FUCK YOU: The New York Times, and your Paris correspondents, aussi

I told you so, but you could not fucking think for yourself, because you are Sciences Po, and Sciences Po is Sciences Po. Sciences Po by-the-way is what the Politécnico is to la UNAM in L’IHEAL en Ciudad Satélite.

Glad you fuckers are finally Ketching-up… you fags!

Somewhere au Mans there’s a mime shedding a tear. LOUÉ goes here. Any how, Chris Hayes, that was last night in Paris; right now, Sir, it’s 06:46 am in Hilo, Hawaii and Sir, this is the Cue that is coming your way… wait one, because the BFM’er Dee-Jay is playing La Odisea as sung by INDOCHINE.

Now it is safe and chic to Bash on France, eh!

THE death of french culture… CHECK PLEASE!!!

WHAT SAYS YOU: Le Figaro del Mundo de la Libération del Journal du Dimanche?

Over at the BFM’er dentils, the abandon daughter of JEWEL is going through her Death Metal phase; right now, the abandon daughter of JEWEL is doing a KING DIAMOND tribute because her mother Was A Witch, She Was Burned Alive… yada, yada, yada.

Yada, yada, yada, Ashley got on her horse and she is now playing Carmen Santiago de Bilbao and, SPREADING love in a Spanish ELEVATOR. Hey, it’s Valentine’s Week, motherfuckers! Anything goes, so long the object of your desire is no younger than 15-years old.

Previously on by the Numbers

Well get Joe Pesci and slap some Lip Stick on Mme. Reno 911.

Sinead O’Connor* had a SIRENE doppelgänger in Waco in a complicated case of Wakos.

Kerby (The Konformist¹) was a double mirror on… 🎶 🗣 I’m talking about—America, américa 🕶

But FO’ist!

PRESIDENT-Elect Joseph R. Biden sends the Ol’ smoke gets in my Eye signal as he travels back in time to warn a new nation about the… wait for it, wait, wait… a heck find out about it on the Katy Kur Show where someone is out of Uniform and it is Knot Mrs. Pink; and Ashley PArker… wait, wait, it’s coming, wait…

1. The Scene as seen by El Gato Volador

Lorem Ipsum .:. 00FE270F-67EA-434D-9C56-8B90A1B0235B .:. Yada, yada, yada — Context follows.

Attention editors:

According to the Automattic autosave, the battery inside of our transmitter extinguished itself at 22h40 (as it was charging, mind you) in record time, the gremlin attack is a well documented issue on the TIM APPLE troubleshooting forums; it goes like so, 1. The battery indicator shows the amount of energy –again, as the phone is plugged to a working outlet— reducing in power as opposed to accumulating a positive charge; 2. Visually there isn’t any noticeable anomalies of deformities present on the tip-end of the Tim Apple–brand charging cable kind, however, as i touch that particular end of the cable the plastic wrap that houses the circuitry of that mini board is very hot to my delicate finger prints*; 3. A quick check to the back of the phone and the other USB–end of the charging cable show no signs of deformities or of overheating when touched; 4. Once the battery drains, the Tim Apple—6 Plus transmitter screen goes Black (obviously… but because we’ve seen this RACKET TOO, Aussi) this time around we SAW WITH OUR OWN NAKD EYES that the Tim Apple-brand cable end melted a little cute dimple on the aforementioned plastic housing of the regulating mini-board of this crap.

So, without further to add on this troubleshooting ticket, please be advised that on account of a DELAY on the gadget hoy no hubo BFM… no insistas Adeline (dit François).


* Ghetto Boys go here

Note to non-readers, Gremlin Attack forced u.s. to TURN  THE PAGE TOO, see you D.A.R.E. if you happen to be there; time now is in the opposite end of that there ombligo bee-low ⤵️

Sr. Ackerman, en referencia a la imagen del patrón de su distinguida Señora, abajo de un cartón del General de División, Francisco “Pancho” Villa, Doroteo Arango dice que mejor no. .:. ¡par de Putos! • — ⚾️ — • Play Ball, motherfuckers, it’s Round Three 🥊, period!

1. As heard on The Tom Lykas Show (some of the names have been changed to protect the cartoons) … https ://www .konformist .com