Indeed, Saint David Ignatus… indeed, why would the Admin treat friends like that

Ladies in Gemini, the plane has landed.
Please remain seated while the plane makes its way to the EM•barca•Dero en Trocadero.

And Bob Costa… if you could save time in a bottle, what would you talk about when you open it up, —you Sum’bitch?

Eye tells you what Mika Brezezninski would talk about, if she would be like say, be chillin’ à la Côte d’Azur… she’d be talking about the SYNDROME Cannabinoïde:

https ://www .cnews .fr /monde /2021-09-19 /syndrome-cannabinoide-quel-est-ce-mal-qui-touche-les-fumeurs-de-cannabis -1127773

or some po’American Girl missing (RIP)in the USA. Word in MARS is that the po’bitch turned into a Cow, or Mickey Mouse. In WORLD KNEWS, if you believe that the Marines who expired at an airport in Kabul, died protecting children then DISNEY most definetly needs to make a feel-good movie about it, and leave out all of the context in that plot. YOUNG AMERICANS.

In local news, NANCY REAGAN’s “Just Say No” campaign is making a comeback at the TWO Théâtres del Pueblo de París³ (en Châtelet), of course, to get the details on this fucking musical rfi International needs to stop shooting at Mí, the messenger.

³… backward difference, page 2, N°2608, Friday, September 17, 2012; CNEWS matin:
L’Œil de Praud

…[L]e 18e arrondissement, est un
symbole de ce qu’est la France
aujourd’hui : Yada, Yada, Yada. Les
Jardins d’Eole sont un scandale
français. Il renferme tous les maux
de notre société : immigration,
violence, drogue, mais, surtout,
je le redis, impossibilité, impuissance à régler le problème.

In other words (literally): COMO México no hay DEUX

https ://kiosque .cnews .fr /player /?q =NEP&d =2021-09-17&c =CNEWS

… [E]l distrito 18 es un
símbolo de lo que Francia es
hoy: Yada, Yada, Yada. Los jardines de Eole son un
escándalo. Contiene todos los males
de [su] sociedad: la inmigración,
la violencia, las drogas, pero sobre todo,
Repito, la imposibilidad e impotencia de resolver el problema.

Over at Telemundo… Cousin Joe is reviewing a new show called “Las Más Cabronas” starring Kamala Harris.

Breaking the News At the Emmys:
Stephanie Ruhle won All Of The Daytime Emmys.

Deer, Stephanie Ruhle… Öüï has already established that the Vice-president is not going to touch HAITI in Del Rio (Texas) with a 10-foot pole (punto y coma) the VIP is busy with Doña TATI² in BAJA!!!

².) Mexican secretary of the economy

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