2 de octubre; 12 con veinte p.m. en París

Hoy no hubo noticias y aún es hora de que salga el Sol.

Mientras tanto on the KC dial…

A River Runs Through Her…

Mientras tanto en Columbia:
a new Foreign Policy is brewing [just in time for Oktoberfest… Zeppelin goes here] and it’s basically the quintessential “don Vergas” approach of Mexican lore, on good’ol American W.A.S.P. exceptionalityexceptional nature. If Ewe have a facebook account there is an « Ask Him Anything » in about 2 hours on E.S.T. dealing with the topic of “what now?” — What follows the so-called “American (sin acento) Century”.

After all is found, discovered and exhibited, Ewe must follow the Mark to pose the questions to Sachs. •_!_• « Let’s Play Hardball ».

TimeStamp: about 21 hundred hours in C.E.T.

At the movies:
Fucking Hillbillies
Did you know that it was the Frogs,
who went ahead and invented
the blue bloods?

Hey, Ewe… your queen is a lizard. •—_!—•  TimeStamp: it’s the 11th hour on the Central NATO p.m. Dial.

Sources: Willie Guiest, of course:

Shape–shift: Your Queen is a lizard.

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