Any güey, Franck — Let the poles talk!

You know, Franck, the Dreyfus affair was not the only affaire where the Ministry of Culture has condemned a regrettable decision by the Cesar (sin acento; not the Verb… as in Pete–Cesa; Elizabeth–Cesa; MIKE BLOOMBERG–Cesa, etc., etc., etc…).

Tropical parallels

Tropical parallels… Le mardi 10/03/2020 “La Sociologie est un sport du combat” dans le Forum Des Images – dans le forum des Halles; 75001.  .:. followed by: Politicks is The Art of War!… motherfucker.

It’s the 20th hour over in WaWa Land, where James CarVile just proved that he is not The Cult follower D.A.T. öüï had previously pictured, Indeed… and in the voice of Brian Williams « the ragin’ Cajun » could be forgiven for sporting an official ‘U. S. M. C.’ headgear*.

Previously, in the vicinity of the 20 arrt.

Previously, in the vicinity of the 20th arrt. .:. B88B9A5A-3BA3-4D7B-96B6-B381499970B1 🏍

* USMC headgear:
u suck mí 🐓
or something like D.A.T.
—in French

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/02/29 /espectaculos /a05n2esp

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