La dictadura perfecta vS. La Jornada del día de La Labor

Pobre Perú, tan lejos de los Estados Unidos, tan cerca del Equator… me cae a madre que sí, —cholita.

Spoken like a true morenista

Spoken like a true morenista ♟ 2FE0CFA5-03D0-4DDE-9175-7CBB970ACC26 🏄🏽‍♂️ …

“… [A]nd so D.A.R.E. was only one thing D.A.T. Eye could Do:

IT!, was ding a ding dong and RAMA lama ling LONG_ Yeah Buddy!


Have a nice day.

Caminito de la escuela — n°4: se cayó el Zoom, profe

Adventures in transliteration… deer, Cousin Joe:


Abejas maisiadas 🐝🌽 A402D462-EBD4-4AD3-9B97-E650BC9F66FA 🌀
—Leave the bees be and send the flowers to the compost bin.
Executive Landscaper:
— Mylady, what should I tell the people when they ask what happened to Jackie’s flowers?
Tell them that Dr. Van Halen is working on a better (synthetic) tomato and let them eat Pearl Jam.

Wanna know why in Espagnol, “Old Glory” is called  « Las barras y las estrellas » ? The Answer, —motherfucker— after the Compost Minute from what used to bee a pollination sector, but now, that space is nothing more than what appears to bee storefront shrubbery for another of the FLOTUS executive projects.

Excuse n° 5:
Big Brother wanted to watch the pilot episode of “Sparky and Shef ».


FALL 2020
PHIL 4516 (4 Cr. H.)
The Decline of Western Civilization
Mon-Sunday: 27/7/365*
Prof. Qirk Qunt Qulo (ph.d)
On Zoom

In Living Color

In Living Qolor 🏄🏽‍♂️767C2FE7-03AF-4495-A405-6C1B9D5C1C49 🏄🏿‍♀️ Now with Body Glove®️for all of that Imperial Nakedness that your Qompadre Qunt is going to display at the “Qonvention”.

* 366 during a leap year

Phil Rucker: Americans are stupid | Digresión on Deadline.

Indeed… it’s tailgate politics time now.

Back to you Rev., … oh, them pundits are soft!

[… if you haven’t been paying attention, Vaudeville didn’t excite the Clinton generation, what makes you think that virtual message is going to excite the ones that are going to give BARRON the throne*].

* and you can thank, Donnie Deutsch, aussi.

… DEER, Jeff, don’t be affraid of reading your notes on-the-air, it will probably make you look anal retentive, pero; no como un pinche HULEROOoooo! Hul-er-ohhhhh.

And, no, Purple Pundit… the answer is NO. We are not talking PORK BARRELL M1A1’s in Lima, O•hi•O; no Maam’ this “thootpaste” tube can only be unfucked if the USPS was preparing a surprise update before the X-MÁS rush.

Johnny Depp: hágale como “la hiena”

Hágale del verbo transitivo faire

Feel the Joy of Movement

Feel the Joy of Movement… have some prunes on the House .:. 02F0DEE3-8E35-4B7F-AB8D-DF754570339E 📯

Anyhow, Mrs. Robinson you might recall the mentioning of our inability to control the inherent inertia of a news cycle, sin embargo, the one thing that öüï do have a systematic control of —motherfucker— is of how the  elements of the story will bee plotted on the quilt or tapestry, depending on your frontier or latitude, so with that in mind Col. Joll, let’s ask the musical score department to dig up La Tequendama de Oro because Johnny Depp is preparing for the role of a lifetime* in Colombia… via Marruecos and Italy; in PanameVision, in•deed.

https ://elpais .com /internacional /2020-08-14 /el-vicepresidente-de-ee-uu-mike-pence-pide-el-fin-del-arresto-domiciliario-de-alvaro-uribe .html

Hi-Yo Silver?

Per your request… una de vaqueros .:. 27ED603B-DA04-4B86-ACD9-891748CC7A43 —_•!•_— Hi-Yo Silver? Asked the Lone Ranger… y ya todo Telemundo sabe cómo se las gasta el pinche Tonto, el indio responde:
Negativo, Cara Pálida, puro puto petróleo y oro.

But FOist… let’s play Catch-up with Baby Blue Cross and Mª Teresa Kumar… Baby Blue Cross, for those not under the red and white capsule, is the patron saint of Mexican soccer league team, “El Cruz Azul”, and for those not into sports, 2020 is the year of los cementerios… wait D.A.T.s knot write! Erase (con acento en la letra ‘eh’) que se borra and adjust for “cementero” in every ‘cementerio’… fire for effect!


TimeCheck: 23h in HST plus 12 to make it an even 11h in CET.

Absolutely, Avi

Absolutely, Avi .:. 7BF07BE7-4B20-4247-8A8E-4808957C2E10 🗺 Ask any Pole, Avi, Saint-Georges (French Guyana) is the VIStuLA Lagoon of Kaliningrad (Russian Federation between Lithuania and Poland) on CLEVELÂNDIA do Norte (Brasil), and as a result Avi Velshi, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is moved into a “jump to conclussions” situation in Bucaramanga.  Belligerent militias south of the Panama Canal, Avi Velshi,  don’t just write themselves into 1554 pages of a Colombian Supreme Court’s investigation of prisoner n° 1,087,985^.

* Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”

El Acusado

“¡Un momento, más respeto porque yo no soy cualquier persona, — yo soy el acusado! ». 

^ Álvaro Uribe

Well… Eye be damned! Ancient Yndios present:

“Tus ojos mexiquenses tuyos”…

It’s an indeleble mark of La Conquista, and nothing, not even Moroni and The Seven Sisters who sent him down to populate the great State of Utah will ever be able to erase the trauma de la Santísima Inquisición en La Nueva España in the psyche of population that can check a Census ethnic box next to “la Raza”.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wik i/Érase_una_vez

For the record, Alicia Menendez, “la Raza” is not a purity test, on the contrary, during it’s its first iteration, “la Raza” is mixture of different cultures from the North of Africa, the Middle East, and yes, even from a recently converted Kingdom of Spain, with one particular Hembra in the new conquered land, her name was La Chingada… or something like that.

Saving Mexico

Saving Mexico .:. B6A83730-8322-4D05-986C-8B5E17252CC8 ⚖️ If their precious blue-blood don’t get to experience lock-up for at lest the time that they served (six years), then this information is nothing more than an advertorial for John Mill Ackerman’s boss.

[S]piritually, we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] have it on good authority to relay for the Final Test, that the good people at El Santo Oficio transfigured the image of “La Chingada” into the icon of “La Lupita”, and the rest, —well the rest as They Say: it’s just another Ancient Aliens episode, starring our favorite non-political entity of them all: Professor John Mill Ackerman.

From the Book of Testament
according to the gospel of
Rodrigo y Gabriela.

En contexto: ¡Ehhhhhstamos TRAbajando!*

For those not reading this most non-consequential blog, you might recall that one of the first counter-programming tasks of the winners of both the Mexican and French Presidential Elections of 2012 focused on keeping an increasing number of exasperated Mexicans protesting in France to a minimum.

On the Mexican side the election was held in June, six months later, just in time to sing “Las Mañanitas a La Virgen” on December the 12th, the new president from the old party would be invested, however, in October (of course it was—it had to be) a newly–elected Enrique Peña Nieto broke with protocol while the Calderón administration was wrapping up the sacrosanct tradition set by the canon of “El Año de Hidalgo”… que chingue a su madre el (o la) que deje algo.

https ://www .oecd .org /mexico /mexico president-elect enrique pea nieto visit to the oecd .htm

[John Mill Ackerman “saves” Mexico]

* Adios Guayabera Mía

Hey, Leonardo DiCaprio… ’member D.A.T. time when?

“Aún hay más”:

Hold on, Woman

Hold on, woman… aún hay más .:. ED965AB7-68C6-4104-BC54-9686916403EE .:. and if you are a Jacobo Zabludovski (intern), you know what Raul Velasco did to Cepillin’s “Kid”.

Deer, Cousin Joe, please stop getting in the way of Mika’s call for cease-fire. You have been warned… fire-for-effect follows:

The band played as the Ship went down

The band played as the Ship went down .:. DB21568F-FC00-48A5-A2CD-BA26D4B24B4D

Back to you Leonardo… and don’t worry, Sir, we ain’t gonna fuck with the Three Caballeros right now, we’ll just focus on the motherfucking iceberg ahead.

And in Washington:

Hydro treated

In Washington, after setting the economic moat around Melania’s rose garden, Stephen Miller went ahead and treated the The White House up-lift (manita de gato) with imported Javel —from SHYNA!— and then, Stephen Miller (that po’misguided Jewish aid) cured the processed paint with chemlights®️; why just look at them White House columns behind the AP man with the inception emOji of the volcano smacked right on target on his fOken fOrehead, the blue is scientific proof that Stephen Miller’s Hydroxicloroquine compound is fighting the invasion of the They, in this particular frame, the Stephen Miller reactionary bubbles are fighting the threads of his racists origins… Synopsis: “Mein Kampf”  meetsAMERICAN HISTORY X”… if Ed Norton was Stephen Miller, off-course.

By the way: please bee advised that Hoy No Hubo Jazz en La Maison de l’Amérique latine at Blvd. Saint Germaine-des-Pres.



Adventures in Translation and interpretation — False Friends with Detective Héctor Belascoaran Shayne*

* Paco Ignacio Taibo II, capitán del Fondo de Cultura Económica.

¡Ahhh! R’za… Previously on, “Siren! Eye told you knot to fall for the « v » en “oir””, ¡pero noooo! You’re just gonna let your Trompas de Eustaquio feed your lying eyes, aren’t ya’! Neta, Paco, que por eso Tepito no puede tener good wholesome nursery rhymes.

A kind reminder

It’s subliminal [offcourse]. A kind reminder from the Foundation for Life .:. FA029C10-FB71-4802-8B1E-13BE5821F611 𓂑𓂒 Big or small it does not matter, before feeding time please bee sure to remove all transversal “accessories” from the teat cisterns of your mammary glands, because the only IRON going into “la cría” should be natural tasting and not the cheap aftermarket shavings from a smelter operation in Shanghai. 

Anyguey, don Paco, para ver “Gotas” por el canal de La Cultura en Chapultepec, el público bonito de /r/mexico (sin acento) lo invitan a usted y a “mother goose” a tomar asiento para disfrutar de su función, suya —of course— y del Pueblo Bueno, —también.

Deer, Nicolle Wallace… the name of the Telenovela is

Hey, Purple Pundit, please relay to Garrett Haike that he should quote Matilda’s Favorite son, in other words, they [the Executive Branch] knew exactly was what has been happening, in other words, the cold shrug from the Senate to the working American class, or “pee–ons”, in Trickle Talk, is a classic PANTALION FILMS answer to, “didn’t they see the food lines, in Texas?”.

The answer, off–course to that conundrum is:

Por eso “las patatas bravas” son buenas

Por eso “las patatas bravas” son buenas, but an Earl at tea time is sublime, dice Karime Macías de Duarte.

Yo no soy la señora de la casa

Yo no soy la señora de casa
Weekdays at 4 o’Clock EST
only on Telemundo.


Coming Up in on Ancient Finances:
The Calamari records with abducted reporter and Ancient Aliens host David H. Childress doppelgänger, Tim O’Brian, W.H.O. goes ahead and decodes the German (offcourse it is) codex.

Over at the bossa nova channel, El Black WaPo, Eugene Robinson, is taking a break from the Brazilian sounds and he’s doing a Tango at “The Needles” after the Mexican Elvis set.

To understand The Chron

To understand The Chronicle of Law and Justice in The Lone Star State, one must go back to King Arthur’s court. .:. AE1FEA26-851B-435B-BF33-8FE70F0AB1E4 ⚖️ The Chastity Belt requirement, said Gov. Abbott, “Stays in place”… hanky panky is reserved for the Judges Chambers. —_•!•_— Of interest, in case the FAIR USE OF ALL MEDIA for photojournalism credits at any Educational store gets challenged in court, the DEFENSE submits the proximity of the Feminine Hygiene products on the Chron . com scoop “stock photo” to the trash can to the right of the “Deadhead” employee.

… jump to page 4.

And now, Alien Blood from Outer Space presents

 The Most Valuable Pond Scum

Episode V; Eternal re-run beyond any season:

It's the old cliché

From the producers that brought you, “We’ll send him off at The Pass” and “D.A.T.L. Bee The They” comes the story of Perseverance on Curiosity. _—•!•—_ In the frame, wearing D.A.T. ridiculous companyman space-age composite Stetson™️, Tory Bruno, explains the maneuver in which the return launch (A Sort of Come Togetherness) will undertake Ten Summer Sets… a splendid Time is guaranteed for all!!! When Mr. K. performs his tricks without a sound (because it’s SPACE, madda•faks and madda•fakas!). It’s all part of The Process, said an exuberant Ziggy Stardust after he ate The Spyders from the planet that he had just passed-by.

In Florida, a hero from the Civil Rights era of the end of the Eisenhower administration hitched a ride on a big rocket that just headed towards Marte, the traveler, however, is not going to Mars, instead, with the aid of an European Space Agency satellite the galaxy is about to gain another hitchhiker. The take–off’s rumble took a wrong tremor route in Albuquerque, and ended up causing a ruckus just outside of Cucamonga. It’s twue.

https ://www .volcanodiscovery .com /earthquakes  /quake-info /2907839 /M4-Thu-30-Jul-2km-N-of-Pacoima-CA-USA .html

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Trojan Agro and Guess Seeds:
Looking for scum in all of the Goldie Locks zones.

Ground Control, please stand-by for Piano
(The Eddy currents
are at an all-time High)

Major Tom is a news junkie

Major Tom is a news junkie .:. 27DC6C06-EA1A-4FD7-915E-CF5E3FF929B6 🛰 Beers are on El Niño Luc’s tab at Sunset… 🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶‍♂️

And in Washington…

in Nato known news, now

in Nato known news, now .:. 44536E83-293C-4095-8030-9BEBB20296EA 🌻 NOTE TO former Congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, Cousin Joe, please bee advised that it is “Demon Sperm,” or seeds, if you are too Southern Shy, aussi please remind that po’blind Alabama country lawyer that it is,  “Alien DNA”; not Demon DNA… in God’s good Eyes, we are all structured in His sequence, even the fallen ones.

The following must bee read in a Brian Williams voice.

Any time now, at the 7am hour, after humanity figures out how a face mask works (in Covid-19 times) NASA will bee sending a package to Mars.

A snapshot from a butcher board at mission control shows that the Purpose of this task is to search for Life in Mars, a sticky note next to the Standard section states, “in hopes that humanity, might return to the motherland, because this planet is fucked.”

Beers are on Luc's Tab at Sunset

Beers are on Luc’s Tab at Sunset — and the Piano got all Drunk, not Mí.