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Deer, Seth Meyers...

Deer, Cousin Joe… Sir, do you and Mike Barnicle think that after Peter Baker reflects on the White Guilt for the African diaspora, that the MorJo Vice Squad can say a little prayer for me. Sincerely, Evo, yes I am—Eye am Man!

https ://theintercept .com /2020 /06 /08 /the-nyt-admits-key-falsehoods-that-drove-last-years-coup-in-bolivia-falsehoods-peddled-by-the-u-s-its-media-and-the-nyt/

Anyhow Rachel Maddow, you didn’t think your producers would get off easy for last Friday’s tantrum, now did ya’?… of Corse you did. Any how, this is still a Law & Order episode, but we are now going to dive–in into the syndication realm, you know: the re-runs.


It’s 3 o’Clock in Camden, New Jersey, and this an inter•mission for Leslie Jones.


No pun intended

No pun intended … but, deer Charlamagne Tha God, “Take Five” then BREATHE, —motherfucker— and call my Agent in the morning on PST. .::. 39339D4D-47F7-414E-9082-7F60647C5C52 🏄🏽‍♂️ Jumping to conclusions is so… trumpian. —_•!•_— In Context: Earlier in the transmission before “Tuesday was Gone” with the wind, Ari Melber had the day off and Stephanie “La Pundita” Ruhle filled in the “Fall the fuck back” section of The BEAT. During the “Fall Back” segment, a known radio host (of this most non–consequential blog) was summoned by The Producers of that show, to give his remarks on the final respects to the fallen George Floyd, who as the entire world, except the good people from the great state of Missouri know that his life was Snuffed on youtube for all to see. Mr. McKelvey, the off–stage name of Charlemagne The God, suggested during a heated exchange with Ms. Ruhle, that the Trump administration didn’t have any African Americans in it’s close circle; suggesting in one breath (no pun intended) that Joe Biden was right when he told the entire nation, except the great State of South Carolina, that if youse Black and vote for Trump you ain’t from WAKANDA!

It’s 1 a..m. in New York, New York and 7 p.m. in Central Europe At the BEAT with Stephanie Ruhle, Charlamagne “Lenard” Tha God just confirmed that the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is not Black… giving Biden a free ghetto pass. Any güey, Ms. Ruhle, your eyes are going to roll off’them beautiful jeepers sockets. 

Meanwhile, Brian Williams, what is up with that walk of shame, and where, please TELL MÍ WHERE can Eye score one of those portable “Eddy Currents” police band scramblers?

https ://www .bbc .com /news /52984295 Reality Check, Donald Trump’s police scanner tweet fact-checked

One thing for sure Michael Steele is that the branding of the President of them united states of america and the parallel events South of The Border make for some “beautiful” Venn Diagrams.

And, Brian, here’s a SAMPLE that Eye wish D.A.T. the United States of America does not take as a cue from the Mexican United States and which, Michael Steele, loops u.s. back to The Rachel Maddow Show, check it out Cousin Joe here’s the breakdown for the All–American peacock team:

Now you’ve heard about the A.A.R. acronym, [Law & Order sound effect goes here] it’s K.N.O.T. one of those (punto y coma) it’s more of a “backwards stepping” reconstruction of the events.

And, as we “Indian foot-step it” like the young Danny Torrence at the Overlook Hotel’s labyrinth please take this Egyptian coincidence Vase (⚱️) and place, IT!, in the back-burner.

… Breaking the news follows.

2 de octubre; 12 con veinte p.m. en París

Hoy no hubo noticias y aún es hora de que salga el Sol.

Mientras tanto on the KC dial…

A River Runs Through Her…

Mientras tanto en Columbia:
a new Foreign Policy is brewing [just in time for Oktoberfest… Zeppelin goes here] and it’s basically the quintessential “don Vergas” approach of Mexican lore, on good’ol American W.A.S.P. exceptionalityexceptional nature. If Ewe have a facebook account there is an « Ask Him Anything » in about 2 hours on E.S.T. dealing with the topic of “what now?” — What follows the so-called “American (sin acento) Century”.

After all is found, discovered and exhibited, Ewe must follow the Mark to pose the questions to Sachs. •_!_• « Let’s Play Hardball ».

TimeStamp: about 21 hundred hours in C.E.T.

At the movies:
Fucking Hillbillies
Did you know that it was the Frogs,
who went ahead and invented
the blue bloods?

Hey, Ewe… your queen is a lizard. •—_!—•  TimeStamp: it’s the 11th hour on the Central NATO p.m. Dial.

Sources: Willie Guiest, of course:

Shape–shift: Your Queen is a lizard.

It’s still Sunday over at Big Bear Lake

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Her prudish secret is Velcro®

It was about 3 a.m. CET and to account for my whereabouts all that i can tell you is that outside my door —if you had looked up— you would have noticed the beginning of the tail of the biggest bear in the Northern Sky. The settlers called it “The Big Dipper”… although the Idea, i was once told, it had started out as a sort of melting pot.

Time now: 08h49m CET

Fragment of video reference resides in the archives of C-SPAN: