Dear, Victoria DeFRANCEsco Soto, meet Charlie

Fwd: Yannick ALLAIN—Chef de la section rédaction du 11éme Bureau

Bcc: 6éme et 7éme Bureau de la prefectura de París, en la Île-de-Cité; 75004.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_France

En Francia, los franceses hoy celebran el Día Internacional de la Libertad de Expresión and because we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] seen the immediate aftermath, or could physically touch persons affected by at least EIGHT of the 33 known terrorist attacks of the Second decade of the 21st Century on French soil, —we covered it.

… Please stand–by for context, because as you will not see below the plus marks öüï don’t choose the “tunes” or the news thrown at u.s., we just play’em.


Goo’Day! Today is Tuesday, January the 7th and America’s Faith (no more) is Falling to Pieces after that D.umb T.anker, Mike Pompeo (a disgrace to Distinguished Armor Technicians) sold Magic D.U.S.T. to “the americans” as a strategy to divert the attention of sycophant Senator Marco Rubio (R–FL) and other Vladimir Putin american allies.

Dear, Katty Kay

Dear, Katty Kay .:. 3629F68B-6BB9-453B-B877-DE48ABF8BFF7 👌🏽 Un Tango en milonga “It’s never enough”, period 🤘🏽And, Cousin Joe, get your OWN quotes, ya’Bum. Por Ejemplo, Willie Geist: Don’t call it a comeback, Bernie was never Gone; Witt Kasie, Sanders’ Strikes Back, —motherfuckeeers!— Lightning Bolt Optional. ✍🏽 Any güey Kasie D.C., bee careful, bee vegüi, vegüi CAREFUL, Eye has it on good authority that Cousin Joe eats babies, furtherMOORE, he relies on Michael (Steele) to bamboozle MorJo Boomers.

In other news, Ozzy Osbourne walked on the Yellow Brick Road, and then he watered the Rats at The Alamo. VIVA OZZY, fuck his stupid dumb wife…

Sincerely: IRON MAIDEN

Episode Önë

Episode Önë: She turned in a Martian .:. CED53404-8F33-4936-8BBA-9EEC7461A54F -_•!•_- All that Cousin Joe could see, was how “chunky” Baby Martian was… musical guest: The Misfits.

and in Washington, Cousin Joe is blowing a fuse and the Alabama country LAWyer is taking it out on the lovely Mika and po’Boy Willie Geist, stand-down Blind-Boy!!! —_•!•_— EYE said, “Stand Down,” boy!

Deer, Eddie Gloud, Jr. — Get on D’good foot!

Epiphany… it takes Three.

Musical Guest

Gooooooooiooood MORning, Eye–ran .:. 187F513B-2882-424A-8004-5287B8FA5C5F 🥁 Rats on the West Side, bed bugs with Trump, etc,. etc,. etc,…

And, professor, one of them fuckers is even in BoldFace, which it’s kind of interesting if youse reel-ie think about it, considering that the painter, —nevermind Delacroix— forgot to paint un Angelito Negro, eh‽

Exhibit Önë:

It's a gift

It’s a gift, ya’bum .:. D0B3A7C6-0CB6-471C-8783-779C504F876C 🎲 What are the odds, that BalthASSAR is also the King of Arabi[a].

… We [the staff] of this most non-consequential blog return to the LBJ School of Public Policy, (simulacro de correspondence now in–progress) where professor Vicroria M. DeFrancesco Soto will most definitely is going to ignore our Post, just like our court-appointed Translator; an ex-alumni of UT Austin, from Romania (of all places), anygüey Elise Jordan, Eye tells you D.A.T. blue is definitely your color.

Well Eye never been to Spain

Well Eye never been to Spain .:. 16EDADAD-4F54-4B15-AC4A-D2574CA12E27 -!- …[H]owever, Eye has been to “Las Higueras”, to Lloret de Mar, and to a little playa in Barcelona; leave it to Madrid, en El País to spoil the Myrrh delivery to Chuy.

… Meanwhile in Washington, Nicolle Wallace is not answering her phone, while in Paris, there is a surge of “The Americans” coming out of peoples’ mouths on the street, followed by what sounds like Gwar. Let u.s. transliterate that last statement again, people on the streets, that is to say, those waiting for a bus, those who are out walking around, —en fin— people are not, we repeat not MENTIONING THE NAME Trump, followed by WAR; people are saying: The Americans.

Hear Mí out, Reverend Sharpton, and please don’t shoot the messenger.

— Cabalgando con Reyes… “they” call it betún:

Rigo es Amor

“Mi Matamoros querido…” .:. 6F011C8D-5FBD-4D84-9D0F-0374E760550D 👸🏿 Nunca te podré olvidar, period — Rigo es Amor.

1. Baltasar es negro desde hace siete siglos: así han cambiado los Reyes Magos en el arte “Al principio, ni eran tres ni eran reyes”… https ://verne .elpais .com /verne/2019/12/12

Deer, Eddie Gloud, Jr., meet Jorge Saldaña Hdz.

+++ Continued from the previous entry ViLo, on this most intranscendente blog ⬇️

Arriba la RATP

Y arriba “Los Rayados de La RATP” .:. D1EF741B-228E-482A-AF4A-70534790407F 🃏« Sí•se•puede! » Now, Eye told you about that big ol’Saxophone jam in the Sky, here’s Nacho L’Ivre’s Sax Solo.

To: Antena Radio; Radio La Nueva República; Latino U.S.A.; Voto Latino; Elrod Strategies, Manuel de Jesús Clouthier "del Rincón" daughters (in the public domain) 
Cc: Nora Patricia Jara; Ana Lilia ...; María Hinojosa; María Teresa Kumar; Adrienne Elrod, Tatiana Clouthier 
Bcc: Victoria M. DeFransesco Soto; Rúben Luengas

… [S]eñorita azafata
El menú me ha echo daño
Seria usted tan grata
De acercarme al baño

En fin profe Victoria, “En Algun Lugar”, d’esta historieta öüï, Le Equipe d’este tan intrascendente blog, suggested  D.A.T. the most convenient güey to approach the content within, would bee a través de los Diagramas de un tal Venn, it’s reely verdaderamente simple.

Eye means, sure, you may unravel the specificities and contradictions of the characters in each entry found on this BORRADOR from an “After Market” source, but why would you? When the O.E.M. instructions are available upon demand, from the hacedor q’esta mal Es•Cre•VIENDO todo esto, eh?

Above all things: I dig love, in spite of all of the Gnomes.

Anyway, Professor DeFrancesco Soto, by the way in which the MSNBC graphics monkeeys input your name on the pundits permanent breaking news section of the screen, Eye can’t tell if yourlast name are joined by a “guioncito”  or not, right now it is not important to break that observation D.A.R.E. now, but it is definitely an HasteRisk for the doña Tati’s section of this email draft.

Deer, Agathe Lambert, at BFM’er politics,  please inform Suzi at Fip Central Station that she now shares my heart with you … her face, your voice, and Eye thinks that you (two) would (begin to) make a pretty Nice Frankenstein, indeed. Even the ministers at Hôtel Matignon seem to agree, by them “chuckles” that your camera monkee just captured Live at 09h40 in Central NATO Thyme, en Día de Reyes, and Witt D.A.T., öüï continue with professor DeFrancesco on the next entry Ah-Bob ⬆️