And starring as Cantinflas — Johnny Depp

Transliteration in Cannes… it’s next to Juan, nigga!

Play Ball! ⚾

… y Cañas también!

But FO’ist I switch Mí over to Santos-Senoux-de las-Boobies, where sources close to FOX NEWS en Frejus relay that upon hearing that Chi Chi Rodríguez was holding a lecture at a small bibliothèque de Là France de Macri*, Steven Segal sent a pelotón de Vichy Fascists to interrupt the former protège of Snipes and Swayze.

El Sol Azteca se murio, don Mario, y resucite usted al tercer día, o algo así.

*~. That was Julie Newmar’s pet name to a young Emmanuel Macron, and that is all that Eye is going to say 💋!

En fin, It seems like only Yesterday, that Sophie y su CGT had warned the Film Festive Crowd that if the big bad King didn’t stop talking to his little finger thumb (Pulgarcito, pues) that Los Rieleros de Nantes would then, as a consequence, turn off the lights at Le Cinéma.

But you know what they (those motherfuckers) say , “If youse gonna hit al Gorrión de los Sparrows,” then you better know how to navigate the Siete Leguas on The Seven Seas.

Sneak peek.

Lo sentimos, pero su princesa está con otro chato, Chato.


Merci, Mario.

This is the exact moment when La Kerschovas dropped her Tati™ bags like she just don’t care and put a whoop-ass on them Mushroom-headed toad guards at the park 🏞️… hilarity ensues when Sodexo® confuses a judo 🥋 champ for Kanye West.

Knoting Knews in The Güest.


Synopsis: Florence Cassez scores a gig as an executive with Sodexo™

Note to Juanito Guanavacoa y los hijos del quinto Patio de Perón y Gilberto Bosques en Marseille… :

lo más culero* dice La Juventud venezolana de Guadalajara en Jalisco, es de que Cronos³, sí Saturnino, ese mero, el mismo de los anillos 👁️ confunde a La Peda en La Logía con La Gimnasia de La Magnesia.

*~. Look it up, Deer.

³~. ⌛ Pedagogically framed, my deer-panther, if Jo’dumb ass follows conspiracy Tories in the House of Lords, then you can begin to equate The Astros, but be-aware, for the Blue Jay Güey, takes you to Adan Jodorowski’s girlfriend garden in Veracruz, while The Long and Winding Rhodes will take you to Pershing Field à Vincennes y, pues ESO ya es otro rollo.

Bitch came from Planet Claire!

pinches EnCuerados de Plata.

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