Inter•net•Work — no Gy’ores por Mí Jimmy Carter

Cambalache vía Joumanna 🇬🇧 BercetChé 🇦🇷 on the Anarcho-CNBC beat of the Why Is This Happening Show.

In time-delayed news, the Boston Nationalist Party just secured an Import/Export agreement for tea-baggers with La Argentina, provided first, that former bigoted President, Donald John Trump, gets elected into the History of The World pages, —again.


… for the record, and out of respect to Ivo on the wall next to the monitors, let it be known that I, Armando Segovia, opted for not framing another shelf on that stand.

Context follows, to drunk too fingerbang a smartphone screen.

… That lienzo is nuttin’ but a Disco pelo, that’s clearly a rug on that cuadro.

Any how, Roger Pérez, te dire que esto es un proceso, nothing’s gonna change cautiverio.

Juanito lo arregla y Francia lo repara

Previously on “nosotros los guapos”, Juanito Guanavacoa andaba labiando con los de Burkina Faso, agora estó:

Take the pie, fuck the oat(h), join The French Navy at RFPP . net ⚓ bunch of fags… go Army de Tierra 🌎🌍

It takes a Village, people, to ethnograph oneself among the Very French. You must have a madrina status to get a güey with Guests.

Si Agua pasa por tu casa… never mind El Corazón, it’s “El Agua, Kate* de mi Cucharón”.

*~. Pronounced like de letter see in California.


After the break it’s Adolf Hitler tearing down them bouquinistes by La Seine.

Not to be outdone by Kim Gordon’s référence on Thurston Moore’s Thursday transmission with a Carpenters’ theme on the Sonic Youth version of Superstar, Juanito Guanavacoa brought in the sappiest French tear-jerker next to a bovine blue.

But first, Öüï revisit the time that The Pope from Varsovie was getting groomed by a radio jock, but that’s only because he was close with Los Tecos and Les Légionnaires du Christ en BOTZARIS, Puebla (75018).

Predator in plain sight… or is it just a Child’s imagination?

And on today’s edition of “Ustedes Los Feos”, Francisco Belmont³ plays the role of undefeated sexual predator “el más sabroso”, Sir Jimmy Saville (O.B.M)

³~. Chevalier de la Légion de Honoré en BOTZARIS 🎖️

🔨… baby, baby, baby, Oh Baby 🎶

From the gutter to Ferrari — Viva Las Vegas

After the break, Adolf Hitler stopped rolling in his grave after hearing the news today, “Oh, jungle!” In Munich, the Young Turks smashed the German national team in the Euro Cup qualifier, and “la bendita Préfecture de Police” a Cité just accomplished what Pétain’s collaborators could not, after the break it’s “Bye-by” les bouquinistes parisiens, 2 hours of ceremony will cost you your spot.

In local news, la F.I.A. is not happy about the Strip, and Carlos Sainz³ has never been to Spain.

If it’s cherry, take it.

³~. … no Insistas Susana Pubeda, no hay cita ni nada de Grasse, and here is why, because the Tijuana Brass “Solo Toro” is not a « Lonely Bull », it’s The Only Bull 🐂 (but not the Energy Drink) the Tractor maker who is not even in the race.

Any how, Katty Kay, Eye just wants Ewe to relay to Cousin Joe and his little pre-taped weekend review show that:

— The staff at, nor its syndicate, have any saying in the order in which Öüï, [that motherfucker] eats a sandwich, or the sequence of the News of The They.

— All content, including all of the fictitious fragments included with these OATS over the years have one of this little seals on our archives:

Las noticias de México vistas por un transnacional californiano © 2007/2023 by Armando Segovia is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Le égout de péché, o como dicen en La Place de La Concorde: Sin Sewer.

Now that there just turned into a hunk of metal

M.R.I. my brass balls — C.T. scan that

… Superstar, if Eye was a Carpenter 🫰

Baby, baby, baby, —oh baby. That’s not a .jpg, that’s an .rpg team!

Eye would play pure unadulterated sap with Kim Gordon. Indeed I would.

… and Katty Kay, with a name like that, You of all Rosbifs know that Scarborough is not an Evangelist, HELL No! Cousin Joe is a New Born Mormon. Can Eye get a Rev. Sharpton, a-Men

It’s a process, thank’s for going Army, —that’s Mí.

Baby, baby, baby, —oh baby. That’s not a .jpg, that D.A.R.E. is an .rpg team.



Let’s go to Rome… I know a famine fémina fresa 🍓 there




The year is 1979, and young Mika just got spooked by a cockroach (🪳), hilarity ensues when she spills the Rich People’s bean dip, which the French buy in Russia, and call caviar.

And, Katty Kay… is Cousin Joe mirroring my tactical chow position with that little table between Admiral Stradivarius and his big stupid pundit Flori🌸bama noggin?

Eye tell Ewe what, Jordan… Eye tells Ewe what Öüï are not going to talk about, JAMáS, jamás, Hamas.

Except for the interesting 🤔 mAgNeTism of an MAGNETIC Résonance Imaging, and Cousin Joe, you’ve seen my credentials and you can check with the Vocational Rehabilitation Ed’s Benefits at William Beaumont in Old El Paso, I actually took apart all kinds of medical diagnostic devices back when the Millennial clock-synchronization “trick” was a thing and these big-ticket gadgets included Nuclear, Magnetic, Computed Tomography, X-ray and Ultrasound to mention a few, so… either, HAMAS uses plastic machine guns, or the IDF is too stupid to plant evidence.

Now, if at the time, in 1999 the GEMS* had not had the the 1950’s IBM dress code, and instead worked with the Xerox™ laid-back (no tie required) uniform, I would probably be double-dipping a federal and Defense Industry retirement, instead, Cousin Joe, I am just watching the RSA and solidarity pay awardees “go round and round”.

*~. General Electric Medical Systems.

But Öüï sure is going to tell Mika where Eye is headed to, and that’s to Scarborough Castle, where Mí is going to look at a 45° angle to the unmarked grave of a very-very nice fellow who used charity and benevolence to get away with Benny Hill’s broads.

Well… Ewe’ve Ho’id About The Red , The Blue, and off-course El Rock de La Langosta — It’s Knot One Of Dos.


✍🏼 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 … Rock Lobster was a fag, sin celery, The Desert Locust.

But speaking about fags, Öüï cought caught up with Moses and the ol’Patriarch spilled the beans on “eSe Corse, Martin.

And starring as El Aníbal… mister Washington, of course

In local news, Eric Clapton killed Jimmi Hendrix and the fucker fled to Mexico, more on that with Katty Kay at the BBC.

Across The Atlantic, down Mexico’s Güey, “Sleep Numbers Mattress” McCartney was waiting for the Slow Hand on the clock to hit 20h mile mark to smoke a Japanese joint like some cat from Cuernavaca.

And if Ewe’ve Eva Bean (🫘 ³) then you probably know that in México, that city is where los tacos orientales were invented only to be turned into a burrito (🌯) in Grenoble by the French.

³~. Eye has never bean (🫛 ) D.A.R.E..

Any hoot, Paul’s broken a glass but that is not a problem because his very own Sleep Number mattresses are very rich, so he just bought another one for the memorial.

Öüï now returns to “Parapandering in Paris with a loaded caulk gun”


“This could be a musical”, as heard on the MorjoShow, but seriously Volks, consider this an inter•mission.


SIRIUS(ly) I’ve got nothing. Not even that world famous free french heath care, and if your name is Prof. Johanne Poisson then you probably would know who’s on FIRST.

That’s right Dra., it’s that nº22, —catch!

I Reckon that Juanito Will Fix It, so “hurry up and bring yer Jukebox RSA”.

— All right Évry body it’s your cue to blow a fuse. And if Ewe knows how to play musical Chairs, then meet U.S. over at Cité. It’s 2014, 2012 and Brontis à la préfecture is demanding a Carte Vitale (because God forbids that someone actually brings his or her own health care to La France). Trou 🕳️ story.

Looking back, Dr. Poison, had I known that all I had to do was wait six months and then hook up with an integration association and sign-up for that world famous CAF, I would have gone to Spain, firstly and then I would have registered my bike there. Just like that nice Gentleman told us both when we met the Expression Latina crowd in 2011.


Ama’Terial Gewiya (Goy)


Made in France — via The States especially for Perrin’s BFM’er Tv’s

Here’s looking at Ewe, bay-bee 🫦

Yup, in line with Regulus, and if you are just joining-in on the March to The 11th Hour, Venus is resting on the DARK Side Of The Rabbit on The Moon.


1. Across The Atlantic, in The States, Messi is holding His Nº Eight 🎱 in miAmi imAim 🎯.



This is not an advertisement, Öüï’s just out of exterminating agent. Eye got’s the agency, but Eye is stuck in France and this these fuckers are on vacation.