Susana Poveda Strikes Back³… 🧜🏻‍♀️

³~. Ate‘ billion lesbos, or something like D.A.T.


For the record, the terrorists were training right next door to their targets for months, satellite surveillance shows, but your Israeli PEGASUS Spy vendors were way too busy selling gadgets to Latin American regimes³. But neither Ana Cabrera, nor José Díaz-Balart will tell you that, on MSNBC.

³~. And I have it from Dr. Alejandro 🇲🇽/🇺🇸/🇮🇱 Valenzuela in Paris (🇫🇷 Academia) that those Zionists even sell their gadgets on the SABBATH.

Son of Weisel


And, Mrs. Colter-Wunsh, you only have The Zionists among your house of worship to blame. You chose the most EXTREME to abandon those little hungry twins that hunt your dreams now.


https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Idolatry_in_Judaism #:~ NOAHIDE Laws


But first, son of 🇮🇱 Weisel… Netanyahu is The Nazi. He is in your house of worship. Deal with your Prime Minister first before you call pro-Palestine sentiment,  the WRONG TEAM.

Geldüberweisungen macht frei*… Just like in 1932 in Buchenwald, “el pueblo puro (y me imagino que bueno, también) no se percato del olor a pelos fritos y piel a°chicharrada … 🐂💩… 🙈🙉🙊 🐷📜

Palestine Did Nothing Wrong, period 🛫

And, son of Weisel, stop comparing the attack to the Shoah, it was more like an American Native enclave getting overrunned by MANIFEST DESTINY, 🪶.

Breaking News: Cousin Joe is the new Rulher of MSNBeeSeas

Previously on los aguacates de (haass):

Agent Angle reports

Agent Angle reports 🥑 44D3C604-8F28-4E89-B619-5EF38D7D921C 🦞 As the world turns and as y’all know, Greengold is the Hawaiian variety of avocados, but Eye knows nothing about that, but Eye is willing to bet Stephanie Rhules smile, on the fact that all avocados have strings attached, but like them deciduous baby dientes, the strings (vascular network from the avocado tree to the fruit) give way to a different stage in the development of an avocado… humans get chompers, and haas avocados get creamier.

The Situation was put in charge of the avocado distribution logistics for the Souper Bowl. Needless to say, D.A.T. D.A.R.E. motherfucker fucked up the port of entry authority by sending the cargo that originated in Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, to a final destination in the Isle of Jersey, U.K., instead of New Jersey, U.S. of A.

For the record, the first thing that the European market should know about the Avocado Club is, D.A.T. you always talk about the Avocado Club, por ejemplo, Carol Anne, people should not throw away the avocados that they purchased at their local supermarket on account of the strings that you discovered on your most recent purchase, but if you do, please let u.s. know the next thyme you plan on prepping a guacamole bowl, aussi, the secret to a killer guacamole is a dash of comino, for every aguacate half in the bowl.

Por ejemplo, Eddie Gloude, Jr… pay no attention to the navigation manifest in the Agent Angle report, because the trip advisor did not factor in the weather advisory and the fact that The Situation couldn’t even find out where ROMA is on a map and that sonovabitch is a Woppy-guinea-goomba bambino from The Shore.

So, when thyme came to ask for a Sit-rep on the arrival of the cargo de Lázarus, The WHO immediately pointed their fingers to The Boss, meanwhile in France, the price of avocado (haass) dropped to a ridiculous low Price, the result of The Situation’s fuck up over on the DC coast.

One of the first things that the prestigious Council of Avocado Relations did to get to the bottom of this colossal fuck-up was to call all of the Families for a SitDown at Gino’s place, —In IRELAND!

Ambassador Brzezinski

Gentlemen, The Jersey Shore extends a most sincere apology for The Situation’s fuck-up, to make up for our failure to properly train our logistical operation captains on how to read a fucking MANIFEST’s destiny, Öüï will be including an additional LOT of Jamaican Greengold on every ship until FAT TUESDAY is gone.

On today’s menu

Chilly con carne a la italiana with a side of Avocado (haass) and Camembert. Ketch-up if you can.

Deer, Cousin Joe… the phone is ringing

Dear, Sen. Scarborough… remember when the entire Brian Williams “network” shut-Mí Down, before “the Wallace” even conceived the idea of an 11th Hour, [way back]when Eye questioned what professor Eddie Gloude Jr., calls “the lie” of Exceptionality?

As the “network” toasts professor Gloude’s new book, please say hello to the Buzzfeed crowd as them little bubbles tickles your vocal chords.


Volare… nel Frank, no Disneyland~Paris for you, period

Meanwhile in Brussels: what a surprise, “it’s like, nobody knew it could happen”, with Donald Trump and Apocalypto López Obredor. Directed by Mel Gibson.

Anyhow, Congressman Joe, please stand-by for July… in the meantime Katy Kur is wondering if the postal service is going to be able to deliver the voting–by–mail election forms to the voters and, will the turnaround of the properly completed forms to wherever these need to go? Who knows, that’s still developing.

Over on Deadline White House, Nicolle Wallace just revealed that no one can voodoo the voodoo
like Heidi can do. Sincerely : The Leakers!

The unmentionables

I’m seeing a nice lady who works the unmentionables counter at Macy’s…”, cancel the breakfast.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /espectaculos /2020/06/30 /muere-el-comediante-de-eu-carl-reiner-a-los-98-anos-8171.html


It’s still Sunday over at Big Bear Lake

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Delayed transmission.

Her prudish secret is Velcro®

It was about 3 a.m. CET and to account for my whereabouts all that i can tell you is that outside my door —if you had looked up— you would have noticed the beginning of the tail of the biggest bear in the Northern Sky. The settlers called it “The Big Dipper”… although the Idea, i was once told, it had started out as a sort of melting pot.

Time now: 08h49m CET

Fragment of video reference resides in the archives of C-SPAN:

28 de ene ( At face value | 168 años… )

En un congreso de mexicanos en el extranjero,
c. 1890:

¿Entonces  don  Federico,  de  qué  otra  forma  explica  usted  la emigración a los paisanos en el  exterior sin proyectar la argumentación del despojo y la desigualdad?

Manifest Destiny interpretado por un mexicano

Manifest  Destiny  interpretado  por  un  mexicano.  |  Uso justo del prestigio informativo —con moño y toda la cosa— para poder explorar si acaso la aparición de “El  Renacido,”  hubiese  recibido la misma recepción con los críticos de los espectáculos, si por ejemplo Ken Burns, —por decir— hubiese rodado la narración de ese libro. || Uso justo de la transmisión matutina del noticiario del Canal Once —en México. | Film Critic captured on January 22, 2016; via: oncetvmexicolive punto tv / microtx / full .php

—Pues muy fácil Juan Molino.

Ese flujo es parte de un fenómeno natural que se llama DESTINO MANIFIESTO. Providencia divina que se encarga de convencer al mundo de que la desventaja no siempre es un esquema del mal, principalmente Juan, cuando se vuelve cosa de todos los días, cuando aun con los ojos abiertos —por decir— dejas que te pasen injusticias como si los tuvieras vendados —o vendidos… que ciertamente no es lo mismo, pero que en este caso Johnny_my boy: pues me parece que sí es igual.

Los nuevos desaparecidos

Los  nuevos  desaparecidos…  (The  Redissappered)  próximamente  en  cines —dirigida por Ken Burns. | Uso justo de las noticias por la mañana para ver el otro lado de los titulares. || Vía: oncetvmexicolive punto tv / microtx / full .php

… ¿y  los  gobiernos Juan  Molino?,  pues  esos nos  lo dicta  el presidente Díaz  diciendo que uno como potencia emergente no—debe—de—interferir cuando se trata de esas cuestiones,  especialmente  si esas cuestiones son para echarle tierra al sistema; pero—en—especial, si lo que se opaca es a la institucionalización de la aristocracia en el poder.

Mejor Juan Molino, ocúpate —que se necesita—

en leer el Cine, with a Bird’s Eye View.

Uso justo del prestigio de informativo para dar una lectura —por proxi— local a un libro que narra una saga del Destino Manifiesto.|  Uso justo de la transmisión matutina del noticiario del Canal Once —en México.  | Film Critic captured on January 22, 2016; via: oncetvmexicolive punto tv / microtx / full .php

Uso justo del prestigio informativo para dar una lectura —por proxi— local a un libro que narra una saga del Destino Manifiesto.| Uso justo de la transmisión matutina del noticiario del Canal Once —en México. | Film Critic captured on January 22, 2016; via: oncetvmexicolive punto tv / microtx / full .php

Lista de los nominados llega a través: de El César.

Agustín García-López Loaeza en Canadá:

Catherine Denueve: http ://www .contactmusic .com /catherine-deneuve /news /catherine-deneuve-and-gerard-depardieu-lead-cesar-awards _5107428

La juventud de un viejo llamado Michael Douglas: http ://www .jornada .unam .mx /ultimas /2016 /01 /27 /birdman-nominada-para-el-cesar-en-francia-9646 .html