Previously on, “abiertamente blindado” on PBS (Pabst Bleu Sceau)

Seaux = Knot hallmark… and Lindsey Reiser, that’s a lot of Ewe’s with Debbie Wasser{iel*} from your co-host… sniff — sniff… i smell baby carrots.

https ://www .liberation .fr /politique /presidentielle-la-chasse-sur-les-chemins-de-la-campagne -20211119 _VXJHYHOPPVEV5PF4ZX4J5WVMHQ/

— “Ehhhhhh, what’s up Doc? »

Check your barrels at the door.

Breaking the news, In KEnoSha, Wisconsin, Ellison Barber froze to ice, The McLaughlin Blonde is putting on the gloves. The events outside of the Rittenhouse Memorial Courthouse, in KEnoSha, Wisconsin, have triggered Parisians to move out to the so-called “CAMPAGNE” to join HUNTING CLUBS… Adrianne “Elmer” Elrod Fudd reports.


Baby Carrots In American Politics

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2021 /nov /15 /sacre-bleu-french-flag-changes-colour-but-no-one-notices THE FIRST WOMAN OF COLOR taking over the FREE WORLD for 85 New York minutes.

Coma frutas y verduras and “consult your urologist if you wonder what your manhood should look Likeuse small carrot for size comparison with Senator Kevin McCarthy.

I took the wrong turn at Saint Malo but don’t look back {when} in Angers… she’s in a family full of excentrics 

*.~ per Le Robert new standard on Sociétal Reconnaissance in the French flag.

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