern Main Gate; n° 08 from Northern Main Gate)
And in 2020 the Corona virus shuts the whole operation down.
* del mundo de Le Monde, aussi, 1980 : Reynold Arnould dies.

Over at the SCANDINAVIAN Studies section of The Ukraine, Andrea Mitchell takes Stock from Holm’s, but that has nothing to do with The Fed. It’s all about the power formula on the circuit board.

It’s 1938 and time for the symbolic fall of LIPCHITZ’ Prometheus in Paris

“People WHO know— jump to page 3 (troop)

Pacific telephone
Papooz (2019)
ALBUM: Night sketches (2019)

Knot to be outdone by EDWARD BERNAYS… CALIFORNIA is not going a GODDAMNED Place Joni Mitchell (1971) and for the record, my skin is  brown by default, and I have never been to Spain, but they tell me that the LADIES THERE…

The dress clerk is dressed in Black
Well if your baby leaves you… where you be so lonely
you’ll pray you die

RHULE for size

Something like D.A.T. in the 32 AR REG (KOREA)
3rd AR DIV.
Check the DD-214
just ask AXL’s
left~Arm tattoo.

And Sirène, you can do anything but,
—motherfucker— Go,Go,Go! BUT
Don’t Ewe Step on Mí’s Blue Suede Shoes.

The heart of Rock and Roll is in the Elevators knot the Fuselage… People WHO KNOW, know that AEROSMITH headlined the FO’ist Two International Airshow EXPOs at Le Grand Palais de La Place Clemenceau.

https ://www .kipaero .com /aero-documentation /wwi-terminology/

Histoire globale (et inédite) de la publicité
Bpi N° 3 7504 00457440 4
Salma Hayek is reading page 442; Chap. 18
“à l’hôtel Martinez,” with some « euro-trash »… or Something like that

Ladies in Gemini, Öüï last left The Paris Tourism Board in front of Gordon Sullivan’s lute reference at Le Grand Palais (right in front where the Lipchitz’ « Prometheus and the Bird » middle-finger to the NAZI PARTY in France once stood.)

It’s 1938 and LE FRONT POPULAIRE just rendered their resignation papers to the “Good People” in charge of the France de Vichy’s biggest publicity stunt, A sort of, kind ah-looking fuzzy feeling for the Concentration Camps with the “JONES-es-esos” next door in Poland and München, the stunt would develop like AUTOBAHNs in the U.S.A., or Madison’s Avenue feel good propaganda that still reverberates today in the FORM of D.A.R.E. EYE say it, Mlle. PITCH?—Nahhhh, hold that thought for Mí’s “Amnesty International” placeholder… wait for, IT!, WAIT.

Witt, that in mind we now return to LE Palais de LAdécouVerte where Denis Soula is using his THEY OFF with “The rooster with a hat {D.A.T.} is watching TV”… and for the Record, The Bpi does not keep any GUNS and ROSES tracks inside the confines of its Big TYMPAN jukebox… Knot even the 88′ Classic: LIES. 

Tungate, M. “Le Monde De La PubHistoire globale (et inédite) de la publicité. DUNOD, PARIS 2009, pour la version française… Chapter ONE: Les Pionniers de la persuasion (sans percussion).

Over at the SCHOOL of RATS, Marco Antonio Solís told y’all about it

Eye don’t see Kurt Anderson like a cartoon, Eye sees that motherfucker like an ALEBRIJE en el Concejo de Seguridad Nacional de la ONU.

TimeStamp: 15h35
The very best of kiss (1974)

Note to Elise Jordan, nevermind Kurt Anderson and his feature presentation promo for “Dueling Banjos”, his trip through West Virginia is like Miguel Bose visiting “PUEBLO BLANCO”. And Kurt, if you need a reference on SERRAT ask Robert Costa at the Washington Post, he is the one that likes to quote lines out of a bottle, or something like that.

https ://gen .medium .com /doing-our-bit-to-avoid-a-civil-war– 2b971261b781

https ://lasillarota .com /nacion /juan-ramon-de-la-fuente-recibe-a-alebrije-en-la-plaza-de-la-onu-en-nueva-york /578741

Bola de ratas

Previoulsy on, “Sam Stein y tu mamá también », el ‘Buki Mayor³‘ was telling you about how in 1983, when Ronald Reagan was using latin America like a fucking CRACK laboratory:

Previously on Lo que Rungis se llevó : Olivier Benkemoun receives a letter from Sgt. Pepper. And over on Page Eight, “Do you want it darker?” —_!_— Imagine that, not to be outdone by la efeméride de hoy “Something” about how Buffon and Lamark where some sort of kind ah—BEATLE archeologists. Oliver Benkemoun jumps on the « Eye, Mí, Mine » bandwagon. In the screengrab of today’s CNEWS matinéé Mr. Benkemoun is seen BREAKING A GLASS.

http ://www .clg-pompidou-orgerus .ac-versailles .fr /spip .php?article 1845

³ Usted no lo va a creer
Pero hay escuelas de perros
Que les dan educación


Elise Jordan on The Morning Joe payroll can’t be for certain if THE DOGS give out the education to Le Grand Palais élus/élues/éluiels or viceversa.

And Elise, this is why EYE told you pay attention at the CASINO on “The Ozark Shores“, but worry knot, you second-hand store advertising guru… I, armando segovia / armando serrano prieto has the perfect KETCH-up in print form from an ANDY WARHOL joint (a fucking gallery),

Published on the occasion of the research project and group EXHIBITION:
Watched! Surveillance, Art and Photography 
May 2016 — May 2017


25  Screening
61   Controlling
103  Scanning
147  Tagging
179  Exposing

218  Disguised Faces, Illuminated Suspects, and the Great Spectacle of Surveillance
226  Photography and the Administration of Data
244  The Machinic Sendorium
250  Living Up To The Surveillance Algorithm
258  The Changing Gaze:


276  Exposure Without Intelligibility:

On Some of The Requirements of Addressing Surveillance as a Visual Practice

282  Viewing Ecologies

All Rights Reserved
© 2016 The artists
Bpi N°: 3 7504  10133999  0

The Hangar section of the planks, is right before THE GIFT SHOP’s entrance, the Bleu arrow points to the Five minutes of French history in the grand scheme of that biplane.

* In real-time happening right now in Paris, Real PERFORMANCE ART of ITALIAN TELENOVELAS outside of the Pinault-Collection in front of Au Pied du Cochon starting at 03h in CET…
ASK SALMA HAYEK TO SHOW You the surveillance feed from earlier this morning, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, IHESS dramatic art center.

Synopsis of Last Night’s Italian Telenovela

La Hache en aitch es muda.

and Elise, as the DAVID ALLEN COE fan club secretary that you used to be, before securing a spot on the Morjo Show in Floribama, you know that Öüï don’t think that the rain over BIDONVILLE is, as Marco Antonio sings, and Eye Quotes: “so sad,” it’s rather, —just as OPUS sings:

https ://www .francebleu .fr /emissions /fresh-pop-saison-2 /opus-live-life

And Kier Simmons, visit our Twitter crutch to KETCHup with INTERPOL news, USTED NO LO VA A CREER, but The Mexican Institute of SOUND and ELECTIONS² at the School of RATS at the Versailles CAMPUS of Le Grand Palais is in charge of the SELECTION for the NEXT INTERNATIONAL COP, a position that is almost, ALMOST EYE TELLS EWE!!! As the position of PREFECT of THE PREFECTURE de PERFECTOS PREFECTOS de POLICIA en PARIS but only in the sense of being the Most Informed Cop on the phase of Staten Island.

Note to readers, THE SCHOOL of RATS at LE GRAND PALAIS is a clear infringement on EL PULPO PAUL’S FIFA World Cup predictions at the PMU.

².~ https ://lasillarota .com /nacion /juan-ramon-de-la-fuente-recibe-a-alebrije-en-la-plaza-de-la-onu-en-nueva-york /578741

And Cousin Joe, those voters who wanted a smoother ride with the 46th President of Potus Land need to review the REAGAN years; those 16 years are the follow-up of WHY I HATE THE SIXTIES: MIAMI VICE.

Entonces, On Peut Comprendre that…

_back when Mick Jagger was all the rage in Amarillo, Texas, and John Scofield a figment in the imagination of Denis Soula concert promos at fip dot fr, —in the 1960’s — Alfred Picard’s effort to connect Napoleons’s handicapables with the Champs-Élysées was getting ready to turn 64 and, at the time, the real Faul McCartney had yet to take Cutie on a Taxi ride. At the time, also, there were some who wanted to shave a piece of the cartographie of La Ciudad de Paris and replace it en « la mancha urbana » with something else.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Le_Corbusier

Last Week Today, in 1965… Willa Jean at the Combo Stop on Route 66 —_-!-_— Over on the PIRATE RADIO grandchildren of the YESTERDAY station it’s Last Week To THEY, in 1965… Willa Jean at the Combo Stop on Route 66 reports.

And so, in the mind of Charles-Édouard Jeanneret’s « mass hallucination » trip with Bill Wymann of The Rolling Stones fame, LA FACHADA y LA NAVE that Henri Deglane designed in the last quinquennat of the XIX Century was considered by him as outdated and boring, “shave it down”, Le Corbuisier said.

Records at The Beaubourg reveal that the so-called “Le Corbusier” had become close with Andrew Odom via Bill Wymann, both of The Rolling Stones fame ; in those THEYS the « baby boomers » parents, —those motherfuckers— did not considered Le Corbusier’s behavior within the limits of a « mid-life crisis », so nobody in Évry paid any attention to Charles-Édouard « the loon », as Odom used to call him, when he mused with the possiblity to raze « Le » Grand Palais down and install something like a STUDIO 54 or a Rockefeller Rainbow Room, a place where TRS could develop their kick-ass sound system, which* is the only reason why Mick remains relevant after the POWER went out.


* as Faul McCartney stated during a Magical Mystery Tour, in The Philippines.