Deer, Chris Hayes… 1,400 $U.S. for a Corona check!!!

Deer, Chris Hayes, sir.

26 bans of Coronas on the Wall

26 bans of Corona beers on the Wall .:. 1503506A-1D29-4337-ABD4-B8BDF721923C 🦠 Friday The 13th at midnight, in Trump Watchtower Times.

MADAFAKER, must read ↕️ this “{” much to ride; including the continuing story of García Madero (Los Detectives Salvajes; Anagrama 1998)


p.9, following las dedicatorias:
—Do you want Mexico’s salvation?
Do you want Christ as our king?

Malcolm Lowry

Thanks, LeBron

Thanks Lebron .:. 0672FEDC-0856-4BC2-BFE4-F60162E2D73C 🏀 And of course, if it’s a world signature event in history, it has to be touched by Bubba-Gump Shrimp. And for the record, Australia is the Enemy. Regardless of how lovely that Barbie is, Rita.

Breaking News:
European Coodies Stay Out
Rosbif cargo welcomed.
Sincerely: “theDonald

“A foreign Virus”– What a fuck is a Foreign Virus, mr. Trump.  By your own marketing rhetoric, mr. President, is there such thing as a “beautiful virus”? And if there is such thing as a “beautiful virus” can öüï please name this “beautiful virus” Lebron–23?

If there is a shortage of health and medical doctors around The Globe, you sir, should look over to The REAL HAVANA and draw from the pool of health and medical workers that Fidel (The Internationalist)  trained under his Embargoed regime. Furthermore, mr. Hayes, Eye has it on good authority to relay to the Italians that following the deportation of all Cuban health and medical workers from Bolivia, Cuba, of all places can quite possibly mitigate their heath and medical workers shortage (in Italy).


Page Two in Paris via Page 20 in 2666

Page Two of CNEWS . fr in Paris, via Page 20 in 2666 .:. CDC7CCA3-E9FD-4BEB-AE09-7D29DDDB7A8B 🗺 🌊 Un picnic de germano parlantes, “acabó con la historia de Espinoza con los jungerianos de Madrid,” Manuel carecía de méritos, y lo peor al parecer, Espinoza estaba muy feo… o algo así.

Previously on 2666:

Bad Religion got in the way, and as a result, Dr. Graffin, Greg (Ph.D, one–Each) explains to the producers of Morning Joe and to a motherfucker named Phil Griffin D.A.T. “Faith Alone, won’t sustain u.s. anymore”, Sin Embargo, the fear of a CLOWN Nation being run by Donald John Trump for another four more years has aligned the faith–based (Orange Soda and Fried Chicken*) pseudo gospel, prosperity GRACE BLESSING of Alabama with the candidate that Michael Bloomberg is betting on; now please let MÍ rearrange that statement for the “Praise the Lord” crowd on the bottom part of the Mason–Dixon door:

Team S. Pellegrino

TEAM S. PELLEGRINO didn’t stand a chance in this RACE .:. C1FB69A0-000E-46F5-8C95-B8900FAE821E Sublimez L’INSTANT from the inside of your Villas. Meanwhile in Nuevo Lyon, TEAM TOPO CHICO, had no Limes.


* [context from CocaCola drinking, bean-eating…

aridoamerican follows], in the mean time, wait scratch that mean fo’ being STUPID with Bruxelles, we [the staff] return to that combat sport called Sociology (with a Capital $):

Wanna Take a beer survey? You will automatically be signed up for a Royal Caribbean Cruise Voyage across the 7 Seas, but FO’ist you’ve got to tell U.S. “what’s in your Wallet?”. ¿Vale?

https ://


Samalayuca, septiembre 2014 — Rancho Los Dos Cachorros

En fin, algo que “los cachorros” del ‘multi campus institucionalizado’ del IHEAL y SciencesPo, en Saint Germain-des-Pres, 75006, casi esquina con el studio de Scarlett Johansson y el Hospicio Latinoamericano de M. Alain Rouquié, ancien ambassadeur de France au Salvador, au Mexique et au Brésil y, director de la llamada “MAL217” por los interWebs, no pudieron entender, o mas bien —no quisieron evaluar:

Well you’ve heard about Mastroianni’s “Matrimonio all’italianna” .:. 93979022-B7CA-478C-B07E-FDD011F62C61 It’s not one of Those. Esto es: una creación de Producciones Televisa y La vida en Rosa por Chelles y también por Lilas —_•!•_— LA QUARANTAINE A LA CHICHI L’IENNE —_•!-_— It’s from the Creator that brought FIRE to Gomorra from Canal (plus)… because God hates Wop’s. —•—
Synopsis: after what they did to ROME, Mars could care less of what became of the 7 hills inside of a stiletto boot, let alone to La Colonia named after the main forum inside of that boot, which was laid to rest in the horn of plenty, just below Columbia’s promised land


Still to come: you can ring my alarm pero no me  apachurres el snooze button, nena.  But FOist, it’s another edition of 2666 —La parte de adelante de los críticos.

Manuel Espinoza, the quiet one according to page 19 of ediciones ANAGRAMA learned two valuable revelations from the time that he began to realize que los jungaros madrileños, (apparently a literary group with a vibe that the good people from Selma, Alabama, would surely recognize as one of them FIA rules race car driving clubs) were just as circular as them Top Fuel funny cars and their figure Eight shape track rucas; dicho de otra puta manera:

Manuel Espinoza suffered from a permanent condition that ailed his REM sessions much in the style that ail (ajo en francés) cocked-blocked a vampire colmillos aiming for a pulsating jugular, dreamers call that ailment “insomnia”, siestas can mitigate the curse, but really, nothing compares to a full-night shut-eye. Anyway, it was during one of them after midnight sessions that Manuel Espinoza began to ask himself, —in a very Formula One— serious manner “if those people,” (p. 20) los jungerianos, no los fans de Ophra Winfrey in Modesto, California, where as everybody en la UNAM knows is also where Jonh Mill Ackerman was born) were not really asking Espinoza in between shades to leave; to stop bothering and to never return.

It was during one of  this  these nights, that Manuel Espinoza learned that Armando Álvarez was right all along…


The weekend Update

The Weekend Update .:. CAB6A8A8-E3C6-45F1-BC13-8D58BD5EA98E 🛴 Live footage of Lorde Lorne Michaels beating the fuck out of The Weekend musical guest at SNL 45 is not available, however; vintage footage of an Executive Training Film of the Walt Disney Enterprise shows voice actor Alain Rouquié (“The Boss”) solving a little problem at Fréquence Paris Pluriel (106.3 FM) when the hispanoparlante section of the Sunday Morning programming wanted “To Give Voice” to a voiceless Bolivian student that was disciplined at Le IHEAL for wanting to Establish an Association de Loi 1901 in the interest of Latin American student issues in Paris and the rest of Europe.  https ://youtube .com /watch?v=4RGXBRx_Fyk

Para la memoria Los cachorros de M. Alain Rouquié se recibieron de SciencesPo y el IHEAL con la noción de que, “el PRI, sí sabe gobernar”, y por eso John Mill Ackerman (UNAM) les vino a dar atole con EL DEDO, y el consejero del actual gobernador del estado de “chihuahuita” entretuVO con su cátedra (en Castellano del bueno, y no chingaderas) a los retoños de los cancilleres de Francia (asignados) por todo Latinoamérica. https ://nortedigital .mx /teto-marcelo-chela-lilia-serrano-garfio/

Admit it Micha*, los y las traigo cómo diría Mauricio Garcés: Muert@s… bola de putos.

… [Y] siendo que con la Excepción de doña Mueller de Obrador y su carnala, Mrs. Sandoval de Ackerman, y tal vez doña CoNaDe Guevara, las chiquillas mexicanas dicen que hoy no van a hacer nada, los chiquillos por su parte le van a hacer al “Men–at–Work” and play business as usual con las cosas que también, valga la redundancia, —los dejaron (sin su consentimiento) de mover.

It’s Saturday Night Morning with Chris Matthews

Musical guest:

Page 9

Page 9: Un oasis de horror en medio de un desierto de aburrimiento. CHARLES BAUDELIERE .:. FCF0366F-BA35-4D2B-AE5F-A55FDB5760D7 🔊 If it seems out of place, Eye can guarantee you, that it is not, as for me, i can’t remember how long it took to read “Los Detectives” de Bolaño for the first time while inhabiting the dorms of a “school of mines” in El Paso, Texas, what i can tell all of the non-readers of this most non–consequential blog is that the second  time around, it took u.s. from the end of February 2017 to around the time that Emmanuel Macron became the Eight President of France’s Fifth Republic, at the time we [the staff] were for the most part wasting away and loathing in a cheap Levallois hotel room in front of what would become the city‘s Music Conservatoire dorms. Today, for no particular reason,  öüï begin to tackle the “crazy pilgrimage to Santa Teresa” of Bolaño before that chileno departed El Horizonte (Horizon City… look it up,  ‘Amigos y Ciudadanos Morenos de Sicilia en Francia, —con Freddy Cats en Montreuil— 2011/2013*). 🔃 For the record, i, Armando Segovia, wanted to read this “little pamphlet” of 793 pages from the mind of Bolaño back in December 2010 when we [the staff] received the GO AHEAD from THE FRENCH CONSULATE in SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA to travel to Paris and, WATCH–RECORD–Critique–CONFRONT and THEN WRITE about Mexicans in France; however, Catch–22 (at the préfecture de police) and, LA FRONTERA DE CRISTAL (of Mexicans who collaborated with THE 6éme bureau of that dépôt) really–really–REALLY got in the way of u.s. checking out the only chileno (next to Victor Jara*) worth a damn, so 2666, here we are, WELCOME TO SUNLAND PARK (race track and casino On My Mind) in France.

* Salvador Allende excluded from this commentary, directed to LA CIA. Resentida.

Burying The Lead
Periodismo Salvaje

Eye likes his town

Eye likes his town .:. 107F5ABA-F2D5-43A3-B334-EA6AC9C60588 … with a little bit of Poison, just like Waits says.

Over the Queens
across The Brooklyn Bridge,
it’s time for:

The Weekend of Warren on the Bonds, and since the TimeLine on this most —MotherFucking— non-consequential blog is non–linear we send a signal to the fip Sirens and of course, esas Femmes d’Affaires at High Noon in Central frogmen times: Viva la libertad, just don’t be secretive or COY about it, ISSY, the next time we meet, Ms. Crow, Eye will not tell you that you are the only one, so please don’t expect a prince on a White Horse, ¿vale? because the sexes cut both ways.

It's just a Hand in The Bush — No more tears

It’s just a Hand in The BushNo more tears .:. 165673C3-8640-4FC4-8BFE-F5F79F4A1AFA 🦵🏻Although it is illegal and against the law (two separate charges) to call a woman « Femme » in France, öüï the staff celebrate your conchas and, we [the staff] want nothing more than to see Her particular concha (in the role of a Young Cecily Strong) replace Le Coq de Notre Dame de Paris. Indeed, Franck, öüï do.

Let’s Play Deneuve, again… “el comandante está aqui”, dijo Paolo Conte, ¡sírvanle un Vermouth, chingada madre!

Featuring: Johnny Hallyday and an Agent with No Time to Die… and if youse a Freak like Colin Jost then you’ll understand the pitch. Let’s Play Hardball, —Denuevo!

And now, a Public Service Announcement:
Deer, Lorde Lorne, you have really  have  got to stop beating your musical guest for the Weekend on your show… motherfucker! What Are you, Canadian‽ And why, Lorde Lorne? Why is Michael Che not allowed on the stage dais at the end of the show—you think öüï don’t notice? Eye bets that Michael Che’s absence when the credits start to roll is because the stage at the end of the show was stipulated as a “safe space” for Jost, eh!

Tell Mí Eye is lying?
You can’t.

Pseudo (not fake) Gospel, witt A.M. Joy

Gooooooooooooooooooooood morning, A.M. Joy!

Antes y primero que nada, un beso, MUAAA!

Any güey, Morenaza, cheka—t’esto, maybe the Latin Ex crowd will capture the nuances of how The Guardian neatly categorizes the US (in Bold) and the rest of “the” Americas in a different dais, fair game for the NEWS, not so much for the Pulpit.

And please, Ari Melver, don’t credit D.A.T. Abrams fellow for our advocating of The Devil in the Houses of The Holy in Selma, Alabama, god forbids that we [the staff] look into under appreciated works of unpopular litigations, and then pretend to write about’em! So don’t go getting your Jakasdis in a Pixies n°7* moment, mr. Melber… it’s not as if öüï are advocating for that Machette… Hachette that just fell over Woody Allen or, other assorted New York ESTATES of Mind.

Deer, Ari

Deer, Ari… you missed it by a second; the cutoff was 49 seconds, not 48 .:. EC0E7B78-0E56-4067-A78E-F43601565DF5 🥈

* If MAN is 5
then the DEVIL is 6
and if Lucie is Six then,
you get the FOCKEN idea.

Eye guess what it is – what it is D.A.T. öüï are getting at, A.M. Joy, is at those Diego Luna “pucheros” eyes and pouting lips that you made during TRMS “slow it down, and tell Mí more” segment of the Peacock Super Tuesday coverage, are now part of or continuing SETs on Dangling Participles.

All öüï are saying, Morning Joy, is that to err is human, but to “petition the Lord with prayer” only works when that lord is the All Mighty Dollar, or Euro, or Yen, or Pound, or bonds.

Your criticism (with them Diego Luna pucheros eyes) of Senator Sanders for “skipping” the Sunday Bloody Sunday ceremony became off–key when you gave virtue (Inside the house of the Lord) to the same kinds of souls that would REJOICE with Joaquin Phoenix at The Coliseum throwing the “thumbs down” for the ‘poor’ bastard en El Ruedo, which at the Brown Church in Selma arrived in the form of a dais or, tarima, in SPANISH FLU* speak, and in the manifestation of one Michael BLOOMBERG who tamed a Chi–Raq Black Panther.

—on an aside Blue Note:

* Congratulations to The Producers of A.M. Joy for drawing the Cultural and Historical parallels between CARMEN, COVID19 and, The Spanish Flu, BUT SHAME ON YOU A.M. JOY, for thumbing the “Selma Five” and turning the Houses of The Holy into The House That Nero (rip–it up) burned… ISSY, Negrita, ZEPPELIN GOES HERE ↙️

Coming up

Coming Up: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR [hard] HAT ON .:. 37EE21F8-4EC5-4953-8BC5-5FF6C412B2D8  —_•|•_— LOVE 🎾 Starring: Stormy Daniels as “The First Lady” and Melania Trump as “Construction Boobies”… Baby, YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HAT ON.

And on the Seventh Day, of the Third Month, God created Marvin Gaye.

https ://how-to .fandom .com /wiki /Convert_CD_Music_to_WMA _with _NERO_BURNING_ROM


2666: Desfronterizate, con CORONA®️ La Cerveza Especial de modelos.

In local news – The French extend vacation days for lepes

And in Waco, Texas… voting places were systematically closed and voting machines have some sort of a virus or snafu in Houston.

… And in Washington, the Associated Press is obsessed with how short Bloomberg tallied, and Cousin Joe is as giddy as a Truman voter on Nov. 3rd of 48′. Over at the National Action Network, the Reverend Al Sharpton just read Chuck D a Yesterday obituary.

Inside the Pundit's Studio

Inside the Pundit’s Studio .:. 7431D6A2-8B68-451A-B11B-5DDFA32CB098

Oh, the humanity, someone put Kornacki in a little box, over on Days of Our Lives The Sheriff just riveted the crowd with a solo act:

He's just crazy enough to do it

— He’s just crazy enough to do it .:. 8A81A00E-2E3B-48DE-9EBB-BF8EC3DC88CB 🐎

—“Isn’t anybody gonna help that poor man?”

— “Do what he says, do What He Says!!!

Meanwhile in El Ey

Meanwhile in El Ey .:. 8C056DE8-EB5B-473B-9370-60DF9DBE0C1C The Los Angeles County board was more interested in 2017/18 in fixating Silver Lake on Them Greek Olympics billboards than on them Beaners on Olympic voting boards. /// And as bonafide «Beaner en el Exterior; Central Nato Time; S.V.P. » Eye approves this message.

— Hush, Harriett! That’s a sure way to get him killed.

Coming up in the Programming,
a monologue for the Reverend Al Sharpton
and a review of the Recollections of A.M. Joy in Selma
as these happend in reel-time.


John Oliver is a foken Animal — Gonna miss you, Chris

Tuesday's gone — What's on Wednesday?

Tuesday’s gone — What’s on Wednesday? .:. F44CB403-C42E-4D6F-91A7-B2030C1D5A05 — The Addams Family.

Somehow, Steve Kornaki’s dark screen is not as much of a kick to rag (not troll) on… but Seriously, Michael Moore, who the Fuck drops on out off the Big Enchilada before the Qualifying Run, eh?

So, it's Established

So, it’s Established .:. E940E21E-42D4-4E0B-840F-94CE82B76A44 —_•!•_— Indeed, Kornacki, Indeed. Öüï got him.

Oh, The Humanity! — The Show Must Go On!
Fade to Black

Fade to Black .:. 923A3CB4-4810-438C-B014-2F76CD0A63A9 —_•!•_— to the tune of Roy Orbison in “newsreel” Time, and for The Archive, we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog, after playing devil’s advocate for the Blitzkrieg comment] had just TRANSLITERATED what öüï believe was is the Perfect Spanish call-sign for the Show: Vamo’ A Macanear; too bad that Phil Griffin never reads this 21st Century tribute to the “newsreel”. Matthews announced his retirement during Monday’s night’s* airing of his talk show, “Hardball.”

* Tuesday morning in Central Europe Time

Reached for comment, Mika Brzezinski said that she “tuned in every night only to hear the opening of the Chris Matthews Show,” Cousin Joe was not available, however, Willie Geist reflected on Steve Kornaki’s dark screen:

uh, funny how it didn’t come on, on such a momentous night.

Musical Guest:
The Lounge Newsreels featuring, En Dallas (voz) fuiste a dar.

Roy Orbison in real fip “Kitschy” time; Issy, the following must be presented in a Brian Williams “newsreel” spiel. Y no, Raquelito, we are not into crystal ball gazing, but there seems to be a neat time–projected and time-delayed triangulation in the TimeStamps, and as usual we do not select the songs that fit the newsreel tribute, we just play’em:

Just the fact's Kumar

Just the facts, Kumar .:. 0797E8F4-DCF9-42B7-B354-F17FC6514F8E 🗣 Just the facts.

Suspense and Drama by installments — Fake footage of the Spanish American War


And in Washington...

And in Washington .:. 3D16959C-7C49-4FE4-9F91-A462684E8AD2 🎖Senator Amy Klobuchar drops from the race and endorses ‘the’ Biden.

Marzo es el mes del “kitsch” en Radio France, y según las fuentes de doña Vilma, el Ministerio de La Cultura giró un dictamen estipulando que el próximo Nueve de Marzo, todas las toreras (francesas) se quedan en casa. La prórroga surge a partir de los ‘chistecitos’ de la esposa del portavoz no oficial y propagandista emeritus del presidente de México, y profesor de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de la UNAM, John Mill Ackerman.

Bovine courtesy of El Reforma

Bovine courtesy of El Reforma, y Paco Calderón (Latin fue) .:. por aquello de los Presuntos Implicados: https ://monoaureo .com /2020/03/01 /sospechosos-habituales/

https ://www .cbsnews .com /news /super-tuesday-klobuchar-dropping-out-of-2020-race-and-endorsing-biden/

But speaking of a weekly Sunday Bloody Sunday

From The Hill, and for some, perhaps a sentimental  journey home.

What would Tony Bennet do?

“…[W]hat we need in this country is a foreign policy that not  only protects Israel but deals with the suffering of the Palestinian people as well.”

Sen. Bernie sanders
responding to the Las Vegas, Nevada
Israeli lobby, or AIPAC
American Israeli
(P)yada, (A)yada, (C)yada!

Meanwhile, al otro lado del Grande (allá) no pasa nada.

Dear, Kasie Hunt

Dear, Kasie Hunt .:. 11BBE953-24DD-419E-B17E-B85DC60ECB3F 🕵🏻‍♀️ Please relay to the Morning Mika crew, if Bernie’s response is acceptable to the Establishment at Studio 3A and 8A of the Rainbow Room at 30 Rockeffeller Plaza? Or, and it is a Big or, if Cousin Joe is down for surgically dropping Drone Bombs on fútbol playing kids with a love for Messi and Ronaldo on the wrong side of Bibi Netanyahu’s “strip”? Aussi, Sheldon is the Enemy, not the indians* of Abraham, eh! Que quede Claro, Eugene Roberts, que–quede–Claro.

Sheldon Adelson…
probably not part of this Tribe:

Larry David is a suspect

Larry David is a suspect .:. A18E64A0-8067-429E-9B64-70277E72E3E5 🇮🇱  And, “this sounds positively Solomonic until you read,” the ‘Dirt on Tech’ just below Victoria and her Solitude Hearts Club Band. 

TimeStamp 02h46 in CET / 20h44 w/two minute delay in South Bend, Indiana, times, former mayor Peter Buttigeig (él) CEDE el paso en su carril de la carrera por el arrendamiento de La Casa Blanca.

Any güey, Franck — Let the poles talk!

You know, Franck, the Dreyfus affair was not the only affaire where the Ministry of Culture has condemned a regrettable decision by the Cesar (sin acento; not the Verb… as in Pete–Cesa; Elizabeth–Cesa; MIKE BLOOMBERG–Cesa, etc., etc., etc…).

Tropical parallels

Tropical parallels… Le mardi 10/03/2020 “La Sociologie est un sport du combat” dans le Forum Des Images – dans le forum des Halles; 75001.  .:. followed by: Politicks is The Art of War!… motherfucker.

It’s the 20th hour over in WaWa Land, where James CarVile just proved that he is not The Cult follower D.A.T. öüï had previously pictured, Indeed… and in the voice of Brian Williams « the ragin’ Cajun » could be forgiven for sporting an official ‘U. S. M. C.’ headgear*.

Previously, in the vicinity of the 20 arrt.

Previously, in the vicinity of the 20th arrt. .:. B88B9A5A-3BA3-4D7B-96B6-B381499970B1 🏍

* USMC headgear:
u suck mí 🐓
or something like D.A.T.
—in French

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/02/29 /espectaculos /a05n2esp

Vamo’a macanear — Let’s Play hardball

Dear, Chris Matthews:

You’re gonna like the way you look.

“Te lo prometo.”

… [A]nd if you get the Burlinghton Men’s Warehouse Local 3 Union reference, then —motherfucker— youse half-güey D.A.R.E., eh.

In any case at the “dog track”, Cousin Joe, « Santa’s Little Helper » ain’t got a chance at the races, “Yo Quiero Taco Bell”, now that little motherfucker can run circles and Pi’s on any given Blitzkreig.

Coming up in the programming

Coming up in the programming .:. 033D1F6C-8850-4BEE-83F6-7B56BB63F349 🥁 The only RUSH that matters.

Now, about MONEY in American Politics, can you, Willie Geist, relay to the NAACP that if IOWA and New Hampshire are to be scraped from the primaries, THEN every motherfucking State, including the Super Tuesdays need to be erased from the delegate count. The current system only benefits Bill Clinton’s deregulated Media Conglomerates. A six month stump period and one  Sunday morning —after The Church— to vote in all of the States and Territories to decide who in the fuck will get to ride the motherfucking Donkey in the race against the Pachyderm. Now D.A.T., Cousin Joe, is race worth betting on, —motherfucker!, period

—————— 🗣🖕🏼👿✍🏽😈 —————-

But, FOist, a look  on  at the “Metal Militia” as read by Keith Richards:

And Ozzy went...

And Ozzy went… just take a piss on The Alamo and carry–on, ya’Bum!

James went from “riding the lightning” to riding an Air Farce … scratch D.A.T. from Riding The Lightning to riding an Air Force stationary physical training bike.

P.S.: Hey, Lars, “Jason’s Mexican slave–boy” called, he wants James « lit » up again so that Kirk can jam with one of your roadies… motherfucker!