Over at The Whiteness of Wealth Channel, it’s Death and Taxes, Cutie!

“The Mouse is family”… Walt Disney, French entrepreneur and creator of The Beatles.

And in Washington it‘s NATIONAL New Jersey THEY!
Narrated by Stephanie Ruhle in the Role of Elvira, Mistress of pundits.

Paul’s broken a glass… a glass that fucking Mouse, broke… and Willie Geist, how’s the Freaky Feedback in REEL TIME? “You need Mí on THAT WALL! »…

For the record… on The Underground Garage© it’s the story of Mojitos on The Run… The Lost Havana Sessions of The Beatles. SILVIO DANTE, head consiglieri at AU PIED du COCHON, a joint at THE BORDER LIMITS of Les Halles and Montorgeuil acquired by Carmela Soprano.

You’ve been had! Bamboozeled! Suckered into the Theme Park beliving “that The Walrus was Paul »… YOU FOOLS!!! The Walrus is a Mouse dressed for The Halloween Mystery Tour at Disneyland® Paris™.

The View

And over at the Yesterday channel… 19:17 to be, it’s Cherokee, Nation… as seen by The Epic / Volume 3
https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-mercredi-13-octobre-2021

And President Biden… Woof–woof!

Dear, Joe Biden, —president. It is Oh-Nine and a ¼ on the pm in Hilo, Hawaii time and, Mr. Présidente (punto y coma) maYor gremlins are strategically hindering the Benevolent WiFi (paris/bourse de commerce) connection to our [asegovia3.com] word processor site on the opposite side of that SandClock ⏳⌛️. Shop at am/pm… and fuck the WaWa.

Traduit de l’italien par M. Bou•z’aher (Myriam Bouzaher… and Roger, yo no puedo inventar este trabalenguas; ask Umberto). —_•¡•_—  Barrio 71 follows… RECONNAÎTRE le fascisme (punto y coma) ©️Éditions Grasset & Fasquelle, (Essai tiré de Cinque Scritti Morali) 2010.

https ://portswigger .net /daily-swig /interview-patchstacks-oliver-sild-on-securing-wordpress-one-plugin-vulnerability-at-a-time

You literally already tried this with Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious… the outcome was the death of Paul when HE DIDN’t NOTICED THAT THE LIGHT HAD CHANGED:

Ofrece EU a la FGR (MEXICO’s Préfecture) ‘software’ de “espionaje controlado”

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/07/27 /politica /ofrece-eu-a-la-fgr-software-de-espionaje-controlado/

The Face of God*

What’s next, Joe? Youse gonna shoot Charlie?

If your Administration can end the George Bush War in Irak, and leave essential workers stranded in Afghanistan to be killed by the Taliban, why? —Why can’t you lift the embargo on Cuba and see what happens, eh? Heck, Mr. Biden, come-on Man!

You [Sir] make Jeb Bush’s son look like a Bush Family loyalist, even after that little Florida fucker—turned Texan to run for office there (Lone Star State) seeking the endorsement of your predecessor, aka Nicolle Wallace’s former guy, “el Don”, o algo así… but i, armando segovia, wouldn’t know on account that I Voted for you to “Build it back better”… i did not know that this is what your Administration meant ⤵️

Lorem ipsum… pasa la Rocha.

Inter💋medio con La MABM (Nº2.71)

Grrrrr… 👄 Dear, Debbie “bacardi”… It is you, former Rep. who is wrong on the EMBARGO, and it is HER, the Current U.S. Representative from Queens (N.Y.) who is on the correct side of Humanitarian History, more on that after the Olympic Moment with Tiffany -time delayed- Cross town traffic.

Microcuento #271 ©by mabm

Sexiest man alive… Fuck You George Clooney!

In local news, never mind the anti-covid protests at LA GARE de Saint LAZARE, Metro Line 14 (the purple line) that’s just the RIGHT WING of the frogs being idiots, pay close attention however to the following INFRASTRUCTURE Public Service Announcement regarding the aforementioned line; M14 will be closed from TODAY, July 25th all the way until AUGUST 8th but it only involves the stops from the GARE de LYON to OLYMPIADES (same goes for the RER Cthe Yellow Lead Better line) as this line, M-14 (∴my favorite line∴) is currently being connected to the ORLY International Airport. The delay is really not that bad considering the options available to move around this Olympic Villa.

Em#botella—miento… Contexte pour Cousin Joe via AVI VELSHI en IRAN, con ESCALA en La Havana* (l‘amour est dans l’AIR) — Fuck The Olympics (punto y coma) The Guardian*: “The quixotic notion that the Olympics could be a champion of human rights – and that staging the Games would open up authoritarian hosts to international norms and scrutinywas completely undermined by Beijing 2008, then rendered risible by the Sochi Winter Games in 2014… 

Je ne parle pas Espagnol … Lingua Franca es InglÉs, SVP

* Dear, President Joe Biden:

https ://www .reuters .com /world /americas /mexico-preparing-shipment-food-medicine-cuba-mexican-official- 2021-07-22/

Your counterpart in México is making you look like a Ur-fascist¹, or as George Clooney would call you at an Italian get together, an ETERNAL PRIMITIVE (primate). In Texas, Mr. President, you look like a TWO-faced Ronald Reagan.

¹ ibid… https ://www .openculture .com /2016/11 /umberto-eco-makes-a-list-of-the-14-common-features-of-fascism .html

2 de Octubre, 1968: “Salió el sol” according to Mexican nightly news and, the International Olympic Committee president, “was at the ballet”. The GUARDIAN* goes on to highlight that, << He then reacted to the greatest ever display of athlete activism at the games – the black power salutes – by destroying the careers of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. The IOC’s history is one of genuflecting before power and violence, and bullying the athletes it claims to revere >>.

Thank you for THE CHARITY; but JUSTICE is a better Deal, señor(es) Presidente. Call me… or KNOT.

YESTERday —Infra struct uration

• No se dio el giro que Biden prometió

Chapingo can Wait… Agro•pecua•rio 🇨🇺
From La Jornada:
La mayoría de países 🗺 denunciaron en la Asamblea General 🕊 esta política injustificable, sobre todo durante una emergencia de salud mundial 🏥

Repudio casi unánime en la ONU al bloqueo estadunidense a Cuba

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/06/24 /mundo /021n1mun

... Now Wait A Minute Jazz-Ah-fip, don't go digging that pinky finger of yours on that pretty dimple chic of Yours. You are Knot, Eye repeats, Ewe are Knot the Last Coca Cola at La URUZA. You keep that tempo up y como dicen en Miami: the Rhythm is gonna get you. Alas, Öüï hope is not to soon.

“Something  something, English…* for starters, Matt Damon’s illegitimate long-lost twin sister is opening a Zoo. Be vegui vegui quiet, it’s Pink Zebra season, over at The Ozarks, Claire McCass just called Mayor Bill de Blasio incompetente reported un residentetete, and over at Hidalgo’s headquarters on la rue Rivoli…

_the Mayor in charge there asked Gotham City what’s taking so GotDamn long with the ballot count, Mayor Anne reverberates the former Missouri Senator’s sentiments adding that, “when it comes to vote count, the NYC election board is looking like a bunch of circus animals (from Boston).”

WHY? 🇮🇱, What INTEREST could drive your exiled land-grabbing government to vote against the 🇨🇺embargo?
But more CONCRETE and to the point, is this the NEW FACE OF YOUR IRON WALL SYSTEM after ousting the Donald Trump version of the Jews? [Come’on Man!, in Yiddish goes here]

With a stiff upper lip, Claire started an office pool on what will be solved first by the press, the New York City mayoral race or, the collapse of the 40-year old building in Miami-Dade County.

Psycho Chicken update : The Atlantic Heist

After the Cornwall Address, an update on “Se volaron a Voltaire”.

But FO’ist! In Hilo Hawaii it’s 5 pm and in Boston it’s the 11 Hour of Thursday — in Paris it’s Vaccine Day Friday at a Place Where Evry body knows your name.

And aren’t we all bunch of lucky so-and-sos, Öüï gets to have a second dose, in four weeks.

ASÍ que, “eh, Puuuuuuthhhhoponte la vacuna así con la misma puta pasión con la que te pones La Verde, o mismo la camiseta de cualquier nación (regurguito) “Puuuuuuuthhhhho“.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/06/10 /cultura /para-mi-componer-tiene-mucho-de-juego-silvio-rodriguez/

With that in mind:

The American Embargo is the ORIGINAL “Havana syndrome”, punto y coma.

Dear, Courtney Kube, Q-vo? As in, ¿qué hubo con aquél pedo en La Havana? It’s only as confusing as figuring “The Alien” headlines from last week, ‘member them? —_!_— But seriously Nicolle Wallace, [you sexy mother… of a pre-tween boy] has the State Department CONSIDERED lifting the embargo on Cuba? Perhaps, the best doctors in the world can solve the issue of “The Havana Syndrome” and maybe, just MAYBE, figure out just what the in the Fuck is up with all them worthless Lightning Cables from *🍏 Apple Corp. 🍎* Anyhow, here’s Silvio’s take on IT!, and Pundit, if you don’t Know Mí by nowyou will never-ever know that artists are the last persons whose opinions Öüï values, but for Silvio, Eye will use an Exceptionalism Exception card:
“In the United States, anti-Castroism is an old business that finances RADIO and TELEVISION stations, programs, campaigns and artists who believe in it. I have no doubt that there are people paid to flood us [Cubans] with bad opinions.”

Dear, Representative Val Demings (FLA), congratulations on last night‘s announcement on The JoyAnne Reid Show, with that in mind. Here is what the world wants to know on this PROPOSITION:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/06/10 /mundo /critica-eurocamara-que-dialogo-ue-cuba-no-diera-resultado-positivo/

In local sports news from VINCENNES:

Up in the Sky! “Qu’est-ce que c’est ? »

1. Cocorico
2. Cock-a-Doodle Do
3. O, simplemente, Ki-qui Ri-Qui

And in Paris, the Prefecture de Police (yada yada yada) issued an alert to be on the lookout for a Chicken holding the “mini Mí” version of The Statue of Liberty inside of a bucket of KFC. The chief of The Police, a Gordo who goes by Sullivan relays that the he Saw Her (the statue) Standing There, at the corner opposite to La Gaité Lyrique, KATTY corner with Temple and Metro Line 3 (the green line). Special agent Groot is on the lead.

Note to editors:
Must i dot every fucking tee for y’all to see the crossing Eye?

Trou Story… in the 4th Dimension Jimbo became a horse race fan and that motherfucker just went ahead and “acquired” the famed SECRETARIAT from Peter who was strapped for cash and wanted to pay Paul, —that motherfucker.

Lorem IpSum: It would have done a lot of good to Erin Naire, in the role of a young Kasie Hunt if she had been paying a little bit more attention to the battle happening in ReeL TimE on The Dark Side of The Moon, —the Moon, Susana PUBeda! The Moon 🌙

[Cutline for a young Kasie Hunt goes here…]

In an effort to Show, Knot Tale, i like to remind the Way Too Early producers (those dumb Suns-of_bitches) that Eye gave you plenty of warning for the Eclipse that just reached its perfect juxtaposition on La Rue de La Lune… check the dentils on Colonialism, from Yesterday, —Knot To They.