And, Lindsey Reiser… “Y tu mamá también », meets a Cherokee Chief singing “in la Île-de-Hawaii » is Music They Eve

FLORENCE, si puedes tú con Diego hablar… comunícale que “Si Yo Fuera de lugar, Maradona… in the mean time, it is 21h50 at the 5ème and as Promised…1 🌬2💨and it’s a 1/4 to the Eleventh Hour, 🎵 You don’t have to go home, but you got’z to get a fuck out of the Arena and into the pavement, hit the road Frogs!

Dentils for that ⬆️ follows…


RUDO WAS A FAG, and CURSI was off-course, PUTOoooooh!

Dear, LORDE! Senator McCain is trolling Vercingetorix at Les Arènes de Lutèce.

Like a drunk baby wearing only a piece of hide (probably from a stag) for diaper The Maverick is screaming at The French King if he (that motherfucker) is Knot Entertained❗️

Still to come, Reino Aventura, starring Gerardo Ruiz Esparza (q.e.p.d.) in the role of Philippe de Villiers, the Kute Koch brother en Francés.

Francisco de Rozenzweig won’t let me, armando segovia, tell a lie, period on account that YOU MIGHT NEED A ‘post-graduate’ degree from the ESCP Campus Paris to know who the INFRASTRUCTURE secretary in Mexico was, when Florence Cassez was released en un ARREGLO BI NACIONAL  🇫🇷 y 🇲🇽 (2012-2017). Note to Thomàs “¡Qué feo estás! »…  🌕🌞🌝☀️🌬The Very French version of Richard Gere in the role of Mexican Secretary of  “infraestructureichon,” Gerardo Ruiz Esparza is brought to you by the only paper in France que “Ne Peut Étre Vendu Séparément » , from THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ( punto y coma) pas La Jornada de lOpinion Nº 2033 date: 18/19 juin, 2021… and of course, Los Putos de 20minutes… pas las putas de Gabriel García Meh! AND THOMÁS PESQUET… you are at the plate! Get a bat, motherfucker! To The Moonnnnnn!!!!

La bici de Cleta pasa… based on a reel Caravan, trou story… [A]nd AP LeMire, i don’t think that you are using “Slaughterhouse 5” terminology correctly, unless of course [🗯] if by « so it goes, » you mean that the Eastern Conference of Major Baseball Leagues is dead as Disco in the Era that Reagan’s life was spared… TRIPLE PLAY ON THE HASS beans follows.


To They in His-tory:

Rollin’ Stone of the Blogs… les “inrockuptibles… are fags, period full stop, unless Cerf-panthére wants to close the quote.

Eye Blame Jodie Foster—D.A.T. Bitch!