Los Hilos de la noche más larga en el Palacio del Elíseo

… [A]nd Lynyrd Skynyrd goes ⬇️

Good evening Avi Velshi, do you have a clear view of the Stars? Hope you do on your commute back home, anyhow, in Hilo Hawaii it is 19h and at the BD Arago (Paris XIII) it is 7h.

We now return to NORMANDY in reel time to bring you our regular schedule programming of “Ancient Aliens — Hell Mutts” anniversary edition.

Now, if 2020 would have gone without a hitch (coff, coff, coffin, 🦠) the celebrations for Mr. Macron’s 43rd birthday celebration would still have 5 hours left, before “the after party” crossing into La Navidad, which happens to^ start at high noon later today.

^ Dangling participle if taken out

Don’t believe Flava’s Clock… it’s High Noon, Manu.

Public Enemy (reticle included) goes HERE.., [O]n The Rachel Maddow Show; you are going to like the way you look, i guaranTEE, IT! .:.

… Tell me that i don’t know what i am talking about… [P]£€A$€.

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