Downtown Inset — from ROMA

The conversation from Line 81.

I bet you think this spot is about you.

… [W]e last left CGT Honcho, Philippe Martinez, staging a Strike at the plate with la tal Marine Perrine Le Pen at First, two outs and two strikes on the count. While that happened people at the stadium were treated to a close-up on the simultaneous skirmish on Shortstop and Centerfield by Julius César during the ceremonial first pitch.

Claudius Métrobus©️leads the delegation to Centerfield and has a one-on-one with Serge Gainsbourg. Claudius Métrobus offers Gainsbourg a chance to accomplish something that only Claude François in the voice of Frank Sinatra via Paul Anka, and of course André The Giant have accomplished for the Lutece and the XIVème Arrond., to conquer the Hollywood Reporter®️ or Billboard Magazine®️ without losing your soul like Mick Jagger did.

* Most Loaded Billionaires… major league baseball if you speak French. The challenge in the craftmanship/womanship of them balls lies with them little red lines not bursting on impact. 

Serge Gainsbourg [SG]

— Métrobus, how can Eye be for sure that Mí won’t be thrown under the wheels? Show me a sign.

Claudius Omnibus (en El Chuco)

— Will a collectible do?

— What’cha got in mind? [SG]

— Well Serge, instead of being traded like a stupid little “bobble head” gizmo on the Hollywood strip, how would you like to actually become the collectible? And The Producers are willing to give you that role on the next revolt drama. [CM]

— What’s the catch this time Jean Genie? [SG]

🎶🗣 Well, you’ve heard about the BossTone… he used to be one of those.


ENArds en francés, ENAnits en catalán… SPORTS!

Frédéric Thiriez, ideó el instituto desde su oficina en la federación de fútbol francesa (fff).

Por mi raza hablará “el piporro”.

* Emmanuel Macron,
How do you say:
<< …our nation turns its prestigious eyes to you, >>
in Grand École French?

For BACKGROUND ON THE above quote AND CONTEXT from THE SCENE please follow this rabbit hole:

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/03/03/requiem-appendix-cher-em*

24 de septiembre (Suburbio de la eterna primavera III)

Al parecer las jerarquías francesas en la administración de lo que se conoce como “el hexágono” ​van a llevar el mismo patrón (intelectual y estratégico) que el de las ligas de fútbol profesional en Europa.

En fin, ¿qué tienen que ver los tres diferentes Hôtel de Rambouillet anteriormente identificados, el servicio de lavandería de la Cruz Roja en la Plaza de las victorias, El Instituto Cervantes, Tumbona Ediciones y, los amigos de Javier Sicilia en París?

Pepe Garduño no me puede dejar mentir, his quick recap for the known news of April 9, 2013… it was about lobby firms selling “fear” to the Mexican government, fear of AK-47’s and “military style” rifles and other assorted truffles (punto y coma) the difference is that NOW, in 2021, la rue Vivianne is paying closer attention to Ancient Aliens, or the X-files, or some Alternative views from los cerros.

https ://www .lanuevarepublica .org /2021/04/09 /lo-mejor-de-el-alternativo-con-saldanajorge -9-abril-2021/

Find out from la rue Vivienne (75009)

Intermedio con Tu Mamà, Aussi —

Q-vo, Cabrón? You are going to need Dongs for this one, so pay attention because it is just after midnight in, wait for it, wait for it…

“Gooooooood, Morning Vieeeeeeeetnam!”

Ohhh, CNN Live… you Simple Minds

Just dottin’ the Eyes and crossing the t’s ⏳ 934399BD-75F7-4170-9BB4-DA6E99EAF4D1 ⌛️ Told you DAT i can see for miles, and miles; and i haven’t even bore-sighted the reticles on the Cadillacs of my sights… Issy, The White House is leasing the Lincoln Room to a Cat. — Don’t let the Puss in, don’t let’em in!!! That’s CARVILE in frequency hop… Every swinging joint in Paris knows that Matthew Bradley is not a Dame, c’mon CNN… Matthew Bradley is a fag!!! Chris Jansing has the scoop.

The Secret is OUT! Atlanta, GA is to Paris FRA, what Paris IdF is to Hilo, Hawaii, but in Zulu Time; check local challenge encryption to find out if the screen is fit to print.

And in WaWa Land, LINDSEY RISER HAS MOVED ROME TO GEORGIA!!!! A squad of peacocks put the Eternal City in a fucking Coffin… (the WO’ist!) and channeled la villa on a Red-eye non-stop Delta big board, or something like that.

(FUCK! In the back cover) goes here… check the print and don’t blame me. And Lindsey Reiser, you pulled on  the wrong end of the shirt; you are supposed to pull  the sholder-end down… C’mon, Lindsey!!!


This has been an intermission on the Perrine/Reiser Connection. Until the next episode when WENDY, that imaginary bitch makes po’Peter fly through the accèss aux Salles doors, of the UGC Cinéma… CHECK THE CAMERA at you know where, the footage is available for 30 days (28 in Fev ) TimeStamp is 14h50 in CET.

Is that a Black Panther Beret you sportin’ there, or are you just asking for it?

And in Washington, Yazmin just relayed that Vice-president Harris started to feel the time-delayed forgot i had it on sensation of her second COVID-19 vax.

24 Horas con Jacobo Sable d’oquis — A tale of two Fuentes

Deer, Jason Johnson at The Root, please stand at attention for the French Pledge of Allegiance:

Bernie dix it
on the All In, — NOW.

King Arthur was right all along

King Arthur was right all along, His Majesty was just way ahead of his time .:. In context from The Holy Book of Armaments, chapter ii; verses 9 to 21: Towards the end of the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975), the character of King Arthur repeatedly confuses the number five with the number three. ♒️ Instructions: by-pass the year of our Lorde 1502 – when  Isabella I issues an edict outlawing Islam in the Crown of Castile, forcing virtually all her Muslim subjects to convert to Christianitythen, skip to “a continuous body of land contained within Water*”, and witness the planting of El Chile en el año de 1541 por un “gue” de nombre Pedro “el picoso” Valdivia; thereafter, Tora! Tora! Tora! your way, like a Parasite to the year 1593 –when the Japanese invade Korea, in a lightning, lightning, lightning strike; get out of D.A.R.E. and S.L.I.D.E. over to 1733 and Eat a peach! Ask Georgia to give it up, them 13 Colonies won’t mind; fly–by–night and nevermind the Terminus Café, it’s 1894 and Anarchy outside of the U.K. blasts a boom in Paris; Break for Jazz in 1909 – The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP) is founded… and improvisation would never again skip a beat.

… [M]eanwhile in Washington, retribution, retribution, retribution. Other than D.A.T., today the U.S. did not have any new knews, except for the vanity christian neo-cons [wearing ”brown shirts**”].

Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here .:. 81308306-7EE3-4C3C-8CCE-3200BCC91DC1 7️⃣ They’s in February • Wow Guau Jo—Yippy Je Yippy Je, Wow Guau Yippi Yo Jeep y Ye.

Nothing to see here .:. 1999 – United States President William Jefferson Clinton is acquitted by the United States Senate in his impeachment trial.


* Water. “Is Russia a European or Asian country?”. QUORA: https ://www .quora .com/ Is-Russia-a-European-or-Asian-country

FOUR SCORE AND SEVEN YEARS AGO… (It was Twenty Years Ago Today)  happy birthday Abe. https ://en .wikipedia .org/wiki/ February_12

Previously on Inter bandas with WokeAF Moodie–Mills

There's a dead hooker back D.A.R.E

There’s a dead hooker back D.A.R.E, in D.A.T. racehorse harness .:. 8BC23A01-0F86-47C1-95AA-9B0A39B0904F 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ Rick Wilson, from politico, is a party animal, apparently… [A]t the same time that Alex at the controls of Studio 3A at Peacock Central learned this from Mr. Wilson, Alex just went ahead and ruined yet another set of expensive microphones at the MorJo control room. Oh, the humanity… you know, Rick Wilson, that hooker was somebody’s daughter and she was not “hooking” she was an Independent womin’ fishing for sport, at the Everglades, and she liked Depeche Mode, so she liked to dress in sexy black outfits. All that womin’ ever “hooked” Rick Wilson, –if that’s your real name…was probably a cold from the last Brooklyn hipster visiting the grand parents at tbe retirement ranch; and then Mr. Wilson, that fellow George Zimmerman showed up with his anti-hoodie brigade (wearing some kind of Spanish hoodie from some kind of religious order [a cult for cultists]  and the rest is history, Ricky boy. Mr. Zimmerman thought that since he [alone] epitomized the current United States President poster face for the Executive’s dog whistles, he was entitled to dump the young “African Diaspora” hoodie-wearing sport fishing enthusiast, behind the DONALD JOHN TRMP racehorse harness backseat.

Patty Chamois was on the trail of The Continuing Story of the Historicity of Mongo, on the road through Pueblo, and of course, Durango, Co•lo•ra•do, just so she could learn the Ruhles of BASEketBALL, as explained by the good people of FloriBama en Nueva Yol’.

This segment is sponsored by

This segment is sponsored by Canon®️  .:. Still to come, “African Diaspora”… a Spike Lee joint, or something like D.A.T. —_•!•_— 4DDBF0EF-B516-4D40-91A1-6ED07BE04C3E ⚾️ Pictured in the frame is an agitated Mika, pushing the “grab Cousin Joe testicles—when one of his ‘drinking buddies’ forgets that he is not with Cousin Joe’s super hero persona on The Rachel Maddow Show.” Alex at the control room , at the same time, is having to reshape the last Four MINUTES of the CONCUSSION of Morning Joe to distract Phil Griffin from the dark corner that Rick Wilson “jumped to conclusions” and sunk that metaphorical 8-ball in a very dark Corner of the Morning Joe Show. Regardless if DONALD JOHN TRUMP in fact killed a prostitute at his Bed-Bug ridden hotel.

https ://www .msnbc .com/morning-joe/watch/why-parnas-interview-was-a-political-earthquake-76889157690

Meanwhile, as The Rachel Maddow Show was “hiding In–Plain–Sight” on the morning Mika Show, D.A.T. dumb small town country LAWyer, and former Senator Joseph Scarborough from that dump of a State called “Floribama” pretended that TRMS and Morning Joe are not the same Corporate Person in one brand, Kent Clarkson reports.


Sheriff Bart's Legacy

Sheriff Bart’s Legacy .:. 2C294B24-D3D2-4718-B548-F99A4CF50764 —_•!•_— Context follows… We Didn’t Leave, We Got Robbed; literally, except that We were the object in the desire of the TRADE of them THEYS.

And Starring as the “Black Motherfucker”: Quentin Tarantino  and  with Luc Frelon as The Eight-ball.


In Multilateralismo Eficaz news

Eye Can’t Drive 55

The Red Rocker’s been telling you Frogs all along, Way Back since “the” Time when Then Economic Minister (or something like that) of President François Hollande, and Today’s president of La France, Emmanuel Macron, deregulated la Lucha Libre en el estado de Cuernavaca and, the Greyhound/Trailways bus lines, en La Sarthe:

La semana que Philippe Labra

La semana que Philippe Labra .:. CCFEDA57-62CF-434A-9222-112A2367BF14