D’ya want it Darker… Music to be murdered by at 18:20 in CET

Issy… interesting proposition from the acetate registers at _les–Moulineaux, in the voice of an old TV voice.

Are you engaged in watching murder (on TV) than on actually engaging in it, o sea, Corazón, as in committing it yourself?

… or something like that.

So, a non–reader [of this most inconsequential blog] asks: if a person is diagnosed with multiple personalities disorder (or something like that) and if S/he takes their own life… is it still considered a suicide?… THE SIRENS ANSWER: only if it’s in the Same Vein of “let’s do it again” on the Shaolin Soul ep. 4, because they say: “I rather F.U.C.K. Ewe”… or something like that! TimeNow: 19h16 in Siren Central Time… with that in the noggin, the question to ponder is how Ewe’d like your Your brains Fucked off, eh?

Up next,
in Siren Central Time—La Hora Cuchi-cuchi
con Beto ‘el boticario’
What’s your Poi s son

Zeppelin goes here.
18h39 75000 CEDEX
A la BOCA no llega México…
check da’ groovE, Ya’all.

… comienza por LA BOCA, y luego lo que será, será.


ISSY, esto fue un INTERMEDIO.


Intermedio — You can go to New Orleans but

don’t play me no Frenchman St. Blues.

[Laughter track]… and then the 40th President of The United States of America continues with Friday morning’s opening Zinger track on MORNING JOE… “Does anybody remember Laughter? ¿Does anybody remember when the MorJo Show would open with a Zeppelin song? Gee–Whizz, Willie Geist! How’bout bringing back those dancing days  again!

… [“The Great Communicator” continues with his speech]

— Ronald W. Reagan:

It was stated best in a letter I received not long ago. A man wrote me and said: “You can go to live in France, but you cannot become a Frenchman. You can go to live in Germany or Turkey or Japan, but you cannot become a German, a Turk, or a Japanese. But anyone, from any corner of the Earth, can come to live in America and become an American.

[Sounds of White Noise ###]

… and then, Hurricane Katrina happened
and The White House forgot about Louisiana,
Fast–forward to Puerto Rico 2017.

Master Blaster — The ultimate Animals… “Please don’t let me be misunderstood”

ISSY, entre bastidores, Ayotzinapa Para Espontaneos is revving up in the back-burner… wait for it, Wait.

Monsters Inc., and of course, doña Tati, CONTEXT FOLLOWS. By-the-Güey, Lencha Cazaz sends Doña Olga, her regards…
México, el pais del perdón, pero para los poderosos, porque si tú eres un pinche piojo, tu tiempo en la cárcel es DINERO para el gobierno. VIVA MÉXICO, y chingue a su madre la “maestra” Elba Ester Gordillo y toda su puta ralea familiar con puestos en el gobierno.

In the Mean Time — Howl and do the Do!
here’s another edition of:
the most unfortunate of coincidences,
o COMO dicen Las Víctimas del Dr. NOMENKLATURA
en Zacatecas:

pay no attention to the fact that one of the most corrupt
individuals in Modern México
received her “GET OUT OF HOUSE ARREST JAIL Card…”
on the same motherfucking day
was validated by the Electoral Tribunal
as the winner of the Mexican Presidential Race.

Please don’t adjust your settings,
and pay no attention to that “most unfortunate coincidence”
o como dicen los zacatecanos
esto es una
“Mala Coincidencia”.

TimeStamp: 19 hundred hours and 34 minutes en el reloj de Los Amigos de México en Francia.

Karime’s Vibe: porque ELLA TAMBIÉN “¡SE LO MERECE!” •_!_•  Tú también, inscríbete en el CULTO VERACRUZANO de Karime Macías (de Duarte)… porque tú también te lo mereces.

Canción de Amor* _ Modus OpeRANDi, part ii

*… de Jack el Destripador
vía: Rockdrigo González
“El Amor que Yo te Tengo es el de
Reagan a Castro,
el de Somoza a Sandino,
—de Margarita a Galtieri“.

Ladies in Gemeni, the continuing story of Randito Pablito, a.k.a. Senator Rand Paul (R–KY) se tiene que destripar (visceralmente, pues) with the lovely voice of Generalissima Jordan, Elise [One–Each].

So, the story goes that back when little Rand Paul was a little weasel in middle school, the now Distinguished Gentleman from Kentucky used to give his Spanish Middle–school teacher a hard time, of course, as Ewe all know, and might remember, that in those days Corporal Punishment was all the rage at the pricipal’s office. Now, because little Randito was already beginning to show his true LEADERSHIP Colors, little RANDITO WOULD RUN STRAIGHT TO THE Vice-principal’s office, but I bet Ewe’all that Ewe wouldn’t guess why little Randito would seek SANCTUARY at the V.P’s. office?… Anygüey, if any broad could relay this anecdote, Elise Jordan is probably the most qualifyed to narrate it because she used to be Senator’s Rand strategist. We [the staff] are certain that Ms. Jordan certainly played bartender for Senator Paul, many–a–times listening to the Senator’s old “War” Stories.

But first, have you ever wondered what is the definition of an ABBÉ?… Ewe know, an abbé, the jolly-fat figure on those Belgian beers, a Fucking ABBÉ, Abbey.

Let’s ask the latest victim of indiscriminate vandalism pretendiendo ser protesta social o, peor, nuestro muy querido Grafitti, porque indeed, the Streets remain our Favorite Gallery:

En ce qui concerne l’Apocalypse; pg. 21/22:

Vous avez raison, messieurs, envahissez la terre; elle appartient au fort ou à l’habile qui s’empare; vous avez profité des temps d’ignorance, de superstition, de démence, pour nous dépouiller de nos héritages et pour nous fouler à vos pieds, pour vous engraisser de la substance des malheureux: tremblez que le jour de la raison n’arrivez.

François-Marie Arouet
Diccionario Filosófico
Colección de Clásicos Garnier
Imprenta Reliure MAME1967.

Snapshot follows… ¿Qué Hacer?

The following is a Time–Delayed entry
from June 05, 2018.
Institut de France

Tiempo de Híbridos / Ranch Electrónico… o como dicen los franceses: Una Rana con Sinfónica.

En lo que concierne a El Apocalipsis: 

Tienen razón, caballeros, invadan la tierra; pertenece a la fortaleza o al hábil que se la apodera; han aprovechado los tiempos de ignorancia, de superstición, de demencia, de despojarnos de nuestras herencias y de pisotearnos a sus pies, para engordarse de la sustancia de los desafortunados: tiemblan porque el día de la razón no llegue.

Chien dans Le Periph, —en Ingés— follows… ¡bola de putos!

Margarita y Galtieri: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massacre_of_Margarita_Bel%C3%A9n

“I wish I knew what I know now…” — What a difference a Day Makes, part III

… It’s a very Special Weekend Edition, ISSY, we [the staff] promise Ewe’all that Ayotzinapa para Espontaneos follows, right now, Cougars and Narcos are on the–powers–that-be agenda.

French Cougar nEws… “Just One Fix”… please be adviced that this is a Time–Delayed “screen grab” from the Military and Defense “BusinessInsider” web page. Right Now, in C.E.T. it’s 02h33. and in Ciudad Juárez, the weekend promises at least 30 killings before AMLO’s arrival to La Avenida de Las Américas, casi esquina con La Jilotepec y “El Puente al Revés”.

We thinks that they, those same powers–that–be, knew where to look for the French Cougar fuckers from the get–go.

Anyguey, Marianne, right now on the Freq Hop the Sirens are telling me that “You have to Change Your Evil Ways”… Baby! May i have this dance?

TimeStamp: 01h33