Australia is the enemy, “authorities can hack, take over, and add incriminating data to your computer”.

And just to keep up with the trend for dystopian police-states, Australia wants to jail journalist[s]for up to 5-years if they don’t reveal their sources.

🎶 If you buy that I’ll throw the Bercy Bridge in, gratuit.

Knock on would:
https ://thenewdaily .com .au /life /tech /2020/12/10 /dutton-surveillance-bill-australia/

Pg. 12, Nº 2567, FRANCE ⚡️ BD2E098B-D1C4-4754-8971-476B329D156F .:. Manifestations contre la loi sécurité globale, “l’article 24 ne passe pas”. CNEWS 11/12/2020.

It’s a Mediapart weekend update and when we return it’s, “desde el cielo una hermosa mañana” with Lupita Lastweek Toudey.

🎶 It was twenty years ago TOUDEY…

Indeed, it was 20 years ago this Weekend Edition, when The Supreme Court of the united states of America CEMENTED Nicole Wallace’s commentary gig on the alphabet soup of punditry on the C-SPAN* trust fund.

* C-SPAN created by cable in the USA as a non-profit.

Indeed, Brian Williams, indeed… on a Guadalupana Eve The SCOtus decided that Al Gore could head back to Tennessee, —and open up a media channel— and for Nicole Wallace the GO-Light to march her twisted little smile to the White House Communication cadre.

To celebrate Phil Griffin came up with the excellent idea to have a recently rejected Saturday Night Live comedienne troll the MSNBC’s with uncle-Bob-style captured video and the novel idea of providing her “commentary” for The Rachel Maddow Show.

Insiders suggests that Seth Meyers is actually the asshole who came up with the idea to have Leslie Jones copy our most non-consequential Draft/Content (time-stamps) which accounted for an incident that happened at the UNESCO way back in 2016… does anybody remember 2016‽

Tijuana’s ZETA was there… we spoke briefly but after locking eyes with the publisher of that Mexican newspaper it was clear that the Mexican Delegation at the Unesco had placed a 10-foot stay-away-from this prick ring at that particular gathering. Buzzfeed was the Australian in that bunch.

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