Moovin’ on — Sous les jupons de morena’s mantas in La France

Hey, Ali Vittalli… Eye can see ALASKA from Maison Blanche, M-7, Paris.

Symbols matter Brewster-Boy 🏀


Terminology is important, and with that in mind, “My Adidas” have nothing to do with your PUMA, and even less with Lithuania.

Se Volaron A Voltaire, y ahora quieren el Champiñón de Montesquieu.

With that in mind, Igor, here’s the context of the MANTAS that Eye will be “covering*” in the next 36 hours.

https ://en .wiktionary .org /wiki /narcomanta

*~. Encobijado, not to be confused with an , “en sarapado”.

But first, Mika. It turns out she’s Dodger curious and this is the cue to get back to the ClassRoom.

She’s a Pole Dancer on the weekends…

Buzzfeed presents, a captive audience and Steaks from midnight until 4 am in the Mañana, güera.

This is, Smoking In The Boys Room… a look back and here is why, because the month of August is Virgo’s call, on « The Re-Runs » in France, nobody works en el mes de Augusto, starring “el ratón Miguelito”.

Across from Del Río, una manta con “no hay moreno que resista un cañonazo de 50,000 vernissages en Paris, Francia… y menos una pinche silla de “conferencista” ».

moreno adj. Partidario del partido de Ándres Manuel López Obrador… as in:

Previously on Jesus on Safari, El Chuy hooks up with a Swedish meatball maker at IKEA (France) and tests drives a SAAB, in the frame, Jesus handles a “Bofors Dynamics” 84 mm (3.31 in) unguided, man-portable, disposable single-shot, shoulder-fired smoothbore recoilless AT-4.

Georgina Moreno es morenista y le gusta el hummus, lo hace con estiércol Bio de Florence Cassez, francesa en “vacaciones del Pôle Emploi» y víctima en Cuernavaca, Morelos, México, del tráfico de MANTAS con ISRAEL.


And, Katty Kay… Eye is an anti-Christ and i am an anti-¥unque yank

Eight men out:

Not to be outdone by the First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris, the New York Yankees hired Louise Michel and set up their own Field of Dreams… cualquier parecido avec Le Parc des Princes à Saint Cloud, es obra del Espíritu Santo y de Antonio Banderas, off-course.

The fascist liens to Fox and (Chente’s) Friends, quinceañera’s édition… and, Reverend Al, allow Mí to flip your National Action to show the class on this Frontier Airlines Flight how the “up-side down cross” of King Diamond works on the Mexican Margarita* Political “network”:

Bilbao, 11/08/2021

https ://www .publico .es /politica /entramado-secta-yunque-mexico-campana-vox .html

⚒ National ANVIL Network ⚒

Los Nazis en México — Sincretismo sin Magic Mushrooms 🔩 Issy, doña Vilma… isn’t the Church at the Maub the “Métallo” equivalent of the 🇲🇽Santiago Abascal 🇪🇸 clan?  EL Yunque… orgullosamente parte de Los Tayados RAYADOS del Monterrey (ITESM en SCIENCES PO).

Q’rack that Whip!… and Blondie, out of The Rapture you can expect the arrival of The Man From MARS.

Anyhow, Reverend Al, worry not about my on-going cuchara in that there election where the “E” (that’s capital “eeh”) €$🎚ablish-ment ousted the very Left in Oh-Hi-Oh. I promise to get back to that beat, but right now, as The Biden Administration admonished The South of the border AMLO administration for calling-out the JOSÉ DÍAZ-BALART crowd in Little Havana, the Very-Extreme Right in Mexico (Acción Nacional) is about to make a move on El Paso’s “Voto Latino”… watch that space, because we are about to let this bird crash and burn.

But while we are still Airborne, (with a capital Ey, ese) we can’t let this little nugget from the very people that (valgan los Venn radiuses-es-esos) put Florence Cassez in jail in order to hype the image of the husband whose wife (former AN first lady) is mingling with FRANCO’ crowd in Spain.

Calderón fue el primer gobernante del mundo en comprar Pegasus

File Archive:

https ://www .reporteindigo .com /reporte /margarita-zavala-aparece-en-red-ultraderecha-con-el-yunque-tras-filtracion-de-wikileaks /amp/

And Katty Kay… i can’t promise the same thing that your new employer promises the producers of The Daily Show, or the pages of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-C. (D-NY) and which is to never bring you a story that other MEDIA has already covered. That, i cannot do, but I tell you what my commitment for the past seven years has been, and that is:

 To turn every story that our falls in our radar up-side down… shake it’s its content and look for those dang-on dangling participles that always seem to escape the beady little eyes of our most esteemed copy editor, Fenster (The Usual  Suspect).

Dear, Vanessa Hauc, Las Puertas están abiertas

At Le Mirage it’s 10 hundred Hours in “Latino X” Times, whatever that might mean.

Robin X

Robin H .:. F332F8C3-3226-4866-89BF-4671E6FE74B7 🏹⚾️ Sponsored by La Soupe at Saint Eustache, 75001.

En México, pues en México la hora es lo de menos, doña Inti, en Mexico son las horas que el presidente de México quiera, y si él (cacas) quiere, ahorita son las horas que don Andrés y John Mill Ackerman se les hinchen, y cómo dice José Díaz–Balart en Telemundo: ¡Arriba El Yunque!

Eye gknew it

Eye gknew it!!! .:. E998DD20-BCAA-4B95-A2F4-6FAF2681375B — Dear, Vanessa Hauc, let’s pick it up a notch, do you, Señora, know the name of la seño’ del  presidente de México? — Fea no es, and that is all the clues that America Ferrara is going to leave in this here, cuadro.

Anyway, Hallie Jackson, Eye hopes that the Lights in Vegas stay on all night, and we [the staff] send a shout–out to José Díaz–Balart, who just revealed that he’s been a U.S. citizen since like 1985. Of course, you would be forgiven if you went through the Telemundo programming believing that Ms. Vanessa Hauc is from Peru, or from Colombia, or from sud América, when in fact, Ms. Hauc is from AUSTRALIA!!! AUSSI, Brian Williams, no more “caucusing”.

Aussi, Bernie Sanders is in El Chuco!!! In Real Time del bueno, y no chingaderas.

Sky watch… the bull between Venus and La Collection Pinault

Allée Baltard — East to West and the intersection with Allée Andre Breton in between  La Canopée y La Bourse de Commerce…

La Colección Pinault—Unofficial Entry… « o como dicen los franceses: hors de compétition… context follows. }-—-~~~\*> Constellation graphics are courtesy of iCandy Apps®️, Foto y La Venus como Crotal en Taurus por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018; y la Galaxia por el Big Bang.

Retreating from the upper Southwest quadrant of the Parisian night sky (as seen from Allée Baltard and Allée André Breton with both of the snake eyes of La Canopée à Châtelet behind my left and right shoulder at an approximate 45° angle and plunging towards the Southern Hemisphere with a descending tilt that drew a trajectory for the bull (tail first) with the intention to cross the rails of Metro Line 4 with its retreating hoofs stomping towards Las Pulgas de Clingnacourt.

El Ruedo en el cielo

… dicho popular, que se debe de leer con la voz de Joselito, el nieto favorito de Sara García:

Viendo los toros desde el andamio somos toreros sabios. !Baja WaPo al redondel, que ahí te quiero ver!

Miss Story — MIS GÜEVOS… doña Tati, con todo respeto, ¡qué manera de lidiar a los “millenials”, eh!,  anygüey, saludos a don Paco Taibo Jr.— y ya sabemos que el Comandante Chavéz no fue ni sería un López Obrador, dos pitones diferentes, por decir; doña Tati, lo que nos preocupa ahorita es el rumor De Que EL YUNQUE—EL PUTO YUNQUE va a coordinar el alcance de los sectores más populares de la nación que Benito Juárez ‘comprometío’ al tal McClane por conducto de Ocampo… A ver doña Tati, ¿Qué Pedo Con Ese Pedo?

En Tijana faltan QUINCE PARA LAS ONCE DE LA NOCHE, y nueve para una corrida de lenguas.

TimeStamp: 07h45 in OCDE time à Paris.

Glosario de Los GLEASONS!

Andamio: scaffolding by any other name, or the stands in any given discipline or sport.

Crotal: Button shaped ear tag used on livestock where all pertinent information or code of the specimen is stored.

Las Pulgas de Clignancourt: for the American tourist, this shopping neighborhood is the equivalent of “Mexican Curious” storefronts from Tijuana, Baja California to Can–Cun, Quintana Roo.

Lidiar: The actual battle with the bull, an opponent or a challenger.

Faena: … for labor unions, “la faena” is the task performed by the worker during his or her shift, for the bull fighter it’s the time when he or she paints “El Redondel” with every executed “Suerte” or move… como por ejemplo, Brozo—con cada Veronika , que un diestro se deja caer!

Joselito: … must hear to believe, in this clip via YouTube à La Sorbonne,  Marcial Maciel discovers a new victim and the Millenials a La Sorbonne display their introductory disconnect with the subject and TOPIC at hand; REGEATTON as an intro would have been as abominable as the one on this Granada flashback, anygüey “sob sorbonne” thanks for the post.

Ruedo: The bullring where La Faena takes place

The Snake Eyes of La Canopée: Archived reference follows