IT”s A GLORIOUS Day, Miss Tyson — Oh Happy Days, In•Deed

And you know what they say about Glory, Miss Sícely¹

Exile on Main Street — Palabras tristes

Now, you might have the “Moo–ves” like Jagger (check), but I can see for Miles (eh!) and i”ve got the Hits like Tyson, Love (🖤) ain’t got nothing to do with, IT!

It’s the first Weekend of the rest of whatever, because (Kasie Hunt) “qué será, será” is all about the bass. And Jim Axios… i chose CRUSH! All the way.

And, Geronimo in Rome (F.A.O.²) this is your cue to Ketch-up! Get it? Because i am opening the line to Los Amigos de Chile en Nice… with musical guest:

Y tu mamá también / El espinazo del diablo

Page 97, or ‘dirty dancing para principiantes

89E3FAAB-83F3-462B-A9D4-2C3417008FF1 🛬 Page 98, The Faber Book of Cinema; Carlos Cuarón (writer/director):
It’s about context and México as a character… or about BACKBONE, or some feature that was missing en El Cinito Mexicano de París (2011-2016)… “Y tu mamá también” is a GOAT Film, period. The ideals of the greatest generation of filmmakers (according to Emmanuel Lubezki, since everything before him was shit) described in Jason Wood in 2006 proved to be a bit hypocritical (ask me why) but only because of the implications of the Year of Mexico in France, i am sure that all of the “burned bridges”, pg. 41, that Mr. Alfonso Cuarón burned with El P.R.I. had been fixed by the time THAT BERNARDO GÓMEZ stuck his hands into the Mexican Elections of 2006, 2012 and the most recent one in 2018³

³ There is an « hasterisk » on this one, néanmoins.

En contexto para don Cuarón, (unconfirmed U.N.C.L.E. of Mateo at Cinema 21 Christine)… you know that song, Mr. Cuarón? That creepy Police song that used to be played at Every (other) Fucking Wedding in the late 80’s? It’s exactly like that. 

… [Y]a sé, ya sé, Ya Lo Sé, Marco Antonio, “it’s probably Mí*”, but Eye can assure y’all that it’s KNOT ONE OF THOSE. Si no te hubieras ido sin despedirte (corriendo tras el culo de Jonathan Lamire at The AP) sabría usted instead:

PRCB 📣3410606C-9C68-494A-9252-C4B1EABF41A6

* Adios guayabera mía (si Los Baby’s fueran Los Yoniks)

Trascendió, que entre otras actividades, el año de 1989, previous to my career as a Tanker me encontró trabajando el rol de Ballroom Server en un Clarion Hotel on the foothills of La Sierra Nevada; proximity Mt. Baldy (it’s True) parallel to Route 66 entre SAN DIMAS and San Bernardino, now the difference between a Ballroom Server and a table waitress/waiter is VARIOPINTA. For starters, the tips for the Ballroom Severs is agreed upon before the engagement and, that cut is independent from the agreed upon hourly wage, which i can assure you that in 1989 in the Great State of California it was well above a waiter’s minimum wage. And then there were The Orders.

The difference between




The Rest of The Story. 


1 The name of the dearly departed has been modified to drive a…. Anyone? To drive a? Perrine, Ashley, JOHANNE GRACIA Poisson? ANYONE?

2 Food and Agriculture Organization. ROMA, Italia.

Programming Note: Jump to page Tú, cabrón.

*for the record, it’s not a personal issue; it’s a matter of public record, at least all of the parts worth mentioning. Today is the 10th anniversary of my arrival to CDG Airport. For the record, i was advised (through official channels) to: número Uno, collect all evidence that proves that indeed, i have been for an entire decade in France; numero Dos, …

Deer, John Mechum… please relay to NICOLE WALLACE, that pundit! That SHOWBOATING the Roman numeral 3 on the black mirror is no way to remind Mika, that she is Cousin Joe’s n° iii, and Brian Williams, first Blow me, with the Devil You Know (Del Toro may care) but that is just the CUE to 2015 (you know) when Nicole would not mention MY Name.

And for the record, Franck Figluzzi, or whatever your name is, the 3 that follows my callsign comes from my UTEP student account, and also because if you do the numbers, my birthday adds-up to the Number Pi, you know, “a finger in every pie”. 

No pun intended .:. 756657BD-C8B4-4253-8B34-7318AFF480BA Milk Follows… albur de amor… and of course, Perrine, you know thatRegina” is going to like it too! PERO COMO DICE “however do you want Mí–how’EVA do you knead Mí », it’s back to life, back to reality, o algo así, because JASON WOOD says that DIEGO LUNA invented “chilango”, which in the movie, Los Amores perros de Tu Mamá, tambor…🛎 is the vernacular used by Gael Bernal de Chabelo.

And about The Time in Hawaii, well, like the Moon last night, it’s the perfect meta to reach the Dark Side of the Moon on account that it is 24 hours on the inverse of a Sand Dial… but that is not it, no Sir, THAT IS KNOT IT, fucker, because for that surface you need to send your DEA hounds to AGUASCALIENTES Tv 26 and ask SHARON there if she figured out who SASHA Montenegro was, and what sort of HILOs she wears.

Now about those “Nike” AirMax… i am Moore of a Reebok and Vans kind of cowboy now. OUTLAW? You’betcha Bitch!

A quick programming note, the hotel at 32 rue Bourdonnais did not play BFM’Tv, and so i leave you with this other NOISE.

Watch this Space… it’s going to send a laser beam straight to that HOLE where the Sun don’t Shine, and it’s for a GOOD CAUSE, it will clear your dingleberries… Wit Fire, notwithstanding.


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