Side eye girls… To They_and Jason Johnson will like it too

— JUMP TO PAGE 21/5… for the fuckers at MSNBC D.A.T.’s May 21st, 1871.

It’s the top of the Longest-running first inning, but to Kasie Hunt’s credit it is knot her fault that PRESIDENT Joseph R. Biden would turn out to be such an AIPAC bitch, period—don’t stop ’till Ewe get enough.

It’s like when Indiana Jones shoots the intimidating Arab swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark ».


https ://www .inc .com /bill-murphy-jr /3-things-people-get-wrong-about-david-vs-goliath .html



You are Knot foolin’ any Biden, Mr. Sánchez… Eye knows that Ewe are the illegitimate son of Layla, and the aforementioned “intimidating Arab swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Deer, Richard Engle…. stick to the facts, skip Shakespeare, you sound like Chespirito. Issy, i—knot—Eye knows that the Wallace wants to turn all of her rolodex (if under 40, please google it) into an Eddie Gloude Junior, or a Neymar on the field for that matter (look up magic soccer spray remedy) but, Sir, please check them “kind of, sort ah” speculations for what follows in the Netanyahu re-election tool, or Hamas ability to figure out new ways to kill jews (there is no other way to put it), I mean it literally, BRIAN Williams.


The sermon between The Book of Mark and the bridge of ACTS, follows after Loss of Signal does her thing .:. SYNOPSIS: An American priest in Paris calls for a new way to look at things, hilarity ensues when Hitler on ICE hits the cylindrical  rotating billboards in front of hip Cafés, ese.

Anne Hidalgo is at the plate and she borrowed the single chain thurible (incense burner) used during the opening ceremony of The Ascension á Saint Eustache, where ‘an American priest in Paris” crossed the bridge between the Book of MARK and the ACTS of all to PETITION THE LORDE WITH PRAYER (repeat 3X) to send her pitch to COLBERT…

SitRep 1: Loss of Signal is in full-effect and BAM! Anne Hidalgo’s secret weapon against Colbert (at the plate) is her “boleadora“… Hidalgo’s throw is well-thymed and that sucker hits Colbert right in his face.

(Breaking the Known News)

Say D.A.R.E., how many horses in that there coupe?

Quick note to the Real Academia de mexicanismos and the ABUELITOS and the ABUELITAS of the LatinX community in San Antonio, Texas, “la boleadora” is not la señora que limpia las chanclas, but rather las BOLEADORAS argentinas, recurso que Hidalgo brought back from La Argentina, where the current Mayor got her goatswait Oaths, knot goats.

The Pitch:

Öüï catched the royal epitome of “The Big Lie” and the instigating pre-cursor of the Man in Leonardo Dicaprio mask, J. B. Colbert, as his entourage at Saint Eustache tapped his hearse to Announce his turn at the bat.

Colbert likes to walk to the plate in full Louie the XIV regalia and with the pompous props worthy of an Apollo Creed or, for lack of a better showboat, “Money” Floyd Mayweather Jr., (google Justin Beiber).

Hidalgo for her part, as the procession was about to begin, was spotted filling the tips of her non-pitching index finger from the tip of her hat (punto y coma) with what our Reflets du France correspondent say that it looked like rillettes du Mans, which Hidalgo then rubbed onto the synthetic softball forro (hide).

Hidalgo then pulled a leg-length chain from the aforementioned baseball cap which she then used to turn the softball into an honda, knot to be confused with a Honda, because that requires a special driving permit and the use of a helmet, knot a baseball cap.

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