Sur Les Traces de Diderot: Issy, Canal Plus es “Tierra de Passion”

… and now, Balzac; pg. 38, “Don’t open ‘till Doomsday”

BROZO, aquí la patada en los huevos que me pediste: “Well, why do I watch it, (El Abismo de Pasión) you may wonder? That’s because my host where I have dinner every evening (I work momentarily in Kenya) is watching this before the evening news. That’s why.” Via: IMdB commentaries. En Castellano, pinche payaso, eso quiere decir de que ya para cuando ‘los anfitriones’ llegan a la hora “de Jacobo” su tolerancía a lo que pasa afuera de la pantalla confirma lo que “El Tigre” propusó en “un” proceso… Context follows—if you need it!

Sarah Silverman took a break this week in order to catch up with some old co-workers. She spoke to our favorite Senator from the Great State of Winsconsin (Stewart Little, of course)… also, a very underrated comedienne gets promoted to Colonel; instead of an Oak Leaf or a Full-bird she gets a gavel: SOLD!

The Fishman’s take [insert Law and Order signature gavel playback]… Hey there, Rachel, would you like to borrow a red nose?

In the mean time, Sarah Chayes, we now return to the media mechanics of this Special presentation on the elements of Latin american oligarchies and kleptocracies expanding all over the globe; and so Sarah Silverman, we [the staff] would like to call Your Attention to some breaking news… we don’t expect you to watch, but please don’t forget to Fall-Back one hour with the changing of the hours (Charlie Hebdo, cover follows).

Televisa Presenta:

El Premio de una campaña electoral; Breaking the cycle… con Bernardo Gómez, y Las Manos de El PRI… Starring, Matthew McConaughey.

Palabras más, palabras menos, según el Wall Street Journal, una gran desventaja en el mercado de contenidos (para Televisa) gira en torno de un público que ya se cansó de consumir telenovelas producidas al destajo, y con guiones que siguen fiel al patrón del pueblo jodido (revista “The Nation” en Espagnol) habiendo otras opciones, como por ejemplo “Narcos” y “Más narcos con Penn y Kate”, por las corrientes de los cibernautas de los Netflixes…

ISSY, Paloma, lo que siempre te recordé: si El Times de Nueva York no lo apunta—no cuenta.

…tanta es la influencia del inesperado gigante de los Interwebs, que hasta sacó de la jugada a Blockbuster Video, y por lo menos a un politico mexicano (en campaña electoral) que se le ocurrió “piratiar” una muy popular serie de Netflix (see House of Cards: it’s not a competition…). So much for Televisa being the favorite Soldier of El PRI.

Noticia de Último minuto: por cuadragésima ocasión, el primer actor Eric del Castillo (q.e.p.d.) sufrió un infarto luego de que el pionero de telenovelas clásicas y películas de Los Estudios Churubusco se enterara de que su hija, doña Kate, optara por buscar foros y sets en otros horizontes… }-~~•> Uso justo de IMdB

Cuentan los que estuvieron presentes allí mero a un lado del primer actor que interpretara a “El Padre Maromas”, que cuando el pobre señor decayó con el patatús se le oyó sollozar: bendito el Eterno porque no permtío que ni Milmo—ni—Viduarreta vivieran para ver a mi hija traicionar a “La Empresa“.

Context follows, blackout approaches

Next on Netflix:

“Los Olvidados del Canal 34″…
Don’t Open Till Doomsday

… Happy HelloWeen on a very Special Blue Moon weekend… Michael Che has the night off.

El cadaver de un hombre muy poderoso en el mercado de los medios de América latina comienza a dar vueltas en su ataúd cuando la señal de origen del espectro mexicano, de ondas radiales de televisión, se mezcla con las barras del WiFi de los nuevos inquilinos en Ajusco y en el mercado de KMEX… GOOOOOO, DODGERS!

Las Fuentes:

… O como diría Jorge Saldaña: la globalización De la TeleVicracia. —•— Uso justo del TéléGuia de Issy-Les-Moulineaux.

La Jornada: “Deja Emilio Azcárraga presidencia de Televisa a Gómez y De Angoitia”;  http ://www .jornada .unam .mx /2017 /10 /27 /index .php?section =economia&article=018n1eco

Carmona, D. D., “Emilio Azcárraga Milmo”,   ISBN 970-95193; en: Memoria Política de México. Instituto Nacional de Estudios Políticos A. C.; vía:

… Contenido es traído a ustedes por cortesía de Pantelion Films y La Asociación de Amigos de México en Francia “Nosotros los Nobles”. •_~  Uso justo de todos ISBN’s.

Télé Guía:  La Revancha de La Diabla

Page 32… By The Misfits.

IMdB; “Abismo de Pasión”. Vía:

“México siempre fiel”, dijo un Juan Pablo II cuando vío a don Eric del Castillo jugar la parte del papá de Diego, antes de que El Vaticano canonizara al vidente del Tepeyac… pobre don Eric; las cenizas de sus últimos Faros (sin filtro, eh) serán esparcidas en la Basílica de Nuestra Señora de “Lucerito”.

Y ahora con ustedes, el segmento musical  para que vayan y chinguen a su madre los de Molotov:

Que no te haga BoBo Jacobo

… y al regresar: Brozo y “El Carnal de Las Estrellas”. —_—. Fair use of Netflix!

Organizeg grab ass

No es por falta de recursos, tampoco por falta de personal calificado: señoras y señores, es por causa de un inepto en la Casa Blanca…. Puerto Rico, señoras y señores, sufre por la falta de liderazgo, ¿y la respuesta?


Context follows… Katrina’s flashback is courtesy of The Rachel Maddow Show.

TimeStamp: 1300 hrs. in the “Central Zone” of Cousin Joe’s bottom of the Second Segment Block… Jeeez Wizzz, Willie Geist, what a way to start the second hour of the MoreJo Show, eh? Playing ORGANIZED GRAB ASS, while Mika is away, and then the sobering news of Donald Trump’s insensitive remarks to a grieving widow

Next up, at the top of the hour:

A Glossary of new terminology for the Trump Era.

1. Organizeg… Context follows for the Legacy Staff of the ‘Old Gipper’s’ Administration, on today’s MorJo Show… GOOOOOO DODGERS!

Organizeg (adj.); a distortion of organized, organizeg goes beyond being disorganized.

Inspired by POTUS 45 “LIDDLE” twits, the Illustration figure above is for reference purposes only. In other words, and in our book: the face in the circle is what organizeg looks like.

Origin of organizeg; it begins to surface in late 2017 of the Trump era, specifically at around the the time of arrival of Hurricane “Harvey,” and it quickly distorted it’s Medieval Latin root: organizāre, which in its current Times New Roman ACTION FORM, organizes what is in disarray; like say the current State Of Emergency that Puerto Rico is in [please refer to the opening paragraph at the begining of this posting for a reminder of what Puerto Rico lacks the most of, from the bureaucracy at the Federal Level].

800 different contexts —in the form of empty hospital beds, and medical response that lacks federal level leadership to deliver medical aid, —follows.

Organizeg is not a synonym of ORGANIZED; instead, organizeg bears a bizarre-like resemblance to the Vulgar Latin dēstrūgere, which conjugates with the verb: destroy.


Examples from —and for— the news division:

… Stand by for context; Cousin Joe is holding back with the patronage for a new gadget.

Organized crime, can coopt an entire territory with the use of silver or lead; organized religion can protect pedophiles with the use of prayer and a transfer; organizeg politics on the other hand, can convince Walmart® shoppers to vote for Donald Trump with the use of a little stupid red hat… Gooooooo Dodgers!

After the FCC took over the open internet and gave it away LIKE A MEXICAN NATIONALIZED TELEPHONE COMPANY to the cable industry oligarchs, Katy Tur was lucky enough to land a gig as an întrepid reporter for The Atlas Shrugged Streamed Cable Network, and when ever a tragedy would strike, all that Ms. Kur Tur needed to do in order to leap tall Rockefeller Buildings in a single bound, was to find an internet toll booth, remove those sexy spectacles and she would then turn into Super Kitty Kur: Intrepid Reporter Extraordinaire.

Oh, hey–Hallie Jackson, what’s up? How did the Jeff “Side Show” Sessions round of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings go? Like asking questions to a wall made of stone, we reckon? It seems that no matter how much the democrats organize to stomp the Trump presidency, his minions will always “out organizeg” any form of inquiry, and Halley, it seems to us [here at staff] that in that process the Trump machine somehow convinces the the jury (the majority of the Republican Party) that down–is–up and down–is right.

Of course, you will all have the nice taste to read all of this entry in a Senator Stewart Smiley (D-WI) voice…

We [the staff] all agree that it’s unbecoming of a sitting U.S. President to display a lack of emotions towards a grieving pregnant widow, especially when the surviving spouse is about to welcome a flag draped casket that holds the remains of her children’s father. Furthermore, the way that the president answered this morning criticisms with his “liddle” tweet, on ‘the’ Cousin Joe’s Show pins down the president’s ability to prepare a “bogus organizeg” response, much like that time when he got caught grabbing the attention of a Billy Bush while stepping down from a bus.

Dear, Cousin Joe, be more like China, and build a more SOCIALIST SHOW while remaining open to the rest of the World. And please, don’t forget to send that iPhone X.

My personal guess is that what else can a nation that claims to be “The Home of The Brave,” expect to get from an elected president that dodged the draft at least five times, while playing toy soldier in a nut cracker military suit, while “daddy” paid for his male fantasy of becoming a boy version of a débutante —at a ball— on the halls of a private military academy.

A “LIDDLE” Stupid Red Hat _ Under normal circumstances this entire intermission [before we, the staff,  continue with our Search for Diderot] would be delivered In Reel Time with the voice of CWO-3 Brian Williams, however we [the staff] have lost the ability to RUSH our content to the good people who do not read us, because our ability to summon the Flight By Night squadron from The Temples of Syrinx (was hindered). And so, we  [the staff] would like to extend our appreciation to Sen. Stewart Smiley (D-WI) for filling in for Brian.  —_—.   Fair use of a delayed transmission of the 11th Hour.

When Donald John Trump told a crying widow that her husband knew what he was signing for when he (her husband, not Donald Trump) joined the military ranks; he, Donald Trump, was also admitting that he was way too much of a coward to go to war and defend a way of life that fits in two “LIDDLE” white lines on his silly red hat, yet now that he sits at The White House he is eager to start the next big war… might your little Barron, Mrs. Trump, be joining the ranks with the next generation of troops, or will he follow in the steps of a family tradition that shoots guns just for fun?

Unbelievable… “un político pobre”, hasta en Inglés…

“I said I’m sitting here watching”, Match Box hole in my Jeans… must be sung with a Ringo Starr pitch and one-each Mike Barnicle tone.

What ever... moving on with Mike Barnicle, the staff here reminds a Morning Joe bettin' man —not to bet any Trucks before the end of today's Morning Joe's Show.

What ever… moving on with Mike Barnicle, the staff here reminds a Morning Joe bettin’ man —not to bet any Trucks before the end of today’s Morning Joe’s Show. —|— Uso justo de Scooby-Doo, Mattel®, MSNBC, and of course— the great Carl Perkins.

Entonces… aparentemente, “un pobre político” en Inglés, también “es un político pobre”.

And with regards to Vice President Joe R. Biden, my Favorite Question So Far from the One and Only: Andrea Mitchell… Dear Joe Biden, the staff here loves your kind [really!!!], but to be honest you would not last a day in President Enrique Peña-Nieto’s political Party.

TimeStamp: 13h45 CET

Ladies and Gentleman, con ustedes…

El senador más serio entre la gran Mayoría de payasos que lo rodean:
Al Franken.


TimeStamp: 1 1 1 in the a.m. on ET time. —|— Uso justo de Saturday Night Live Alumni; and of course: NBC.

TimeStamp 12:00 hrs in Doni Deutsch time

That’s Right Louis, it’s Friday. And that can only mean  one  week  one thing, One Thing, Louis: it’s the Last Weekend Edition before the Space Rover in Mars oficialices a new Era on Planet Earth… 

[Note to S.Rhule… Barnicle Text was moved up… Will be replaced with Ringo’s Version of Matchbox]… TimeStamp with a 7sec Delay: 20:38 Central FIP time.

Coming up [concurrent with] a morning show

Oil  [ as in Texas “T” ]  news  from  Around the Globe…  and in the Hour-Glass reflection of the folded map graphics on “The” Rachel Maddow Show:

“Well, Well, Well”… the more you Knew.

S-i-n ... Co-men-ta-rios. —|— Uso justo de todos los medios, y de MSNBC.

S-i-n … Co-men-ta-rios. —|— Uso justo de todos los medios, y de MSNBC.

TimeStamp: 3 minutes to the first 11th hour of the day [in] CET.

Good Morning, JoeIn Poland it’s already Friday.

Don’t know what the experts believe, but:

[ kind reminder in the form of a SMS to our Friend, Juanito Guanavacoa follows]

[Audio; Segunda parte a seguir]

Do not shoot the messenger

El MundoLa Canasta—La Sirena—La Luna—El Sol—La Mano— La Estrella—El Nopal—El Alacrán—El Diablito—El BorrachoLAS JARAS—El CORAZÓN… ¡Lotería!!!… O “Bingo”, para los que juegan por dinero en los Casinos de Donald Trump… Bonus Lightning Round: El CAZO (“the saucepan”) as in: El caso que te hago es poco; a PUN that you may look up, [mr. BuzzFeed Ben] in order to discover that “attention” and cazo, as in “saucepan” are homophones in the realm of the Dictionary Judges whose jobs are to label and  “tag”  Mexican Spanish. —|— SAUCE and/or Salad Dressing courtesy of Wikipedia: https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Lote r%C3 %ADa. —|— Uso Justo de Monterrey, “y eso es todo lo que voy a decir”, —desde Saltillo, porque nos vamos “por cigarros a Hong Kong”.

Memo for my “friend” at BuzzFeed
inside of the UNESCO in 2016:

…if a pool is drained without replacing the water before the next diver jumps—the Jumper Dies, right?

It depends. Sources close to Joe the Plumber suggest [that] wearing a helmet on the first three jumps might [just] spare the divers until new solutions and/or proposals for eternal life arrive.

TimeStamp: In Central Europe is 0500hrs
In New York, New York there is one hour left
before One Week is left of the President
Barack H. Obama administration.

…Y a todo esto de la sincronía y la serendipia

Voodoo ChildSlight Return, to Catemaco:

Amable lector que no lee este blog, ayer sacamos al ruedo la cosa del Horóscopo Chino y la de los animalitos que lo componen. Ayer resumimos, pues, en una entrada, de que el 2017 era el año de Gallo y por ende el de los ovíparos; y más especifico, el de las aves de granja. Dicho eso, hoy lanzamos una pregunta al amplio vacío de nuestras butacas:
¿En dónde señores, señoras y señoritas, pensarán ustedes que el ex gobernador del Estado de Veracruz ha de guardar sus huevos?

Respuesta para Quién Resulte Responsable:
—Pos’ quién sabe Jairo, pero
en las cajas de, en dónde deberían de estar, pos’
lo que encontraron fueron un chingo de billetes.

[enlaces a seguir]

Earlier, on the Yesterday

Last night the staff here didn’t know it, but just before Mr. Crowley made the rounds at the 11th hour, MTV News showed up on the stage, we didn’t know it at the time, but the Last Word on the Bird going down turned out to be so that the staff here could set the next frame on Fire.

During the signal loss, things got weird and the time stamp now turned out to Flip to New Year's Eve, at the Filmore East in 1969... I'm telling you, something's happening at the FIP over yonder. TimeStamp: 21h30 at Issy-Les-Mx.

During the signal loss, things got weird and the time stamp now turned out to Flip to New Year’s Eve, at the Filmore East in 1969… I’m telling you, something’s happening at the FIP over yonder. TimeStamp: 21h30 at Issy-Les-Mx. —|— Uso justo de todas las señales por los InterWebs… Little Wing, mr. With All Due Respect, is on right now. And the staff here is betting that Cokie remains ‘in awe‘ at how “Little” was the word that you, Mr. Heilemann, chose for today. “Move over Rover…” Double Trouble is closing the Hendrix SET!!!

Dear Brian Williams:
Our apologies for the misspelt calculations.

We [the staff] promise to come back [si nos dejan] to do your trademarked “Housekeeping and Math” revisions, in the meantime, and as an exploratory research item for our Pôle-Emploi SPEC-Project: 

were you really expecting the president-elect choice for Defense Secretary to appear at today’s confirmation hearing in a jarhead uniform? Really!?
TimeStamp: approx. 0930 hrs. EST.
Go Army!!!

Breaking the second Confirmation hearing

The Ranking Member on Veterans Affairs,
Sen. Richard Blumenthal will be opposing Sen. Jeff Sessions.

It's hard to pull Cokie's leg... the veteran NPR Morning Edition commentator always knew the Moon was older than The Globe. As to the two above, we know know that they both have chinchilla nuts —and no backbone. —|— Fair use of Transition Politics in the Changing of the Guard and the start of a new Era. In the Year of the Rooster, these two above represent little chickens.

It’s hard to pull Cokie’s leg… the veteran NPR Morning Edition commentator always knew that The Moon was older than The Globe. As to the two above, we now know that they both have chinchilla nuts —and no backbone. —|— Fair use of Transition Politics in the Changing of the Guard and the start of a new Era. In the Year of the Rooster, these two above represent  “Little  Marco’s”  chickens…  Salud Cokie, salud.

Memo to Brian Williams:
Breaking con retraso— 05:20 hrs. Pacific Time…
Las oraciones de San Ignacio y el rosario para la Confirmación de señor Rex recibieron la gracia de algún otro señor. Hoy el confesionario no operó. TimeNow: 14h25 CET.

There you go again Cousin Joe…

Stop pulling the guests leg… Good Joe Pesci impression, though.

Good Morning, today’s matinee presentation
is being brought to you by Cool Hand Luke salad dressing.
Today’s morning feature is called Fat Man and Little Boy.

[Foto en proceso]

Yup! You know who else is not a war criminal: little Bush.

Yup! You know who else is not a war criminal: little Bush. —|— La segunda parte de La Confirmación de señor Rex está por regresar, de entrada antes de ir a comulgar, the Affordable Care Act acaba de recibir la primera derrota para su continuidad —sin un reemplazo— para los fieles, es decir para todos y no solamente para los que no votaron por Donald Trump. El sermón de hoy para Mr. Tiller, será en la parroquia de Saint Ignatius, la que está casi esquina con el Washington Post. 

Later at the USO, it’s the Berny Sanders Express
A documentary disguised as a guide on polite society guerrilla tactics.
Staring Sen. Bernie Sanders as Berny.