And in Washington… it’s Matilda’s favorite son

Eye don’t want to say, Eye told you so, but he sure did, and Nichole just sent an All Smiles, ear–to–ear grin BriWi to the 11th Hour.

Over at the little boys W.C. room, Nick Confessore objects.

They's of our Lives

They’s of our Lives featuring NiChole GuAlas and The BriWi.

—BULL TWINKY! Said little Nick. “I have the longest shift in the programming! », adding that video can’t compete with Print… and D.A.T., is why the Times fits all the news in sheets.

And in Real and Present layers, nevermind The Berne Convention because the following is a FAIR USE of all of the New York Times confessions:

Russia, Russia, Russia...

Russia, Russia, Russia…

Still to come… The Trump’s confessions, and Ladies in Gemini, please be advised that öüï neither pick the song lists on them fip’s and, we [the staff] most definitely NOT select which telenovela is going to play next on what Huxley on the peacock network calls: SAVAGE LAND where the modern[a] minute men roam.


Any güey, Eddie Gloude Jr., wanna know why it’s called a show?

— Because it’s accurate and devastating? Said, little Nicky, who after shedding some skin to cool–off on this place called Earth, or Tierra if you are into beans*, scored a gig at a publisher’s joint that went by Simon says Schuster on the Eye Media consortium called CBS… ISSY, the C on the BS is for Columbia; no pun intended on the News Beans that are being spilled right now.

Dear, Lawrence O'Donnell

Dear, Lawrence O’Donnell, please relay to Mr. Schwartz (Prieto in Spanish) that he never answered your question; did he, Mr. Schwartz, ever heard our President call Black people with the “n” word, as White people call it now a days. FOR THE RECORD^ .:. 5B1DF34F-9DFD-4B9E-B4DD-00AFAA3647E7 🕵🏽‍♂️ … [I]n the symbols above the bended knee monito is a numerical marker for ONE MILLION, hence: Million Book Baby with Wings on (her) Back and a Halo on top… nobody here [at asegovia3] is worshiping any fucking body and/or demigod.

* Full Disclosure, not only does the staff of this most non–consequential blog have a branded prickly pear pad on our forehead, but we also consider each bean that öüï consume, as a bullet in the same way that PopEye The Sailor Man turns Spinach into anvils on his fists.

Context — Context — Context

Es hora de llegar muy lejos

Es hora de llegar muy lejos .:. CBB3961F-EB5C-47A1-9840-2F1F5C2278AD 🏄🏽‍♂️

^ Mary L. Trump went to Jamaica (in the States) and this gives her a different take on race relations (in contrast to her older generation). Having stated D.A.T., AP LeMire, please be advised that we [the staff] are no strangers to Pomona at the Inland Empire and 18th Street in El Ey at the time when Oliver North was running “cuetes” to Ronnie’sfreedomfighters; so… full disclosure (again for Michael Che, Charlamagne Tha God, and of course George Carlin¹) if you read u.s. then you know that the word “nigga” WithOut the last letter, Mr. Lawrence O’Donnell is often used when the context merits a reference to the many cultural references which might invoke anything from N.W.A. to Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor, so… jump to page 2 of Friday July 17, 2020, period

Intermedio con Perry Mason — The Hispanic parcela episode

PSA: Attention travelers, somewhere in the North of France, (côte de Bretagne) there is an open–air expo dedicated to Latinoamérica.

Season 01, episode 04

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/07/14 /hallan-restos-del-palacio-de-axayacatl-y-una-casa-de-cortes-4182.html

Perry Mason was a “spick”, y’all!!!
According to them Downey’s in:
El Ey ese.

Historical fantasy

Fair use of El Ey’s historical fantasy on HoBO TV .:. A77828E4-BE83-4166-ADF1-449BD42F3E16 𓀦 … for the record, “Phillipe” is Canadian, not French, legend has it that Philippe Chaffey, a sibling of  George Chaffey, from Montreal, Canada, headed West from “The Inland Empire” that he helped build with his cousins (and the Mexicans that became American there) and settled in place that would later become Tarzana, where he opened a French cuisine resto. Philippe thought that the locals would get a kick from the restaurant’s name if he dropped a “p” and added an “l” on account of all of the Felipes that worked in the kitchen of his restaurant. The French dip and Tripes à la mode de Caen were the star items on the menu, especially after a “cruda”. 


And in Washington, the world learned that Katty Kay’s friends in SPAIN have pretty big fucking apartments; what Eye means to say, is that if you can walk three fucking miles without leaving your confines, then the title that precedes your name is probably INFANTA, or something like D.A.T.!



Meanwhile, beneath the Historic (Colonial) Mexican “paycheck loans” building, known by the locals as “Monte Pio”, history rhymed with the keyword of the week: Hispanic, as in ‘relating to Spain’, por ejemplo, Robert Downey Jr., perhaps you’ve heard of the Shriners, they worship our patron saint, Momo, the god of comedy. And perhaps, Mr. Downey, you are acquainted with a bunch of crusaders of Cash called The Masons 𓄂.:. and oh–by–the way, Mr. Downey, those 4 dots in the form of a triangle are just another way to say « therefore» so don’t read into them but do consider, it!, a segue to this little “cultural” nugget between you, Sir, and the Kingdom that developed the Castilian language, which is now commonly bunched under the more democratic “Spanish” language, which brings us to the following:

“And I think for a man whose native tongue is Spanish to be able to put together a phrase like ‘cultural genocide’ just speaks to how bright he is.”

your words, Mr. Downey, but between Tony Stark and The Hulk: fuck Alejandro González (and all of his compadres and comadres here in France) and that is all that I, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto, is going to say about the great Iñárritu:

https ://www .latintimes .com/robert-downey-jr-makes-racist-remark-about-mexican-director-alejandro-g-inarritu -312046

My point is that all Shriners are Masons, but not all Masons are Shriners.

National Awareness Frida Theys — High Noon in Paris, Midnight in Hilo

It’s not enough to be a wise guy, eh… now youse got to be a NeoWise guy, oh, —The Humanity! Franck, the humanity.

A Mí no lo engañan

¡A Mí no lo engañan! .:. DF8769C5-BCF1-4AC5-A984-8406DE44E0AC 💫 Aquí huele a cuna de lobos y hasta hay Cordero disfrazado.

Previously on “Corre y se va”:

¡El Cometa!
7000 mil años van a pasar para que ocurra otra vez esta coincidencia.

Publicidad: Lotería Nacional para la asistencia pública. “¿Qué es un reintegro?”

La Máquina Celeste

Si Deus ex Machina, entonces Chato los cementeros tienen que ser Celeste; and for the record, “Amarillo no me pongo, Amarillo es mi color”, Cachun-cachun—RA, RA .:. C0D2183A-39FB-4F80-9D19-792A53A5D695 ⚽️ ISSY, Goooo_Yahhhh (gweh): Universidad.

La respuesta, “depende, Chata”, dice don Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” en el rol de Johnny Depp, y él explica:

“Además, en el Sorteo Zodíaco, a los billetes cuyo Signo Zodiacal sea igual al del Premio [en TELEVISA] Mayor. La decisión de cobrar un reintegro o seguir participando es personal, pero puedes elegir cambiar tu reintegro por otro(s) billete(s) del mismo valor para continuar apostando a la SUERTE”.


Over at the Comcast Rockefeller building blocks, öüï the staff wonder what bases Alicia Menendez will cover tonight since there is nothing really relevant or unexpected going on in the United States, that is you know, Joshua Johnson, unless you (Sir) tune in to keep up with the emperor’s new trips, por ejemplo:

ISSY, Mª Tere Kumar,
ISSY, you’ve heard about
Mel Brooks, Nazis on Ice…
it is ExacTly Like That.

In the meanwhile, Eye bets you (non-readers) Nicolle Wallace’s last dollar (Australian of course) that you can’t re-construct the real reason why the Mexican president did not touch the immigration dilemma with John Donald The First.

It goes a little something like this, fast–rewind to the old testament days of mid—May 2020.

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/05/22 /maquillando-cifras/

El muro no fue tema con Trump porque no hay acuerdo: AMLO 🇺🇸.:. F4925B50-2BA8-47A5-BD17-EFD8E6D7F503 .:. 🇲🇽 “… [Y] en México no ha aumentado la violencia de género, porque tenemos familias como en ninguna parte del mundo.

What’s Love Have to Do with it

… and starring as Tina Turner, Andrés Manuel Lopéz Obrador, featuring Donald John Trump as IKE.

En Hilo, Hawaii, faltan Veinte para la media noche y en La CDMX ya hay nueva versión re masterizada de LOS DE ABAJO (porno para la aristocracia mexicana). ¡Viva Mexico!

Murieron cumpliendo

Murieron cumpliendo para SALVAR a México de su pinche PEMEX… ISSY, don Léo Orellana, y sí: los mexicanos que se van a los EEUU no son como los mexicanos que le lamen a usted y a don Alain Rouquie sus huevos en La MAL de Saint Germain–des–Prés. Neta que no.

National Awareness Frida Theys — Lotería Nacional

… [L]as Jaras; La Concha; El Elefante, — ¡Lotería!

Hear Mí out, Franck, all öüï are saying is that it’s Weekend Edition and that the following must be read in a “Ray Bones” voice:

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /nation /2020/07/10 /goya-boycott-trump/ ?utm_ source=reddit .com

El perfil de una visita

Saturno… El perfil de una cena .:. 5A6549F4-E3D1-49B4-A76A-F6FFBE39AAEB ✈️🧱 La Visita fue una bofetada para los boricuas afectados por MARÍA.

— They say that the fucking secret to Chiaroscuro lies between Light and Shade.

Catching up with the Third World:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /amp /responde-eu-a-nota-diplomatica-de-mexico-por-rapido-y-furioso -8531 .html

“It speaks for itself”

“It speaks for itself” .:. AE2CFE64-95BB-41E6-9000-943942C7AFB0 .:. Responde EU a nota diplomática de México por ‘Rápido y furioso’.

“The Obliteration of the Rule of Law”…
My oh my, Is Eye glad he wacked-off before the Start of tonight’s show.


1 de julio — Bald Kneady People

It’s 20 past the 11th hour in Hilo, Hawaii.

Sect. 8, Obituaries

Sect. 8, Obituaries .:. 4306E03D-59DE-4688-B7BC-420D433313A5 .::. “And now, the rest of the story”, sponsored by MACY’S®️

Good morning, John Mill Ackerman… you probably thought, back in 2014 at the IHEAL (75006) D.A.T. Eye would not make it this far, didn’t–ya? Anyhow, professor, you also didn’t think that a Hickenlooper would let a Romanov take the control of Fort Cartoon, Colorado, now—did’ya?

Deer, Senator Scarborough, please relay to Willie Geist to forward to Mika, D.A.T. MEMO from the month of January (punto y coma), the one with the the basement at “The Twilight Zone.”

For the record

For the record .:. 05E11B71-D7AD-4A33-B40E-6EFEB0F9AF7D .:. Considered for your approval, travel back in time six-months in the content to Ketch-up! Come on, Mika, Ketch-up. “Get it‽ ”.

… D.A.R.E. is a template for D.A.T., patrón.

After the break, it’s John Mill Ackerman’s Russian Television political spin column in “La Jornada”.

It was only a matter of time before “el huevo” de John Mill Ackerman, el político estadounidense with Mexican citizenship would crack, it was inevitable, Johnny “putin’s boy” Ackerman is the only one who can infantilize the spin of the upcoming trip of the backyard’s keeper (Apocalypto López Obredor) to the Big White House of Mr. Donald Trump.

El mayordomo de Chapultepec

El mayordomo de Chapultepec .::. E56ED48A-9D2C-4DEC-88A6-61A28E948423 🛎 Pilot Episode. Nepotism and an infected presidential cabinet member spouse carrying  the Coronavirus with her forces a university professor to hatch into the spotlight as an advisor to the man with the title of, “El mayordomo de Chapultepec”. —_•!•_— In the dentils, “You Might Also Like”, The Twilight Zone [https ://imdb .com /news /ni62937045]

¶ 2:

En agosto de 2016, Enrique Peña Nieto utilizó los recursos, el poder y el prestigio del Estado mexicano para intervenir en las elecciones de Wa­shington…

Dear, Mexican (John Mill Ackerman): please accept this courtesy check on the incongruence of paragraph 2 of your “AMLO and Trump” opinion material for the masses. Don’t forget, —motherfucker— that you had an opportunity to denounce (but didn’t) Los Recursos de La Fundación Televisa at the IHEAL in order to hype Peña Nieto’s image in France during the time that you, Sir, gave populists nursery tales to Master Level students and, señor profesor, quite possibly current decision-makers in Latin America.


¶ 3:

En cambio, hoy aún no inicia la campaña presidencial en el país vecino del norte¹. Si bien ya es un hecho que tanto Trump como Joseph Biden serán candidatos, todavía no se han celebrado las convenciones correspondientes para oficializar sus nombramientos ni arrancado formalmente la disputa electoral para la Casa Blanca.

John Mill Ackerman²

las comparaciones

£as comparaciones por eso son odiosas, por ejemplo, Johnny m’Boy .:. 77FB9998-49DC-4461-9852-0D7CAD08F24D .::. Only a fool would compare Chamberlain to López Obrador; the inference here being, señor profesor, that Hitler had some Trumpian tropes.

¶ 3: John Mill Ackerman is full of shit:

Day 1,258 since Donald John Trump has been on “the stump”

1.) .:. 71009D25-1795-4874-A2E8-E7E9DDDE8C3D

312: https ://news .rthk .hk /rthk /en /component /k2 /1535164-20200701.htm

To: Actes Sud; Cc: Vilma Fuentes, Pedro Miguel, Morena–Francia

(“Qué bonito es lo bonito”)
Qué bonito es Chihuahuita


En las Artes Marciales (de la sociología del Instituto de Estudios Superiores de América Latina en Saint–Germaine des Prés) a estos individuos se les conoce por el mote de: saltamontes .:. 4161A388-1692-48F5-BDF5-268AA8EF30E5 .:. En las logias del Yunque y en los salones de Los Caballeros de Colón a estos políticos se les llama “buenos elementos”, grillos, pues.

Previously on, La NOMENKLATURA de Morena… a ver, a ver, a ver, don Miguel Pedro, por parafrasear al “ilustre” profesor de la antigua opinocracia, y agente de RusiaTelevisión, John Mill Ackerman: ¿en dónde [chingados] se encuentra[n] la[s] cabeza[s] y los pies–es d’este Chucho¹ PANista² tiznado³?

  1. Partido de la Revolución Democrática or “PRD”, the moniker “Chu•Cho” is a reference to a stray dog and/or the hypocoristicon of a person named Jesús. Mr. Quintana was a founding member of that now extinct party.
  2. Partido Acción Nacional 

J.A.Cedillo | Los nazis en México (1)

or simply, Acción NACIONAL, founded by actual NAZI followers, Acción Nacional is the extreme Catholic’s favorite bet. Mr. Quintana switched horses in mid-stride from morena to el PAN just 4 years ago, now he wants to switch back.

    3. Tiznado… look it up, it rhymes with Prieto, Moreno, and of course a son of an Aztec translator that HIStory decided to call: La Malinche… who’s the real traitor here, ¿morena de mi cucharón‽

So, Madame Lira-Saade, it finally makes sense, —o cómo dicen en Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua: ya me cayó la kora‘— why Mr. Quintana had been recently WeLcOmEd back to the written pundit space in your newspaper, La Jornada. I, armando segovia, can’t help but wonder if WHILE professor QUINTANA was ADVISING the National Action Party governor from the State of Chihuahua, your newspaper « La Jornada » had him on hiatus, political absence, or he (Quintana) never actually left? Which one is it, Professor Ackerman?

P.D.: Señor Pedro Miguel… se me había olvidado apuntar en la lista del otro día, —para que don Cueli no nos cuele entre “improvisados”— que yo, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto, fui testigo de como el  profesor Víctor Quintana Silveyra bautizó a la comitiva de Morena en Francia; también, me tocó ver como “el futuro” candidato de Morena a la gobernatura de Chihuahua fue “saltándose” al Partido Acción Nacional. Hoy desde el exterior, veo como el señor Quintana no tiene eso que se llama carácter. O es populista (de izquierda) o es fascista (de la extrema derecha), de cuál es, señor profesor?


Intermedio con las fips — War Criminals part ii

Give it here, don’t say’nuthing, just give it here.

Eye promise

C’mon Keyleigh! Let’s fuck! Eye promise you that the president will most definitely not be briefed, while you and Eye debrief each other in slips.

Deer, Natasha Bertrand at Politico, Eye sees that you finally tamed the pony, but did you really–really—really think that the Putines in Afghanistan would not pull a Paul Bremer on the infidels? Come’on, now!

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2007 /feb/08 /usa.iraq1

The Δ for Ari Melber at “The Beat”, Avi Velshi, is that Paul Bremer spent tons and tons of One–Hundred U.S. Dollar bills, while Putin probably spent less than the cost of M.R.E’s*. it cost the Coalition of “the willing” during the first year of the Invasion of Iraq.

* Meals Ready to Eat = Military food rations.

Must Show Work

Must Show Work .:. AD1CB149-AA66-4DD0-9FE7-434EE39CB3C0 .:. Hoja por hoja — raya por raya.

previously on:

Taste The Notion
Comparative Analysis of  French Magazines  of Mexican Newspapers in the Second Decade of the 21st. Century A.D.

Verbatim .:. E966991D-2CD7-413F-94FE-DDCA3E76FF48 .:. [–] MiddlePineapple 41 points 14 hours ago
       Mi mamá los identificó inmediatamente como chayotitos. Dice que son muy comunes en el campo durante la temporada de lluvias.

   [–]KitKhay Coahuila 30 points 13 hours ago
O en las oficinas de periodistas.

        [–]Landsteiner7507 16 points 13 hours ago
Te mamaste

              [–]Fredyeah -2 points 5 hours ago
We quiero tu insignia 🥺 como la consigo

El Economista (grupo Televisa monitos) presenta, “That’s fucking Racist!”, which is why we [the staff] of this most non–consequential blog will not be screen–grabbing Perjuro’s representation of one of the trumpet players of La Sonora Santanera, marinating (mind you), in his own juices; INSTEAD, we [the staff] reconstructed the Mexican mining industry of Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, as viewed by a Congolese witch doctor who does not want to return to work at his old gig: plumbing.

https ://www .hollywoodreporter .com /review /kongo-review -1213449

En fin don Miguel Pedro, que le parece si desmenuzamos el ¶ viii de su defensa en favor del primer vuelo comercial de alguna desafortunada aerolínea que llevará al patrón de John Mill Ackerman a la terminal mas próxima a la Casa Blanca, Ye’Olde Gipper International Airport‽, a lo mejor?

El canciller

https ://www .reuters .com /article /us-mexico-usa /mexican-president-to-fly-commercial-to-meet-trump-in-washington -idUSKBN23W243?utm _source=reddit .com

You don’t say… Extra, extra!

It’s the bottom of the Third¹ and Camilo Cienfuegos is at the Mound²…

Walk like an Egyptian

Walk like an Egyptian, because nobody Walks in El Ey.

Hey!…  remember Sirene, “we don’t search, öüï find,” glad you could follow; but since earlier in the transmission, öüï got you on the wire, could you be a sport and relay to Google that we [the staff] accept the offer, Eye will have our people talk to the androids at Silicon Ct., and arrange for your transfer and our transfusion.

“Enhanced storytelling experience that lets people go deeper into [mo’stories]”

https ://edition .cnn .com /2020/06/25 /media /google-news-publishers /index .html

Deer, Nicolle Wallace,

Eye hopes that you don’t go misinterpreting this post–impeachment intervention wit the regular trollin’ that you most certainly have not become used to, because of course, you don’t read this most non–motherfucking consequential blog, but Pundit, how the fuck are you going to interview someone who outranked you while working at that House that is falling apart? Eye mean, talk about an opportunity to read between the lines in real time. Anyhow, don’t you go letting that stupid mustache go distracting you from the most important thing on tonight’s show, the promotional tour of an opportunist government insider who happens to be a warmonger and, an author.

Gone fishing.

Now you did it, VOA

Now you did it, VOA .::. 59C7C4BD-851E-4140-A5B0-F55240658A38 🐟 It was supposed to be Rachel’s night off and Eye don’t know W.H.O. was supposed to get the Pole, but Rachel was most definitely going to dress up as a Phat Black Bass and crash Seth Meyers Furry party… but, NO, the VOA had to go all Goebbelsy on the Rest of The Story. Fascisti!!!

TimeStamp: 10 am in Hilo, Hawaii.

Over in Washington, Nicolle just flipped the “smile Ashley Parker” switch and some dude from Florida is annoyed because people won’t wear their damn masks.

Meanwhile, at the set on Seth’s attic, the picture on top of Mr. Meyer’s copy of The Thorne Birds mimicked a perfect landing in Charleston, South Carolina, with the mirror of Mr. Giuliani.

… Extra, extra, “John Bolton is a man of integrity,” according to John Bolton, goddammit! If called in a parallel universe where a squad is told to take on a Hill, knowing that it would be a one–way–trip, John Bolton would say: Leave it to the wisdom of the American hippies to go fight! It’s a lost cause, I march to a different Drum, said John Bolton in a parallel political show called “Plenty of fucking Time Washington”.

Deer, John Bolton… The most factual criticism is worth less than the peanut that Seth Meyer is left with after sucking on M&M’s if that criticism is not delivered in a timely manner, you know, sir, before a National Emergency arises on the desk of an incompetent leader of the free world… such is the case of Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-latin-america-53154890

Breaking the interview

YEEEEEESSSSS! Nicolle is going to detention!!! Eye is going to [have to] brush up on my Morse Code and then watch the Bolton interview, —again— just to hear Mr. Bolton insist on keeping a Republican majority at The Hill, which in a parallel universe we have established that he, Mr. Bolton, would not charge, except maybe with a Department of Defense Black-ops Credit Card.

Black Pumas follow — Mexican–American Trilogy intermission

So, Mr. Meyer:

… Wait one, D.A.R.E. is a general on ReRun programming explaining to TRMS how the the United States precipitously went from being the leader of the Western World to being the worst country, yes, THE WORST COUNTRY ruined by a single president in the whole wide world. Meanwhile, at the Seth Meyers Attic Extravaganza of compulsive materialism Bernie Sanders, yes, D.A.T. Bernie Sanders from the great State of Burlington Coats Factory is explaining to the Comcast media Conglomerate what “police defunding” really should be, but as Judd Apatow knows, what Bernie really means is that he doesn’t need a bookshelf full of books to showcase what The Globe in trumpian times really, really, REALLY £ooks like; a Dark, dark, dark empty and compartmentalized empty world… Thank You, congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D–Florida), thank you very, very, Very Much for giving the keys to the White House to Donald John Trump.

Mexican–American Trilogy — Brisket, bananas, and rhum


Ladies in Gemini, please be ad•viced, D.A.T. congruent with our Long-Thyme Running Segment dedicated to “Los Hilos de Sasha”, we now join con•centric circles with Hilo, Hawaii, WHICH (motherfuckers) shares the same hour (on different TiME Zones) on the clock; rendering that old summation of fragments D.A.T. state the following: dear, Rachel Maddow…

Previously on Aguascalientes TV

Previously on Aguascalientes TV (Canal 26) .::. 🏇🏼🧶🧵🐎 Los hilos de Sasha y las tangas de Sharon… only —por AGS TV.

Even a Broken Clock Is  Right  Correct Twice a Day

Livres TimeLife[r] presents:

It's Two For One

It’s Two For One Cocktail Hour over at Chi–Chi’s Cantina®️ .:. F2B900D8-D03D-4753-ABA1-043D1D4B6E51 🇲🇽🇺🇸 Indeed, Mr. Haass, In•Deed: The World Waits For No One… pass the Corn Tortillas, Willie Geist—and don’t be stingy with that Red Salsa bowl. —_•!•_— For the record: The French edition of this Time–Life collection is from 1970, the original “américaine” not English edition* is from 1968… 🎶 Spanish in High School and Junior College, yada-yada-yada.

La Cuisine Latino–Américaine, with your host, Sgt. Elvis Aaron Presley… from ‘the ghetto,’ —of Corse.

But FOist, while Nicolle Wallace was sleeping… Keir Simmons, is was speaking in Rosbif to a Yankee crowd, in the words of Ray “Bones” Barboni, “didn’t you invent the language”, and as that happened, some bitch in North Korea just blew up the Soju Lounge. Oh, the humanity.

Previously on

Previously on… D.A.R.E is a bitch on that sand .:. C7F7B6E0-69B3-4808-89DB-D8A13306766C 🇰🇷🇺🇸🇰🇵 The bitch went back in time.


* 1970, at the time, Mexico still had “territories” and , because the staff of this most non-consequential blog exist, we can therefore relay to l’Académie Rabelais and the « Old Luarousse gastronomique » that at the time, The Mexican State did not send immigrants to its neighbor to the North, dicho de otra manera Mika Brzezinski, as long as the Mexican consulates in the United States of Americaand its territoriesdid not R.E.G.I.S.T.E.R. the undocumented Mexican population there was no Mexican diaspora because of lack of opportunities in the Happiest Impoverished Place on ‘Diosito’s’ Green Flat Earth.


Tacos al Carbón

“Tendremos que acostumbrarnos a administrar la abundancia”, JoLoPo en tiempos anteriores a las R.E.M.E.S.A.S. y los sueños líquidos del oro negro. México Siglo Veinte… narrado por los Franchutes, inspirados en los Yanks.

L’influence du lunch américaine se faisant sentir chaque année davantage, le déjeuner tel que nous venons de le décrire est réservé de plus en plus souvent aux réceptions officielles. La tradition de goûter copieux tend également à disparaître. Pour apaiser les fringales qui se manifestent dans le courant de la journée, les Mexicaines font appel aux marchands en plein vent qui vendent des tacos, des tamales, des sandwiches, des bonbons, des fruits épluchés et des jus de fruits. Certains éventaires sont équipés des rôtissoires où des poulets tourner sans arrêt sur les broches à côte de portions de porc ou tranches de lard. Les clients se présentent à toute heure du jour. Dans les bureaux, la plupart des employés gardent des provisions dans leurs tiroirs. Le Mexique est, certes, un pays relativement pauvre, mais pas au point dempêcher ses habitants de grignoter à longueur de journée.

“De las Lunas, las de octubre son...” .::.

“De las Lunas, las de octubre son…” .::. A5D37322-103B-4A49-9CFD-D50CAA1FDDF1 🌚🌘🌗🌕🌓🌒🌑 🌅 for one hundred dollars, and a Daily Double.

ISSY, Seth Meyers, please relay to Lorde Lorne and The Crew at Morning Joe, que “en octubre” hijos de DAVY CROCKETT, —tenia que ser.