No Cock* on the panel at the Next democratic debate

For the record, monsieur Yannick le rédacteur, a cock* in this context is a « challenger »…

Monsieur Chef le rédacteur du 11ème bureau

Monsieur Chef le rédacteur du 11(M*) bureau… fip punto fr NEEDS Mí para poner las ALT164 y las ALT165 por encima de las “enes“. -_¡_- (*ème)… en resumen seÑOr Yannick ALLAin, en el 2011, CHANGE . org lanzó una petición para darle NOMBRE al carácter de ~ que se coloca por encima de LA EGNE… en francés; ISSY, ya estamos a finales de la segunda década del primer siglo del Tercer Milenio y el carácter de ~ todavía NO TIENE NOMBRE. Y no  Niño Luc, el carácter de ~ que su monta en la letra ENE no se llama “virgulilla”, ni tampoco es una “tilde”, ni mucho menos, “un palito de la ñ”.

por ejemplo, Raquelito, let U.S. use the four–division middleweight champion of the world, como un molde:

Saúl “cinnamon spice” Álvarez es un buen gallo en su rubro.

Coming up on the Ambassador of Europe Show

Coming up on the Ambassador of Europe Show.:.DE74C035-13CF-419C-A984-5D81A221D632 •|• NATIONALISM is a dirty word, especially them Liberals from the Chicago School in Santiago 1973; just sayin’ Cousin Joe, now sus Mercedes can talk among yourselves.

In this sense, monsieur le rédacteur at the 6th division of La Préfecture de Paris, Mr. Álvarez es un buen gallo mexicano, even if that fag is from Guadalajara.

Mean, while President Trump weeps for losing the commonwealth of Kentucky, Master SERGEant Farell reminds the good people of Ohio, that nationalism is only a good idea[L] for little insecure people like Donald John Trump and his “lamenTABLE” followers.

Must Scroll from here

Must Scroll from here.:.F3056CD5-DE7E-44A5-A8DC-0A9FE414A268 •|• …[T]o Eternity, period _-!-_ Deer Cousin Joe, please BEE advised that les rédacteurs of “the” Dead Sea Scrolls, were all fags; all of M, including superchérie, punto y aparte en Central SIRENE Time

* We [the staff] of this HERE non–CoNaCyT sponsored blog, put a BLEU hasteRisk on that cock, because as Steve Kornaki knows, The Rachel Maddow Show is really the “night version” of Cousin Joe… in this Contex, Heidi Przyvilla, Cousin Joe is; wait for it, Wait… in the Mean Thyme, please relay our CON•Dole•Ezzas to Senator Mitt Romney for the loss of the LeBaron’s.

Viva México.

Buenos días, Señora Poniatowska (princesita)

¡Señora!!! Que no le digán, y que no le cuenten, acérquese a este su tan intrascendente blog, que ni acentos, tildes, ni eggnes sabe poner.

Anygüey, doña Poni, Steve Kornaki is talking.

Anygüey, doña Poni, Steve Kornaki is talking.

Origins behind some of baseball’s most puzzling terms

Acérquese a la UndoLingua, « le spécialiste du souRIRe », only on HoBO TV, casi esquina con Servandoni y “La Mapacha” du Canivet, 75006 Bitch… dijo la “heroica” perra de Catherine Deneuve, —de nuevo— and, still in the role of a Young Cecile Strong in a Young Bobbie di Niro voice.

¿Qué sera, will bee...

¿Qué sera, will bee…:.B94C03F2-A773-4095-B66B-3B32443F42A5

los “chicanos y chicanas” de su discurso en la bóveda de la Real Academia Española la saludan, y aquí, este su seguro « pocho » servidor le pide que por favor, como buena mexicana, vaya usted a Chingar a su madre… junto con el tal, “cuchito cuchito” y su chingado Opinel.

Elena Poniatowska...

Elena Poniatowska…6A6EEF86-D8D3-4350-8F59-1B3482A603F1 •|• Öüíb seen a thing or Ü–Too, so we, Armando Segovia/armando serrano prieto UNcovered it.

The good SANTANA follows… ahora con Flaco Jiménez inside.

Cuando Africa se pone un Blue Jean

Cuando Africa se pone un “pantalón” Blue Jean… “dicen los güercos”.



New News — Put a GoPro on it

Dear, Gen. McKenzie, Jr.

The type of person he is

“The type of person that he is”… thank you sir, for making KIDS and service canines the TOP PRIORITY OF YOUR STRIKE. Unlike your so called “Commander–in–Chief” who does not care for kids with cancer and just sends them in the WHOLE, to hell.

Thank you for your boom–boom report. It must be hard to finish up military Time punch under an idiot that can’t even pass candy out to little minions, let alone care for a canine.

Dog meat

Dog meat in Korea, and at any given Houston barbacoa taco stand is “exquisite” by the shop owner’s standards. •_!_• Just sayin.

Bob Evans was “exquisite”, a beautiful dandy, some might say, the operation that you are detailing to Donald Trump’s editorial system standards, was at best surgical.

Boston medical center

Mean, while Trump is President of Them United States, this cunt can’t be called a BITCH in Bean Town.

Carry on.
Sincerely, Field Marshall Carlin

P.S.: Here is La Fuente de doña Vilma en la OECD de la cantina Anahuacalli en la rue de los BERARDINOS, París, 75004.

Karime Macías pagó 3.6 mdp en GB para afrontar en libertad juicio de extradición

Deer Chuck Todd,

The script

… [P]reviously on: Mon Chiene Stupide, BB queen was about to go “Postal” on the jarhead.

“Justice is blind” is a colloquial (shop-reaction lingo) terminology, in the old days, justice called a sketchy deal an apothicaire deal. Now apologize to Bennett.

In Mexico new News, the BITCH who short-changed the médecine for KIDS WITH CANCER in the bloody state of Veracruz was arrested in London. She is now free to fight an extradition case in liberty thanks to the money that she and her husband, the ex–governor in that state STOLE.

Pelotero a la bola, ¡ PLEYBÓL !

Page 289 ♦ ejection… egg, 8, 800 number

“earned run average”

Letty y Suzi in Four Frames Follow

Letty y Suzi in Four Frames Follow

Eight Wonder of the World (fake grass) in reference to The Astro some in Houston, on account of it being the FOist indoor stadium when it opened in 1965, that’s ÉON’s before the French went ahead and took it upon themselves to invent a “thing” that NBC baptized as “the internet”, a place for violence, –of course.

Portrait du Chevalier d'Éon

Portrait du Chevalier d’Éon not available, however this here “giphy” is a pretty close approximation of Charles de Beaumont, who went ahead and took it upon himself to invent the Letter “T” in the LGB movement.

Heck, the damn Peacock went ahead and snatched the first INTERNET email address, and yes, los muy pavorrales del Rainbow Room registered it IN TRUE MANIFEST DESTINY fashion: violence[Circle A]

Page 293 ♦️EqBA

Page 293 ♦️ EqBA; entrada y envío, also English 1 n. A Spinning motion of a batted or pitched EGG (baseball) with just enough rotation to cause it to VEER from its NATURAL course.

https ://www. smithsonianmag. com/arts-culture/remembering-astrodome-eighth-wonder-world-180954585/

Source: The Language of Baseball, GNOW in it’s its Third Edition.
La fuente is a.k.a.,The Dickson BASEBALL DICTIONARY.

Dare Devil — the Sixth Beatle

Live au Mans ’66 via the California fires:


Over in Washington

Over in Washington .:.759FAAA5-7B40-44AC-8204-FE3B643A223C •|• Captain America was spotted navel gazing after that most unfortunate episode, previous to “the” Chinese Democracy, where as Evry personne Gknows, the so–called “Manifest Destiny” was exceptionally eradicated and “brutaly torn appart” by Erdogân and the New young turks.

Deer Noah “CommenChristotarypher” Rothman, please relay to “el viejo del sombrerón” to please tell the “automobile critic” in the U.K. that there is a new Beatle on the TraCk:

Nombrilisme y el ombligo de la montaygna

Nombrilisme y el ombligo de la montaygna -_!_-

Sección M:
at The Moovies with Sam Stein, but FOist, Willie Geist clears Ayotzinapa para los espontáneos, “Chicago is not more dangerous than Juaritos”.

This movie has not yet been rated.

This movie has not yet been rated. Starring, Teeni Tiny Cat, as a Real American Hero.

En Primera Plana — A new chapter

Frijolitos arios… mejorando “La raza”, dicen los güercos.

Los nazis en México — a New Page

El Libro Vaquero

El Libro Vaquero… Ariel®️ las limpia mejor.

“Mexico es el país mejor portado”, dijo Jesús Silva Herzog (Sr.) en UTEP.

Actually, mr. president of Ted Nugent’s united states of america

Trust Mí, we [the staff, even in our “mosquito wing private” mode] have more experience than your Id (Freud), your I.D. (Grunts), and yes, even the ID. (Iraq currency) that you are trying to inflate with that worthless and wasted military academy training that your immigrant mum sent you away to get. You, sir, fail as a military strategist. Ted Nugent was more tactical–driven when he systematically shit his pants to avoid the ‘Nam—man!

Sure... but have you tasted the Giant

Sure… sure; Royal with Chessy, but tell Mí, “Oliver” if D.A.T. is your real nomenclature, have you barfed after a Giant à la rue de Rivoli?

You sir didn’t make Columbia’s enemies weaker, what you, sir, accomplished was the opportunity for a bunch of purpose–oriented combattants to trim the fat off of their meritocracy.

Deer Susana Sepulveda*
Is D.A.T. you howlin’
or are you just happy that you don’t read us?