Intermedio con Tu Mamà, Aussi —

Q-vo, Cabrón? You are going to need Dongs for this one, so pay attention because it is just after midnight in, wait for it, wait for it…

“Gooooooood, Morning Vieeeeeeeetnam!”

Ohhh, CNN Live… you Simple Minds

Just dottin’ the Eyes and crossing the t’s ⏳ 934399BD-75F7-4170-9BB4-DA6E99EAF4D1 ⌛️ Told you DAT i can see for miles, and miles; and i haven’t even bore-sighted the reticles on the Cadillacs of my sights… Issy, The White House is leasing the Lincoln Room to a Cat. — Don’t let the Puss in, don’t let’em in!!! That’s CARVILE in frequency hop… Every swinging joint in Paris knows that Matthew Bradley is not a Dame, c’mon CNN… Matthew Bradley is a fag!!! Chris Jansing has the scoop.

The Secret is OUT! Atlanta, GA is to Paris FRA, what Paris IdF is to Hilo, Hawaii, but in Zulu Time; check local challenge encryption to find out if the screen is fit to print.

And in WaWa Land, LINDSEY RISER HAS MOVED ROME TO GEORGIA!!!! A squad of peacocks put the Eternal City in a fucking Coffin… (the WO’ist!) and channeled la villa on a Red-eye non-stop Delta big board, or something like that.

(FUCK! In the back cover) goes here… check the print and don’t blame me. And Lindsey Reiser, you pulled on  the wrong end of the shirt; you are supposed to pull  the sholder-end down… C’mon, Lindsey!!!


This has been an intermission on the Perrine/Reiser Connection. Until the next episode when WENDY, that imaginary bitch makes po’Peter fly through the accèss aux Salles doors, of the UGC Cinéma… CHECK THE CAMERA at you know where, the footage is available for 30 days (28 in Fev ) TimeStamp is 14h50 in CET.

Is that a Black Panther Beret you sportin’ there, or are you just asking for it?

And in Washington, Yazmin just relayed that Vice-president Harris started to feel the time-delayed forgot i had it on sensation of her second COVID-19 vax.

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