1 de diciembre — La Niña Blanca

Dear, Denisa Kerschovas, you must read this with the voice of Antonio Banderas, in VFST en Castellano.

An alGOL star system, not the Demon Head in Perseus, but rather the pair in the Constellation VELA 🕯️… should be interpreted as a Dance in the SKY between Stevie Nicks and the recently ECLIPSED, Christine McVie.

With that Puss’ in mind, Denisa Kerschovas,The 7 Main Spectral Types of Stars are:  


O (Blue) (10 Lacerta)
B (Blue) (Rigel)
A (Blue) (Sirius)
F (Blue/White) (Procyon)
G (White/Yellow) (Sun)
K (Orange/Red) (Arcturus)

https ://www .nbcnews .com /science /space /many-centuries-research-suggests-new-facets-blinking-demon-star-rcna 4813

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