September 21st, 2020 — Watch her folks…

In•Deed, it is Knot!, Alicia Menendez, the FO’ist time that a certain Republican femina from Maine gets all of the Peacock segment of the cable news programming all hopeful about that bitch voting for the correct side of history, and instead, Senator Collins goes and votes for the Right’s side of the agenda, just sayn’.

¡Sí Se Pudo!!!

Dear, Sen. Harris

Dear, Senator Harris, the staff of this most non-consequential blog left a message that öüï (that basterd!) knows that Alicia Menendez is Knot going to read .:. A7AF06AD-6AFB-4C42-887C-BA150993B25F .:. Senator Harris:
you had u.s. at the mention of Bootsy Collins and Parliament Funkadelic.


An American Milestone… in Kilometers it translates to “un chingo y dos costales”.

200,000 Died. We Are N° 1. (Thank You, President TRUMP). WE ARE N° ONE. Yessssssss! And it is not even HALLOWEEN Yet! Can’t hardly wait for Christmas, neta que no, Alicia Menendez, neta que no.

Any güey, Alicia, September is “Hispanic Memory Month” and isn’t it Bee-Fitting D.A.T. the Great State of Georgia would get the distinctive parallel referente of Colonia Dignidad, in Chile‽ And you know, Alicia Menendez, that distinction would not have been possible if Augusto Donald Trump had not been installed by a foreign nation (Russia) using America’s favorite Company… In•deed.

Can't make this up

Can’t make this up .:. 26B8A733-77EF-4F93-A4D4-96AB28C74878 .:. Eso sí, Alicia Menendez, no se puede.

Anyhow, gonna binge-watch Lucifer (2015 Season One), it seems that the synopsis of D.A.T. show is that the Devil himself, no–less, develops emphatic feelings for us talking Monkees, something that the orangutan (our apologies to King Louie) in-charge can’t possibly figure out.


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