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13 Anne Hidalgo

Her favorite thing to do when she’s not hurling synthetic hide from the mound is to split apples right off the head of Mayor Bill De Blasio.

If you are just tuning in to a different channel on the stream then you might not be wondering why Georges Méliès gets to swing on the same inning without first going through the entire offensive roster, and the answer is PARCE QUE!!!

PARCE QUE, last month today Eye Told you that Méliès was going to put a Man on The Moon and Commander Michael Collins took it to a different level when in this version of the moon landing, the rest of the story goes like this:

For the record, Mayor De Blasio was caught by the KISS CAM at Vincennes blowing boo-shaped Menthol cigarette smoke kisses at Hidalgo, teasing the Socialist mayor with an Open Bar (very public HEAR YEA! Hear yea) for June the FO’ist.

The following must be read in an Andy Kaufman’s voice:
Look, Eye is knot putting into question the landing on the moon… [A]ll that Öüï is saying is that it is kind of peculiar the way that the coordinates orbited around the month of April… i mean, BORN in ROME (he’s as American as Commander John McCaine… that fucking Panamænian!!!) and as Italian as Big Pizza π…

Note To Alicia: I told you so… To the Moon, Alicia, to the moon… Eye bet you thought that this Song was about Pæsquet, eh… 🎶 Just because!!!

And now Ladies in Gemini, witt out and further (that motherfucker) a’do, here’s le père spirituel de tous les haters, PARSKÆUUUU!!!

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