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Previously on, “la pendeja nacional”:

Adventures in hypocoristics (pet names) 🎯 0D2BF1B9-65B7-44EF-8AFB-D56E1319AD5F 🛰 Indeed, Jeli-Pilla, indeed, that distinguishable pair of incisors that you have for chompers should have set-off a lot of Sirens 🚨 or, as THEY say in Chilangolandia: focos rojos.

Quick re-cap for Cecily Strong:

Dear, Cecily:

Your return to SNL brought a ray of alignment to our galactic neighbors, even Saturn and Jupiter (the biggest and the most gaseous on our neck of The Milky Way were put into motion to line up and look as a bright Hole–in–One, by year’s end. The last time that these two coincided on a near perfect point-of-view was during the CONSTRUCTION 808 years ago of Our Lady of Notre Dame in Paris, France.

La Prima Desobediente… y dice así: 🎶🎶🎶 Fe–Liiiiiiii_pa——fuuuuuuu_eh, DES_gra_CIA—da.

https ://www .cbsnews .com /news /jupiter-saturn-double-planet-great-conjunction-december-21/

Sadly, but feeling strong, Cecily, i regret to inform you that during your long convalescent leave The Committee to INSTALL La Concha de Catherine Deneuve at the top of La Flecha de Notre Dame de Paris lost the bid to place a cast-replica of your Concha at the top of The Virgin’s Holy House.

Still to come, “No hay chile que les embone¹”, starring El Partido Revolucionario Institucional.

Long story short, Jupiter decided to go with Le Duc’s old cock and do away with the competition on account of current events including, but KNOT limited to French national security contingencies with Sophia, in Turkey land, and of course, the fucking pandemic in addition to the Black Blocks, Yellow Vests, and fundamentalists from the Muslim WORLDS.

De cualquier manera, Cecily Strong, i will never forget Cathy Anne.

Yours truly,
Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo

P.S.: Is Lorde Lorne so uninspired that he would dare recycle the material from the KYLO REN EPISODES and then talk all about Melissa Villasegnior’s rag-tagged gate! C’mon now.


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1. “Marrying the ketchups”. SNL 45, E11_ Adam Driver, Cecily Strong, Jan, 25, 2020.


🎶 Whippit good!

“When I get high I get high on speed, TOP FUEL FUNNY CARS will do it for me”.

Mötley Crüe
Dr. Feelgood (1989)

So, Mr. Macron, the police is going to START deciding WHO is, and WHO is not a reporter, eh‽ At this rate, the only ones allowed to do the TRADE not the profession of journalist, —will be NBC NEWS and BFM TV. Talk about timing; Eye just missed the Night Boat to Cairo, because it’s MADNESS!!!

As read on a reddit report:

https ://old .reddit .com /r /PublicFreakout /comments /k3088g /france _burns _as _the _first _phase _of _a _deeply  / yada, yada, Lorem IP Sum, and all of “the beautiful ones”.

French citizens on their fifth republic to their government: “How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?”

It’s important, “old man” because as the threat from fundamentalist governments, East of The Czech Republic and South of Malta is REISING (pronounced as rising) just like them Coronavirus’ obits. Still, your 5th Republic insists on the IRON LADY stance in the Falklands (circa 1985).

Context for Mediapart follows

Context for Mediapart follows .:. F3D06F7E-3149-48D8-90C4-B50529E2AE69 ⚽️ Mean, while at Le Parisien, page 2: LE FAIT DU JOUR (L’edito) Ange et démon

Quick programming note to:
Matignon and Mr. Lallement.
Gentlemen, you fuckers know that when a legal recreational drug, such as whipped cream gets its own designer wrapper, the demand goes straight to the SPEAK-EASY THEYs between Great Wars… but Eye guess you need THE Evidence, right‽  well have at it, froggy.

Exhibit 1: COLOR COORDINATED TRASH evidencie

In France

At Scarlett Johansen’s neighborhood in Paris, all ‘riverains’ are required to COLOR COORDINATE their trash .:. A6AE734E-E85E-4295-A252-777D9C2156AC .:. FOR THE RECORD, that trash can was filled EXCLUSIVELY with food grade nitrous oxide; the bottles are filled with the food part, but the “whippit gas” was spent… and these fucking canisters are not like your typical cigarette butts, in the sense that you cant get one last drag of #Em, o como dicen en México, “sacarle las tres”.

Did you really-really need that Super-Spreader Event (and Eye is not talking about the Crazy Horse or Latin Paradise girls) yesterday?


Lord Vadder:

https ://www .bbc .com /news /entertainment-arts-55117704… Dave Prowse: Darth Vader actor dies aged 85

Previously on: this is why you can’t have nice thingys… Adrienne Monnier

Alsace, Eastern France/Western Germany_ TIMESTAMP: 19 de junio de 1955

Dear, Madame Hidalgo (Cc: Matignon):

https ://www .france24 .com /en /france /20201121-new-french-law-banning-images-of-police-sparks-civil-rights-concerns-protests

The following is a Twilight Zone (tribute) script, it is based on the question that Parisian insert and, “pollo rostizado” enthusiast, doña Vilma Fuentes posed to James Joyce about Ulysses or, was it Walt Whitman… who cares! The point is that doña Vilma wants to know what ‘Adriannitititita‘ would say about the COVID–19 confinement and, —coincidently— Öüï actually had the opportunity to run into Adrianne a couple of days ago when Öüï made a stop at Odeon on our way to Saint Germaine-des-Près, and this is what Adrianne Monnier told MÍ:


Las fuentes de doña Vilma:

Just in time context

Just in time context .:. 62C9F523-4EDA-466F-819D-0B37E3A72182 🇲🇽 … [S]hould anyone be keeping score of the cast of luminaries mentioned on this blog and their specific corresponding story arcs on our posts, you should remember that for doña Vilma Fuentes the drug Hydroxichloroquine®️ is the connection to the title of this political cartoon featured in La Jornada, the tangent across this Venn Diagram includes the first reported death (or at least the one that Öüï heard first) for taking doña Vilma’s COVID panacea without a doctor’s order in Great State of Arizona, the irony of it is, that the supplement (with hydroxichloroquine) that killed that poor person in Arizona was supposed to help maintain water pets in that household in “good health”, while at the same time providing for ”an equilibrium” in the exhausting daily life of an aquatic being lounging around in a glass tank. Moral of this segment: Hydroxichloroquine supplements, good for fishbowls, bad for fish lovers

Many voices have risen to denounce the scandal (malicious gossip used as a noun by doña Vilma): how can the French government decide that the sale of “rotisserie chicken” is more “essential” —word used in the decree— than that of a health book or for the equilibrium of the daily life of a population? (which population? Doña Vilma does not explain, but Öüï gets a sense of who she is privileging with her remarks) Is it possible to imagine Adrianne Monnier (sic).

https ://www .jornada .com .mx/2020/11/22 /opinion /a05a1cul

Friday the 13th — Año de Hidalgo: the shock opera

It’s Weekend Edition, and Ali Vittalli anda por el Quinto Sueño de la vecindad de El Chavo.

No Pun Intended — Luc shut'Er down

No Pun Intended — Luc shut’Er down

Ladies in Gemini, El Quinto Sueño Hotel and Casino is proud to bring you “Lo que el viento se llevó de  Casablanca”… we’ll always have your ‘garten’ your beautiful flower garten. 

We catch the dreamer at Hans Nichols tent, and he just laid, IT!, Down for the Indianapolis Colts (check the drawing), The Shutdown is coming… it’s an American tradition, like the transfer of lease on the peoples house at The White House.


Over at Mars mom’s house, Mars dad throws in a yellow flag for holiday interference insisting that non-native traditions like “the shutdown” must wait for the arrival of Turkey Day first, then hold for Santa y Fe interception for a 99—YARD Touchdown all the way to the Pacific Coast Line, and besides, January is King’s appreciation month, we’ll know soon enough if Gobbler’s Knob is going to be overcast because of the wanna-be king’s shadow, or if by Feb. 2 habrá velas en el calendario.

https ://www .timeanddate .com /holidays /us /groundhog-day

FO’ist Down, REDSKINS!


But speaking of RedSkins how about Öüï TRIangulate the FREQUENCY HOP to our Canadian non-Natives for another edition of Jeopardy:


Category: They WON’T Get Out


“ What are you WORRIED ABOUT, this is 1847, you’ll be able to Sue her »


Like other ““juniors”” in the President Andrés Manuel administration, he is named for a dictator and he ““inherited”” the Syndicate of Mines from his dad.



In Chile they call these 😽 MINAS, and in Mexico CONCHOS knot Conchas.

Let Them Eat FOX… go ahead, Hannity, say it, say President Biden/ VP Harris

Now isn’t IT!, Iconic.

… [O]r are you going to go with, “On Top O’Spaghetti”?

… witt that in mind, Cousin Joe, please stop encouraging your golf buddies (on the Republican side) who supported Trump and dreaded having to go against him to get back to “their” political life, FUCK ‘Em! Fuck ‘Em like Mitch McConnell fucked the memory of Justice Bader Ginsburg, if —motherfuckers— you start pussyfooting before the election is called, you motherfuckers are going to give up 2024.

Mika… they Fucked RBG!!! What relationship are you talking about with the Republican Party? Are you talking the lukewarm Romney approach, the Susan Collins cautionary tale, or are you talking about Lindsey?

Someone please warm Mike Barnicle’s vacuum tube, he’s frozen. And can someone please tell the current president that the fucking Sharpie®️ fad was started by him, so why is he mad because these were used in Arizona? It makes as much sense as the “strong man” mantra that tries to stop the fight because he is getting out-punched.

We now know “lo que el viento se llevó”
for the record, at 14h in CET
this is the view from Tamaulipas

Attention, all Foo Fighters

Attention all Foo Fighters currently engaged with The Electric Light Orchestra over Marfa, Texas 👩‍🍳 273EC2A0-BD1F-4CC5-8C76-EF75EFE78933 👨‍🍳 Nevermind the Chef Boyardee toque* azulado, that’s Minnesota which was blown-away from the Republican states that in 2016 abandoned  Clinton… or was it the other güey around? Any how, wanna know what rhymes with irony?

* Listen up, Dave Chappelle, now Öüï knows that you have probably heard about “chapeau”, but Dave, D.A.T. D.A.R.E. interjection is Knot one of those. This here, is what the Arabs call un simple « toque », but youse gonna have to wait for the interpretation of that fact, because  Bocouse just noticed that in Washington…

Morning Joe ate Stephanie Rhule… ahhhhh, the HUMannity!!!

… mini intermedio:

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson, Eye does not know what Mika is depriving Cousin Joe [off of] at the HomeBase, but c’mon, man! This is the third act where the MorJo Show goes beyond The Outer Limits, Öüï can’t begin to express his sympathy for that Devil (La Pundita, not Joe) our ballads and solos go out to Stephanie Rhule, who was eaten alive by that Dumb Blind Alabama Country Lawyer, on the most consequential day of 2020.

But wait, what’s that flying out of Studio 3A at at the Comcast Rockefeller at exactly the 16 hundred hour, HOLY SHIT!!! It’s Stephanie Rhule, and she is in fucking uniform, the iconic combat gi… yeah Buddy. Eye Betts D.A.T. Cousin Joe was not expecting that Kung Fu fight, eh.

Page 87, BAN — Le Petit Robert


Eye is no expert in Prisons

Eye is no expert in the American prison system, or the Ancient Régime for that matter, pero por esas parcelas va El Bagage, Mr. Michael “former republican Chef” Steele. .:. 8522C03F-2EC0-414C-8B8B-34F695E48AB5

En contexto

BANAL occurrence of events in the absence of any obvious intention or cause¹”.


Une Caméra BANcale

Une Caméra BANcale 🎥 325B1D46-47DA-4D91-AEBA-79DF047CDB2C 📕 Pg. 87, ibid.

Doc d.a.t. camera operator a THEYs PAY for napping on the Steve!

And now, the rest of the story about how a most inconsequential trivial conversation paved the way to the ban on Le Petit Robert. It kind of started on Election Eve Monday at the reception of a very exclusively open club

But FO’ist!!! We, the staff of this most non-consequential blog remind our loyal non-readers that the makers of this post will knot be covering the American Election on account that the apparent wanna-be king in Washington declared himself the victor of the Battle for the “spines” of them united states of america.

Peh Double R Eh Oh in The U.S.A.

Man, Eye does not know what is going on with the Hearthland, but D.A.T. D.A.R.E. motion between Mississippi and Arkansas, and Kentucky and Tennessee sure are lighting up Indiana.

18 hours later, The Senate will remain being the Senate, with a jacked-up Supreme Court, and a current president who like all of his money shots (photo-opportunities) as if the American Election was a DON KING boxing event in South East Asia or that place called Africa.

Over at Mars Mom's house

Over at Mars Mom’s house 🤶🏻 6459968B-6258-425E-80FF-DB482518FBAB 🎅🏻 with D.A.T. in mind Öüï is happy to inform the WAY TOO EARLY crowd that Kasie Hunt won the BETTS against Baby Mars-es-es other Parental unit, but there was a price to pay, and Mr. Dad played the role of Daddy Yankee.

Is the count BANAL? Let’s ask Chance, knot the rapper, but the actual “occurrence of events in the absence of any obvious intention or cause¹”.

With that in mind, let u.s. flip the PAGES, —yes, brothers in Siestas— pages in motherfucking plural, of two editions of Robert’s little dic.

But FO’ist, since Öüï is allowing the “paid professionals” to record history in the making, and Eye took the day off, here is the backstory on Chance, ISSY, Serendipity’s little fucking minions are all up in this bitch, Ari Melber.

One thing before Öüï flips the page to n°87 of 1972 in the spread above, is that We The Staff of This (here) Most non-Consequential blog did instruct Paola Ramos to “Sink” Florida, but that goddamned Vice with the Bacardi crowd is one difficult habit to break. Today, Florida redefined what the “it’s morning in America” propagation means to that Hispanic monolith in the Gulf of Mexico.

… jump to page 87, BAN.

Intermedio in translation featuring: Les Pierres Soul Ages

Les Pierres Soul Ages, o como dicen los franceses de la noirlumière » ou « outrenoir :

Viejos (question marks in Spanish)

¿Viejos?… ¡Viejos los cerros!… y mis calzones de Paname i ❤️ U.

C’est ce que je trouve qui me dit
“en dónde chingados quedó la bolita? ».

Heard on a French Radio…

French Bashing is the most Republican of all of the Republican Values, punto y coma, don’t believe Mí, ask little Nicole what she did with “Poppy Bush’s” 2003 Beaujolais…

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /speciales-fip /speciale-jours-de-gloire

Don’t believe Mí, let’s see what our favorite Library in the Whole Wilde World of Lego’s World, Monsieur Le Président: Georges Pompis d’Eau says:

But FO’ist, “When Öüï begins the Beguine”

I’m Pflugergasted!!! Pete Davidson has a modest bulge!

Deer, Sam Bee… don’t pretend you don’t know what Öüï is talking ’bout, eh? NOW we know the rest of H.E.R. Story, heck Jason Jones, it was written Right D.A.R.E. in the name: G.R.A.N.D.E., just like TEXAS!!! —Yee-Haw.

… Ladies in Gemini, to be honest, we the staff of this most NON-Consequential blog never thought that America (sin acento) would make, IT!, this far, but we’re here, it’s Sunday, November the 1st 2020, TWO THEYs before Election Day and this is:

America’s first-call to civil unrest
it’s official now
That's Rodrigues with an ese

That’s Rodrigues sin tilde and, as Judge Jeannine Perrowait!!! WATT??? Stipe D.A.T.*Judge Jeannine PIRRO, Knot perra, screamed in the role of Cecily Strong, “with an « eSe » because Geronimo is a Portuguese Manowar 🦞 0A6A3011-2A42-4310-AD8A-411B45E932BE 🗣

Texas is blowin’ Dixie…
and Dwight Yoakam is a thousand miles from now-here.

Meanwhile in Paris, Matt Bradley (cooper) needs to stop sensationalizing his Correspondence with Dem peacocks back in New York, New York. IN•DEED, Mr. Cooper, the bottlenecked Auto Route that you saw Friday are not what you REPORTED that they were; HERE’s Why, white boy:


PSA for NBC… coincidence, only if you live in a Shithole country that doesn’t have a Social Contract with it’s  its working-class heros, Matt.

The Frogs, and other assorted resident fauna were not FLEEING Paris because of the lock-down, you fucking Dolt! C’mon, Man!!! Youse embarrasing good old Dickey… does anybody remember Dickie?

Well d’ya, Punk?

… and now, Ladies in Porky’s pig, Öüï is not going to stand for half-ass SciencesPo-style buzzfeed journalism, so to remedy the on-going debacle of WHO d’fuck is supposed to bring the Bacon home, the following is an update on how Christopher Dickey is doing, and Öüï is happy to report that upon descending to the negative 4th Dimension, Chris went ahead and surrendered his Orange Crush (ghosts have no Spines—ask Stipe) and he is walking Ralph Lauren* right now in the 6éme de Saint Germain-des-Près, people WHO know call, IT!, the left-bank or something like D.A.T…

For those Knot in the Texas Loop 375, please consult your Programa Paisano (alas previous to the Pandemic) to contrast the “embotellamientos” all along the Texas bordos watchtowers during school breaks. This is why the San Jeronimo express-güey was conceived in Ciudad Juárez… to MITIGATE from la raza de juaritos que cruza la frontera a DIARIO nomas pa’jalar, ese. C’est Normal dice una niña achicharrada.

Hoy no hubo Jazz

They’re Back… Amarillo no me pongo

And in Paris, Les Halles is hunkering down on account of the Yellow Vests that like a Caravan… pasa por el lugar.

This time around the “theme” is COVID fatigue, heck, even the McDo at the Innocents Place is catering to the ‘infidels’ by way of scrapping their Safe-Space protocols inside of Ronald’s House.

… [A]marillo es mi color


Witt D.A.T. in MIND, “Estos eran 2 amigos, que venían de  Mapimí”, and in that vein, Eye hopes that Alicia Menendez won’t let Mí bee misunderstood, and that the Latin-ex community know how to interpret and transliterate el verbo: poner.

https ://dle .rae .es /poner

Instruction for students:

In this section, all non-readers should direct their attention to n° 24 (añadir algo, say a fucking tee-shirt) and n° 33 (hacer adquirir a alguien una condición o estado. Poner colorado.Poner de mal humor. U. t. c. prnl.Ponerse pálidoof la liga de la RAE de España (arriba puesta) y, a partir d’esos poner un ejemplo below.

Por ejemplo, Kyle… ley Mí, put it to Ari Melver like this, and like D.A.T. and like… you get the fucking idea… BALD POWER!

* Elvis Aaron Presley

* Elvis Aaron Presley

… over at the PM Joy, it’s OH, Sweet parallels of irony time.

Tease me till i can... take me to the river

Tease me ’till i can… 🎶🎶🎶 take me to the river

PM Joy plays the role of POTUS 45 and Jason Johnson plays catch-up with a book deal… c’mon, Jason! Right a fucking book!