🎶🗣 Shockolate Au Lait… mum, mum, mum—mum, ummm

Quartz12… Chocolate au lait, indeed.

As a drunk socialist, Cousin Joe, I am speechless .:. CA12A53D-AC8D-4E43-826D-246E6D79D141 🗣 Extra Extra! Knot to be undone by The Ari Melber Show, FRANCE INFO will be interroGATEing Gates at 2 a.m. in EST / 0800 hours in CET… Those Sneaky Basterds. ✍🏼 And Willie Geist, did i happen to mention that The interview is going to be in French!!! The Gall of these Frogs. These is THE REASON, Soledad O’Brian, why nobody understood his 2015 BULLETIN on A Pandemic. Because the Mécénartiste was de-briefing the French. BUT WAIT… There is MOOREEEEEE! The man is giving away [encouraging, pues] THE SOLUTIONS without showing the WO’ik… thank god for BFM’er TV who make me show their Boats. Which, as Former senator Claire Mccas NOW knows is a TITANIC endeavor 🐰. FRANCE INFO… I’m coming to get you. Wanna know why? Because MARS Mom keeps me up on Way Too Early—so don’t be late… like that mule-riding Republican honcho, Muppet Steele.

Breaking the News: U.S. State Department issued a bulletin (whatever that means) warning Americans to not TRAVEL to The United States because of a terrorist warning. At this time those already stuck in the United States are not required to take their shoes off.

Still to come… French presidents say Da’DARNnnnn–dest things.

But FO’ist!!!

Saxifrage en Sax major .:. 87707642-035C-4A0D-871F-BE6128908530 .:. In local news it turns out that the president of La France is a Pedro PicaPiedra aficionado, it’s TWUE!!! MadaFaka—Check The Roots. It’s right there on the Front Page of the Dec. 24th edition of 2020. Seriously, check the roots on the Piedra Picada. 🌸 I lost count of how many Pedros, Peters, and Piedras he lanzado en este mes.

Musical Guest: POISON IVY

Over in Miss’Ourra… Claire McCaskill brought out her lazy chair because she wants Mí to paint her as a French Whore… It’s a Titanic proposition, but what a heck… Kansas City here I Come.


Quick programming note:
Deer-sirene, Eye wishes to remind yo’Silly ass that Karl’s soul in the form of a Bichon Fraise remains by our side; and Aussi, you seductive cunt, Larry King —WHO just settled in as he awaits his transfer— remains an optimist and, Denis Soula should know that GLORIA is a fucking Trophy Wife… Issy, Charlotte BibRING, Eye loves it when your sultry voice talks Dirty to Mí, you provocative twat. Wanna try again?

And, —Cousin Joe… did i happen to mentioned that Republican honcho and Maryland Seminary school-lad, Michael Steele is at the mound? For the record, i didn’t want him on our side of the line-up, but Camilo Cienfuegos remains “incomunicado” because of a recent embargo. It’s the bottom of the FO’ist and The BLADERUNNER MEMORIAL Stadium is hosting a sold-out crowd.

The previous hit is still in play and there is one out on the scheduled Triple play… And,—AP LaMire, what’s with that Saudi Arabian crematorium set that yo’ass is transmitting from, you are not fooling anybody with that formaldehyde bottle behind you.

In local news… hoy no hubo Jazz

Nothing follows… hoy no hubo Jazz, no insistan.

and eye will tell you why

El mundo de Le Monde .:. 9BA3A18B-1E4C-40AB-9F4E-33F23F72ABB2 “And I’ll tell you why!”

The fip programmers are jerkin-off.., or something like that. In other words, Denis Soula, o Zula… or something like D.A.T. called the show in.

Like warm gazpacho, a fucking TV dinner in copla. Good Night!… [T]his has been your telenovela en Notre Dame TV. Hoy no hubo Jazz.

Televisa presenta

Televisa presenta .:. 8A33A45E-8690-41A2-A060-F9BA5383073F .:. FAKE EDUCATORS after school special. 📺 Watch and Learn how “the pro’s” tell their HisTory.

… anyway, Hoy no hubo Jazz, maybe tomorrow, Charlie Brown. But not if it’s Miami Sweat shop Sound Machine… FANIA!!! Moore FANIA, please.

Australia is the enemy

Australia is the enemy

Gaddamned “Princess Bride” musical score* is worst than any Eddy Currets attack! Heck, One million times worst. IN•DEED.

Siren, the new owners of Les Halles have better elevator music… kill Mí Now!

This has BEAN, your TELENOVELA de los fips.

FUR get It! Sista. I’m going to South America.

May Day annex: Synchronicity — The Police meets The Abolition

… “somewhere, beyond the sea” — chariots swing low

La cosa, es de que sin querer queriendo, por alguna razón Ari Melber* and the Sirens sang al ritmo del mismo Son, the  msnbc’s with verse and visuals, the Sirens with melody and LP jacket artwork. 

If we share this nightmare
Then we can dream
Spiritus mundi…
•–_¡_–•  Fair use of all Song Discussions y por supuesto — de todos los medios.

⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓
⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓
Synchronicity I
⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓
⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓

The “original” Crimson Tide …   believe it or not, Cousin Joe, were the First Losers of the “original” Cotton Bowl. 

Cumbia Negra follows con su #1-Hit:


* … eventually, we [the staff] are sure that the Ari Melber’s “the beat” team will upload the transcript, in the mean Time, we [the staff] post the link to transcript central on the MSNBC’s… it’s a shame that Chris Matthews doesn’t read this blog, because Mr. Hardball has privileged to the Mr. Peacock archives.

TimeStamp: 07h30 in Central Europe Time… en Tijuana, sigue siendo el 1 de mayo.

Aquilatadas, Sirenas: the good thing about…

… about this most inconsequential blog, is that y’all—vous ne nous lizes pas… “but is all Right”, at both the sevenTEEN hundred and at the TOP of the hour, in Central Europe Currency por allá por CALEXICO—Baby!

“… and it’s all right.”

Happy Pie Day,

Welcome. Every one is invited to this lonley town on Pie Day, even the cube heads. So if you have six or more faces —don’t delay!

Condenadas… perdón COORDENADAS, no condenadas, porque esa palabra es bien amigota de las canallas, y pues entonces eso es otro pastelito que se acompaña con café bien cargado… Anygüey, las coordenadas del vecino bien mono que ocupa la contra esquina de estas figurotototas del Rock and Roll circus, al otro lado del “roundabout” en la calle Furstemburg, en Saint-Germain–des—Pres, ahorita se las metó más al rato OK, HENRY? Así que Fellas, no se me vayan… deteniendo, y digo fellas —as in Fellows, con una de las dos eles, por supuesto, Corazón, bien MUDA.

Step right in, it’s a musical circus. From Rock to Jazz, Ethnic to Chamber and Classical. You don’t need no ticket and Drinks for all of the Sirens are on Da’House!

Accident on pareidolia street, apophenia was a witness of the scene. According to her, Serendipity was riding her bike, when a yellow car wearing a blue skirt ran the spontaneous muse over. }—-~~~\*>  Algunos dicen que segoviaspixes capturó la escena y la pusó en un marco junto a un par de  ovinos en la rue de l’Échaudé, 75006… CopyLeft, and all that good Creative Commons stuff.

De arranque, el primer track de esta banda sonora para sordos es el soliloquio de un desgraciado que escribe para emborracharse… o que se emborracha para escribir…

(ya no me acuerdo cómo iba la frase, pero la chica venezolana de Issy–Les–Moulineaux que pasa revista a películas en Frecuencia Paris Plural—Emisiones Americas… o algo así, con Osler Amaro y su staff, fue la mina que  me acuñó la primera pedrada… perdon, acuño esa frase primero.)

… no se pierda el primer acto de redempción en dónde se le escucha a este desgraciado gritar al  Universo lo siguiente:

From the collection Hypertunneling with Marianne… context follows:  foto y diseño por armando segovia / segoviaspixes—2018

Hey, You. Are you listening? Can You hear me. If you are,  could You please be advised that my next “Hogar” needs to be on No. 3 Rue de Cardenal, 75006; so make a note of that, and yes, the staff already knows that they are going to have to deal with the “Brown Sugar” and Crack dealers, winos and clochards when we [the staff] hit that ground.

Ewe cow!… said the fucking Wether in sheep talk. Episode One. }–––~~~\*>  Rue de l’Échaudé, 75006, foto por  armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018. CopyLeft, Gustavo, CopyLeft, my old friend.



Bruce “resortes de la prima vera” SpringsTEEN… Jersey « Mec» is TOPS }—-~~~\*> Uso justo del cancionero « no official » de Las Sirenas de Issy-Les–Moulineaux.

Las fuentes de doña Cyber Vilma, Follows, fellas:

“Shout it, Shout it out loud.” KISS.

fuente follows: in the mean time here’s some tunnel vision for y’all from Storyville on the Seine:

Chuy sin maquillaje en el underground. CopyLeft, Gustavo, copy motherfucking left, amigo. And give my regards to the BrUTEP crowd…. From Atlantic City, 75004.

This one is dedicated to the Sam Donaldson Center at El Paso “U”:

“… and so it was,”… Brozo, la foto es por Yo Mero, pero, pinche licenciado, no me confundas con el güey del PRI que tus patronesquieren sentarcomo presidente… do give my regards to don Bernardo Gómez y Mr. Gary Sanchez (sin acento)… ok, cabrón? 

… for those who arrived to this plane of existance after Springsteen was Born To Run, y’all will find the reference from the composition above in the frame below, in full spectrum, with the squelch on, and of course Raquel, in Listening Silent mode:

La sombra blanca. Merci, Sirens; merci, for the BOOGALOO ∴ 33 ∴ « todo va bien en el Universo »… besos.

The following is a TimeDelay source, because the actual time now is in Millenium Time via (Chicago) on the Seine, on a patchy Thursday afternoon, cette a dire… if Alice, Charlotte, Jane, and guy named Aaaaaaaaaaa–rmand would read us, they would not Let Us [the staff] lie, because this episode of the Rock and Roll circus was Serendipitously synchronized in Real Time with the early evening Sacrosant programming from the Certain Sirens at Issy–Les–Moulineaux, and their take on the deambulatory music of Louis Malle:



Hyperlooping tunnels with Marianne…

TimeStamp: La Belle Affaire

March 10th, 2018…

on CET

[Voz de femme fatale
FIP Siren introduces Weekend Edition
… y la Semana que Philippe Labró]

Person with flashlight… Context follows… foto y doodle por segoviaspixes 2018.

Previously on asegovia3:

… al regerasar, Voltaire y Montesquieu share a mushroom* at Sq. Honore Champion… Dali, and his skinny legged elephants guest star, neta que sí.

Los Cabos que el staff, irá atando en el transcurso de La Programación:

1. Dear, Elon Musk, [Sir]… did you know that it was Mme. Hidalgo, Anne [one-each] who went ahead and rescued Hypertunneling for pedestrians and cyclists?

Currently, a bunch of assholes with cars wish to vote that most magnificent VÍA PÚBLICA… out from the peoples SOLE

So, dear Sir, hurry da’Fuck–up making your “boring company’s” dreams a motherfucking reality.

Fuck the Bridges… Viva Le Underground! }—~~~\*> Just a plain ol’Parisian tunnel… foto por armando segovia 2018.


2. Voltaire and a mushroom… Square Honoré Champion (75006), casí esquina con la estatua de Marcello Tommasi; CAROLINA (1968).

Voltaire à Square Champignon de Honoré… perdon Voltaire à Sq. Champion Honoré. (75006).

Orchestrating made-up Words for If You Leave me Maneuvering in the Dark

Hey there, Sirens…

… eh, What’s Up Doc? << chronophague >> ??? might you mean: ChronoPhagous?

If the Thoird–O’dee-Hour is going to print Made-up words, then consider This Pretty In Pink frame just anOy’der example of our Long-Running Series called The Death of French Culture*… and yes, my Sweet Sweet fip sirens this is your favorite segment: The Intermission…

… wait for it, wait.

Actual TimeStamp is:

… just another White Album cover, “and it’s Alright”, dit, The Traveling Wilburys.

La Vie C’est Dingue, par La Tordue… or something like that; 10h40 CET

and yes, “I Want To Fly Like An Eagle”:

Umbrella is optional, but the above is uncompromisable, for it must be hoird in a Bugsy’s voice.

Saludos, sirenas… we [the staff] miss your inspiration sometimes, but “it’s all right”, because there’s always St. Malo — and Sing-Sing… radio, that —is.