It rhymes with Abdul, Carambar!

Fuck you, Jon Stewart… sincerely, Agent Orange.

Contemporaneous³adjective, as in: Pythagoras 🇬🇷  was contemporaneous with Buddha… 🥢 at the White House ☎️ line.

³ ~. 🇸🇦

The following is sponsored by the Be All That You Can Be Council on Foreign Revelations

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Fight fire, Wit Fire – Jump In The Fayah

Any hoot, Señora Rima, it’s a good thing that your Culture Monkees Club does not keep tabs on on this Never Ending Scroll, otherwise you might be wondering why our special Daily Show Edition is dedicated to your Ministry, but for that you would have to ask your ELDERS (from 2011) at la rue Saint Honoré (currently PARIS Centre°), the request was a full-schedule of the Mexican Spectacles crossing over The Atlantic to tell the French “How Mexico, is a lot easier than Brasil”.

Naturally (in 2022) I now realize that when EVERY block of your institutions is in one way or another, connected with the CLUSTER of associations of the Law of 1901, it doesn’t matter how “charming or competent” the person in charge of the reception floor might be, and never mind the “elegance”… Auréline Garcia (3 weeks ago on Google Maps), when the VENEZUELAN (from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México) and PERUVIAN intelligentzia at the Unesco have their fingers all up in The Latin American (air conditioned) Bureau desk of the Agence France Presse (2011-12-13 and 2014)… ISSY, “Alerta que camina, la espada de la recepcionista de BOLIVIA).

https ://www .google .com /maps /contrib /114322233227326323035 /place /ChIJnygmRANu5kcRvCBK2eVEsYY /@45.6814764,2.3386125,6z/data=!4m6!1m5!8m4!1e1!2s114322233227326323035!3m1!1e1?hl =fr

Available also in Viejas FEAS model.

La Austeridad Republicana de Mohammed ben Salmane ben Abdelaziz Al Saoud en Francia

From the Soul, así no se puede hacer mon¥.
Unless you are “La Hija de Silvia Pinal”³.

³~. https ://www .albumcancionyletra .com /corregir_abuso-de-autoridad_de_el-tri_letra__ 181258.aspx
°$ubstitute, “la Hija de Silvia Pinal” por « la sobrina de Marcelo Ebrard ».

Well, if freedom fighters fight freedom, what do fire fighters fight? That there is a suplex on a George Carlin’s masters class dealing with a word salad called: “€uphemisms”.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Suplex

Wonderfoule… or whatever your stage ID is, please be advised that Eye fears no Talking Heads.

Still to come, Brad Pitt

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