8 Septembre 1944 — pg. 73 le débat Camus-Mauriac

ODÉON… where heros lie.

¡Viva Francia, —bola de putos!


I refuse to be “exceptional”, FUCK FLORIDA!!! And for once in my life, Mr. López has got a fucking point, unlike el infamous: ¡COMES Y TE VAS!

The All-Star Game 2021
Camus à Combat… was a fag, period

In local news, Winston Churchill is doing the Drunk Baby routine, and Chuckles de Gaulle is having a moment of Zen with the Philly Phanatic… and move over Buffon, Gianluigi just took over Saint-Cloud in the Sky… over on El Mundo de Le Monde’s exposé on Pio XII this is what Albert Camus wrote on the subject: les paroles du pape en faveur de la demo ne se soient pas fait entendre plus tôt.

NOTE to non-readers, if you thought that the maker of asegovia3 has been equating the events of the 1871 insurgent movement known as the Paris Commune, with the recent January 6th treasonous march on Washington, instigated no less by the 45th President of The United States of America, then EWE’s a fucking dumb-ass. These those i meant to write most recent (maga crowd) parallels are closer to PIO XII than PIVS Nonus.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Pope_Pius_IX

Articles and editorials from Albert Camus
Éditions Gallimard, 2002

Indeed, Mike Barnicle… you Son-ova-Vichy! There hasn’t been a Starting Pitcher since the “Great Bambino” who can hurl a baseball from the mound at an effective speed limit on an « upward mobility super highway¹ » and then as your sorry-Bostonian ass said, “put on á helmet and head to the plate,” and send François Mauriac’s Académie fastballs all the way to The Moon, baby! To The Moon, not just a few kilometers from the Ozone layer, —ya’Bum.

In Entertainment gossip and French touch innuendo Catherine De•neuve and George Bras•sens had a baby and the little fucker, Jean Manuel, was delivered on Old Segovia Rd… Willie Nelson turned out to be the dad.

Unless, Cousin Joe, UNLESS… you count LOUISE MICHEL’s double-duty at the start of the FIRST 150 ANNIVERSARY OF LA COMMUNE DE PARIS à Vincennes. Extra-extra motherfucker (pg. 179, 8 Septembre 1944— Le journalisme critique).

(an Angel-ino, to put it mildly… and pay no attention to the colors on this section on account that it is, The 2021 Camp Town Ladies All-Star Game from Colorado, it was supposed to be in Georgia, but fuck’em, it’s for the good of the order).

Here’s an Habanera for the ocasión…

¹.)- Chris Rea — Road to Hell

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