It’s Mo’ornin in America, with Eddie Gloude Princeton


Y como dice Curtis Mayfield, mi querida SoFy Velasco:

Alain Bauer of the criminal trades and métier-es-es is with MALHERBES in reel-time.

Give Me Your Love, but FO’ist, Eye must first disclose that your are not the first floosy from The Voix Sans Voix booth to come along my güey, Juanito Guanavacoa, that’s right SoFy Velasco, before your sexy ass came through here with your micro-orgasms and other assorted cuentos, the GO’ill from Issy-les-Moulineaux, the one and only, Michelle Saldaña, used to project herself on Mí; although to be perfectly accurate, Michelle (my 🔔) came courtesy of Osler Amaro and the rest of 🇵🇪 los peruchos de Botzaris 🇨🇵, not from 🇲🇽 Juantio Guanavacoa🇨🇦 Productions.

Ojos abiertamente cerrados (Revisited)

This is to say, SoFy Velasco, that your cold-ass rendition of the cuentos que ya no REMember of last Sunday’s show, leave no other option than to continue with my proxi-conversation with los andaluzes del “Jam” de Juanito Guanabacoa, because according to Salvador, el andaluz que giraba de hartista en Portugal, píntando cuadros que según él, en sus propias palabras, “eran cuadros originales, sin repeticion », porque de acuerdo a Chava*, ahora en paráfrasis de mi parte:

[E]s-que no vale la pena mirar hacía atras, mejor siempre mirar hacia adelante, y por eso nunca píntaba cuadros que de alguna manera yo (o sea Salvador) ya había producido, —before.

*~. hipocorístico de Salvador, no las 👯 chavas 💃🏻 de hoy porque esas dos son Michelle y SoFy.

And, SoFy | Michele, it’s important to bring this up in a Synopsis del resumén de El Show de Juanito Guanavacoa, on account that immediatly after that statement the segment that followed was a so-called Blues jam, which of course, as TOTALITARIAN REGIMES in 🇨🇱 CHILE and in 🇵🇪 PERU know, that a 🌍 Blues jam 🌎 (my friends) has no elements of re-pe-ti-tion whatsoever at all, y para COLMO en Colmars, Juanito had the audacity of dissin’ the STAND-UP 🎤 form, calling that form style of delivery as, “solitary” and not pretty like an Orgy or a so-called “jam » en rfpp . net : get it while you can!

It’s the 50th Anniversary of the real SUPERFLY, with that in mind, please relay to your audio files that Öüï now return to la  Synopsis de “aquí somos aquí estamos » del pasado domingo 22 del Año del Conejo de la suerte, espero, querida SoFy Velasco, que ya hayas recibido la pata que les metí en tiempo real a ‘el jam’ de Juanito y su pinche harmonica.

With that in mind, and in la lengua de “Shakes Pirito », Öüï caught up with La Kerschovas, who as luck would have it, Denisa joined the Carnival, that’s right SoFy Velasco, La Kerschohvas is now strolling her way up and down the Ravioli parallel between the Louvre and and motherfucking Concorde, sporting a motherfucking beard. The Paris Tourism Board even hooked her up with a open locker at particular Club Where Évrybody Knows Your Name.


After the break at Los Pirineos it’s another edition of The Soundtrack to “A Moor Es Perros » on the Mediterráneo freqs, with a road trip through the  Royalist Side of The Hexagone in France.

Musical guest, “El Buki Mayor” and that daft punk without a helmet on the French Touch scene.



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