Fatman below-the-line, Little Boy on top of my huevos

I swear, Robert Downey Jr., I will never forget how you blacklisted Camilla Nygaard from your White Sands Imax® experience.

Now we will never have Hope, thank’s Obama!


And starring as Camille Nygaard, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, double-spokesperson for Election 2024.  Oh, the audacity, Hope. I blame, Barack Hussein Obama, he’s the Executive that gave Joe Biden a second wind(age) in Kentucky.

And isn’t it just like Americans… always on time-Delay days… first The U.K., then La France, —what’s next, San Francisco?

And, Walter, please be advised that for all intents and neutrinos, Elon Musk would have built Los Alamos for the Nazi cause, not for George Soros.

WAR and a 64 Impala.
It’s a Low 🕶️ Rider.

Issy, The Cisco Kid was a Friend of Major T. J. “King” Kong 🪘 … more cowbell, Lt. Lord Lothar “Zogg” Vader, mo’CowBelle. And, Susana PubEda, you knows moo-vies, and you know that that there Thing that Slim Pickens was ridin’ on Kubrick’s atom ⚛️💣 bomb 🚀 moo-vie was a Low Rider… Issy, those things hanging on the rear-view mirror are fuzzy 🎲, —dice La Güera Brzezinski.

And if you can see the music, that’s a big bonus, because if there is a Catch-22 ☄️ We’ll 🎶 meet again, don’t know when, don’t know where but —and this I proºmiseº y’all— it will be by the side of the road.

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