Lunes 14 de septiembre, 2020 — A Tale of Two “cachitos”

Cambio de Tercio with KC/DC

… Ladies in Gemini, remain seated, there is no need to panic, a few moments ago gremlins got in the way of our nap, and Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo inserted the wrong pre-recorded zinger on the Certains l’aiment with Susana Puveda [slot].

Skip the middle man

Fuck the middleman, that’s what Marco Rubio and “little Havana” are for .:. 3F037D89-4A38-4ADF-AD49-17A03337B5F6 📰 … [A]nd in Washington, Avi Vittali single handedly “MURDERED” the « She Session » on the KC-DC time-slot.

With D.A.T. in mind, please note that NATalio Reyes Colas, and KNOT, Nat•King•Cole, is under the jupes de Suzi… aussi, dichas « jupes » no son de Suzi, dichas “ JUPES” son de una tal MABEL! —But everyone knew her as Kasie, said a guy next to Faul.


Over at Ashley Parker’s penthouse:

A show about NADA

A show about NADA… and it came to pass, that at the start of HisPanic Heritage Month (in Florida) Kasie DC was short-circuited by a swift Way To Early AC jolt from “CACHITO” N°1.

The Plant
— Deer Lorde, Ashley! Did you get a hair-doo?

Ashley Parker
It’s for the dîner gig at the Community Theater.

The Plant:
The one with the Nazis from Natchez?

Yup. I got the role.

The Plant:
What’s the waitresses name?


[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 09/14/2020 in CET]:

La fiesta ya comenzó

🎹 La fiesta ya comenzó .:. 50EC46FF-60E6-4249-A45E-377556B27FFA


In the Today Eye Learned nuggets:

Dear, Joe Biden

Dear, Joe Biden .:. 2A1E69BF-8ADC-4D7C-BCDD-79EEE3BAC63F .:. Hello, Joe. Let’s pretend Trump is ousted in November, tell Mí, what’s fake and what is true in this RT-by any other name–report, aussi, this is “cachito” n°2.


It appears that from the perspective of a note left here at the controls, Mayor Bloomberg is a “Latino leader”, according to the news coming out of CACHITO N°1…

In the words of a Tennessee historian from the Willie Geist neck of the Woulds: It’s a–gonna–bee a hell of TEST on the well lit porch of Ivy Leaguers, or something like D.A.T..

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