September 27th, 2020 — The abc’s of CMYK

Previously on the Musical section of this most non consequential gacetilla en forma de blog-PRESS, The Fab Four were in the middle of their Set, “Fuck The Squares”.

… “What Eye gots, you gotta Take IT! Put IT in Ewe”

Televisa Monitos presents:
The Sunday Funnies

Here’s an idea, with the challenges of a date so close to Nov. 3, 2020, it would probably BEE BEST to reach a compromise with the whole Enchilada at the SCOTUS dinning hall, Hear MÍ out Sean Penn:

A lot of talk is going around this talk of adding seats to the SCOTUS MESS Hall, our position on this is the same as when visiting a food festival: go with less.

Öüï suggested, and the staff agreed that the number of Supreme Court Justices in America sin acento should be 7 and not 9, and here’s why Dario Moreno (de Francia).

Let’s talk SHOP with Avi Velshi, pues, and since the fucking Country (we are talking AMERICANA code here) is set on the SAE Standard and there is no such thing as a 5/4 OPEN END wrench in Stanley’s toolbox, Then it seems to u.s. that CLICK & Clack would go ahead and recommend A 3/4 socket to your face.

“… [4] D.O.S.E. of you who still drive.”
Individualone” on:

Eye did tell y'all

Eye did warned y’all, —Yesterday— that a Hex was coming your WAY.

With that most infallible logic then, Öüi also suggested, that contrary to unpopular belief, D.A.T.  D.A.R.E  are no loose screws under our hood, because as y’all can SEA fo’your selves on the SAE chart, a 3/4 wrench is the proper Tool to a adjust any 1/2 that is in need of a TWIST.

Natural sounds (obviously) then went ahead and asked Eye, “WHO then, should be removed from the bench in order to properly torque America’s half for the sake of the whole?”.

… [A]nd Eye mused, “how about Öüï selects from a random set of little Balls (like in AMLO’s Lotería Nacional para la asistencia de la VENTA de un puto Avión) and a set of Boobs,” so hear Mí out, Jennifer López.


Yeah Buddy! After the staff clears the Carpool lane on the Eschatological Highway to Porcelains Bowl, Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo se va pa’l Pueblo, where a cover Trio of “Los Panchos”, called “Los Velshi’s” are going to headline the Chilli Fest in that damn Colorado town, just North of Truth and Consequences on Eye25 in New Mexico, —off course.

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