¡🇻🇦 Francisco 🇻🇦! Eye found that “elegant” chamuco that YOUSE talkin’ about

It Don’t Mean A Thing if Ewes don’t (at least) get a bloody nose.

And, Avi Velshi… Phuck, Medhi Hassan! Youse the real deal, a Real Working Pun Hero. Any how, Avi Velshi, Eye hopes that Baby Blue doesn’t MissIntERprets what follows, pero sí… it’s a Blue Cunt-Auch:


What da’Phuk does The Atlantic knows about “Phast and Spid?”, NADA, that’s what. The Atlantic on speed is like a used car reference re-sale bible, which is AlWays open to re-intepretations especially when them wheels are “carros chocolate”, con el front hood de CaCaHuaTe.

The BANNED BOOK CLUB, just like MONTAIGNE à la préfecture would have wanted IT!… that motherfucker.


Here’s how the proceso works, first Ewe select the ROAD to test-drive the Blue Cunt-Auch, and then you get a porn version of the EASTER Bunny and remove all references to the ∴ 33º ∴ in Mexico, which off—course resets “La Panamericana”, but then A-Gain… there’s no guarantee that MANU 🇨🇵/🇪🇸 CHAO has been CLEARED to “cross ❌ connect” over to, —San Diego.

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2022/12/23 /sheinbaum-calderon-catalogo-persona-non-grata-manu-chao-pero-nosotros-le-daremos-la-bienvenida-299154 .html

On the same note, 🇨🇱 El Topo² 🇨🇵  may now return to El Puente de Ojuela, on location 🎬 (off-course) to re-shoot “Le Montaigne 🩸  Sangrona », which as Évry body knows is HOUSED at La SORBONA³.

Eye is tellin’ Youse, el mundo de Le Monde is having a field-they with all them notorious-es-ese F.R.O.G’s., from Katmandou to Catemaco Évry body gets a mulligan.

And by French decree, although, serial murderer and memoire millionaire Charles Sobhraj, does not need a French retirement from the C.A.F., the royalties-rich Charles Sobhraj, will also be docking in that juicy Solidaire payment for the end of the year, ES, haga usted de cuenta, señor Présidente (🇲🇽 FOX 🇲🇽) algo así como esa pensión que su colega, don López le quitó, pero la diferencia, cómo usted comprenderá –señor presidente– … sin tener que hacer más que una chingada.

³~. 56 rue des Écoles, 75005

²~. https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Alejandro_Jodorowsky

OLYMPICS Select Sport

Not to Sparta’s standards… Your FORKS are Phucked, carbon fiber, mis huevos, period!

Boxing could be dropped from 2024 Paris Olympics, IOC says


Any how, Avi Velshi, getting back to Francisco’s “elegant devil, let’s just say that them Blue Suede’s and that funky “Powder Blue Tux” with the ruffled shirt listened to Tucker Carlson on FOX NEWS and the cheap bastard rented, as opposed to owning the look, just like that BENDITA “emision americas” en RFPP, who went ahead and took the X~Más PUENTE off while PERU BURNS. Now THAT, that is commitment to the Peruvian Embassy in France, and of course, ALAIN ROUQUIÉ at the IHEAL and SciencePo.

Issy, Avi Velsho, the motherfucker is wearing Azul Cielo just for Kicks, which off-course was what gave that shifty devil a güey, a closer look reveals that in PHACT, that kickstand es pezuña de chivo.

I wanna Wake up in a City that doesn’t Sleep.


TENga, pues Su Cuadro, 🇻🇦 su’Santida’ 🇦🇷, Eye has it on good authority to relay to PaTmos,  that Yes Indeed, that horse’s clutch sucks, which will make bringing Hell behind that Corcel 🐎 a bit of a Joke.

Any how, 🇵🇪 Osler Amaro 🇵🇪, por ‘ay dicen, en El show de 🇲🇽 Juanito GUANABACOA 🇲🇽, que tu présidente con garrote, ELLA, igual que cualesquiera 🇲🇽 Georgina Moreno 🇨🇵 de morena–🦁SCIENCESPO🦊, ELLA si lee… y por eso su represión la d’ELLA si es “buena, justa, y…”, necesito otra cerveza para poder PATsMAR lo que sigue, mi cholito.

But FO’ist! Öüï catches up with the Medhi Hassan (re-run) show:

But Was SHE, “Raised on promises? »… like them Eweish GOÏ’s are?


and just like Pedro Picapiedra’s meshed’UP wit, with the CHARACTERS of The JETSONS, Medhi’s absence for the Dead Crucified Jew session (Nativity’s Eve) of his show makes no sense to either 🇮🇱 Hanna or Barbera 🇮🇱, which is probably why Medhi doesn’t read teleprompters from Aljazeera anyMore in Casablanca, but rather, from the rose gaRTen en la Casa Blanca…

Same STING, different Angle 📐… The Police

Breaking news, in local news:

Eh_En el Noh_OMBRE del cielo 🎶 Oh_Os pido posada, pues Noh_Oh puede AND{ar}—Mí {y} Esposa, Amada.

In Hilo, Hawaii it’s the 23h o como dice el francés en rue Sentier… TEN de la mañana in So It Goes


For the Fifth light! Your Clutch sucks 🕎 period!

Keschovas has left the building, Bitch’s Been Eeh-Vick-Ted… again.

Sources close to, “the pusher” relay that … Denis Soula, that motherfucker, CRACKed OPen a Sandinista special on DEM “hard pipe–hittin’ niggas” on Yester They “allegretto junior », and Neymar 🇧🇷 could knot, resist.


Dr. Poisson won’t let Mí lie: your FRAME is bland, to say the least.

But seriously, Eye took apart your rig and the Motel de Matiñon 👮🏻 is overcharging for the bloody curtains and the cum’ soaked sheets.

At the Moo-vies: Andrew McCarthy stars as the inspiration to Lamborghini, the movie, not the brand, Eye mean, just look at that Duck, of course Ewe would have to triangulate Molly’s Ring in Paris so that the Emily crowd knows what them Revvies are talking ‘Bout 🥊

Previously on, “Same STING, different Day » : « Le Serpent”

Yada, yada, yada y, let Mí make sure that la “spiritualité” of Au Lie More Au is in check, are youse ready rancemusic?

Here we go!

Palestinian footballer killed by Israel in West Bank: Medics

From: aljazeera 

A Friend Of Manson is a Friend of The Snake, and off-course, of Florence CASSEZ, —Aussie 🇦🇺, period.


Israel moves sharply to right as Netanyahu forms new coalition

From: The Guardian

No way!

FRENCH Serial killer The Serpent, Charles Sobhraj, to be freed from Nepal jail

From: The BBC

—For those keeping track of the happenings at Joe’s TOMB, it appears that SNAKE is GAME and so it is KOSHER to serve so-long as the REPTILE has scales like a Rattlesnake and the crawler is not smooth like a Culebra, which is not a snake but Ewe gets my Point-Grosse Blank³

No one

Pleased to meet you, hope Ewe guessed my name »…

Pope warns Vatican staff an ‘elegant demon‘ lurks among them

From: ABC (U.S. network)

Gonna stop

Show some respect, rent a suit‘: Tucker Carlson leads critics berating Zelensky for dressing like a STRIP CLUB OWNER demanding money…

From:  The Daily Mail (U.K. network)

Now go!

Señoras y señores
It’s 18h in CET and Jane says it’s time for
The News for Ewe Today.

La Risa en Vacaciones…


Any how, A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum, and after the break 🥁, Öüï will touch base with our Eweish goddess, Sarah D. Argenteuil, who as the préfecture of Cité would have it, changed her last name from Silverman to some banlieue on the Seine, the same sector form where the ambiguously gay grafitti duo of PichiAvo (March 2021, rue SERPENT ⛎ and Boulevard de Saint-Michel) drew the inspiration for their NEREIDS and that big FAG, nepTUNE.

La pa’ella es pa’las Ana-ran-Jadas 🥘.


In the mean time, here’s Kerschovas in Décalage:

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /l-allegretto-des-lyceens– 1076944


Yovanavitch of a they, eh,

En quince con Jordania Dayan 🕎

Continue reading

That’s not Kosher, love 😘

And, Nathalie Piolé… 🍤🦞 what’s up with Phat Basterd’ and Helen Croate? This is like the ThO’id Thyme that d’Util lights up the Merrill X-más 👱🏻‍♀️… looks pathological from this neck of the Woulds.

For the record, Natty π, Eye can’t believe that Lacaze, that bitch!!!, would start the ThO’id They of Chanuca with Animals that have lost their fins and/or scales ⚖️… so, are rattlesnakes game? That is the question.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /banzzai /crawfish-lady-blackbird-elvis-presley-bigyuki-billie-holiday-et-d-autres-9450500

Those Were The Theys.

Anyhow, here’s the Solstices-ese:

El Norte

Good night.

The Shortest They – Arab Winter en la Concha de tu Madre 🇦🇷 🕎

Nº 919-920 Décembre 2022

Yup, that’s them good Mel’s, Charlie… 🐰

1er ESSAI (White) Countach!

Well, you’ve HO’id about “la primavera árabe”… it’s Knot, one of those. This one started out at The Greek Theater and it ended up on Hollywood Blvd.

Meanwhile at francemusique, Denisas Kerschovas met “some hard pipe-hittin’ niggas” and with their expertises~ese, Kerschovas took back her studio, Denis Soula, that motherfucker, does not approves, but fuck him y también aussi, a Las Sirenas que lo acompañan:

Over at Le Champ de Mars… 🕎 le Président de La France issued out a VF “knot to be outdone” by The Biden Administration on rue GRABIEL³ trompetazo 🎺🎺🎺 to celebrate BUGS BUNNY 🐇 sous les jupes de La Dama de Hierro, —no less.

Fête des lumières
https ://www .linternaute .com /actualite /guide-vie-quotidienne /1330910 –hanouka-2022-que-commemore-la-lumineuse-fete-juive/

Ms. Jackson… It’s Miss Jackson, not Mrs. Ms. Jackson is a single mom from the Ghetto.

³~. Gabriel is the name which Eye hates the Most in an ArchAngeles.

https ://www .timeanddate .com /calendar /winter-solstice .html

Attention Camp:
please be advised that depending on your Ville, “la quatre saisons n’est pas qu’une Solsticewill be in décalage, below are the Time listings:

Over at The East Village in Babylon II, the Solstice will be on Deadline (16h48) and over at The FIA Motel at La Place de La Concorde in Babylon I, the FO’ist THEY of Winter ❄️ will be taking its POLE Position at the 22h48 and in Hilo, Hawaii, the changing of the Seasons’, in spite of the Rhules, will arrive at the 11th hour in Military Time… not in SOHO clock.

With that in mind, please be advised that I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto, do not select, EYE SAY AGAIN, I Do Not Select The NEWS CYCLE, I am only barred by the Préfecture de POLICE at Cité from CITING the context in its ORIGINAL FORMAT, so EWE, yeah JEW, are going to have to KNOT read it, this WAY ⇒ Walk With Mí on my JOURNEY to fucking Knowhere, behold:

The Legacy of VasConCelos²…
a Neville Chamberlain production,
in association with El Yunque en Sciences🦁Po🦊

²~. For the silly French at La Sorbonne, Vasconcelos is our 🇲🇽 very 🇲🇽 OWN Martin (ß) Heidegger.

From the makers of Schlachthof 5 {or} Der Kinderkreuzzug, comes the Story of Christmas as told by a PALESTINIAN boy, named YOSSARIAN PILGRIM.


Now before La Casa de España en Cité Universitaire de Paris (75014) accusés Mí, {or} Armando Segovia of spreading right-wing extremist rhétorique or racist propaganda, I ask those coqSuckers to evaluate the parallel to GAZA when Pedro 🇪🇸 Sánchez looks towards Ceuta.

https ://english .elpais .com/spanish_news /2021-05-18 /spanish-pm-vows-to-protect-north-african-borders-with-all-necessary-measures-after-thousands-of-migrants-swim-ashore.html

Warner Bros. Pictures present, a Department of Transportation production.

Same Sting, brand knew they… and introducing: White Cunt-Auch

White Cunt-Auch, and Nathalie Piolé, Eye swears that Öüï was not fucking around with no Treenes at the FIA Motel in Concorde, —it was all business. Mí is a professional.


Live from the F.I.A. at La Place de La Concorde it’s the Salty Tunesian CIRCOS from the AxiOS in the Treene, it’s…

https ://www .racefans .net /2022/12/20 /fia-bans-drivers-from-making-political-statements-without-permission/

Circus 🎪 follows

Please Stand-by for Silverman (Loose Eweseffina 🕎)

I am an Anti-Christ and fuck BíBí ☠️ Netanyahu, aussi. Context for the French Synagogue follows.

Penales ⚽⚽⚽ 🇦🇷 La Pulga de Cliñancourt-BAGneux

Zelenskiy says peace message heard despite FIFA broadcast refusal:

https ://www .reuters .com /world /europe /ukraine-leader-calls-global-peace-summit-video-message -2022-12-18/

El balance sin reconocimiento at TuÎleRIES.

Le Bilan²


 ²~. Monday morning found the Go’ill de Niza next to the main entrance to the Tuileries Garden in Front of Egypt, or a piece of that deity, called Osiris, anyhow. Last night, with all of ruckus of the France 🇫🇷 vS. 🇲🇦 Morocco match that delivered last night’s WC 🇧🇭Finale, the FLICKs kicked Denisas out of the Oratorio du Louvre and so she made her way to the F.I.A. but a White Lambo Cunt-Auch was taking all of the nichos around the ol’Naval Motel à Concorde, where The 🇫🇷 Biggest 🇫🇷 Losers 🇫🇷 Celebrate 🥳.

Naturally, by the time that Les Bleus 🇫🇷 touched ground at CDG, the predatory worms that those leeches in the mainStream media of TFI are, had already moved in and set 📐 up their squat bidon antennes where Kerschovas set her Tati® bags, Dah Night Beef’Eau, nigga!the nerve of Em# Basterds‘.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.


https ://www .lemonde .fr/en/france /article /2022/12/16 /who-are-the-far-right-activists-arrested-in-paris-after-the-france-morocco-game _6007969_7.html

To make matters WO’ist, unbeknownst to the dozen or so children who began to gather around la Place de La Concorde, they began to wonder why they were driven away from La Place de La Concorde in the same fashion as the dozen or so tourists that got driven away from La Place de La Concorde in an Very orderly Fashion güey, like cattle is, if you can Imagine that!, from the bendita Avenida de los Campos Eliseos and onto la Rue de Ravioli!… De Ravioli!!!

Just the facts, Regina, and nothing but d’Arc ⚜️


Anyhow, unbeknownst to the dozen or so children from La Place de La Concorde, the FLICKs were in cahoots with TFI and the Media mogul en Issy-les-Moulineaux, and they (the mogul at Issy–le–Séminaire) wanted to have The COOKIE 🍪 MONSTER all to themselves.

I’m SIRIUS, and you are not.


It’s a sad spectacle, but Öüï did warn all of Ewe about that White Cunt-Auch en los nichos of the Ol’Navy motel at LA Place de La Concord, and now the BONDY kids, who continue; by-the-güey,  to be driven away from La Place de La Concorde at the Very French intersection of Ravioli and la rue Cambon, which coincidentally happens to house the entrance to the ÎleRIES Metropolitan Rail Station of the RATP system.

in Reel Time, cAos Vehicular near and around HR and La Bourse de Médicis a Tu-Île–RIES.

Coincidence? Only if you are one of the dozen tourists or so who used (until moments ago) to ogle at Osiris dick at La Place de La Concorde, just before Aux Champs-Elysées, (Tú times 🎶) … and what those po’little Basterds’ are experiencing right now is nothing more than the cold, but effective Haussmannien system to drive people’s like cattle from one quartier to the next, with minimal loss of “perps ».


Still to come, Katty Kay, in Québec.

En Hilo, Hawaii, son las DIEZ de anoche! TEN, en Inglés, y DIEZ en Castellano, en el PSG 🇫🇷 ils dit DIX³. ils l’appellent le DIX, but he wears a 30.

https ://mauinow .com /2022/12/18 /16-people-taken-to-the-hospital-after-hawaii-bound-flightencounters-severe-turbulence/

³~. Gol anulado por fuera de lugar, sin embargo, “La Pulga » de CliÑancourt logró recuperar la estación del metro parisino, —de Gardel.

Ladies in Gemini:
The G.O.A.T.

In a Messi Minute… Évry thing changes. Congratulations to Congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, and to the BIGGEST losers in the Whole Wide World of Sports: Les Bleus 🇫🇷