Deer, Ms. Guthrie… Friday Mo’rning QAnon-back

With all due respect, no other Network has done more for POTUS 45 than NBC, regardless if you hold the arsonist WHO set the Savannah on fire to account.

En la semana que Philippe Labrará

En la semana que Philippe Labrará 🗺 B57C2228-980A-4A24-BCCA-A93DE128674B 🚀 Our hero of the French, Philippe Labró, swears that he will never swim by the Banks of a river, if Donald John Trump is elected as the sovereign ruler of them united states… aussi, Erasmus was a fag!

Later in the programming, Mika Brzezinski uses her Habrá–cad–abrá powers to give Kasie Hunt the ability to juggle Mars between TWO boobies, and have the professional fortitude to get up Way Too Early. 🎶 It’s Easy—all you need is Love—love—Love is all you need.

A Stung bass player told The Police, in their report that juggling Mars was 🎶 As easy as your Ey–Bee–See–Dí… and of course “Y” [pronounced  as an American “e”].

Page 8 in 20 minutes
Jeudi, 15 octobre 2020
Airbus en mission pour rapporter un peu de Mars sur l’Hexagon

Upon hearing those news, The Dirty French —immediately— got together and set the Plans to send an AIRBUS to the Red Planet to get a piece of that. WHILE in an UnKnown quadrant of a Holiday Inn Express, John Heinemann ran out of Quarters for his bed, or something like D.A.T..

Numero Uno:
if Donald John Trump really–really was against pedophilia, he would not have arranged Jefferey Epstein’s escape from a N.Y.C. holding tank… not to mention killing mr. Epstein’s doppelgänger to turn his SOUL into a bodybag double.

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“Los de Molotov… chinguen a su madre.”

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /special-nancy-jazz-festival-avec-helenesaintaime-et-jonathan-jurion

ISO rated

ISO rated — RSS fed

It’s October the 8th. Eye recons that today is the perfect day for Seminarist Spicolli to fill the board up with “8bre” in the same fashion that “El Barto” did on the back of an RATP bus. No le cambie, “aun hay más”.

But FO’ist, Mr. Schmitty just called Jeff Goldblum “the devil”, and Satan said, “youse welcome, Schmitty, you are welcome.”

For context, Ari Melver and republican hit-man Steve Schmidt (who rose to fame on an Alaskan goose ride during the 2012 General Election) were talking shop just around the midnight hour following the post-debate deconstruction at the 30 Rock avian coop in New York City. Steve Schmidt, who during the last election went ahead and made a deal with the devil by way of doing a Reverse Mortgage on his soul in exchange for the ability to command his face muscles to be able to deliver a smile (even under forced conditions) on whim, began to riff on some Jazz about how a fly resting on you means that the devil is using you as a rest stop on his way to Australia, which is where El Chamuco calls home whenever he is not riding on a tank.

Meanwhile in Monterrey…



French Bastard follows

French Bastard —le boulanger– follows 🎶 7E22BB89-EC78-4C33-BE7F-5DD9EAA2F4CB 📎

Sources at “The Horny Frog”, a popular dive with the militias in that state, relayed that “FLO”, a pet name given to the French ring leader, had been heard plotting* a scheme to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

* Told y’all yesterday that Eye does not select the plots.

Authorities in charge of the investigation released a statement, saying that “FLO” might be traveling under the hypocoristic “Lencha” in any of the 73 Mexican cities where the French Embassy at Chapultepec is currently peddling films about Serge Gainsbourg’s stupid dog, and other assorted “Churros” en la proyección 📽…

At The Concession Stand:

“Fundado por la embajada de Francia en México, además de Nueva Era Films y Cinépolis, tiene el propósito de promover la cinematografía gala.”

Novena anti carismática — El–Oh-El–Oh LOLA*

Dearly, Bee Lovers!

Death toll numbers Knot withstanding

Death toll numbers Knot withstanding .:. 65D6615F-A664-4BAC-A337-AA5DE6F2DF9B .:. said a fly on the Pence.

As you find your way along the Salt Lake City watch tower, please note that “Lola” is the hypocorism of PAINS (plural), which as EVRY Chien Andalusian knows is an ANAgram for SPAIN (singular).

Exit Through the charismatic shop

Exit Through the charismatic shop 🎁 4B91FE48-3F16-4355-A9E3-100BF470C435 .:. And like Philippe Labró explained on his Direct Matinée, “it’s a play on Words,” d’or (plural).

Indeed, The Reverend Ray hails from The Original Rock and Roll Circus, before —way before— the Eruption that gave one of the most recognizable riffs of All Time, girl, which really–really GOT Mí NOW a big set of BALLS… yeah Buddy. D.A.T. riff has the distinction of being the perfect “street kids love song”, according to its creator, the Brother Dave AND, a place in TWO debut albums in two consecutive decades.

Sure, Eye is sure that Eddie could have chosen any SONG to follow Eruption on that 1978 self-titled album, perhaps a BEATLE song, but it was 1978 and Eye does not know if y’all were keeping score but on D.A.T. particular year, KEMPES kept the Cup at the home base, which perhaps (‘member now Purple Pundit, you’ve got to suspend reality) relayed to Eddie what QUINO was saying before that fateful day of Dec. 8th, when a guy (perhaps a pre-cursor to the current nativists there now) from Hawaii shot Old Flat Top dead.

Must Eye Draw You a Picture?

Must Eye Draw You a Picture? .:. 6EE36CBA-FB81-4AA1-9873-F454DE0C8063 ✍🏼 8bre is INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS MONTH, including LAOS… after the debate in Salt Lake City, it’s Cardinal Brzezinski’s take from the other side of D.A.T. d’or (singular). When asked WHY, President Jimmy Carter said, “Kurwa, it’s Polish appreciation month, that’s why”.

… [i]n Australia, it’s BANDana Day, when asked why, an Axios TV correspondent replied, “because handkerchiefs are for fags, that’s why”. Australia Is The Enemy!!!

Note to editors: it's the end of the first week of October 2020, and our voter registration request has gone unanswered, as a matter of fact, it has not arrived to Riverside, California, it has been a month. It is clear that we are going to be denied our chance to vote. No biggie.


Novena anti Carismática — Jeff Spicolli weeps, at Seminary School

Willie Guiest leads the plegaria, and correctly notes that he and Eye were to young to have that orgasmic experience of listening to a new way to shred la Lira, but öüï, In•Deed we will always have “HOT FOR TEACHER”.

To all Van Halen VANS®️ wearers rest assured that Kasie Hunt has, IT, on good authority to relay to that po’country lawyer from The Beatles side of the fence, that Eddie used California State Highway 65 to be with his Favorite Martian at Ridgemont High, in Mars, answering the age old question, “Is There Life on MARS?”, the answer when Seminarist Spicolli gives his eulogy.

House of Pain ...... 3:18

House of Pain …… 3:18
Rest In Power
Over at a West Texas Town, dubbed “El Paso”, children needed to be taken young, how young? Asked a fifth-generation El Pasoan from Canutillo, and the Station chief at the Ruidoso checkpoint replies, “pull them little fuckers from their mommies titty if you have to.”
This message is approved by Deutsch Inc., y la industria TABACALERA moderna.


For the record, the month of Octopussy… wait, what??? Scratch that SPIColli, it’s OCT•Tú•Bre Spicolli!!! You’re not at Ridgemont High in Pasadena anymore, young man! This here is Seminary School, said Father Monseigneur Morrison, suggesting to the absent-minded Jeff, to use a mnemonic, like French hippies do, to stay focused on the theme. And so Father Monseigneur Morrison put forth the proposition to instead go with « 8bre », which of course would then adapt to:

For the record, the month of 8bre is also Rosary month, así que un saludo, beso y si nos dejan, pues hasta un afectuoso abrazo a todas Las y los CHAYOS!!!

Intermedio with The ConWays — Pilot episode : My mother gives me the COVIDS

Later in the programming:

Three Olympic depth pools

Hear Mí out, Joe 🧜🏻‍♀️ 777D86EB-0A49-4C3B-A956-379F85E48A93 🐊 Three Olympic depth pools will Do, Eye guarantee D.A.T. it will bee the greatest scuba diving learning experience since Atlantis.

Are you a medical professional?”
Kellyanne Conway’s rebuttal to a reporter asking about her boss‘ response to a then growing number of reported COVID-19 mortalities.

Eat your pancakes, child

Eat your pancakes, child .:. D35C278D-40AC-4E7F-A5A9-73018146F8CF 🎢 MARCH 6, 2020… and did ÖÜÏ mention that the Third month of Twelve is named Santiago, James? But don’t worry about D.A.T., Rocky, ‘cus EVRYone knew him as Mars.

Synopsis: Kellyanne Conway gets exasperated and gives a c – span . org reporter the Eye that she wished she could give to Claudia back home when the issue of “containment” develops at the kitchen table.

https ://www .cspan .org /video /?470121 -1 /kellyanne-conway-coronavirus-contained

Just the facts, ma'am

“Just the facts, ma’am .:. CB5B3AFF-7C93-4303-BB35-9ED984CC6F73 ”, period!

Coming attractions:

Kayleigh Got Ran Over by The COVID, and she don’t care. People close to the set outside of a military hospital, obviously being ran by a bunch of “losers” according to the V.I.P. patient at the Executive suite of Walter Reed’s Medical Center at The Potomac, said that Kayleigh has got a Ticket To RIDE, and she don’t C.A.R.E.

Fair Use of Nato in the form of Europe 1:
https ://www .europe1 .fr /international /la-porte-parole-de-donald-trump-testee-positive-au-covid-19 -3996397

Tres de octubre : the power of Three en el 10

Over at the Brexit fissure is High Noon in G.M.T., and in Paris the little hand of Time is on the One.

In Washington, as the so-called “Land of the brave” is glued to la telenovela de Donald Trump, people forget That the Secretary of State is the 4th on cue to take over the u.s. of América, people in the “home of the Free” forget that while the World looks at the American Experiment crack, our favorite FOWL, Turkey (🇹🇳) —yeah, Buddy!— is going around waving his dick around the block (🇪🇺🇫🇷) and CLAIMING that Jerusalem (🇮🇱🇹🇳) belongs to the Ottoman Clan.

https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20201002

In Other Words, Frankie Boy, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is pulling a Donald Trump on THE VEREDICT of World War ONE, by this logic the Ottomans did not disappear after the Great War, they were just lounging around… in their “overstuffed” sillones.

In Paris, France, MSNBC’s Bradley Cooper finally left the Saint Germain-des-Prés quartier and scooted his camera monkees to the Arc de Triumph where mr. Cooper is taking on the role of “Our Gang” character of ALFALFA.


Vía Reddit:

La semana que Philippe Separó

La semana que Philippe Separó .:. 2BBFC825-7977-4473-B57F-95BBF5461395 📰 « Crise du COVID-19 Quel Bordel », Aussi, at exactly 1187 in C.E. Time, Saladin se acopla en Jerusalem… just the facts, Ma’am.

🇫🇷 https ://www .france24 .com /en /20201002 –macron-reprimands-turkey-accusing-erdogan-of-sending-jihadists-to-azerbaijan

🇹🇳 https ://worldisraelnews .com /turkeys-erdogan-says-jerusalem-is-our-city/

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Ottoman_(furniture)

Breaking The —eye told you so— News

The Trump family and their close associates caught the COVID-19 virus.



This is to certify that the President of The United States of America Pursuant to the Authority vested in him By CONGRESS has awarded THE


Established by General George Washington at NEWBURGH, NEW YORK, August 7 1782.

President Donald John Trump

For self-inflicted Merit and for Wounds received at one of his most-consequential rallys.

Our thoughts go out to all of the military personal WHO have no choice but to accessorize the 45th Edition of E Pluribus Unum, or Out of One Many… or something like D.A.T.!

On both sides of The Atlantic

On both sides of The Atlantic .:. 57FDCF3C-C5F0-430A-B74E-A97CDF7BACF4 .:.

News of that diagnosis was rapidly spread around the word and shook no one by surprise, in Paris, the Siren Den marked the occasion with a so-called Soirée FADO (en Inglés, off-course) instead of Jazz… Oh, The Humanity.

In El Ey, perhaps it was our most recent reporting of the L.A. Times apologetic manifesto to migrants (in general) and the news that Florence Cassez returned to a life of body snatching that the editors of that news organization chose to cover the story of La Banda de Los Abuelitos Secuestradores de El Monte (neta que sí).

30 de septiembre, 2020 — My fellow Americans

Oh, the environment.

No fake taxes… solid $750, folks!

For the next 90 minutes Nicole Wallace is going to picture a naked Emperor on stage…

Donald strikes first and Fake Checks pre-existing pregnancies or the absence of Periods, or something like that. Fat bastard is nimble and quick with the tongue and uses it as a whip to snap back at the FOX News moderator.

There’s a debate going on and Donald brought a heckler to the exchange… SECURITY!!!

It’s futile, Tomato — Toe Ma’to, potato — pata-tas.

Gonna watch porn now, on RT Today.

Té de tila y Pinol®️, repollo y reyes — Banana Republic

Note to editors:
the following is based on a novel “made up of interlinked short stories” and the frame contains a classic community television setting and the program is called, “Of cabbages and kings”.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /sin-fronteras/2020/09/27 /los-angeles-times-pide-perdon-a-generaciones-de-migrantes-3104 .html

“De la Unión es lo mejor”

“De la Unión es lo mejor”, based on a popular Mexican song by Vicente Fernández titled: como Anchuría no hay dos .:. F6FD4272-E97D-4C49-9311-37884F29BC31

Si el norte fuera el sur

Si el norte fuera el sur, Monalisa en Radio La Nueva República, este señor sería Jorge Saldaña en El Alternativo, y ni modo que don Rubén Lenguas me vaya a sacar la Luenga por esa comparación… 🍎 https ://www .jornada .com .mx /sinfronteras /2020/09/27 /los-angeles-times-pide-perdon-a-generaciones-de-migrantes-3104 .html

… dear, WaWa girl, is Cousin Joe doing advertorials between paid advertising? Eye feels that you are over-taxing your viewers in Bruxelles.

En contexto, it’s international café they en Nueva York and mixed between the End of the American Experiment and a climate apocalypse, Donnie Deutsch fitted a coffee pusher’s advertorial, disguised as a consumer report.

Viewers in Belgium got all flamencos when they heard the “buy one and get a (insert product here) for free” plug.

Benelux viewers expressed concern at the complete disregard of the SEPARATION of News and Fluff on the part of the MorJo Brand.

The am/pm mini market 🦝

September 24, 2020 — Entre pavos reales y flamencos

Getting back to El Mes de La Memoria at The White House (1600 Pennsylvania Ave.)…

If you think that it is Way Too Early, for this shit… then you are probably a few days (40 for the election) from finding out what Chile felt when The President of The United States nulled that countries’ ballots… c’mon, Kasie, Ketch-up!


Meanwhile, en El Mundo de Le Monde… did you ever think, Bruxelles (🇧🇪), that the French medias would get all FLAMENCOS about their « freedom fries?”

… [A]nd Belgium weighs in:

— Not before 11h30 in C.E.T., and never before breakfast.

Flamenco,a, adj. colloquial

1. insolent, defiant
2. a type of art
3. a charming person

Freedom Fries, a « Catchphrase » invented coined by Nicolle Wallace during her role as Kayleigh McEnany during the time of the U.S. Administration that gave u.s. “the people”, the original recipe for Supreme Court decisions of WHO gets to PLAY president of THEM united states of america.

… [A]nyhow, as you are probably not aware, the staff of this most non–consequential blog is on hiatus, and Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo is playing the role [very badly] of Wolfman Jack [motherfuckers].

—Wanna know what grinds my coalition?

That’s right non-listeners, the thing that really makes Mí spin in place is the improper use of a Hawaiian shirt, especially when you strap a semi-automatic weapon of war over, IT, in the name of nativism. If that’s how you “3” percenters choose to go to war, then öüï demand that all of your female ranks arrive in  itsy-tiny-weenie-polka dot-bikinis, Yeah Buddy!

— And for the record, while the powers that be circumvent the next processes of a General Election, here’s a blast from the past, it’s called “Hamburgers in Paradise”:

Previously on...

Previously on:
This Week in History with Colonel Reid .:. C1874427-9FB9-40D9-ADC5-23F7E325CDA2 🗃 https ://asegovia3 .com /2016/10/15 /this-week-in-history-today/


This week in History… today