Nevermind the catnip, Joe Scarborough is a Son of A Bitch!

Ahora cuéntame una de vaqueros, Maverick.

Still to come, Dave Mustaine stars as The Barber from Savannah, Georgia. And, oh what a coincidence, the minute that former president George W. Bush slips on Sigmund Freud’s dick, the F.B.I. releases a Top-Secret plan to kill that sumvitch. Here’s wisdom, it was not an Iraqi dissident who plotted the hit, it WAS the ghost of former Arizona Cardinals #40, and U.S. Army Specialist, Patrick Tillman.

And Katty Kay… I am below the pissers, so nevermind the next segment of Line 12 à Concordia. But what is the deal with Cousin Joe not feeding Mika’s Pussy cat? Deer, Lorde, bring in That recently laid-off SNL character.


But first, Öüï can’t reververate this enough, Joe Scarborough is a Son of a bitch. And here is why:


Because he (the former FloriBama congressman) continues to trickle down on the little man, man!!!

I can’t remember what Mika’s big fat Pussy cat’s name is, suffice to say, Mika’s Pussy cat 🐈 is a rescue, which explains Évry thing.

Cousin Joe just doesn’t know how to hear the Blues, man! To him, and his Evangelical ways every lick is a kiss from the Devil. Sanctimonious sonovabitch!

And, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo… la Palma no murió, IT!, Never did.

GLORIETA IS NUTTIN BUT A ’round Ah-ahhhhhhhhhhhhh bout.

… Endless Money is for oligarchs.

Take for instance Joe Scarborough’$ Nantucket cabana, why the ‘icebox’ alone has enough meat to feed the entire Russian army and the prison population of Georgia.

But dare a cute little Pussy cat meow next  to that carpetbagger, Long Island Iced Tea sippin’, Cockadoodledoo sucker’s ear and the, so-called former ‘distinguished’ gentleman from the Redneck Riviera, immediately—EYE SAY!— Will Immediately scream “that Pussy needs to go on a diet”.

Pelos güeros, Pelosi!!! Pelos Wueros!!?

This War Has Not Yet Been Rated

Starring Katty Kay

But Wait!!!
There’s more Katty Tu Tú

It looks easy, but it’s knot, check it out.

Eye gives Ewe, l’addition with letters:

GWARTHOGS!!! ⚡⚡⚡ LA « i Grec » gets an additionAL tú because OF it’s LAtin roots.

In Paris is the morning after, and in Hilo, Hawaii it’s 0700 hours. Giddyap.

Only in théâtres: Mika had a little horse… Kurwa was his name-oh

Mika had a little horse is the brainchild of Mike Lupica and some old fucker, “Mika had a little horse” is being brought to you by Heinz Ketch-up.

Corruption information library

And Katty Kay, would Greta work as the rebellious re-interpretation version of a young 007 franchise? And what Eye means to say is that El Mundo de Le Monde is fed up, FED UP, EYE say!!!, of the old re-invention of James Bond.

Don’t get U.S. wrong, Katty Kay, Öüï is certain that your 50 over 50 narrative is delightful, but Mí (that motherfucker) pictures this Benjamin Button re-gression to “the origins” version of a Rosbif tale.

And just to provide ornamental contrast to the pitch, the first of the New 007 saga is titled: Mika’s Buzz Kill… synopsis, Mika goes to the Amazon® with a chainsaw for luggage. It’s MOW TOWN BITCHES!

Over at the Georges Pompidou Match Libary©, Stephanie Ruhle dares to put vocal chords on that writing on THE WALL™:

— Nothing, it’s just a rack for the books.

Hoy no hubo Jazz…


Exit thru El Changarro —but if Ewe break it…

For he’s a jolly Goodfella, for he’s a jolly goodfella’.

Previously on, A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum…

And, Katty Kay, while Öüï get D.A.R.E. ASAP, Eye is going to see about that Turkey pardon, en La Unión European.

Any how, Linguists Avec Toit… Un guajolote is nothing but a flightless Raptor… triangulated EvilUtion follows:

Hey Juan, don’t take it bad… Jump to page Tú, tú.


And, Katty Kay… Eye is an anti-Christ and i am an anti-¥unque yank

Eight men out:

Not to be outdone by the First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris, the New York Yankees hired Louise Michel and set up their own Field of Dreams… cualquier parecido avec Le Parc des Princes à Saint Cloud, es obra del Espíritu Santo y de Antonio Banderas, off-course.

The fascist liens to Fox and (Chente’s) Friends, quinceañera’s édition… and, Reverend Al, allow Mí to flip your National Action to show the class on this Frontier Airlines Flight how the “up-side down cross” of King Diamond works on the Mexican Margarita* Political “network”:

Bilbao, 11/08/2021

https ://www .publico .es /politica /entramado-secta-yunque-mexico-campana-vox .html

⚒ National ANVIL Network ⚒

Los Nazis en México — Sincretismo sin Magic Mushrooms 🔩 Issy, doña Vilma… isn’t the Church at the Maub the “Métallo” equivalent of the 🇲🇽Santiago Abascal 🇪🇸 clan?  EL Yunque… orgullosamente parte de Los Tayados RAYADOS del Monterrey (ITESM en SCIENCES PO).

Q’rack that Whip!… and Blondie, out of The Rapture you can expect the arrival of The Man From MARS.

Anyhow, Reverend Al, worry not about my on-going cuchara in that there election where the “E” (that’s capital “eeh”) €$🎚ablish-ment ousted the very Left in Oh-Hi-Oh. I promise to get back to that beat, but right now, as The Biden Administration admonished The South of the border AMLO administration for calling-out the JOSÉ DÍAZ-BALART crowd in Little Havana, the Very-Extreme Right in Mexico (Acción Nacional) is about to make a move on El Paso’s “Voto Latino”… watch that space, because we are about to let this bird crash and burn.

But while we are still Airborne, (with a capital Ey, ese) we can’t let this little nugget from the very people that (valgan los Venn radiuses-es-esos) put Florence Cassez in jail in order to hype the image of the husband whose wife (former AN first lady) is mingling with FRANCO’ crowd in Spain.

Calderón fue el primer gobernante del mundo en comprar Pegasus

File Archive:

https ://www .reporteindigo .com /reporte /margarita-zavala-aparece-en-red-ultraderecha-con-el-yunque-tras-filtracion-de-wikileaks /amp/

And Katty Kay… i can’t promise the same thing that your new employer promises the producers of The Daily Show, or the pages of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-C. (D-NY) and which is to never bring you a story that other MEDIA has already covered. That, i cannot do, but I tell you what my commitment for the past seven years has been, and that is:

 To turn every story that our falls in our radar up-side down… shake it’s its content and look for those dang-on dangling participles that always seem to escape the beady little eyes of our most esteemed copy editor, Fenster (The Usual  Suspect).