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note to editors:
some of “the cats” names have been changed in order to protect the big elephant of The Wise Men.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-africa-55522236

Anyhow, Ashley Chevalier, it is for the best. Trust Mí, holiday flings are not meant to last. I knew last Friday that MGMT was going to have none of IT!, period*!

Stranger things have happened, so it’s Knot a long stretch (a random length) and tie the time that Ari Melber’s long lost illegitimate nephew, pictured ⬆️ above without dentils would cover the latest developments of the Florence Cassez enlèvement syndicate in France.

Heck, even “The Elves” at « El Patron’s » siege changed the freq’s to the CNEwS Matin beat. It appears that the illegitimate step-sister of Ron Weasley  runs things over yonder (at CNEWS Matines, not at “El Patroni’s” siege), Sin Embargo [Ashley] Eye told you that this post was KNOT about you (punto y coma) it has always been about our effort to reach the Media-Part. And in the following block… [see what Eye did there] i am going to attempt to land this bitch on Mr. Laske’s firewall, which happens to be headquartered just across “La Adelita” on Passage Brulon (75012).

But FO’ist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¡¡¡ÓRALE!!!— Öüï interrupts the programming to bring Yasmin Vassoughian’s green robe a message from “The Seven Sisters” via “Messier 45”, please stand-by for Dolly.

My fellow Tennesseans, Big Benders, and off-course, the Volunteers, I am coming to you from The Pleiades to remind you that the month of January is the Universe Be Kind to Food Servers Month, especially if these food servers are volunteers... or What‽ Did you think that the TRAY Shape (plateau en Frog-speak) of Tennessee was put on the map just to hold those fuckers in Kentucky on The Plate, eh‽

note to programmers: my fellow earthlings please do not try to adjust your settings, Dolly Parton’s voice must be modulated by Melissa Villaseñor on account that hearing Dolly’s pure unadulterated signal from across our known —and established— universe would rip your precious  timps 👂🏼 to shreds.

The outer limits… starring Claire McCaskill’s  sweater. Senator McCaskill, in case you are wondering is the long–lost misplaced granddaughter of Calamity Jane, the patron Saint of Missouri, The Ozarks and, the greater Saint Louis metro area. The sweater is an old prop of the trade and it goes to show just how many squares you can fit on Claire’s frame.

AND WITT that in mind, Stephanie Rulhe, don’t think that Öüï didn’t get to see you in green earlier before Ms. Jackson’s Dark garb, which reminds u.s. that January is also the “Midnight Rambler Awareness Month” or, as they call these fuckers in El Ey: Richard Ramírez Observance mess… look it up, because it’s Trou!!!

We now return to a Closer and Clear and Present MESSIER N° 45, —danger by any other tolls— and for D.A.T., Nicole Wallace gets to stick around, and here’s why General Powell, because “the rest of the story” gets to be enunciated in the voice of Paul Harvey, as read by former Prime Frog Minister, Mr. Dominique de Villepin. In this section you don’t even have to know how to play checkers, you just need to be certified as an ISO “Just-in-time” black belt Venn Diagram handler. And Witt that in mind, let me first introduce myself

Hello, my name is Armando Segovia and you might remember Mí from Fall SEASONS classics such as “Octubre Tenía Que Ser” and “A funny thing got swept-up on the way to The Forum”.

* Sponsored by Vania Feminine Hygiene products

1 de Enero 2021 — Dear, Teeny Tiny Cat

Note To Ashley CHEVALIER:

Grupo 24 Horas de AA… Issy, Mme. Chevaliere, Eye know that you’ve heard (as a journalist – off course) about the 12-step program, but lemme’Tell ya’Cinnamon Spice, “It’s Knot one of —those! » .:. F025E8E9-EF79-46E9-A3D2-DAA28E48CEF2 🚶🏽‍♂️Eye is talking about The Midnight Rambler, of course.

Hoy no hubo BFMer TV, but do give our regards to Damien UrLetGo… we changed some of the names to protect the innocent… x ejemplo, take Mick Jagger:

Smile🙃 because as Keith “the loon” used to say, Susan del Percio: TO THE MOON, Alicia!!! Tú, the Moon. But FO’ist, we Ketch-up with the Immortality Machine inside of Capitol Hill in WaWa Land. Some call it History, Alicia, but people WHO know, know that it is just another edition of Organized Grab-Ass with a bunch of old, old, very Old Kids on The Hill.

After the Break, Alicia Menendez takes on the role of Karaoke Wizard and renders Queen’s, “Stone Cold… crazy,” on Dateline, Knot Deadline. Check local listings.

Right now, here’s an update on Mattéo’s “funny paper” and if you ever get the punchline of the joke, my future graduate of the most prestigious école hôtelière in the World*, then you’ll understand what a “slow yellow lorry” means before getting inside of a “Black Limousine”.

For those WHO are knot on the know, know that i buried Titus. .:. F6432F3E-187B-402E-9A60-2743A9296A08 .:. The inside of this pyramid is shaped like a stretched out feline with the Sphinx como lomo y cuello (punto y coma) the Question is, Mme. Chevalier, can you spot the anca on the Onca?

* i won’t mention the name, so-pena de que doña Vilma and her fuentes at the recently debunked Michelin Guide, object to our report.

—_-!-_— note to editors —_-!-_—

In Hilo, Hawaii,
the first day of the year just crossed the Twilight Zone.
And in Paris,
en Paris is they too of the aforementioned
12-step program from Grupo 24 de AA.

Stick around, Mme. Chevalier and let the “weekend help” do the rounds; Eye noticed that the weekend producers included a French fan of the Jack The Ripper Honor Society. Somebody needs to tell that poor man to stop crying, what with all of the flooding in Landes them crocodile tears are going to flood me another river.

Anuncio: Public Service Announcement
Item: Feminine hygiene products
Product placed: Brides, filets et selles

When HerStory rhymes in HisStory times .:. 294612A4-33A4-451E-88AA-52F99EE1C090 🧶 And now, the rest of Her story… Öüï now know the real detonator in Strasbourg (no pun intended^) but it seems that the Dang-On Brexit is taken right out of the book of Prohibition in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

https ://www .leparisien .fr /faits-divers /alsace-un-jeune-homme-tue-par-un-mortier-d-artifice-01-01-2021-8416865 .php

In Brexit-ed Actuality, it’s a small victory for Vania®️ in the U.K. and a small step for The Cramps; not that i know anything about the period in the early 1920’s which came to be known as Rag Time, but i have it on good authority to relay to all Femmes of the Calamity Jane fan club that “les selles” o como dicen en las charreadas “las monturas” for all cavalières won’t be considered LUXURY ITEMS, like in France, Art and other assorted accessories designed to adorn Galleries remain Tax Free in the Hexágono.

God Bless The Queen – Six Hours

Told y’all there would be a Swan Song and some horizontal hypercubing…

Ladies in Gemini, the staff of what used to moonlight as “a most non-consequential blog” is happy to announce that I am Sí–Rius, and Colin Jost is Not.

IT IS WEEKEND EDITION, in•DEED, Colin, and Eye Can See For Miles and Miles!

Just Like 🇬🇧, said the WHO?

—19h five Hours until After Midnight, meanwhile in London, those fuckers are an hour behind! Someone please relay to Boris that if he doesn’t Ketch-up! Madness is going to SetTLE in and Boris will not be able to eat his fucking pudding.

— 20h Fou’ Hours to go and Öüï has to go. Eye is Sí-Rius, the mall guards want to go home, jeez-whizz, those fucking shoppers.

Still to come, the Nine o’Clock hour in CET, 20h in Meangrinch Time

Now, Mesdames y Missouri, just wait ’till y’all hear with your lying eyes how the WINGS episode was produced, of course, without the camera footage it would be like trying to explain how Kate made it into a Tears For Fear video, eh?

Until then, enjoy another angle of “The Situation”, this particular one is the launchpad angle at the Letter S, ese (punto y coma) please be aware of the way that our infra-heat-seeking device registers the effect that blue has on gold when cinnamon is mixed into the Scene.

The 11th Hour follows, but i know nothing about that, except for one thing Mr. Wonderwall… check it out, Johanne, you probably think that this (particular portion of the trip) is about you, Sin Embargo, the palm trees that flank La Rue du Cinema, which connects the recently re-branded Forum at Les Halles-es underground rotunda with the just power-washed AGRO Bourse de los Medici’s, will cue-you in to what remains of the observatory at the Hôtel de Soissons, WHICH should Clou–You–In to the fact that we select neither las ancas del caballito negro en el Carrusel de Hidalgo, ni la columna a la salida del nivel –3 de la ya muy mencionada Porte du Louvre (Paris Centre).

Des inscriptions historiques retrouvées dans la colonne Médicis

If you get lost just ask the piggly-wiggly host and/or bouncer smacked between San Eustaquio and Salma Hayek’s husband new monopoly®️architectural token for directions.

🎵🗣 What’s The Story Morning Glory .:. 24751C35-2D1D-4E9F-962D-55513078617E 🇬🇧

Happy New Year.


The Witt of Mehdi on the map and a Gumbo recipe

Over at Studio 8 of the MSNBC building the Lorne is revisiting an alternate universe of the man of the hour:

Emmanuel Macron (when he turned 18 years of age)
(and please, don’t shoot the messenger)
Little Manu wanted to go All-Black
if you can believe that!

« It’s a FesteBUS Miracle », starring Ricky Martin.

[and Colin Jost: them Keconomy’s are made from Fudge… and i can’t make out the gerunds in the ingredients (season-ing) but i can assure you, that however they bake it, that SHIT from the Ariane 6 crew in Guyana is tight! And it is better than any Kool-Aid™️ offered by the evanGELical purity Faith-healing cult, like the one offered by your distant relative, preacher Jones, (born in Indiana, died in Guyana) Melle. Jones].

And starring as “Don Juan Diego”: Cornucopia Boy. 📐🎶 Desde el cielo una Hermosa Mañana… La Guadalupana, La Guada-loup-ana, La Guadalupana se me apareció! 🗣 I told you it was going to be a Festevus Miracle, didn’t i? Note to programmers, the snapshot ⬆️ was captured by yours truly, Armando Segovia, AUSSI be advised that the map to Cabo Wavo is KNOT to Scale, but you fuckers at the AXI(o)S get the IDEA of how to get your kicks on La Vereda Tropical, AKA “The Vineyards of Father Kino” on the Pacific coastline and the Sea of Cortés. La Vereda Tropical to Baja, head South from Highway 66 in Santa Monica, California, when you SEE with your OWN EYES the offices of Televisa’s “LatiUS” division of Pantelion Films.

So, Leslie Jones, check it out Black Beauty*, for the record, the new French Space Agency à Châtelet, just in front of Brown Indiana (it’s trou! Don’t shoot the translator) is, WE ALL NEED MORE SPACE, or something like that, but in French, and lo and behold, “Los Weekends de Los FIG-avaros” moves in on Le Monde du Le 6eme “like a bitch”, to quote the owner of the Miss Universe brand, on this the 100th anniversary of Miss France, which begs the motherfucking question, Marianne, why is the pageant not named Mademoiselle à la française… or, Something in the way (she moves) like that.

Ohhhhh—the humanity! The fucking Figaro is moving in on El Mundo de Le Monde territory .:. 71B60517-28E5-4EC3-8E41-1ABDA77741C3

* page 174 “Chevaux dans la litérature” au galop de «1000 infos Les Chevaux » by Marion Curry; adaptation française courtesy of Claire Lefebvre en GRÜND—knot GROHL.

Anyhow, LesLie (together) Jones and, don’t you go Venn DiaGRAMin’ my blog with no Six Degrees of Find the Bacon because that would be like playing checkers on speed, and it would still be light years away from Ketchin’ up with the hypercube at La Défense, and here is why, Lindsey Reiser:

Check your calendars, Marie, today’s Saint for a They bears the name in all of the planning districts with a Urban development department; knot ministry, eh… BC81895A-133D-4008-9BED-75717708027A .:. Tomorrow’s Santo (20 December) is Saint Théo(ry), so practice what you preach, shall be the Whole of the law.

The way you look, tonight really, really, —really— bring(s) out the Colors.

Any güey, morena, if you need too see with your own lying memories the reasons why this blog cannot be drawn in the Venn Diagrams universe, it is on account of an already explained theory delightfully narrated, explained and then, demonstrated by this guy at Cornell who was ironically shaded by:

E M i
Deecke, Arved (June 12, 2015). “The Truly Most Expensive Record Ever: 2.5 billion dollars (no Beatles and no nudity)”. Kvart & Bølge. Retrieved November 30, 2015. Deecke, Arved (June 12, 2015).
(Courtesy of Wikipedia)

https ://voyager .jpl .nasa .gov /golden-record /whats-on-the-record/


I am not homeless, i am home (space) minus and Tatiana Clouthier, Carlos wants to know if you see “Calzonzín Inspector” for the Very French in this tribute ⬇️ to mis NEGROS of Mexico 68, eh?

Let’s spend the night together, and nevermind “Los Super Machos” en Francés. 🛰 Lest you forget, this is a blog about Mexico, Tía Tati, as viewed from the barrios of your sister’s roaming grounds… I Did Warn You about El Santo contra Las Lobas on another post, and on January 1st, i told you about The Howling Man on the Twilight Zone. — It matters because page ii of Le Parisien’s Île-de-France & Oise (75) Nº 23733: Le Loup s’Installera-t-il aux PORTES de Paris? … [S]urvey says: bien Sur.

In synthesis, i may not be able to explain the patent detailing the optics of a 4th dimension, but i can sure as shit be on time or ahead of schedule to the different doorways to tomorrow’s headlines… or some of Lorde Lorne Michael’s SNL skits, (the one’s worth mentioning) por ejemplo, why not knot Le Parisien into the ingredients for our Louisiana (in a parallel universe) version of a home(–) recipe for a spicy gumbo… ISSY Icarus youse gonna need shrooms or peyote to ride on this magic bus.


For the record Michael Che, stop fucking Bette Milder, she’s non other than Sammy Hagar in this dimension, AUSSI, December the 4th is Santa Barbara, or “Barbe” Saint for A They if swing to the rythmé of Avignon’s pontifical Villa.

I’ve Seen That Movie, Too”, Reginald… and Elton John gives a snappy comeback with a:

“That’s Sir, —Reginald.”

And Ohhhh, My Sweet Baby Jésus!!! HOLY FUCK, period, there is a new regulating body in the Wacky Rigged Races and its name is MoDerNa. 🙈 Do you know what this means, Alicia Menendez? Of course you do, fucking Brits just raised the odds at Matt Bradley’s house in London Town. It’s like mixing Formula 1 racing with NASCAR in one motherfucking toll-road system.

We now return to our coverage of The Wacky Big Rigged Races

We last left our heroine, Penelope Pitstop (and her Tiny groom) celebrating their new union, when asked for comment on why she is not competing (in reel—time) for the top position at The House, as she “drove from Paris to the Amsterdam Hilton,” Penelope replied that she was too busy thinking about “eating chocolate cake in a bag” in Vienna, —or some Opéra house like that!

And in the role of Tank Commander, Sgt. Blast, is Willie Geist. Congressman Scarborough is Private Meekly, the driver on this track.

… [A]nd in the role of Penelope Pitstop:
Alexandria Ocasio–Cortéz
U.S. Representative
(N.Y.C. 14th Arrondissement
“the purple block”)

Meanwhile back at The Pharm…

https ://thehill .com /policy /healthcare /530695 –pfizer-says-no-covid-vaccine-production-problems-or-shipment-delays

The “Mean Machine” managed to successfully compromise the logistical distribution manifest by 900 K serum units, leaving the rest of the racers out of gas in “the middle of the road” (to be continued)… al Azar, la Ocasió(n) no debe desperdiciarse, Congresswoman.

The big hat of Richard Dastardly is being filled by Avi Velshi* while the fleas on Muttley are being fed by Jimmy Fallon (of The Tonight Show fame).

* Avi Velshi is a man of many hats, Fallon only has one laugh in his repertoire and a single shimmy dance.

Over at The Defense track…

The Army Surplus Special remains bound by the Uniform Code of Military Justice therefore, Sgt. Blast and his driver private Joe (of Morning Joe fame) remain committed to the Outgoing Administration (nº45), and so our favorite Frankenstein tanker is protecting Dixieland bronze-age heroes instead of delivering “boobies-friendly” body armor for American FEMBOTS on the frontline.

jump to page 34 on “20 Seconds”, via 20 minutes for today’s question of the THEY, what keeps you up on Way Too Early?

The Bottom Line, boarding passes and an Audio Track

Context follows:

12/14 — COINCIDENCE?… only if you are not current on your motherfucking Ancient Aliens episodes and the STORY of TWELVE (12 is 1 + 2 Three)
It took just a little over six years, by our count, to finally see what the Olympiads and the long Reach of François Mitterrand (la biblioteca, Knot the man) would look like without the laminate wall that hid all of the above ground works in front of what used to be, « La Maison Blanche » at Saint-Ouen… and we (the staff) gotta hand it to the Republic, that is one pretty fucking tunnel on the new extension of Metro Line 14 (from the Christoper Dickey Train Station a.k.a. Saint Lazare) to a place called The Docks…

Penelope Pitstop takes the new tram to Saint-Ouen and Tiny Horse is the happiest groom in the City of Lights. Across The Atlantic, it’s 300 K deaths to celebrate yesterday’s HisToric Start of the Wacky Trucking Race.

Ladies in Gemini:
El Corrido de Tiny and Alex

Now if you are wondering why “The Squad” had their PR Element missing in action on the Baby Cross Show on Tiffany Cruz’ Cross Connections on Cross Talk, now you know, that AOC was on leave getting hitched with Tiny Horse, as we speak, the happy couple is “HONEYMOONING down by The Seine”, and the way things are going, they’re going to crucify Mí.

Breaking ground .:. D4D313DE-0D74-4D09-B2DE-10DD2A474478 🚇 CALIFORNIA is certifying, as we TYPE, the next president of Them United States of America, in Central NATO Times it’s 11h, now according to the French, Evry body’s life is going to CHANGE “automatically” after December the 14th… o sea, TODAY!

The Year of Egypt in France — La foi en question (Nº 120*)

“Isn’t anybody going to help that poor man?”

It’s always the “though cops” who cry the most.

Harriet Johnson

Blazing Saddles (1974)

But of course you will. Of course you are going to say farewell to 2020 with a big Boom (not to be confused with today in History’s other Big Boom, On Pearl Harbor Observance Day 🚨), the timing is exquisitely awkward, or maybe even uncomfortably sweet, but The Song Remains The Same:

King : Hey, Taylor. How in the fuck you get here anyway? Why, you look educated.

Chris Taylor : I volunteered for it.

King : You did what?

Chris Taylor : I volunteered. I dropped out of college, and told them I wanted the infantry, combat, and Vietnam.

Crawford : You volunteered for this shit, man?

Chris Taylor : You believe that?

King : You’s a crazy fucker, giving up college.

Chris Taylor : It didn’t make much sense. I wasn’t learning anything. I figured why should just the poor kids go off to war and the rich kids always get away with it?

King : Oh, I see. What we got here is a crusader.

Crawford : Sounds like it.

King : Shit. You gotta be rich in the first place to think like that. Everybody know the poor are always being fucked over by the rich. Always have, always will.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0091763 /characters /nm0202966

Is it necessary to prohibit La Blasphème? Let’s ask La Bohème.

« L’impertinence est une tradition bien francesa but you have got to be French to get away with it.

Lilly Sans-Gêne intercepted by Staff.
via: L’1visible, N° 120, décembre 2020. L1VISIBLE . com


After the Break, The Ministry of Culture will be hosting a “Cecil Blount DeMille, rencontres cinématographiques Égyptiens à Paris ».


Intro to teleportation in a Type One Civilization quadrant

Happening now on the other side of The Atlantic:

El Año de Hidalgo on Deadline at La Casa Blanca.

Lorem IPsum

Musical Guest: Las Amazonas de Nantes
Teloneros: Los Franchutes de La Sierra

CNES Paris

Full-disclosure, Humanity (lower-case “hache”) has yet to reach Type 1 status in the Galaxy… and Zeppelin, goes here… “oh, the Humanity”.

Les Halles (4)

Point A 🖖🏼 .:. 916A9FDE-297D-4E86-A2AD-1FF9A331FB1C 🎯 In this section The User will identify the coordinates and the Elements of this story in Steps 1 and 3 in the Assembly Sequence [from] Below.


The first thing that users of this technology needs to realize is that ‘teleportation’ in a Type zero civilization would be like picturing a hypercube in this dimension, however, there is always modeling and dry-runs, por ejemplo, in the 1990’s during the Clinton Administration, the U.S. Military went through some lean-times, after the Reagan/Bush and Bush/Quayle $900 toilette seat spending spree, William Jefferson was left with Zilch for Ammo, and so during training we actually simulated the “booms” of the main-gun on account of a shortage of rounds, this was called dry-training, hence each qualifying run during training was called a dry-run and we were modeling war.

Now, during training you can’t possibly imagine the actual trauma that follows an actual live fire engagement because of the nature of that thing that President Eisenhower warned Chuck Todd’s parents nation in the late 50’s, but the medics on that same training exercise scenario can sure as fuck picture the after-shock.


Assembly sequence:

New users should review our rendition of ‘una comedia de enredos’ and ‘a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum’ to Ketch-Up with today’s projection, specifically the part about the “TIME” Magazine honored tradition of Mexican presidential transitions.

Once that requirement is accounted for then the user may proceed with the operation and With that in Mind the user proceeds to identify the connecting Elements within a 5-minute stoner-stroll radius. In this particular transfer of matter (in a Type Zero Civilization) the elements and the physical space involved in this Tesseract are laid in the following ORDER:


— A French-owned supermarket incident in Paris, France

Common denominator is the ol’common “Vulgar Display of power” within a « news cycle » or a “New York Minute” with Fareed Zak[a]ira on TRMS*.

— A French-owned supermarket incident in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

🏎 https ://www .bangkokpost .com /business /2024555 /carrefour-shares-plunge-in-brazil-after-killing


— A red button issue on the political spectrum.

The fear factor here involves, and/or traces back to police training and its first-cousin « police brutality ». In this plane of existencial real estate (of this particular transfer of matter between two points) the Venn Diagram will check for either “escalating” strategies or, “de-escalating” techniques and corral the plots accordingly.

— An incident that triggers the red button.


— Account for rhyme, Synchronicity, Serendipity, Coincidence, Proximity and, in this particular transfer of information (since this is the 3rd Dimension, and the transfer of matter is shackled in the theoretical) a launch-pad… enter MY Current Location which happens to be across the cobble-stone covered street on rue Berger and the passage des Lingeres.

Montgallet (8)

Point B ✍🏼

— “’Estoy harto de tocar la batería‘ dijo Bonham a Plant antes de la muerte de Led Zeppelin”:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020 /12/02 /espectaculos /a09n1esp

Chapter 32, page 491-2… you can keep the blanket

32 million since RONALD REAGAN and his wife Nancy Reagan FIRST IGNORED the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome SLASH HIV.

Never mind the $900 toilette seats

Never mind the $900 toilette seats for the Armed Forces.

https ://www .latimes .com /archives /la-xpm-1986-07-30-vw-18804-story .html SLASH $37 screws, a $7,622 coffee maker, $640 toilet seats; : suppliers to our military just won’t be oversold

That’s 32 MILLION. And that is what ex-republicans want the Biden Administration to emulate. According to Morning MSNBC. Or at least, that’s what Morning MSNBC implied this past Monday when Congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough taunted Senator Bernie Sanders with by saying that progressive governments spend the National Budget like “drunken socialists”.

Astor Realty was the outfit that had managed Carl’s Apartment building. He had made his checks out to Astor Reality EVRY month.

At one point in his life Carl used to believe in coincidence. But no longer. There WAS NO WAY this was a coincidence.

¿un mírale qué?

¿Un mírale qué?… Blasfemia!!!

He didn’t know what it meant . Or where it would lead THEM. But as he had learned to do over the past WEEK , he added this new piece of INFORMATION to his mental checklist and turned from the THEOretical  and back to the Here and Now.

Andrews, R.  “GIDEON a thriller”, first published in the United States in 1999, by Ballantine Books, a division of Jon Meachum’s Random House, Inc., New York… currently a Division of Warner Books.

“That’s all folks”, as told by Porky Pig in the role of Willie Geist.

Dear, President-elect Biden (46), please note the following

Dear, Sir,

Recordando a Agustín Lara

Agustín Lara said it best, and Toña “La Negra” interpreted them words like when Aretha demanded “Respect”. This is Music History 101 para principiantes.

Congratulations on your “Gacelas” for the D.C. press corps answering system, very “Jefe de Gobierno”, indeed. It’s a good move, heck, i visited el D.F. when AMLO was the head of government there, I used to like López Obrador… until he turned into [AHORA SÍ, mis negros] into a “tropical messiah” with Marcelo Ebrard as his lap dog.

https ://www .efe .com /efe /america /mexico /las-gacelas-escoltas-de-lopez-obrador-cuyo-modelo-podria-volver-a-imponerse /50000545-3697182

https ://www .wsj .com /articles /biden-names-jen-psaki-white-house-press-secretary -11606688271

https ://dw .com /en /pope-names-first-african-american-cardinal /a-55761557


Just because my administrative trial against the Prefecture of Paris is over now, it does not mean that

a). The elements of the story that got me to France in the first place stop making headlines, so, with this in mind please relay to your future Attorney General of The United States of America that we will be keeping a close eye into this you-wash-my-hands and everything is back to The Plan Mérida THEYs:

For the record

For the Record, Rachel Maddow is the Resident Expert on all things TOLUCA, including its delicacies and its Uranium storage facilities… look it up .:. 859909A3-B9D6-40CA-B22B-D5CD60CABD7A 🗣 However, consider this a new way to cover this angle of covering the news about Mexico without mentioning FRANÇOIS HOLLAND bargaining chip in the Zodiaco.

b). “Watch This Space” ⏳ … and never mind “the wisemen”, because they fucked-up the Greatest Victory of all time, and yes, Mr. President-elect, i am talking about the Military–Industrial Complex… which now has morphed into a Media–Information Juggernaut.

The Century of the Common Man (excerpt)

“Some have spoken of the “American Century.” I say that the century on which we are entering—the century which will come into being after this war—can be and must be the century of the common man. Perhaps it will be America’s opportunity to—to support the Freedom[s] and Duties by which the common man must live. Everywhere, the common man must learn to build his own industries with his own hands in practical fashion. Everywhere, the common man must learn to increase his productivity so that he and his children can eventually pay to the world community all that they have received. No nation will have the God-given right to exploit other nations. Older nations will have the privilege to help younger nations get started on the path to industrialization, but there must be neither military nor economic imperialism.”[69]

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Henry_A._Wallace

P.S.: Please don’t be a fucking Harry S. Truman, because you Sir, have the opportunity to restore Vice-president Henry Wallace’s vision… do you remember what it was? Of course not, you are from Delaware and probably have an (on-the-side) mailing address in Liberia. Yes! Liberia, Africa; ask /r/documentaries why. Do that before you continue having the pundits express their delight in your administration’s plans to re-join the Paris Agreement.