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Saturn is the opposition.


8—⬆️… Luis I. Rodríguez, Winston Churchill y Francis Bacon³ are in bar, hilarity ensues when Alfonso Reyes pomps his bombo-ass into the joint holding General De Gaulle’s hand.

³~. Weststeijn, A., in the “J.O.T.H.O.I.,” January 2011, Vol. 72 ; N° 1.

Personally, and with all-due respect, La Nueve did her part, but Hidalgo’s place (for now anyhow) would be nothing, but for La Operación Antropoide, en Praga; not PRADA, and especially (k)not the one in MARFA, because this here, well this is, the TIJUANA BIBLES, bey-bee.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Tijuana Bibles

The Tijuana Bibles, like a mix-tape for your eyes and it’s not like you can get Mad at history, the TJ Bibles were the working class youporn of the 1930’s. According to Art Spiegleman, the fellow with the MAUS comic book under his belt, the TJ Bibles:

These books could have been christened TJ Bibles either as a gleefully blasphemous insult to Mexicans, or as a distant preamble to the North American Free Trade Agreement, or else to throw the FBI off thier tracks, or because the West Coast border towns were places of perdition.

Page six of “Tijuana Bibles : Art and Wit in Americas Forbidden Funnies 1930s ~ 1950s”
Simon & Schuster Ed’s., Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue of The Americas, NY-NY.


En Praga hay dos personas que representan el exterminio. Es el líder sudeto-alemán Karl Hermann Frank y el recién llegado Heydrich. Es necesario que uno de ellos pague por ello».
Palabras del coronel Frantisek Moravec, jefe del servicio de inteligencia checoslovaco, a Jozef Gabcík, en octubre de 1941.



Executive Declassification

Canada 🌽 Dry : AEUMC or how I learned to love Vicky Carr… Canada joins the USMCA panel against Mexico on transgenic corn.

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