The FB of Mexican Cinéma update: benchmark Nº 2

Not to be outdone by The Pinault-Hayek Bourse Collection in París, Francia, Facebook’s evil headquarters singled-out the personal accounts of academics doing research on, anybody, Avi Velshi, academics doing research on what topic?

Anyone, Evry body? What kind of research?


Facebook censure des universitaires qui travaillaient sur
la désinformation de Facebook

… and just in case Ewe think that Eye is jumping on these two band wagons, [Censorship/Anne Hidalgo] please_please do allow me to direct your periph-vision to the Ice Cream Shop, because “i am 32 flavors —and then some.”

… And starring as Anne Hidalgo: Pancho Villa, in the role of Antonio Banderas, off-course. Go ahead, i dare you to say that Antonio Banderas is Knot, i repeat for Salma Hayek; i dare you to say that Antonio Banderas is Knot “el hombre perfecto” para interpretar el espíritu de Anne, period! 

Still to Come, La Femme du JOUR, April 14th, 2015… The thing about HINDSIGHT, Madame Hidalgo, is that on your first DAY OF CAMPAIGN for L’Elysée, I FOKEN KNEW³, Madame Hidalgo, that you would be looking « LIKE SOME CAT FROM JAPAN »:

https :// /2017/08/ image .jpg?ssl=1

Anyhow, a quick programming note regarding Benchmark Test Nº 1 results (punto y coma) be advised that OUR wordpress dot com personal account has been taken out of the detention room. This morning at around 01h00 in CET, The Pinault-Hayek Connection was cleared for surfing… Eye Repeat for Hilo, Hawaii, The PINAULT-HAYEK has now allowed (as of 01h this morning) asegovia3 dot com to post, edit, and continue to murder the English language, one clause at a time.

Benchmark Nº2 results:

— Connectivity arrived, not sure if the I.T. Team at La Collection Pinault reads this blog, we RECKON that they do not, and that the CODE blocking of our individual MAC Address was not a reactionary response, but rather a most unfortunate coincidence.

Image attached/supporting media: youse looking at it. Consider this an “Atta-boy”, unless, Sonia KINCAID 🔫, your hubby is like Enrique and he demands that Öüï mentions “Los Logros de l’administración”.

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