22 de junio —”cero a la izquierda”

Within the context of Dr. Viridiana Ríos… we [the staff] don’t want to point out that we told you so, but we told you so. And as seen from the Central Europe Time Zone, we [the staff] always argued that the Economic and Strategic accord between France and Mexico, from way back in 2013 (following the OBLIGATORY return of Florence Cassez to Champs Elysées, straight from a Mexican prison) was kin to the props used on a stage; or the revelations found inside the pages of a political thriller.

We [the staff] always pointed out that at least in Paris, one of the political strategies deployed by the Mexican Embassy and its Foreign Service (or Servicio Exterior Mexicano) in order to stop the growing protests against the Mexican government abroad and, specifically because of the wave of manifestations, which accompanied the 2012 Mexican presidential election (worldwide) was by way of “rounding-up” political opposition activists into the spotlight of high profile cultural events, luring them into events that included, but were not limited to film festivals, art galleries, and other Mexican community outreach gatherings.

USO JUSTO DE TODOS LOS MEDIOS… ““The increase in violence is a clear sign that the strategy Enrique Peña Nieto sold us has failed,” said Viridiana Ríos, analyst at the Wilson Centre, a Washington thinktank. “He told us it’s a problem of perception and there was too much discussion in Mexico about violence. A year before there are elections, we are [now] seeing the highest levels of violence.” The Associated Press contributed to this report”. SOURCE: The Guardian . com

In any case, if it is not a Wilson Center fellow (Viridiana Ríos), or a Colegio de México professor at Sciences Po (David Recondo), or a distinguished Economics reporter for the AFP who happens to break this political forecast then the information does not count; and more to the point, if a blogger is the one who calls this investigative nugget to their attention [in Real time] just as we did in several Parisian forums starting in 2011, then the annotated and researched observations must be just a bunch political agitation… ain’t that right, Dr. Valenzuela, Alex* (PhD, one-each).

* [2011]… previous to a visit from the former Mexican Secretary of the Interior, (Dr. Alejandro Poiré) to Sciences Po, Dr. Valenzuela, revealed to us [the staff] during an interview that he worked for an Israeli firm that sold software to the Mexican government. The software was supposed to crack into the “popular” Nextel telephones systems, which at the time (2011) featured a two-way radio feature on their top of line cellular contracts.

According to Dr. Valenzuela (PhD), that particular software did not require a “malicious link” attached to an email (like the one revealed this week by The New York Times), instead he told us, their exclusive product worked by planting (or rather deploying) transponders in the vicinity and along Mexican highways. The transponders (or gadgets) then captured the frequencies of all radio communication traffic that passed through the ‘capture zone’ of said ‘transponders’… without regards [we might add] if the communications passing through were from normal citizens who chose the ‘two-way radio’ option because of the high price of text services and regular calling plans of the time; You Know, the stuff (scheme) that made Mr. Slim a very rich man.

Anyway, who knows if Dr. Valenzuela (PhD) was pulling our leg, but his tall tale sure seems relevant now; again —in Real Time, and from the Source… we might also add.

[NOTE to the readers who do not follow this blog: this entry was edited for clarity; we think, on Friday June 23rd of 2017.]

1. Wilson Center Fellow: https ://www .theguardian .com /world/2017/jun/21/mexicos-monthly-rate-reaches-20-year-high?CMP=twt_a-world_b-gdnworld

Epílogo. In Spanish it means Afterword

Dear Ari Melber and the good folks at MSNBC —no es lo mismo—
pero sí es igual. Say hello to Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman, they are the best thing that could have happened to the Donald Trump adminsitration.

Dear Conan de la O:
if you really want to connect Mexicans do not,
we repeat, —Do Not— forget
your shots of Chuchupeste con Sotol en Ciudad Juárez,
por favor, porque eso de consumir puras pinches
Quesadillas sin Queso, eso sí que está:
de la chingada.

It’s 2018.

The impeachment trials against the 45th president of the United States of America were derailed by the Speaker of the House. In Paris, the U.S. Ambassador immediately begins to implement the Bernardo Gómez (Televisa) strategy in order to connect the American expatriate community using a historical figure*,  as the Instituto de Los Mexicanos en el Exterior did, following the election of Mexican President Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa in 2006¹ al utilizar la llamada << Ley del Kleenex >> … 

Did you get that, OP? —|— Uso Justo de Duncan Bridgeman y el Elenco Estelar de la Antigua Guardia del Canal de las Estrellas. Y Qué Viva la Criada bien Criada. Yuppiiiiii — Yea!

Did you get that, OP? Did you get how even a guy like say, Hitler could use a dead hero to further his political interests? —|— Uso Justo de Duncan Bridgeman y el Elenco Estelar de la Antigua Guardia del Canal de las Estrellas. Y Qué Viva “la Criada bien Criada”. Yuppiiiiii — Yea!

For this task, the new baseball league was named in honor of Fredrick Douglass, while the softball tournament [over at Pershing Field, in Vincennes] was named after the historical figure of Harriet Tubman.

*  …de la misma manera, Familia Cuarón en París,
como lo hicieron sus colegas del cinito mexicano en el Cinema Christine
con la figura histórica de Gilberto Bosques (GiBo en París); allí sí, [cabrones]
en ese cinito sí se pudieron limar las asperezas entre La Embajada Mexicana
[de Enrique Peña Nieto] y el comité de MORENA-Francia,
para sacar adelante sus carreras y sus pagos en especie.
Viva México y Vivan Los Amigos de México —en Francia.

Las fuentes de doña Vilma:

  1. Arreola, F., “La Mano de Bernardo Gómez” … [y el Kleenex® de Duncan Bridgeman] en: La Jornada, de hace mucho—no los que hoy la guardan. Vía: http ://www .jornada .unam .mx /2006 /12 /12 /index .php?section=opinion&article=016a1pol

and now, it is time to drain the vein. Hasta la próxima. [Duncan Bridgeman homemade Video might follow, en dónde él asegura que los mexicanos, excepto Bernardo Gómez —por supuesto— no saben hacer nada por México, y por eso hay que ir a la Gran Bretaña para que les digan como se sacan las cosas; las del subsuelo, las del campo, las de los bancos, y por supuesto LAS DE LA PROPAGANDA de partido en el poder].