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Avril 2023  

Saso Porcel at Pleyel.

… and BENNY Blanco from “daBronx”, if that’s even your real voice[over] Let Mí, CARLITO Brigante, tell you How, IT!, —will be. But FO’ist you and “Pachanga” are going to have to know how to get to Sesame Street, at La Salle Pleyel, where l’Opera next DOOR is going to be, as the French say, ANNULÉ! Tune in at Eight when the Head Nigger in charge explains to Bernie Sanders why the opera is gonna go the way of Hun and Ninth Street à Lyon.

Slim 🏎️ Borgudd
“Chiquitita” en rfpp .net
¿Por qué’Stan tristes hoy?

Noire… With a Ticket To Ride.

P.S. à la inverse ∴ I begin at the end of Sam Stein’s transmission in Babylon Tú, you son of a bitch! And here is Y, pronounced like them Greeks dew, not like the French eat their grec.

Any how, Benito Blanco at the Bodega, now I know why in Venezia, Los Hombres G, got in a fight with the mafia; god-damn ginny-basterd’s called David Summers, ‘il Brutto’, pero no por feo… si no más bien por Wey!!! You mean to tell me that The Ugly Mexican at the Farmer’s Joe Show on MSNBC didn’t know the roots of the Avocados 🥑 that he eats! BOLOGNA with MAYO at 6 in the morning with Ice-T, Collete! Hop on the bus and call Mí ” Blondie 🤠”… It’s all New York NOIZE!!!

AGUACATES… Agua pasa por mi casa, Kate de mi corazón. Ketchup? Secretary Kerry’s wife would not be filthy rich without Our Tomates.


All ghost* notes lead to Ring💍 Starr³… Talking ’bout—Pop Music:

Ringo Starr has long suffered the mockery of the public and musicians. Described as an “average” drummer, Starkey was in the right place at the right time and did not deserve his status as the most famous drummer at  the Préfecture de Police in Paris, France… in the planet…

Édito, pg –03– Nº 201.


Entonces, Chiquitita Velasco...

Entonces, Chiquitita Velasco… Ai’ Te va, because by the time that I got to Robespierre (M9) the Le Pen Club de France had already vacated the grounds of La Parole Errante, Juanito Guanavacoa was nowhere in sight, and Osler Amaro was en retard. So I did the only sensible thing in the meantime, Yesterday,  which off-Course was to re-establish a conversation with the ‘Alien lizard” on the wall next to the cantina y con un gato que’staba allí.


Il aura fallu près d’un demi-siècle et les louanges à répétition de (many, many great drummers et autres Stewart Copeland at THE POLICE pour qu’il soit réhabilité aux yeux de tous…

Édito, pg –03– Nº 201.

And now, the rest of that story… but FO’ist! It’s another edition of our trademark gig:


Adventures in Translation with musical guest The Tremendous Transilien Transliterations

All the fast horses… Transºliteración transcendental follows. En fin, no pasó mucho tiempo entre la opción de quedarme un rato allí en el jardín La Parole Errante o ir a ver qué estaba pasando con Méliès en su jardín just around the corner from Armand Gatti’s place.

… Still to come, A BAND of Horses and a Collection of asses.

And Jen Psaki, it’s OK to be angry, with Bernie. Go ahead, say it loud, The World is heading towards The Age of Oligarchs… BONG 13 revisited, A-Gain 🗣️📣 and A-Gain., Ask ChiChi and never mind Wesley Snipes, because the Only BLADES that Öüï dance to is The one from The Harlem salsa orchestra.

Hoy en día, no muchos en el mundo osarian (o se atreverían a) meter en cuestión Quest-ionar el rol CAPITAL de Ringo en El Son de “Cha-Cha—BOOM! » on a CAVE in Liverpool.

Édito, pg –03– Nº 201, by Sébastien Benoits.



All the fast horses.

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