This could be the start of something big — AMLO EN LOS ARÉNALES

TimeStamp: 19h45 en la OCDE à París… oh, but Yes, those fuckers are paying attention NOW.

Hay 40 grados and — No RAIN… en Samalayuca, porque aquí en la OCDE  hasta tormenta eléctrica habrá.

Context follows…
The Roots at The BBC
Gilles Peterson Presents

TransAtlantic UPDATE

Así se las gastán, los guaruras, la Primera Dama tiene todo el derecho de hacer escala en París para saltar a La Côte d’Azur… y Cobos tiene todo el derecho de hacer su jale; los putos güaruras, Sin Embargo, no les han avisado que mismo —aquí en Francia— ni el güarura de Macron se salva de un jucio por abuso de autoridad. TELL ME, Tell Me, where the party is at!

¡Ay, Cobos… pero no entiendes!!! •_!_• Sopitas content via: https//:www.REDDIT/r/MEXICO }-—-~~~\*> The MotherFucking FrontPage of the God Damned Internet!

… De París à Mexico… ¡AHHHHHHHHHHSí No Se Putos Puede!!!

The Public servant caught taking loads of cash, in brown paper bags from an Argentinian empresario, when AMLO was the mayor of the now renamed Distrito Federal, o sea, el jefe de chilangolandia, will now supervise the fedaral flow of money for social programs, we [the staff] hope that things are transparent and not AHUMADAS like during AMLO’s Gobierno del Distrito Federal administracion… regurgito: ¡ASÍ NO SE PUTOS PUEDE, John Mill Ackerman!

Enter: René Bejarano. ¡Puta Madre!!!

Modus OpeRANDi… Roll Over Neruda, Tell Dostoyevsky The News

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Kentucky Windage with the Paul’s

For the Record. “My plan will not impose a national ID card or mandatory E-Verify, forcing businesses to become policemen.” Said a Latino-loving Senator, Rand Paul (R–KY), in 2013  to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The following must be read
in a Generalissima Jordan’s voice.

But first, it’s 03 hundred hours in Central NATO Time—time to check out TRMS, hey, Raquelito! Still out fishing?

— You betcha’, responded our favorite Purple Pundit, Nicolle Wallace, however, —she went on to say— Raquelito will be back tomorrow no doubt with some really really big fish stories.

Anygüey, it’s been a couple of increasingly Dog Day Afternoon’s since we [the staff] promised you, people who never read this most inconsequential blog, a screen grab of the good Senator from the Great State of Ft. Knox speech to a bunch of Mexican–Americans; and probably to a bucket-load of Cuban–Americans; perhaps a couple of Colombian, Chilenean and Costa RicanAmericans también who probably took Spanish classes in High-school and, [as Cheech Marin put it best] got a motherfucking* “b” so here it goes.

* emphasis is all ours.

If General George C. Scott lived, He would command the seeing half of Col. Frank Slate to take a “FLAMETHROWER” to Fort Knox and level that Golden Training Site and then head over to Churchill Downs and bet on a horse named Tango/Alpha/November/Kilo… General Abrams is fo’Damn–sure rolling in his grave and not necessarily in the cadence of how the Army Goes Rolling Along, no sir.

Tango–Sierra: 06 hundred hours, keep your squelch–on, the staff is going to get some shut-eye, in the mean time, the purple pundit –it seems– is a fan of the Bruce Willis  voice–over, who would have thunk it, eh?

The Russian soul is a dark place. Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Oh–la–la, ahora en espagnol… What a difference a day makes, part IV

Yes indeed, oh but yes y, como dice la canción:

.. I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was stronger.…

… ISSY, dear Sirens, this is an InterMission.

Sin Embargo, bola de putos, quién fuera Dolia Estévez para saber quién fue Manuel Buendía and know why he was killed dead with a load of plomo administered through the back of his coat with one of those goverment issued ‘roscoes’ to the Mexican police.

TimeStamp: The 2 o’Clock hour in CET.

Néanmoins, o como dicen los franceses in their peer–reviewed articles: NotWithStanding, at least for the makers of this most non-consequential blog this sort of strategic REACOMODOS, or key player restructuring is the way that political alignments have been coordinated since we began covering in 2012 when the Exectutive Directive from Los Pinos was to extinguish all political dissent in the old continent pero, sobre todos los territorios, el más codiciado de la labisconería política–cultural mexicana, o sea, París.

Next thing Ewe know, Echeverría Álvarez siempre fue una blanca paloma y no el AUTOR INTELECTUAL MAGNICIDA del imaginario del aparato de Gobernación.

TimeStamp: The Three o’Clock hour in
Central Europe Time.
It’s Siesta, o como dicen los franceces:
Horizontal Time.
See Ewe’all at the
Five o’Clock hour in C.E.T.

The Red Baron and… La Noche de Los Inválidos follows.

BUENDÍA… right now, bola de putos, son las Cinco de la tarde en París.

Bonjour… o como dicen los franceses: BUENDÍA.

The following is courtesy of Dolia at SinEmbargo:


En 1984, agentes de la DFS asesinaron a Manuel Buendía, el periodista que investigaba el vinculo entre la CIA, la DFS y el narco. José Antonio Zorrilla, el director de la DFS que recibía órdenes directas de Bartlett, fue hallado culpable. Bartlett resultó impune. Dijo que no era responsable de los crímenes de la DFS (The Wall Street Journal 05/03/1997). En 1989, el expediente de Buendía fue cerrado. Los autores intelectuales siguen libres.


TimeStamp: “Good Stuff” at 17h30
in Central Siren Time.

Anygüey, Bill Maher,
have Ewe heard the one about
The WereWolf?
Etta James sang it best.

TimeStamp: Diez para las Sies — en plena canícula…
o como dicen los franceses “Comment ça va?”
on this Dog Day early evening, eh?

Jazz Hour follows.

Cuando vuelva a tu lado — What a difference a day Makes (part 2)

… still to come:
Ayotzinapa para Espontaneos,
but first, we reach out to an
« Old Friend ».

Dear, Raphaël Moran at Radio Francia Internacional, while Ewe —as a chaperoned correspondent of Mexican political magazine “proceso”—were busy asking the next president of The Mexican United States if he, Andrés Manuel LÓPEZ OBRADOR “had any friends in France”, we [The STAFF] were busy asking Quetzal, Sergio, Berenice, and the rest of the founding members of Morena–Francia, except doña « voz de pito » Georgina Moreno, if they knew who the gentleman* next to a star-struck picture-taking bleached blonde** (inside the Latin American House, in the heart of Saint Germain–des–Pres) was…

* Lic. Juan Carlos Loera de la Rosa
(probably his wife).

Oye, Morena… Falta Una para Las Tres, eh!

full disclosure, Raphaël’ we [the staff] knew who that gentleman was and what his “day job” was, we just wanted to gauge the level of “CHAMAQUEADAS” that the good founding fellows from Morena–Francia were willing to rise to.

I, (o sea, bola de putos, YO, Armando Segovia, in the role of Catalonio Barcelonneto de Peralvillo, was only trolling the now distinguished “grillos” of the next political force in Mexican politics for the sake of pulling their pretty little faux “frog legs,” on account that we [the staff] know how in “their own” transparent way (Morena–Francia / Asociación Gilberto Bosques París) has always Closed Ranks, Sent False Flares, and acted like real Royal Peacocks when challenged with a fair open question.

TimeStamp: i paid the tab for my Sins…
on Central Siren Time.

… a fílerazos por el hueso de la Rectoría en la Ciudad más pacífica de ¡MÉXICO!!! — ¡YUPPiiiiiii!!!

Now, Ralphie, before we [the staff] continue we thought it fair and “Move It On Over” MGM Records (78 rpm) 1947 in the voice of Hank Williams and introduce you to “La Sombra de Letras (periodismo)” desde Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. ¿Porqué? pues, porque chingados no ¿eh?.

Lujo y Hambre en La UACJ

Frequency Hop

TimeStamp: You’re NOT good ENOUGH
in a Motel Show… or something like that

… now, Baby… Ewe Know — That WE [the staff] Have Da Funk, eh! Even, Vicky Have Da’ Funk. }–—-~~~\*>  The following, Ladies in Gemeni, is a Public Service Announcement: B.C.E. is short for Before Central Europe.

… TimeStamp: La Canicula de las 4H20 in Central Siren Time… si coje (Sol) beba.

Cher, Panchito Hollande… “merci pour ce moment”.

Dear, François Hollande, you Sirexcuse moi: Vous, Monsieur, es en parte culpable de haberle dado las alas a su contraparte Enrique Peña Nieto para que él, y su puto gobierno mexiquense le heredaran al pueblo mexicano la deuda mas grande en toda la PINCHURRIENTA* historia del pais en dónde nunca pasaba nada.

… * así con ese pinche adjetivo, Gael García Bernal.

Issy, « Mozart en Churubusco », en tanto los tecnócratas  sigan sometiendo al pueblo mexicano a lamerle el culo a Los Estados Unidos de america (sin acento), o mismo los intelectuales agachen la cabeza  con el aparato de gobierno de Francia, pues entonces LA HISTORIA DE MÉXICO seguira siendo una Pinchurrienta trama telenovelera al estilo del puto Chavo del Ocho, o los méndigos Olvidados de Luis Buñuel.

Ayer, o mismo antier, áste señor Gael, se ofendió por el nombramiento del TORTURADOR en PROXI del agente de la D.E.A. Enrique Camarena, Manuel Bartlett como director de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad… Señor García Bernal, nigga please, —DON’T BE A HYPOCRITE. You knew from the start, that Bartlett was part OF THE AMLO PACKAGE… EWE, sir, gave MANUEL BARTLETT “the benefit of the doubt” when you voted for the candidate who welcomed the former Top Law enforcement (mexican thug) of the Rafael Caro Quintero era.

Testigo Privilegiado de la tortura del “tal” Kiki Camarena, por Rafael Caro Quintero… NARCOS En MÉXICO; nueva temporada, starring el otro güey, de “Tu Mamá También”.

En otras palabras, Gael, NO—MAMES, but if you choose to, then MAKE SURE THAT EWE SWALLOW!

Dear, Gael… we [the staff] love your theatrical work, we really do, pero ahora tendrás que tragar SAPOS, we [the staff] know for a fact que te encantan las ANCAS de Rana, so one or two TOAD…ies should not be a stretch for Ewe, sir.


BREAKING the nEwes:
Page 17…

and their stupid fucking pundits, too.

Stupid fucking CONSERVATIVES pundits like my Cousin Joe Scarborough laid out the proposition that the French extremist (from the right) and neo–fascist MARINE Le PEN is a socialist

EXTRA—EXTRA, stupid REPUBLICANS, mistake corporate and industry welfare handouts with regular people’s outreach programs. Corporate WELFARE and COMODITY MARKETS SAFTEY NETS are not part of a socialist plan, NO SIR, CORPORATE WELFARE AND COMODITIES MARKETS HANDOUTS are more in the realm of a FASCIST AGENDA.

Enter, Generalissima Jordan… this is a TimeDelayed entry, right now it’s 19 hundred hours au Festival “Au grès du Jazz”, o algo así en Alsace. Context with the Koch’s  follows, staff needs “refreshments”, we’ll be back in a jiffy.

in the same motherfucking SEGMENT, the KOCH BROTHERS condemn, “divisiveness and LACK OF LEADERSHIP in america (sin acento)”, after they helped orchestrate Donald Trump’s electoral college 2016 victory for the New American Fascist Front, a.k.a. the “make america great again” / “tea bagger” movement.

[confused Wu Tang hipster screen grab follows]

TimeStamp: 16h20 in Siren Central Time

No, Charles—oh but fuck no, with a Capital “n” Nigga! Fuck No. •—_!_—•  Just because Ewe and your brother spew money out of both of your assholes and every other orifice in your cryotherapeautic salvaged bodies doesn’t give you fuckers the right to clear the way for Vladimir Putin’s electorate vote–grab once November 2018 rolls around.


El Rayo de Jalisco: Campeón Justiciero… Q.E.P.D.



El Manotas“, mejor conocido por sus alumnos como “el profesor” y por los amantes de los costalazos en el pancracio con el nombre de batalla de Blue Demon, fue el titan de la Lucha Libre mexicana quien le arrebató el misterio a don Máximino Linares Moreno por allá en 1989 en Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Sin embargo, algo que ni la muerte le va poder arrebatar a El Rayo de Jalisco es el hecho de que su máscara es una de las más consagradas y representativas del imaginario y la cultura mexicana.

Origami del PUROfesshonaru RESUringu niponés.

En efecto, no solo con Frida Kahlo y una nueva temporada de “narcos” se pinta el paisaje mexicano.

Descanse en paz, El Rayo de Jalisco, Sr.

TimeStamp: 20h00 en Tiempo de la Europa Central.