Leonardo Montagua has been vanished to the mound

Hee-haw re-cap, last week to they:

If la sociology is a combat sport, politics is the motherfucking art of GWAR.

Julieta was a HO, according to the Playbill on the P.J. Club… it used to be called “the morjo sho”, or something like that.


El hábito no hace al Shogun…
Pierre Bourdieu* en:
María de los Ángeles Schiltz’s-es
« La Jornada de un Quotidien… », a wetback’s Transliteration for the PEN 🪶 Club France
algo así con las manos libremente atadas.

Oldies but Goodies.


Ladies in Gemini, i honestly couldn’t tell you if Miami, or the rest of that land aberration for that matter, has any particular dish that those assholes (if and only if³) can claim for their neck of the ties. Except for alligator chitlins or swordfish in guano sauce i can’t think of anything, so I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto, am going to fix some Lenguiza de Iguanas Ranas en-sobacadas de Guanabacoas en Brisket de Cleveland, Texas.

³~. Like Sevilla does 💃🏻 according to El Duende that slayed Rodrigo y Gabriela on fip dot live earlier on the scroll of Daniela Pierre-Bravo on BFM’er TV..

Unbuckle your waistband and … 🛴 curb your patín del diablo 👮🏿‍♂️ ‘cus Öüï’s gonna need a bigger pot to melt the Schlitz for Schiltz, so grab your political compass 🧭 pol’que Vamo’ pues al Newseum-sur-Potomac.

Nevermind Venice… Hoy es el día del Niño. It’s trou 🕳️ Hoy es el Día del Niño, and Julieta Eye ho’ID, IT!, through the MorjoSho that The Globe (those motherfuckers) have Ewe and Dark 🕶️ Brandon sorry-ass re-hashing the PAC(t)S.


My scientific habitus*, which has essentially practiced on the side of quantitative sociology did not prepare me for this exercise. The practice of statistics is more less a succession of controlled losses of information: to eliminate dregs (scoria) to highlight “the” structure.

Introductory synopsis of  Schiltz’s opening Sesame into SKID ROW in Paris France… with a time-delayed perspective as seen from am American asshole in France.


It’s 16h time in Hilo, Hawaii, in April in Paris, France, it’s already the dawn of The Sunday Show before the May Sees Parade à La Bastille.

Page 177

Où en suis-je, à présent, avec les personnes à la rue ?

On the next segment, “Jane, you ignorant slut!” Mika talks shop at Know Your Value in Yellowstone.

>> You know the drill, little ol’ i don’t select the weekend recaps on the Morjo Empire, which is only one they away before landing a spot on the Sunday Show, —m’Watch out Jonathan Capehart. What Eye can relay, however, is that even after Mika’s Arabian Peninsula magick carpet ride last month, the rest of the féminas on that gig are wondering why Willie GEIST, Mike Barnicle and Donnie Deutsch make twice the salt that Sonny Carneiro saca de pura pachanga en-Sevillada.

https ://twitter .com /BFMTV /Jusqu’à 40°C attendus autour de SévilleJusqu’à 40°C attendus autour de Séville

Previously on the Nantucker Hillbillies… Cousin Joe was about to take his fancy shoes off.


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