Previously on, The Bpi à Pompidou plays no *LIES… it’s the Universality of the N° 18 (Philadelphia edition)

And Starring as Kareem Abdul (33) Jabbar: Eugene Daniels

Track 6 _ Ain t IT! Fun!!!

… and Cousin Joe, FYI, I met the current President of the United States of America while covering the 18th District and, motherfucker, CAMDEN, New Jersey. Enjoy YOUR latte. WADR… ask TIM R.

Or KNOT! In any case that you put Mí in, we are following a thread from Yesterday’s content and one of the lines that i am going to connect now is with the Great Mexican State of COAHUILA DE Zaragoza, home of mi tocayo, and most corrupt senator of El Primer Ojete of that nation.

ARMANDO GUADIANA, shares not only LO GERUNDIO de Mí, but he also happens to be a MINER³ and for that RACHEL MADDOW i am going to show YOU the rule of THREE, which happens to form part of the Mexican section of this most non-consequential WordPress Blog©, as always, Öüï strives to show you the work, not just the answers from the BACK of the Sciences Po book:

And, Madame Mayor¹ (Hidalgo*) this line is for the good people that make up your TOURISM BOARD… AUSSI, don Calderón, i am so sorry that my commentary from LAST WEEK TO THEY gave you a Heart ATTACK!!! We wish you a speedy recovery and WELCOME to the bandwagon (you fucking Spearhead you… are you also a veteran of the 8ID or are you just Ate Up? And, just in case you are wondering what “ate” pronounced like a Gringo Eight, ask a el baboso-in-charge of killing the Environment in CUATRO-CIEN-EGAS, COAHuila what pendejo means.

¹ to be continued… sorry about that we are running on fumes, but if you know What TRACK TWO is about than you know that WE KEEP Truckin’ on.

³./ Ask BETO O’ROURKE what the difference is.
But because he doesn’t know what happens BEYOND Samalayuca i’ll just tell you here. Mi tocayo, don Guadiana, is a COAL miner and me i just happend to have made the mistake of going to college… should have been a MULE and maybe i could have work my way into politics in EL PASO.

* Not to be confused with “chingue a su madre el que deje algo”, because, MADAME HIDALGO that is what that Mexican Delegation that you had to welcome into your beautiful OFFICE did, —BACK in 2015. And i guess what I, armando segovia, is trying to say TO YOU, Madame Hidalgo, is that this is what my tangent with YOUR OFFICE is all about. And, Madame Hidalgo, I don’t select the NEWS of the DAY… and CASEY JONES is HIGH on COCAINE, is the reference for the AMTRACK train that derailed… I told you that I would make La Bendita SNCF look good. And here is how:
In France the Trains derail when the conductor lets their KIDS drive the ENGINE, in the STATES there is no SNCF… and WIKIPEDIA quotes:

SNCF will begin disciplinary proceedings and take punitive measures against employees responsible for, among other things, the “reckless presence” of children on the test train, presence of seven people in the cab, the lack of rigor in creating lists of those onboard and controlling access to the train, and “without doubt” the human errors in the cab



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