Cuestión de enfoque — WaWa Buffalo

“El Heraldo »…
by: Catalonio Barcelonnette de Peralvillo

Eye call this one

Eye call this one WaDr. Fuck Bob Marley! I Shot the sheriff, slapped the deputy and, found the leak.

At least the Library gods had the common sense to accentuate the “little boys room” in the uniform color of your Los Angeles Dodgers playing at-home.

Beaubourg, Îlle-de-France. By this rag’s estimates*, THREE MONTHS, Évry swinging dick at the Bpi had to stand and wait in line outside of the Loo’s like a fucking pussy on account of a scheduled 25-year structural remodeling of the crappers.

*~. a French semester, at least. Not including vacation and smoke breaks.


And, mister or misses Library director, the 4 bathtubs that replaced the 8 standard porcelain dump buckets is not the reason for this “construction” criticism, i can only hope that your hi-and-mighty position takes it constructively and not like those Sorbonne annex professors at the IHEAL… where my professional guessTiMation says that that is where la Raza ‘latina’ de los banlieues de Paris (🚙75) go an get their ‘maistros’ certificate.

“Piensa, joven”.

“Hay quienes ven la Bpi
cómo un Vaso ½ Vacío…

_ pero hay quienes ven esta Depresión, como un Lavabo more less Plein.

Ver este pinche Sink así, de cette manière, es pensar like a young Alice Cooper when Vince Furnier was 8-teen.


Previously on, So You Draw Portraits of Presidents

Fuck’em… fuck EM# ALL, Eye can draw the face of God, sin celery, Field Marshal Carlin.

Fuck you Matt Damon! Context follows on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, because That COLBERT guy is a fucking asshole.

Of course, in order to know what Eye is referring to you have to be current with your Dogma—Fuck-oh.

Of course, you also have to be  current with all the Prophets, not just The Rock, Rufus.

And Alice… this is a kind reminder that the fip . fr portrait contest is open to all nationalities but You Have Got to Be French to WIN, could-have-been-CONTENDERS need not apply, —Stella.

And Yasmin V… before you accuse me of jumping on the Basketball bandwagon, do recall that just like The Chinese stole Tocqueville from the Frogs, and the Russians the Champagne… i did tell Lester Holt that the French had a B-Ball academy at Olympiades M-14, turns out that the French had sent a spy to the San Antonio Spurs… all those years ago. 

https ://www .lequipe .fr /Basket /Actualites /La-france-domine-les-etats-unis-pour-son-premier-match-des-jo /1273011

After The Nation with the politics of the Reverend Al Sharpton, Alicia will dive into a holding pattern in Texas where schools districts everywhere will begin to teach the origins story of Walker Texas Ranger.

Literally, can’t make this shit up.

For the occasion, independent school districts across the Lone Star state will hold a vote concerning the new revisionist book covers for the newly revised curricula on the Southern’s version of European Code Noir.