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En contexto… Wait for it, wait, … ⏳

75 y los cuentos de SoFy Velasco en rfpp . net … sponsored by Amnesty International en Belleville… featuring on playback: https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Fernando_Pessoa y las palancas de La Casa de l’Amérique latine at l’IHEAL de la Juventud Bolivariana en Guadalajara, JaliscoMéxico.

State of ISRAEL = Reich 3.1 ⚒️🛠️⚒️🛠️⚒️🛠️ but that’s just what rubbed off for some* during the Shoah, and in Washington, the Speaker of the TRIBE… perdón, Madame Macron, I meant to spell, and in Washington, the Speaker of the HOUSE of David… damn it!!! Here we go A-Gain… and in Washington, the Speaker of the HOUSE cancelled a Seminar on Capitol Hills grounds after Israeli Prime Minister and the AIPAC war pigs called his ass and instructed that motherfucker to ERASE HISTORY. In retro-spect, with all due respect: you can’t have it both ways³, STATE of ISRAEL.

³~. What are you French, or are those frog-eyes nothing more than spectacles on CLIMATE CHANGE?

Israel can’t complaint about Holocaust denialism if they are going to deny the attrocities that the State of Israel is [and has, in the past 75 years of INSTITUTIONAL OCCUPATION been] inflicting on the people of Palestine, the its original people in the land that United States in America evangelists are now claiming from an imaginary God, on both sides of Jerusalem.

Armando Segovia
Lomas de Poleo witness…

The Borderzine fellows at UTEP can’t allow me to lie, I showed the staff there how that enclave on the West Bank of Juárez City, looked a lot like a little occupied West Bank… on the outskirts of Jerusalem.


— Pain, Ewe said?


When PBS goes out the way that Democracy Now!, did… Blame it “on the río ».

It’s a relativo really, just ask rfi:

https ://www .rfi .fr /en /france /20230512two-french-citizens-held-in-iran-released-returning-to-france

Pain-Eye_say-it_A-Gain… Pain 🐝🥢🍯 🏺⚱️⚰️


It’s like harvesting honey 🍯 for Pooh in China and being susceptible to anaphylaxis from a Sting. Or, getting your Salt 🧂 from peanuts 🥜, knowing damn well that the latter is neither a nut (it’s a legume) nor a decent remuneration coin, especially if youse allergic to certain legumes, such as the aforementioned, peanuts.

Nothing feels better than blood on blood…

The Boss.

Of course, if youse French then Ewe has the option to get an extra-incentive called “espèces”, which is a FALSE-FRIEND for Spice, but non-the less, it’s like chilli beans on that nacho 🧀 platter of y’OURS, —nigga.

Fuck, Peanuts 🎹 with SoFy Velasco on rfpp . net!!! — Long Live The Muppets 🥁🥢

Ay, que Pessoa, que Pessoa…
Siempre con máximas y aforismos
para refrescarte-la, hoy por ser día de las Madres…
en EEUU, y en la OEA, la Unesco, y rfpp también.

Knot to be outdone by PBS’s effort to paint Vermont in a different shade of enamel, the Paris Tourism Board deployed the Spanish bragadas from the 👩‍🦯 guided Tour de a patas* por París on a mission to claim PAINT 🎨 for the Benefit of France Culture or something like that.

*~. Hearded like sheeple por Le Cluny and Shakespeare por le ShyWaWa next to chez Magoo.


See you mañana, i swear, if only the Paris Tourism Board had the imagination.

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