Inverted Utopias… AVANT-GARDE ART in LATIN AMERICA with José Díaz-Balart

Pardon, Mí, mister O’Donnell, do you have any Grey Poupon®️? Eye has the 🧾 ask Stephanie Ruhle, she’s our undisputed foxi champion of The Webs.

Lady-like delivery, you should be an ambassador.

Page 120 (slash) 121:
Of Terrorism in the Arts
Ángel Rama y Los Amigos Invisibles*

Techo d’esto… told y’all that I was going to Squeeze a Whale.
The following is a Public Service Announcement.
If you are going to use the Bpi please be advised that the LOO 🚽 is under repair (again), plan accordingly.
Also, starting next week all Derelict-es-ese must enter the Bpi through the Place Georges Pompidou, it’s a scheme concocted by The Paris Tourism Board in order to fool Spy Satellites into thinking that the line outside is for the Art section of The Building.
memo 📝 to the Library gods, in the form of a Kézako:
… nothing out of the ordinary, but why is it, that out of 40 computers only n⁰ 14 and n⁰ 15 have the headphone jack installed?… the new keyboards are Magnificent, notwithstanding.

https ://catalogue .bpi .fr /fr /document /ark: /34201 /nptfl0000599539?search Token=34adfe7c13c2741ee5a777421f5dbdc6f9607f20

“A monkey plan for a baseball game,” according to Joyce Vance on the Jan. 6 Awards, on MSNBC… Eye wonders where she got that lead from?
Probably from Pitorreal.

TÉL. 42°20°97


Yale University and Arbusto Museum of Fine Arts.

Negocio Próspero
Snapshot of Black Humor
1963 — Venezuela

Meanwhile at the ta’Güeno Corral, it’s Bannzzaaiii aïe.

Hoy no hubo Warrant

After the break, it’s, “Eye Dream of Beans”.

Friggin’ George Cluny… if only The Paris Tourism Board had an imaginary concert

WaWa Wars… followed by “the Flava’s” on your FANTA Nilhs!

Across the street, on The Peacock Society, the Poles are talking and the ‘proud boys’ on Fox Props are trying to convince Tulsi Gabbard that her seXy-Evil ass is a Hawaiian Donkey and not an Hilo Republican.

Unicornio Azul.

And, RNC Steele, da’Fuck is ‘virtual signaling?

The Ubalde Tourism Board unanimously voted to move the man responsible for children being murdered at Robb’s Place, over to the Watersports Department, where Mr. PEDRO Arredondo is slotted to take over the LifeGuard’s department.

Text with Payne in a stupid suit, tailor-made for Hershey’s Walker.


Any moment now, a hip Parisian gas station is about to blow up… fire departments in all arrondisements are on alert and for good reason, Zoolanders are all over town. Aussie, Öüï picks up a scoop that MODESTO, the lone Mexican giraffe that recently passed away, left behind a Wife and Calf à BEAUVAL-de-Briezesinski.

A gas holiday on Urban Safari.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2022/05/23 /politics /georgia-republican-senate-herschel-walker /index .html

After the break is JaNice and her mood rings. And over in I–RAN a Flock of Seagulls just melted out of the sky there, where the temperature 🌡️ is hotter than Death Valley, CA….

Jazz is Dead, ese… remesas del Norte follows

Where Have You Gone, Moi Camacho?

https ://facebook .com /hitazo .mx /posts /894551150999653 /? refsrc=deprecated &_rdr

—… y don Moisés responde:

I’VE bean Évry Where, man!


I don’t think that word on your Jersey means what you think it means, Mr. Moses.


Bark at The Moooooon, Bannzzaiį, after the Hawaiian time shift for our Wednesday (Slash) Jueves coverage, Öüï Ketch’-es up with the Tarahumara Narco League where The Tchüekos del Portillo got to “church on time” and put two Padres de Cerocahui down witn a runner on Third.

Check please

M stands for, me LA pe LA—n… You Saw It Here First.

Version Monty Alexander.

And, BannZzAaY chica… Did Eye ever told you how Iris loves ya’, but you got’s to watch out for them Sunshine laws in Georgia… just say’n

In The City, City of Sunshine

In The City, City of Sunshine… —Jazz can lick my avocados… We’re Open, Aussie.

Eye swear, if I didn’t have to see what’s for dinner—Eye’d nevah— would have seen how Maddona and Bon Jovi went about it, it would be nuttin’ if I knew how to Jive, … motherfuckers.

And if Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, fans, are in on the Joke

Then this should make sense…

Told y’all that I was going to pull a whale out.


If, Simon Rattle had any good reporters à rfi Internacional, they would crack-up at the physical synergy… No Graffiti goes here.


Deer, Éric Dee… It’s like you have to wear ‘special socks’ to be a part of this number. Fashion Weak follows, putos are Knot fahr.

Hey, hey! Öüï-r The Monkees!

Agro fashion: LUCY says aLLo Allô! 💎

Suck on it… Sponsored by French’s Suckers

Qui Ki Ri Ki!

Strauss is a nepotist chord.

El Gallito Inglés en Francés:

Sponsored by Phal Industries… You’re Such a fag you don’t need to go to SciencesPo. Fashion Week follows.

But FO’ist!!!

CSPAN… when all of your morning shows are on, C-SPAN is conducting the BDSM* sessions with the callers of a place called, America.

Gonna take a shower now, and maybe, just maybe! Squeeze out a whale… ‘member now, Jonah is not a fucking Algerian on this blog, JOnah is customer at Monoprix®️.

Laugh about, IT.
Talk about, IT.
… and then go fuck Youssef !

Fête de La Música 2022… METALLICA edition

For Whom The BannZzAaïs Toll

With no one to listen to The Éric DeUtilh Show… Jazz turned into a Chèvre… A Metal Chèvre. Issy, Eye must admit, Fuck Cochella… This one is Solidaire !

That’s The THING that should Knot Bee 🐝

Enter Light

A KIND reminder, that this medium is not “appropriate” enough to give you the full jist, néanmoins, diría Jorge Saldaña y su Nostalgia en México, citandó por supuesto a otro cabrón:

Siempre es mejor, la música viva.

O algo así.

And, those motherfuckers are off…

Musical Guest:. Kamaal Williams -_✓ 18h à minuit : Peacock Society, avec les lives de Kamaal Williams & Jazzpool, Knucks et invité et les DJ sets de Diplo, Tatyana Jane b2b Greg, Banga b2b Rag Doowap, Adidaddi, Kim Turnbull et Wix (électro). Jardin Nelson Mandela (derrière la Bourse de Commerce), métro Louvre – Rivoli.

I swear those fucking fishes and that WaWa Hot Dog… O sea… The fucking Dolphin havs it better than the prick on them Steps.

The House of the Rising Díaz-Balart 🇨🇺

83 inches…  Not to be outdone be Linda Loveless, Fox and Friends deep throated the Governor of Virginia YOUNGKIN, Steve and Glenn spent the They together…

You Came on a Long Güey, Governor.

Previously on « Must be read with an African Accent »

Musical guest?



Yeah, kind of, but you know how those blind, deaf and dumb French, roll… you must have, as NYC cops say in “the profession”,  that fucking “preliminary” article in front of Le « perp ».

“I am The Keymaster”…
Let “God’s gift to the
NRA” play with the short ones, they are all RINOS!

“Two minutes, Turkish.”

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /musicopolis /tommy-des-who-premier-opera-rocktommy-des-who-premier-opera-rock-9288656

Chespirito’s Theme goes here… “It’s a smol WO’id after all”, period en bicicleta.


https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /podcasts /07h15 /20220621 –21-juin-2022 -merde-in-france

Two minutes


“Youse Hip-hop to da’Bone”, only on the Cross Connection.
Des années plus tard, le musicien et producteur français Jean-Jacques Perry a réalisé une adaptation de la Marche turque de Beethoven, qu’il a finalement intitulée “L’éléphant n’oublie jamais”.


tú tú, seconds on the rfi freq’s

But first, let’s take a trip down to… never mind, Eye is running late…

Matt Damon is a Crypto Fag who lives in Zoo… And BRONTIS is his neighbor, “Won’t you be his, —neighbor?”.

Space Lasers in The Rain ☔ follows… and EYE swears that Öüï is knot making this Merde UP!, Sun!
That Gervais kid just kidnapped Denisa Kerschova, Gervais is keeping the GO’ill de Niza in the basement of a Pizza Joint.

Stop the presses… it’s FOWL Balls on Donna Perino

All Apologies, but there’s a Mexican Suitcase under the Weight of that Mexican Elephant femur.

I swear that Capa is not going to mind, trust Mí, I slept at a Holiday Inn.

Sponsored by The TFN Group Facility Management Services… as Holey as a Slice of Swiss Cheese.

Enter Franck Julien

Eye am Gru.

N° 13 — Adriana LARA, p. 112 | 113
Art Film 1: Ever present yet ignored, 2006
MEXICO 2000 / 2012

And, madame La Députée KeKe, Eye hears you, and if Cochin Hospital (FEB 2021) was a token, then maybe that would be proof that I am not jumping on your bandwagon so, with that out of the way, LET’S TALK about ATALIAN, , and now that you have access to SECURITY CAMERAS, mark last night’s date as the day that you need to ask about for visual-aid sake’s, and here is why madame La Députéé:

Follow My Lead

🎶 Tus Ojos Mexicanos Tuyos… watch out Delphine Deau et Camille Maussion at FRANCE Musique, ERIC THEUTIL is a peepin-tom, Phat Basterd is trying to get near your bathroom WINDOWS with the WORN-out excuse of auditioning your “singing voices”, watch out, Éric is recruiting Sirenes for his sinister buddy, Denis ‘the guppy’ Soula.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /open-jazz /nefertiti-quartet-cadrage-et-debordements-4145136
be read with an African Accent

For the record, “fuck SciencesPo” and thier ‘SciencesPolitas”.
Aussi, madame La Députée, I ain’t no fortunate son. Why last night as you where celebrating your victory, like say, before 21h45 in G-20 rue de Louvre time, an ATALIAN goon was exercising his “PROFILING rights” by denying me the use of a microwave oven, which I wanted to use in order to re-heat the discounted anti-gaspillage chicken legs that I had just purchased. I know. Because I have seen all kinds of people use that same microwave at the time that I wanted to use said microwave, so the excuse of “you can’t use it because it has already been cleaned”… is a perfect example of a Dangling meal.

If anything, IF THE STORE IS OPEN, and the cashier just took my money to pay for the motherfucking chicken legs, THAT IS THE LEAST that YOUR BLACK SUIT wearing ass can do for a customer.

To be clear, because according to BFM TV and La Députée Annie Genevard (LR) whom some fellow named Tousaint interviewed just before Julie Gayet (PS) was celebrating the Wrench thrown on the French Republic, with the Pizza Delivery Girl at France Musique, that’s what Laura Haim (from SciencesPo) is SUPPOSED to speak like, when speaking to José in Andalusia de los MSNBC’s, madame Haim is supposed to be clear when words come out of her pie-hole.

To be clear, according to msnbc Haim, the retirement age reform is the biggest challenge for the changing landscape of The France. “Going to the beach”, in Haim’s words, is the biggest challenge for —The France.

Training Wheels for “Yellow 🎗️-wearing ” buddy fucker Gregg.

TO BE CLEAR, I guess the French are “clear” when they speak in Astérix mode, never in any other ‘themed’ park setting, or so it seems.