Weekend Update: UCSC Alumna update (Irma)

Previously on, “la pendeja nacional”:

Adventures in hypocoristics (pet names) 🎯 0D2BF1B9-65B7-44EF-8AFB-D56E1319AD5F 🛰 Indeed, Jeli-Pilla, indeed, that distinguishable pair of incisors that you have for chompers should have set-off a lot of Sirens 🚨 or, as THEY say in Chilangolandia: focos rojos.

Quick re-cap for Cecily Strong:

Dear, Cecily:

Your return to SNL brought a ray of alignment to our galactic neighbors, even Saturn and Jupiter (the biggest and the most gaseous on our neck of The Milky Way were put into motion to line up and look as a bright Hole–in–One, by year’s end. The last time that these two coincided on a near perfect point-of-view was during the CONSTRUCTION 808 years ago of Our Lady of Notre Dame in Paris, France.

La Prima Desobediente… y dice así: 🎶🎶🎶 Fe–Liiiiiiii_pa——fuuuuuuu_eh, DES_gra_CIA—da.

https ://www .cbsnews .com /news /jupiter-saturn-double-planet-great-conjunction-december-21/

Sadly, but feeling strong, Cecily, i regret to inform you that during your long convalescent leave The Committee to INSTALL La Concha de Catherine Deneuve at the top of La Flecha de Notre Dame de Paris lost the bid to place a cast-replica of your Concha at the top of The Virgin’s Holy House.

Still to come, “No hay chile que les embone¹”, starring El Partido Revolucionario Institucional.

Long story short, Jupiter decided to go with Le Duc’s old cock and do away with the competition on account of current events including, but KNOT limited to French national security contingencies with Sophia, in Turkey land, and of course, the fucking pandemic in addition to the Black Blocks, Yellow Vests, and fundamentalists from the Muslim WORLDS.

De cualquier manera, Cecily Strong, i will never forget Cathy Anne.

Yours truly,
Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo

P.S.: Is Lorde Lorne so uninspired that he would dare recycle the material from the KYLO REN EPISODES and then talk all about Melissa Villasegnior’s rag-tagged gate! C’mon now.


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1. “Marrying the ketchups”. SNL 45, E11_ Adam Driver, Cecily Strong, Jan, 25, 2020.


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