Estimada alcaldesa Hidalgo — LeBrin James (23) is a fucKING ignorant player

In local soon to be known news
by: Mamba (24/8) Bryant

No Two min. Delay here

In Reel Time .:. 3A324859-D548-4B36-9A81-03307AE0254E 🔦 No Two min. Delay here, pundit, however, nothing under King Louie (Suns) will convince u.s. that a former president of the French (V) Republic (with a Mexican army at his command*) does not moonlight in the role of John Oliver on Monday mornings in reel–time east of Lisbon. As a matter of fact, nothing can convince u.s. that Mr. Hollande is not in fact, Australian.

Paris, France_ Events and tribulations continue to delay the continuing testimony of Dexter from the Municipal showers at the Beaubourg, in recent days as “öüï are here — as you are he — as you are Mí… etc., etc., etcetera; anyway Mme. Hidalgo, a more clear and present danger was unleashed by the Rosbif central at HoBO TV and the “Last News Tonight” with Australian doppelgänger, John Oliver, so we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] have to postpone that big jam in Paname, in the mean time, öüï will continue to March into Madness (in brackets].


Los Angeles, California_ Superstar basketball player, Lebron James lost an O in the character form of his first name to the letter “i”, from now on, the most entitled player in the NBA will be known as LeBrin James, also, as an ironic retribution for abandoning his Fans in Ohio, LeBrin will lose the “i” in his Call Sign and as of this moment King he shall be no more; Ladies and Germs, EYE gives you:

You are wearing my number

You are wearing my number .:. 33CED878-BDB3-4CE8-B56E-9973E4E5C543 🏀🗺🦠🔬

ACTS i, ii, and iii from the Kong LeBrin Bible

But FOist… we [the staff] regret to inform our distinguished non–readers of this most non–consequential blog that tonight’s Jazz session will not be available, Sumo Wrestling and Aikido warriors are having a showdown at the forum, y eso quiere decir:

Fast>>Forward to 2020

Fast>>Forward to 2020 .:. 7650BDDE-7936-49D3-9F71-9D79AA7E9B92 🛎 Deer, Cousin Joe, please have the lovely Mika translate the following, and then Time-delay the effects to this morning’s medical assessment of “quarantining” the contagious 48… the 48 contiguous States in the Union; it’s a funny thing, especially in French… « We are 10 days from getting Cream in the hospitals », said a medical expert in the United States, to which Mr. Bourdieu, a martial arts practitioner replied, in a Bernie Sanders voice, “On nous dit: vous n’êtes pas drôles. Mais l’époque n’est VRAIMENT PAS DROLE ! Vraiment il n’y a pas de quoi rire”.

Hoy no hubo Jazz…

Over at the “little girls” room, coodies are at an all time high, and Nicolle Wallace is now transmitting in a time–delayed fashion so as to not contaminate the time zones east of Iceland.

It's like a gated community

It’s like a gated community .:. 3AD367E1-D9A8-4ACE-B807-71C0C8A51973 ⚒🛠 _with Armed Guards, infra red with het–seeking CCTV, German Shepard X breeds; THE WHOLE NINE YARDS!!! C’mon America, don’t believe the hype of the Big Great Junior Showdown, that’s only “entertainment”, while that happens you won’t even feel the moment when MARTIAL
LAW (curfew) sets in because we the Sheeple have been conditioned for this specific (National Crisis Scenario) since the THEYS of “We are The World” was were saving Bob Geldof.

Over at the Car Men distict, Dave Mustaine was blatantly plagiarized!

“Next thing you know,

THEY’LL take Mî Guns Away!”

And, over at Manchester City, the sport that brought you the “magic spray” for pussy–ass Premier League fútbol players is now suggesting that fans suck it up, and get to the stadium to get their DOSE of Corona Especial.

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