Oh, hey Alicia Melendez… you look (you know) on deadline

But you will never be Claire… stay with Mí, wait, wait…

And while DAT happens check this out:

… [A]nyway, John Heilemann, you can’t handle Jes’up! But in all seriousness, the country should have CONVICTED TRUMP while in office. Donald got away with a Murder on the Dance Floor… the only thing that Trump as president is going to be good as is as a bad example. That Is All… and probably a terrible library.

Convict Mitch McConnell and his wife, or Rush Limbaugh’s microphone, and stop masturbating; leave that to the pro’s. With more on that let’s bring in Donnie Deutsch… and don’t you dare channel the inner-BriWi on Deadline! Have a nice weekend Mr. President.


Holy shit!!! — Don’t forget That this Is a draft

Nicole Wallace turned black. It must be a Kwanzaa tribute, not ONCE_but TWICE!!!

And in Paris, the sky above the Louvre is fucking purple!!! And Nicole went AWOL… oh, the humanity! This is the last time we call coincidence on DEADLINE.

🎶 Yeah-yeah-yeah .:. 9CEA3628-1050-4E01-A027-20D775AE696D

🎶 Talking ’bout a GO’il DAT looked quite like Ewe…

But wait!!! Our sources reveal that KNOT to be outdone by Chris Jansing’s French doppelgänger, Nicole got herself a younger virgin version (in theory) double of her.

And if that was KNOT enough, Sam Stein stars as “The Frito Bandito”.

And in Nashville

“Terrorism is not the same as terrifying,”, said Jim Cavanaugh, the FBI/ATF guy who used our CNES theme to fabricate a pundit’s narrative of what happened in Nashville. For the record, Jim, fuck the proud boys.

Now, Mickaël will not let me lie, but WE BOTH SAW THAT THERE nazi salute yesterday morning before the “twisted cross” was tagged 67 times (and in different colors) at the cemetery a FONTAINBLEAU. SO DON’t Shoot the little messenger WithOut a BADGE, period!

A funny thing happened to Leslie Jones shopping cart at the Forum .:. 394F4410-0383-4FC8-BAF9-1F2D5AFA8D82 🗣 Deer, Leslie, you Ebony armoire, Eye regrets to inform you that Da’Man at Les Halles took away the shopping cart. Öüï relays that it is not the janitor’s fault, the man was just doing his job. Indeed. But don’t despair because we’ll always have The Duke on the “A Train”, knot on a fucking WWII film.

… “[S]o it goes », Sam Stein, « so it goes.”


Hey, Negrita! Check out Jim lighting that fire

Quick programming note:

The Georgia Satellites can Go! Ahead and keep their hands to themselves.

Caption for pyre: It’s a Triple G Weekend, live from GUADALAJARA… TORO ROSSO follows. Page 31 “en brÈves” omnisports and why the NFL had to name it’s IT$ moneymaker FOOTBALL, instead of Handball.

I am not sure if the French will be practicing National Sport They (today) however, a gang of motorcycle police officers wearing all Black are parked right-smacked in the middle of the Nelson Mandela (sans ex) Garden. For the record, those fuckers got between a Band on The Run, and the Carrefour monopoly of Violence at Les Halles en la rue de Rambuteau… so don’t charge me with capturing them matracas-weilding and (tear) grenade launchers holding cops.

And Zeppelin, Mr. Foo Fighting Foo’— goes here.

Caption for Satellite view of a « Kεconomy » as viewed with a Guyana-launched satellite… i can see Georgia* from here standing on SPOT 5 and, BABY CROSS, youse knot gonna believe le Chien Qui Fume right next to Mr. Poquelin’s kitchen (where Molière was brought into this Quadrant) but i have INDIANA directly in front of my lying eyes., heck, Negrita!!! There’s a Tunisian sleeping right below GERONIMO’s mug… now i am knot one to weave the action developing at the Main Entrance to the underground, but the big HIPPOPOTAMUS on the demi-LUNE is that them boys from the 20minutes paper route just dropped some African Sistas on the CNEWS grounds and they are passing out green colored Facemasks and sanitizer handgel for all the people SUPER SPREADING last year’s Christmas gift from… anyone, anyone… The Orient. HAPPY SHOPPING and you can keep the mask on 🎶 Joe Cock|-|er.

15 December 2020 — “To the moon, Alice!”

“Ay prieta color de llanta, ¡pareces una potranca! ».

Vicente Fernández in the role of Tiny Horse.

Today’s “prieta color de llanta” role is being filled by Stephanie Ruhle’s black dress.

As the world turns, the strong men of the globe congratulate the office of the president-elect of Them United States and, the news cycle has automatically shifted from the Trumpsphere, to the continuing coverage of the CORONAvirus 18-wheeler distribution race on the msnbc’s.

After the break it’s time to play checkers with Leslie Jones and the entire Globe Trotters ensamble.

When México wants to be “equal” with los EEUU, it is a lot like when Vladimir Putin suggests to the incoming Biden administration to “talk as equals” in the middle of a Russian cyber attack .:. 32A3EAA5-D596-4EFE-A49B-866772A3CD8F 🗽 From “Fast and Furious” to “Stalled and Cranky”…

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/12/10/

[Leslie Jones just got hired as the general manager (coach) for the cartoon version of The Harlem Globetrotters basketshow team. Tonight’s game-series has the Globetrotters playing against Larry Byrd.]

Youse really pissing Mí off, Jones! The nerve to put a “NORLM-alista*” from Chihuahua, of all places to guard my every move, that’s insulting.

🎶🎶🎶 If youse Irish and you know it, clap your hands .:. 4216ECFA-BB33-4313-A3E4-D19862016ED6 🗣 December the 15th is the encore presentation of Saint Patrick’s They in honor of the new president-elect of Them United States in América. 🛸 Consider it a gift from IndianaJONES.

* With All Due Respect, and in reference to Ángel Acuña, from La Normal Superior (teachers college) in the Mexican State of Chihuahua.


https:// youtube .com /watch?v=hP9Ocf1ZRwc


https ://apnews .com /article /election –2020-joe-biden-south-bend-transportation-coronavirus-pandemic– 1b3e71a61ce48a5d1851e25ada26f12f


Dear, Colin Powell, General (one-each)

Congress should not pay attention to the 7-year buffer for the Secretary of Defense post. Not to rain on your military parade but Sir, your statement of approval for the former Central Command top general sounds a lot like them accolades that Attorney General William Barr received from all of the legal and security experts on MSNBC when he was first tapped to piss on the Mueller Investigation and subsequent impeachment hearings of 2020.

Not that your screw-the-norms choice will do any harm to the Complex, but that’s probably the point because it seems that you, Mr. President-elect—is testing the pundit sphere to see which way the spin goes. On Deadline is “Business as usual” , and “you’re gonna like the way you look”.

8th Infantry Div. (Pathfinder) .:. “Is it possible de que fue… sin querer queriendo? » Find out on Ancient Regimental Patches.

Now then, Sir, the fact that former Missouri Senator for the Ozarks, Claire McCaskill, got all tickled-pink before her first mimosa of the day on account of Mr. Biden’s choice to head the Rockefeller Center war-fighting cash-cow, should not be a celebratory triumph for Chuck Todd’s Republic just because you, Sir, write on your official statement that, Mr. Biden’s choice for Secretary of Defense has, “demonstrated his war fighting skills and his bureaucratic, diplomatic, and political acumen,” and here is why, General Powell:

1. … [B]y ‘war fighting’ do you, Sir, mean fucking up perfectly misleading British intelligence that would then paint pretty pink war stripes on a young Nicole Wallace’s propaganda outfit or, by ‘war fighting’ do you —Sir— mean not finishing a road march to Baghdad in ’91… come to think of it, Mr. Powell, if ol’Desert Eagle .50 would have taken Saddam’s adult-children out in ’92 there would have been no excuse to go back into Irak, because Dick Cheney would have become the ruler there, know what i mean Chocolate Chip?

2. On the diplomatic detail, people make mistakes, and we’ll leave the “curve balls” at least until Spring Training, pending pandemic.

3. So just to be clear, Chuck Todd’s Republic will be integrating Trump’s screw the norms even before the first 100 days countdown begins… our apologies for not touching the political acumen and the bureaucratic knack of Mr. Biden’s choice to take over Trump’s chain of command.

Frack It, then.

Happy Safe Harbor Day! — Previously on “Blasphemy!”

We now know how Chinese democracy works, eager students mixed with the city council, the very French and the American Company have been using charisma and Continental Exceptionalism for ages, the Chinese, however are using determination, hard work, and “free work” to get close to political shooting stars.

https ://www .axios .com /china-spy-california-politicians -9d2dfb99-f839-4e00-8bd8-59dec0daf589 .html

Today in history:

Mark David Chapman, of Beatles fame, became a celebrity outside of The Dakota FORTY YEARS AGO, —tonight. During Mr. Chapman’s boarding call with a “Ticket to ride” on the Attica Prison “gravy train” an up-and-comer Quarryman from Liverpool (that’s in The U.K.) was shot point-blank in the chest and later lost his battle with cigarettes, dicho de otra manera: LENNON CHUPÓ FAROS..

In Local NEWS… [please don’t shoot the messenger on account of Le Parisien breaking the Known News on phase 2 of Donald Morrison’s “Death of French Culture”] McDo did its  part, now it is time for the Decline of The Maths, page ONE of the city’s nº 1 tabloid (shaped newspaper) in Paname.

Note to Phil Griffin … that motherfucker:

Had i known this [about the proximity spies at City Hall] back in 2010, I would have pitched my Six-year investigative report into Mexican political up-and-comers to China. 

🎶 Don’t know much about His-story, don’t know much biology, but I do know that… yada, yada, yada times the square root of Cloud Nine.

Across the Atlantic, President-elect Joe Biden just took Donald Trump’s legacy of breaking the norms for a spin by stacking The Pentagon with a recently retired “wise man”, General Eisenhower would sure be proud of Joe.

And why not, Ruhles are meant to be followed (provided there’s an agreed upon safe word), and Norms are supposed to be broken like a lame Weekend Update comedian.

Meanwhile in Mexico, el presidente reshuffled some key cabinet positions, including his former campaign communicator Tatiana Clouthier who will head the office that handles the economy, her job, like other cabinet-level officials will be to change the flower arrangement for the president’s daily morning mass.

Breaking News: Cousin Joe ousted The Maddow

There can bee only one.

La cumbia del aguacate

To celebrate Little Havana’s acknowledgement of the Biden Campaign Ticket Victory, the 11th Hour at The BriWi Club broke out with a rendition of La Cumbia del Aguacate 🥑 18938ADE-414B-4A17-9034-C9A47E9B1F67 🦞 Over at the Telemundo Siege, Amanditititita was a Rock Lobster.

Tuesday morning, Paris, France __ The consequences of a “pm version” of the Morjo Show are now main streaming across the programming, and for all of those who do not read this most non-consequential blog, bee advised that in this arc, Rachel Maddow and Joseph Charles Scarborough the Third, are one in the same but on different meridians, Joe gets the “leggo-my-ego” morning section of the hours, and Rachel gets everything past the Deadline episodes of Nicolle.

JOE Scarborough’s incursion onto the primetime election coverage hours on a known American cable news network is causing havoc on the The Rachel Maddow bloc.

Cap studies

Red Cap Studies:
How to go from Comparative Adjectives to Superlative Adjectivities in less than 60 Seconds 🥑
Featuring : from Worse to Worst, becauseThe Curecan’t be worse than the remedy.

Still To Come
The Peter Cat Recording Company
with their breakout hit:
right now is Vile for Kurt,
or some backasswards consequence like d.a.t.

Historians from Tennessee all agree that the last time that a take-down like this happened, it did ruffled a few feathers at peacock central. Keith Theodore Olbermann was not available for comment.

Persea [na] americana

Persea [na] americana … o como dice don Francis “el Che”: Youse Mí Wonderwall

IN AgroNautical news

Mexican variety of avocados (haass) are arriving with “Strings Attached”, this can only mean one thing Eugene Robinson. Find out about, IT!, after a word from our sponsors.

For palette contrast, the regional varieties of MonteZuma’s variety of green oysters (from Spain and Morocco) are not stringy, but are a bit on the insipid side of the color scale, and while the Chilean and Peruvian are a better option/versions of this fruit, them aguacates spoil as soon as Wind gets beyond the skin.


You should see the back of their Milk Cartons…

Why are you up so early, Carol Anne?

And Carol Anne tweets:

Adventures in hypokoristikós

Adventures in hypokoristikós: Esperanza = Pera.

“I’m searching for Pera, Buddy.”

Good morning, Sunshine. En Francia hoy no hubo noticias because BFM’er TV spent all night pounding on the table and wondering if Noël is going to be a go, or a No Go. En América de los Estados Unidos, it was a small launch for Humanity but a great landing for the LIBERACIÓN de las rutas fleteras a la Estación Espacial Internacional HOTEL & Casino.

In On this episode, the American Version of “Ironman” cannot attend his most valued achievement, find out what, IT!, is after a message from our sponsors: the internet.

Solitaire setup provided by Las fuentes de doña Vilma y CDG Airports

Still to come:
Hells Kitchens, episode 45:

Santa y Fe, la addition a Daniel, S.V.P., and a Sopa de letras A.S.A.P..

Mientras tanto en Tabasco…

https ://www .independent .co .uk /news /world /americas /mexico-floods-homeless-hurricane-eta-b1723627 .html?utm _source=reddit.com

En Tabasco la villa está hermosa.

En Tabasco no pasa nada… pass the Ketchup.

Año de Hidalgo — Lo suyo de Lo nuestro

— Polka, you ask?

Said the man behind the counter, where Ashley Parker was auditioning for yet another hospitality industry job…

— Eva’höïd of “El hijo de Su”?

Again the man behind the counter.

— O nada más que esa del Jailbird at Folsom Prison and his boy named Sue?

Dear, Mika… turn, IT! UP!!!

O como dicen los franceses, “la 3ª es la Chingada… perdón, es La Vencida”.

https ://www .madmagazine .com /blog /2020/04/09 /rip-mort-drucker-1929-2020

Because when Öüï return, Eye is going to make a Match Striking Strip out of a crosswalk to SHOW that “parody” knot “imitation” is the sincerest form of flattery… or something like D.A.T..

And starring as “El Puma”, Brian Williams

Live from the beautiful Costco Islands at the luxurious PavoReal Room it’s Citizen Dating, and still to come, the Pilot Episode of the next rollercoaster thriller-drama:


Öüï begins today transmission by playing catch up, with Ari Melber because that is his Beat, Ari is always playing Ketchup .:. 92056071-A4E5-4B51-A7DB-0BBBD3770F08 🍅 … [B]ecause as Ali Vittali knows once you go Hunt’s the Kraft sale sobrando. To play CATCH UP 101, the student must show understanding of how Venn diagrams work in this dimension… No Se Vaya _ deteniendo.

and yes Ms. Equilbey… öüï is here.

And there is really no point in looking back, but if Mitch McConnell is going to be sending people WHO want to get smarter to his twiiter account, Öüï is going to fLiP the pages of Le Monde and try to make an arrangement for the Senate majority leader.

Digresión en Contexto:

Now that it is looking more and more like Le Parisien will be following, one Front page at a time, the arrival of Candidate Biden and Senator Harris to the White House, Senate Majority Leader, Moscow Mitch, is saving face when it comes time to answer for the current president’s behavior which announces the Second Act of Donald Trump’s dance with The American Experiment, by hunkering his comments deep in the Trenches of a Race War… started off–course, by the racist wing of the GOP.

So, witt D.A.T. in mind our picture sorting monkees will bring you Last week today, with Richard Lui making a move on Steve’s big Screen… this can only mean one thing: We Got u.s. another doppelgänger INSIDE, this is going to be one « big mastodonte » to orchestrate, but if Hamilton could do it with an “are” impediment when rolling with the “erres”, Eye trusts that Öüï will get to the bottom this “chef-d’œuvre¹ »… in KNOW Time.

Well… Eye did warn y’all about d.a.t. mastoDonte on Morning Joe… Dear Lorde, does Cousin Joe have something against Stephanie Rhule or is he just covering for Avi Velshi?

Doppelgänger Rhules

Meanwhile at FOX News, ancient mummy and former MSNBC collaborator, Dr. Laura Ingram, appears to have taken a cold shower and EYE did not know that Dr. Ingram was a practicing catholic, judging by the Cold Gin that she is drinking right now.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham advises Trump to accept defeat with ‘grace and composure’ in unusual messaging shift

https ://www .businessinsider .com /fox-news-laura-ingraham-advises-president-trump-to-accept-defeat -2020-11?r=US&IR=T&utm_source=reddit .com


Habemus POTUS


Indeed… Habemus POTUS

Pitch perfect

Pitch perfect entry…

1. Laurence Equilbey, ENTREtien[e]. Le Monde n° 23511; 27/28 Sept., 2020

Ladies in Gemini, the following is a Public Service Announcement from the Brown Cloakies (a.k.a. “la banda de los panchitos”) at The Soup Kitchens near The Vatican.

My fellow Americans, don’t be fooled, bamboozled or otherwise, TAKEN… by the fake “Catholics for Trump” signs, because these “catequistas” are as authentic as the “Gypsies for Hitler” and the more than 6 million Jews that WHO Voted for the Third Reich
and here is WHY,
Mr. Mattlock!

Real catholics are alcoholics

Hear Mí Out, Franck!!! 📣 C2505A25-5988-4232-A820-779E48C100E0 🔊 Real catholics are alcoholics… real catholics SPIKE their Water and wear facemasks… yeah, Buddy, that’s coming straight from the SOURCE at Eugene’s Joint on la rue Palatine.