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Deer, Seth Meyers...

Deer, Cousin Joe… Sir, do you and Mike Barnicle think that after Peter Baker reflects on the White Guilt for the African diaspora, that the MorJo Vice Squad can say a little prayer for me. Sincerely, Evo, yes I am—Eye am Man!

https ://theintercept .com /2020 /06 /08 /the-nyt-admits-key-falsehoods-that-drove-last-years-coup-in-bolivia-falsehoods-peddled-by-the-u-s-its-media-and-the-nyt/

Anyhow Rachel Maddow, you didn’t think your producers would get off easy for last Friday’s tantrum, now did ya’?… of Corse you did. Any how, this is still a Law & Order episode, but we are now going to dive–in into the syndication realm, you know: the re-runs.


It’s 3 o’Clock in Camden, New Jersey, and this an inter•mission for Leslie Jones.


No pun intended

No pun intended … but, deer Charlamagne Tha God, “Take Five” then BREATHE, —motherfucker— and call my Agent in the morning on PST. .::. 39339D4D-47F7-414E-9082-7F60647C5C52 🏄🏽‍♂️ Jumping to conclusions is so… trumpian. —_•!•_— In Context: Earlier in the transmission before “Tuesday was Gone” with the wind, Ari Melber had the day off and Stephanie “La Pundita” Ruhle filled in the “Fall the fuck back” section of The BEAT. During the “Fall Back” segment, a known radio host (of this most non–consequential blog) was summoned by The Producers of that show, to give his remarks on the final respects to the fallen George Floyd, who as the entire world, except the good people from the great state of Missouri know that his life was Snuffed on youtube for all to see. Mr. McKelvey, the off–stage name of Charlemagne The God, suggested during a heated exchange with Ms. Ruhle, that the Trump administration didn’t have any African Americans in it’s close circle; suggesting in one breath (no pun intended) that Joe Biden was right when he told the entire nation, except the great State of South Carolina, that if youse Black and vote for Trump you ain’t from WAKANDA!

It’s 1 a..m. in New York, New York and 7 p.m. in Central Europe At the BEAT with Stephanie Ruhle, Charlamagne “Lenard” Tha God just confirmed that the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is not Black… giving Biden a free ghetto pass. Any güey, Ms. Ruhle, your eyes are going to roll off’them beautiful jeepers sockets. 

Meanwhile, Brian Williams, what is up with that walk of shame, and where, please TELL MÍ WHERE can Eye score one of those portable “Eddy Currents” police band scramblers?

https ://www .bbc .com /news /52984295 Reality Check, Donald Trump’s police scanner tweet fact-checked

One thing for sure Michael Steele is that the branding of the President of them united states of america and the parallel events South of The Border make for some “beautiful” Venn Diagrams.

And, Brian, here’s a SAMPLE that Eye wish D.A.T. the United States of America does not take as a cue from the Mexican United States and which, Michael Steele, loops u.s. back to The Rachel Maddow Show, check it out Cousin Joe here’s the breakdown for the All–American peacock team:

Now you’ve heard about the A.A.R. acronym, [Law & Order sound effect goes here] it’s K.N.O.T. one of those (punto y coma) it’s more of a “backwards stepping” reconstruction of the events.

And, as we “Indian foot-step it” like the young Danny Torrence at the Overlook Hotel’s labyrinth please take this Egyptian coincidence Vase (⚱️) and place, IT!, in the back-burner.

… Breaking the news follows.

Law & Order — Special Favors Unit

Los Zodíacos
Season 14, Episode 9


In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.” .::. EE22EFD7-0BAC-4875-B611-D74D64BB9322 💵💴💷💰⚖️ Righhhhht. What can « pago en especie » do for you?

Synopsis: The purple pundit was fresh out of detention for spreading subliminal messages with the visual aids of Nick Confessore, and twue to form, Nicolle went right back to the little naughty girls room for revisiting “Shithole Countries” last night after Zulu Time, meanwhile, in the span of those 23 days as the U.S. was fast approaching the most-consequential victim of the COVID-19 contagion (lucky 100,000) the world saw how America entered its “white shame” phase, and it appears that the U.S. will never be the same. Those particular events, [a virus and a disease] put a hold-it-now moment on all other tangents that bisect our Venn Diagrams… does anybody remember Venn Diagrams? Of course KNOT, the story, as that 11th Hour whipper snapper says, “changes hourly”. Lucky for the Administrative Tribunal in Paris, we’ve got you motherfuckers covered.


Deer, Claire McCasskell:

Listen up Senator, D.a.R.e. is no such thing as a “phony” bible; only false believers. And, just so D.A.T.  my better Atheists don’t get their panties up in a bunch, not believing in God, or an Architect in this most non-consequential Universe does not make a false believer. It’s better to show your faith or lack thereof, than to be a racist hypocrite like the current White House “resident”.

Don't look up

Prettiest bookcase Eye ever saw… Deer, Chris Hayes, don’t look up, there’s a Pharaoh above ya’!

Any güey, Senator: Eye Am An Antichrist! And Eye Am An Anarchist. But Eye can dig the gospel, it’s a CRAZY science fiction TOME.

… we now play Catch-up with Los Zodíacos, via Israel and the court, but FOist, we had to play shut-eye after The John Oliver Show, which followed The Nicolle Wallace Spectacle; right now as we W.o.K.e, we see that The Lawrence O’Donell Sitcom is on. TimeNow is 33 minutes before The Brian Williams Recap sessions and taking our cues from the Shift-to-Black screen of The John Oliver Show, we’d like to re-adjust:

Dear, former Senator Claire McCaskill, please nevermind the liberties that i take with your last name, it’s part of the program and we have a slight feeling that if you knew that i existed, you’d probably get a kick out of it, just like Cousin Joe gets a kick out of the AP’s Jonathan Lemire’s “campagne house”, anyhow, Senator McCaskill: sorry about the “White Shame” spiel of the paragraph above, we meant to RIGHT, “White Guilt”, because nobody should be ashamed of the color of his/her skin color.

Sin Titulo:
Starring Christine Baranski in the role of Jerry Orbach. Ice-T guest stars as Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.

This here be an inter• mission:

A glitch in the settings

A glitch in the settings .::. C7A26385-DD82-4751-BD80-634AC5B079E2 ⏱ … INDEED, Seth Meyers, if Eye told you that D.a.R.e. is a glitch in the Clock you would tag Mí as Paranoid.

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because you never know when the chickens will come home to roost.

Intermission — At The Drive–In

Almost En Vivo.
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El Callejón de Exportación
La Chingada Mesa de Otay

oh, hey Hallie Jackson, what’s up? Please relay to SFC Hunt, that as a background, Autumn looks swell on her.

—2nd Lieutenant Jacob Soborof:
Trump’s Wall, meant to keep immigrants out, today is drawing Mexicans as a tourist attraction.
—Sgt. First Class Kasie Hunt:
(Whispers into a “hot mic“) Oh, my God*

* What 2nd Lt. Soborof failed to take into consideration are, of course, his troop leading procedures, this is typical in  Sit-Reps coming over the net from buck-lieutenants (this is why the French invented Non-Commissioned Officers) and why SFC Hunt’s whisper is a Field-Manual (FM) knee-jerk reaction of a Platoon Sergeant recognizing when a fucking “Louie” shots from the hip, or John Wayne’s a scene…

Que no te haga BoBo, Jacobo:
Dear, Frank Figliuzzi… you forgot to mention the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division [insert playback of Law & Order’s signature gavel sound*] on Kasie’s segment about the U.S. Senate not being aware, we [the staff] repeat Not Being Aware that a considerable detachment of U.S. Military personnel are “Deployed” in Central Africa (Chad), in order to safeguard Timbuktu.

… if 2nd Lt. Soborof would have properly analyzed his terrain, and study the geographical characteristics of the region’s Cazicazgo Institucionalizado (Context for Sarah Chayes follows) he would know that his interviewees where scouting the “wall” prototypes because the Hank-Rohn Casino Caliente enterprise, is probably running numbers into the current “$400,000 U.S. maximum” bids of what are probably going to become DRIVE-IN screens, or some fucking art exposition where projections of fallen heros are to be shown in some fucking State Sponsored fair, or gala… or something like that.

The Prospector at UTEP is not going to let me lie, and if the Wetlands on the Eastside were left alone, Adriana Goméz Licón will surely let me know; or not.  Anygüey, President George Bush (part 2) might have been a “great” president (as compared to the current Nimrod  at The White House, but the no fence—some fence conceptual map is not a new thing. Just ask former Border Patrol Czar and ex 16th Congressional Representative, Sivestre Reyes, because it was under his watch that immigrant deaths on the Arizona Desert happened. My take in 2007 was that those deaths that happened were in part because Mr. Silvestre was for leaving that section of the border, “unfenced” (source on that follows)… flip the hour glass and a Halliburton subsidiary, under contract from the 2nd George W. Bush administration, had no problem following the plan of not running the “fence” through golf courses in Texas, which happened to lie next to the International Border Delimiter; homeowners at the “Chihuahuita” Barrio in El Paso, TX, had to put up with an eye-sore “fence” through their backyard (reminiscent of the Berlin Wall), and protected Wetlands —be damned!— because the “fence” had to pass through that habitat… so in recap: desert death traps for immigrants and Golf Courses (because you know, it would be an eye-sore for golfers, NO FENCE; Historical housing and  Protected Wetlands on the other hand, FENCE THE FUCK OUT OF ‘EM!… 2nd Lt. Soborof, do you know what a “fencer” is? A “fencer” is nothing more than a huckster—much like the 5-time draft-dodging President of ours…”So Sad,” so sad that he is in charge of decorating a true hero, Sad, “So Sad.”

Frequency Hop:

Sad, Very Sad indeed. We [the staff] express our deepest symphaty to the veteran receiving the Nation’s Highest Decoration from the little grubby hands of the Fencer-in-ChiefSad, So Sad.

Sources from the Field reveal that the reason for the negligent ignorance from our elected officials (on the African Theater of Operations) is due in part because of all the “wah-güa-hua-wa-ua“, background noise of “a four-star” General defending his boss’ decision to make an untimely and most inappropriate cellular phone call, to a soldier’s widow… Hey, Donald, you should have tweeted your hypocrisy and it would have been more emphatic, ‘cus we [the land of opportunity and melting pots] know how you “operate.”

General Browkaw, we admire your work, but with regards to today’s edition of Cousin Joe’s Show, we [the staff] are on Mika’s side… Source and context follows.

* Frank Figliuzzy, you must be one of those people, who like Sarah Silverman [and my ex-significant other] can’t get their eyelids shut without that dang-on gavel hitting a judge’s wooden coaster.

Dear, Mr. F… without counting or taking into consideration the Soup Sandwich Foreign Policy on the Chadian passport restrictions, and the lack of observation drones in real time on the terrain of operations, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK that field forensics in Central Africa, —one month after the fact— is going to return, “finger prints from a dropped cell phone, or a shell casing—a tire track???” —_— Image capture is courtesy of Kasie Hunt, Forensic Field Fantasy is courtesy of Mr. F… “and tonight Mr. Kite is topping the bill,” Henry The Horse, on the other hand, died years ago; being castrated at a tender age, Henry was a once in a lifetime act, for he left no little Henrys to follow his act.

TimeStamp: 0000 hours (after mid’nite) CET.


Eric Holder guest stars on TRMS.

Sources follow; we are out of juice. Please Stand-by.